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Jul 012010

This is so cute – thanks for finding it LindaW – there are two more but this one is precious – the kids are in awe of Alex, as we all are:

[Video removed by user]

Video description: two little boys were in awe of Alex singing “Let It Be” and kept touching his guitar.

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  1. Awwww…that was so precious. Perhaps, some more budding musicians in the family?? :wub:

  2. I have an mp3 of this but have never seen the video but if anyone wants the mp3 let me know :)
    LOVE IT! So cute!

  3. If it were not for this site, I would not have seen this video. Actually I did not see it. I saw it was posted while checking the site on my mobile phone earlier in the day, but by the time I got home to watch it, it was too late.:blink: :angry: :sad:

    I enjoy being an Alex fan, but my attention would have probably tapered off. I have plenty of other distractions for my time. I need this site to keep up. Thank you for the site. Please hang in there.

  4. Soapbox, send me an email or facebook/twitter link, I have something for you :)

  5. I don’t know if any one really confirmed this or not, but I IM’d Raylee on facebook, asking if she was dating Alex, and she said no, and she’d rather not talk about it. I then said I was sorry, and now I feel bad. :(

  6. is Ben going to pick him up?

  7. Ben is in the fiesta but I’m not sure if he is going to pick him up. Don’t you think Michael could have given him a ride? I definitely agree with every word you wrote Cec.

  8. oh, he’s back :)

  9. Cathy did you give him that vintage Dodger’s shirt from Urban Outfitters???? Coz I got him the same thing BUT there was dispute in the mail so I thought it was gonna be returned!!!! Your letter was on top of the package. Anyhow, just wanna make sure that it really was my gift and ill just go tweet him. If he never knows its cool as long as he wears it!!!

    Anyhow, its so cool coz I rarely really watch the feed and now I tuned in and watch him open what might be my gift, how cool is that?! Oh and they stripped down “I didnt know” piano, his vocals and strings thats it. Anyhow he’s so giddy and excited and happy about his trip in NY and was telling everyone about it in the kitchen except for gig (of course, shes in her room i thnk). NOw he’s pummeling the bags in Ben’s room, kid got extra adrenaline. Now playing I didn’t know in the piano, sounding pretty good! Ben just walked in and hugged him, i love BEN. ANyway, YAY!!! Alexander the Great is BACK!!!

  10. In the kitchen,he said he hung with Sean Penn,AND CHATTED IT UP WITH HIM!!!Can you imagine one of the shrinking violets from A.I. ,like Aaron(Who I like,but c’mon)doing that,they’d probably faint dead away.But Alex is a future A-lister who knows that Sean,and that caliber of Star are his destiny…

  11. Char, I did not. That is all you. My letter was separate and after he read it, he realized that the shirt was not from me. My package was delivered to 19 today, but has not been delivered to the house yet. Maybe tomorrow. OMG, he is in a crazy mood and I like it!

  12. YAY!!! I’m so glad Alex had such a great time in my home state! He pretty much said everything was amazing, lol! I can’t wait for that video cuz the locations they shot it at are spectacular!!! It’s gonna be so legit, haha. And Veronica asked him about how some meeting went, and I think he said great, so hmmm wonder what that’s about. And I think he said that he may be going back to NY soon to write with someone, maybe someone famous?? I think he said the person has their office in Times Square. I’m so glad he got to go to so many places and see a lot of the city! And I wonder if that’s gonna be the final produced version of “I Didn’t Know”, no drums anymore, just piano and strings? Hmm, can’t wait to hear it. So excited for him, seems like things are happening! Oh and I’m so jealous of the people that got to see him here in the city, lol! :angry:

  13. Kara just made Alex play “I’ve been working” (she said its her fave) which he did eventually when kara stepped out. Damn I still love that song. Looks like Veronica was a bit in awe too, the first time she’s heard it. When asked why he doesnt play it since its so good, he said that’s not his sound anymore. WHAT??!!! That’s sos your sound kid, it’s a fabulous song and YOU wrote it all by yourself.

  14. And that boxing display-he looked possessed-he honestly would have knocked out a Pro.,in his weight class,with that level of intensity!!! :biggrin:

  15. Is it me or is he sounding even better?? Man, I LOVE TO HEAR THAT BOY SING!!! :heart: :biggrin:

  16. LETS GET IT ON! :)

  17. @Cathy – I see, just making sure coz I dont wanna be claiming something that didnt come from me :) I didnt think it was gonna be delivered at all. Anyhow, hope he wears it.
    @KAtherine – looks like BIG THINGS are really happening and YES he sounds BETTER, He sang “Ive been working” with great ease this time.

  18. Is he singing a new song of his? Sounds amazing as usual, whatever he sings, he really makes you feel it. He’s got so much potential to be a HUGE STAR… :happy:

  19. I think it is a new song. I like it ;)

  20. @Char, totally agree! Alex is too good, I’m definitely confident good things are in store and he’s gonna make it. And he’s only 19, he’s just beginning! I feel like he could be as big as John Mayer or John Legend in the future and be on that Grammy stage one day, just my unprofessional opinion, lol. But we can dream too, can’t we, lol? :biggrin:

  21. Alex, to me just personifies light. That’s what I love most about him. He brights everything and everyone around him, well, except when he’s messing with Gig and then look out! LOL.

  22. He will sell a million CD’s. Even if I have to buy a thousand or so myself!

  23. Thanks Shelby for the news that I hoped wasnt true about Alex and Raylee :( She seemed like a sweet girl. But everything happens for a reason. Hopefully the two of them are still friends.

  24. Hey, where’s Molly at tonight? Miss her one liners and stuff, lol

  25. Yay, he’s playing and singing my personal favorite now! “Never Waking Up”. I haven’t caught him singing that in quite a while. Love that song!

  26. LMAO @ Cathy, I’ll help you! I’ll buy a thousand or so too so he can make that happen one day, lol!

  27. OMG! I loooove this song he’s singing at the piano…
    And, “Yes Angels, You’re in the Presence of Greatness: Alex Lambert” :wub:

  28. The American Idol tour kicked off tonight, and at one time I would have dreaded this day because Alex wasn’t included.

    But this morning… I thanked my lucky stars that I wouldn’t have to see this talented kid start his touring career with that group, singing worn out old songs. :biggrin:

  29. Katherine – Just don’t tell my husband. It’ll be our little secret. No ones listening, right? :unsure:

  30. Hahaha @Cathy, I won’t! And Connie D., you’re absolutely right, everything happens for a reason… :happy:

  31. Alex hows is the video shoot…. please tweet more.

  32. YAY for Alex being home! When I saw Alex reading Cathy’s letter I kept hoping that the production peeps had the guitar stashed somewhere in the house and that they’d come in with it. Darn! Well, hopefully tomorrow.

  33. Alex is singing something new(?) on the piano. That kid is getting better and better at playing in such a short time. Oh and yeah, I ought to shut it, this is like my 20 post or sumthing. Damn Alex can sing. WHat a shame if he never makes it BIG, he ought to be heard but Im confident good things are in store.

  34. Wow Connie D you are absolutely correct. This Idol tour is getting horrendous reviews so it was a blessing in disguise that Alex doesn’t get lumped in with the “worst season ever.”

    So glad he’s home though!!! I missed that kid. He’s listening to his old old performances with Veronica right now and holy crap he sounds sooo different. Too bad I didn’t get home early enough to see the posted video. It pains me to think that anyone could think this site is anything more than a devotion of love and support. But, whatever. Hope everyone has a good weekend and a Happy 4th!! :biggrin:

  35. I’ve always said it — the universe has a way of taking care of things. Idol was just a short stepping stone for Alex. The thought of him being on that tour now is just ridiculous. AI got him in the public’s eye just long enough to launch him. And, yes, we are in the presence of greatness. Isn’t it cool that we get to see his amazing progress? He just keeps getting better and better and he’s still only 19!

    Such a shame some of his family isn’t giving their full support. I wonder why they don’t see that this site is nothing but a love fest for Alex and that we all take time out of our very busy lives to support and promote his career. Oh, well, doesn’t really matter, does it? He’s rocketing to fame with or without ‘em supporting this site. I just hope they’re supporting him in other ways.

    Now, I wish he’d wake up! I miss him. How crazy is that? :unsure:

  36. This is totally random, but I was going through the face book pages of the DM’s I found it fascinating That Alex has 18,800 fans on his page. Ben had 3400, Kara 2300 and Gig 1800, surprisingly to me Justin is the only one that comes close to Alex at 13,000. :tongue:

  37. Kumbaya, Janet! :wink:

  38. Char, I really love “I’ve Been Working” too. It’s probably my second favorite after “Never Waking Up” Heck, I love ‘em all! Still maintain that DWMEO is my least fav though, even though he sings just as beautifully on it as he does the others.

    I wonder if Jessica’s big news has anything to do with what Alex wanted (or perhaps did?) tell Veronica last night. He told her he had something to tell her and then pulled her out to his patio and told her to take her mic off…lol!

  39. @Jill – are you sure he wasnt proposing to Veronica at the patio? Knowing IICD theyll make it look like that, haha

    He’s seriously close to signing I think. Im sure they wanna drag out his time in the house just because he’s the most popular love him or hate him housemate. I’m gonna stop worrying about every single detractor coz if 19 doesnt believe in him they wouldnt spend so much resource on Alex and hooking him up with such high profile people.

    Oh and I love “never waking up” too, was singing it earlier and recorded myself… haha epic fail! Ill leave the singing to Mr. Lambert.

  40. Ditto what Char said! All we really want is for Alex to get signed and be able to make his dreams come true! Love his music so much! And Char, your wild guesses are my wild guesses too about Jessica B.’s big news! I can’t wait to find out if we’re right!! :w00t:

  41. Just spent the last hour looping “ive been working” still my fave.

    SO, anyone read Jessica Bongiorno’s update? She said she has BIG news Next week about Alex…. OK wild guess??? she did a cameo on his video OR he’s signing a rec contract in NYC. As long as its good news im happy.

  42. Excited to hear the news :D
    Does anyone by chance have a GOOD full video or mp3 of “Never Waking Up”? :)

  43. Char; I don’t know why Kara keep requesting ” I been working” when he has better songs than that. Alex told her its not his style anymore and he’s right. Alex should sing his best songs, and new songs that let him shine when ever he can.

  44. I didn’t know people like “I’ve been working” over some of his other songs – its ok, but it ranks lower than his other songs with me. It just doesn’t have strong enough melody and not fully developed as a song. Those who focus on lyrics more than melody may appreciate it more though. All the songs he’s been co-writing with pros now are far above “I’ve been working” – Alex is getting better at writing melodies, and gaining song writing experience.

  45. As far as “I’ve Been Working”, I actually don’t pay attention to lyrics most of the time. I just think IBW has a great vibe, never said it was a superior song. I agree with you that he has lots of technically better songs. It’s exciting to watch his catalog grow! :smile:

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