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Aug 012010

Music videos for “Major Label” artists (all genres):

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  43 Responses to “Yeah…Alex Lambert Is King”

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  1. Hell yeah Alex!!! :wub:

  2. I second that “HELL YEAH!!” :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I wish I would hear “DADDY’S Home!” right about now!!!

  3. YEAH MAN look at our Alex;)! so proud, he deserves it:))!

  4. Tooo Cool!!!! awww So great!!! someone needs to go post that link over on dream updates!! Ha!! GO ALEX!

  5. Awesome!! I’ve got it on repeat again.

    Linda, Molly posted it on DU!

  6. OMG This is so exciting!!! CONGRATS ALEX!!! SO proud of our boy! So wait, does this mean he is signed already?? I’m still confused, lol! :w00t:

  7. yessssss<3

  8. Does anyone know how top videos get chosen? Is it views per week or something??

    “Major label”- I like that! Wonder if he is and they’re just keeping it quiet for now…hmmm… sneaky IICD! :ninja:

  9. Is there jumping for joy emoticon??? That’s exactly how I feel! Go Alex!!!!!!

  10. he’s signed now? thats super awesome though! he’s beating EMINEM? and USHER? :biggrin: :heart:

  11. I’m not sure guys…no doubt he WILL be…but he’s not identifying a label…maybe they just mean 19? Either way still cool.

  12. I was reading previous thread where Alleycatfan said he’s number 1 and 2 in Myspace Music video charts you posted here. That’s pretty good that its getting good response there, and on youtube too. And its not us his fans power voting this one to the top. Its not surprising people like “I didn’t know” though. Its got great melody, lovely piano, and Alex sings it with heart – you don’t get tired of hearing the song.

  13. OMG! OMG! Can you believe this shit? Where is that dancing emoticon? This is just too super way cool. Alex must be celebrating somewhere — as he should be! I am so happy and excited for Alex. I wish he’d show his adorable face for a bit! Take THAT all you stupid morons who didn’t believe in him!

  14. I wanted to add to my previous post that they must like the video of the song too cause its pretty and well shot.

    Maybe they put him under major label category too cause he’s with 19E management.

  15. You go Alex! :w00t:

  16. I so agree Shadow_ia! I could literally listen to “I Didn’t Know” over and over again, all day long, all night long and I have yet to get tired of it! Definitely my favorite song right now! :heart:

  17. Daddy’s Home :biggrin:

  18. Damn it!They tricked us with the icon again-this time I heard the shower running in his bathroom,too. :angry:

  19. This is so flipping awesome… Like everyone I do wonder about the major label deal. I hope that it’s true but if not, it won’t be long before it is. I am so excited for Alex and very very very PROUD of him. I love all his music! Can’t wait to hear what he comes out with next. I am sure it’ll be awesome! I love him sooo much! I don’t know if I ever idolized anyone the way I do him. :wub:

  20. :cheerful: Oh this is GOOD! Haha it gives me a little thrill to see his name up there above Eminem’s and Usher’s! Go Alex!! :w00t:

    Maybe this is where he’s been the last days – cracking open bottles of champagne and signing deals with industry bigwigs?

    “Shake it up baby;)”?

    If something’s up I hope we hear sooon!!! I’m leaving on Friday to a place with no internet :blink:

  21. @alleycat – you THOUGHT you heard his shower or you DID hear it? I swear, maybe they are sneaking him in to shower and get some clothes?? Oh – I’m happy for him but would love to see his face for a few minutes! Why would they do that? Would they??

  22. I see from reading the updates that he was in his room, probably changing clothes, maybe a quick shower first, but poof! gone again?? WTF! Why the big deal – he could have come in to talk. But then maybe Kara would have bugged him to stay so she could go out. It’s all pretty clandestine! Maybe we’ll be blessed and see him tomorrow?!

  23. Looks like they’re trying to advertize the show again a bit. The schedule shows and some university magazine will interview the cast tomorrow. Its good promotion for Alex and the show too. He better be there too or I will go find him and spank his punk-ass butt real hard. I’ve read for TV ratings and infos for about a decade. A lot of people check that site and its linked around a lot.

    Katherine: Yeah, when you can listen to a song many times and still enjoy hearing it like “I didnt know’ – that’s a sign of a song that can have mainstream appeal, be a hit, and have longevity too. “I didn’t know” melody and piano is pretty to the ears and goes to the heart.

  24. Something happened. I clicked on and saw that his icon showed he was home. But, as luck would have it, I was on my laptop and the battery died. By the time I went to AC power and got back on the site, he was gone again. WTF? It’s okay. I really do believe he is out celebrating. He probably ran in to grab a jacket, couldn’t find it because Gig’s friend has it, and ran back out again. LOL! I like to hold a grudge. But, I’m kidding ’cause I’m really, really happy. WE all knew how great this song was, but now it seems everyone’s finding out. How effin cool is that? See ya Eminem & Usher — there’s a new cat in town and he’s better than all of ya! Wahoo!

  25. I have a funny feeling that they’re keeping Alex out on purpose…don’t know why? Maybe to give Kara and Brandt alone time in order to get some footage? He could be doing something really important career wise? Or they’re testing out viewing demographics when he’s gone? Either way I miss him and this show is soooo boring without him there. :blink:

  26. Soooo boring is right. Rocks anyone? Pretty blue ones, ones with holes in them? Huh?

    I’m pretty sure Alex is gone for the night now. . . and so am I! See y’all tomorrow!!

  27. It is definitely boring without Alex in the house… Hopefully he will be in tomorrow, at least for a little while. @Janet: It is funny how everyone is just now getting to see how great his song is when we knew all along. Back before we even heard the demo’s, when we just heard him singing them at the house or at the mint. I hope all of Alex’s songs are a hit just like ‘I didn’t know’… In my opinion they all are but we’ll have to see what the world thinks. Hopefully they’ll agree. :smile:

  28. Anyone notice on last weeks ep.that Alex was edited to be all for Kara’s partially nude film role.When I saw that conversation live-he was against her taking the part,and said she would regret it.More tricks from 19E.Aaron Kelly said in interview to EW,THAT THEY EDITED IT TO LOOK LIKE AARON FORGOT ALL HIS LYRICS IN HOLLYWOOD WEEK,AND HE,IN REALITY, DID NOT IN THE LEAST-FAKE!And Alex said late one night to Veronica when they were watching Simon Cowell’s critique of Alex’s Sunday Morning IN HOLLY.WEEK that Simon REALLY said it was “brilliant”,and they redid that part with Simon saying Alex had zero spark.Now,they are doing the same with Alex,as with Cowell,with this Kara,and Alex edit. :sick:

  29. Now when will can buy the CD ???

  30. Go Alex… Super excited… :w00t: :wub: :heart:

  31. It seems interesting to me that they have people coming today to interview the cast. WTF are they going to talk about. How depressing the show is? How everyone is ready to go home? How no one except Alex is succeeding? Well Alex better be there. He’s the only one worth interviewing right now.

    Molly, I also thought that maybe they were keeping Alex out of the house on purpose. I can’t really think of a good reason why. Maybe they don’t want him interacting with the other roommates for some reason. Maybe they are just trying to stir up some drama. Maybe he’s off doing some important (but secret celebrity stuff.) OMG he better come home today for those interviews. If something crazy is going on, maybe we’ll hear about it in the episode tomorrow.

  32. Alex is currently sleeping in his bed! :cool:

  33. Yay, Alex is home. Molly, I was just coming over to post that myself. Do you ever sleep?

  34. alleycat, that’s interesting, regarding the Aaron Kelly clip, and Alex’s Sunday Morning! I also thought it was strange that Alex was seen as disappointed that Kara didn’t take the role. Huh. Guess editing really sucks.

    Yay, the baby is asleep. I’m so proud of him. #1! However, I don’t understand where the poll/charts is/are from. :dizzy:

    edit: oh ok. It is from myspace. Lol.

  35. Yay! Alex is finally home. Well I look forward to the interview today, hopefully we will learn something. Ya know, all kinds of things have gone through my head this weekend, even to the point of thinking maybe they have set him up in a new place or hotel or something, I know crazy, but I just think its weird that Ben still has to ask permission to go to the Gym and Alex takes the car Friday morning, and is allowed to stay gone all weekend, with no one saying a word (except Gig, but she didn’t seem to care that much, which is weird in itself!) Whatever is going on, I hope its everything he has dreamed of, he deserves it, little punk ass cutie pie!! :heart:

  36. @alleycatfan – regarding the bogus editing of Alex’s comments whether Kara should take the role — I actually seem to remember that he said “Hell NO!” when she said she would have to show her breasts. He still might have said some of the other stuff but they edited it to make it seem like he thought she should do it. Interesting stuff about Aaron Kelly too.

    I didn’t expect him to come back last night! I’ll have to peak in and see him snoozing!

  37. @alleycatfan and @areyouin- Yes, Alex specifically said “hell no” when Kara told him the full details of what her role entailed in regards to nudity. Initially, he might have said that he hoped that she should take the role, but again that was before he knew. It really made me mad when I watched the episode and I knew that it was again another misrepresentation of the events by the editing department. If I had not watched the live feed, I would never had known. Maybe we always know too much and they are trying to keep us in the dark. I keep seeing this happen time and time again and I am sick of it. Who could forget when they did this with Alex’s audition for the SSB. If Michael is there for the twitter session, could someone please ask this question, “Why can’t the editing of the episodes include an accurate portrayal of events”? Also, I read that Gig’s friend took a coat out of Alex’s closet and probably hasn’t returned it. Alex needs to know this information because the coat may possibly belong to Aaron Kelly. I know for a fact (because I was watching) that Alex had Aaron’s coat during Veronica’s stay. He put it on one night when he was with her and remarked that it belonged to Aaron. He ended up not wearing it out because he didn’t like coats and instead wore his hoodie. I am a little worried that it is Aaron’s and we all know how much Aaron wants it back. I can’t believe that Angelo took it in the first place. Can someone pass this along also, maybe during twitter? I will only have my 10 minutes of internet for the day and will not be on for those twitter sessions. I hope that when I log on tomorrow many qquestions will be answered. To end this post on a better note I am thrilled that the “I Didn’t Know” video is #1 on MySpace for “major labels”. Yes, what does that mean? Signed? Again I am so happy for Alex and his accomplishments. Things seem to be moving along nicely for him; although, I also would prefer to see more of him at the house. I miss him too, like the rest of you. :sad:

  38. Zactly- 19E does the same editing at Idol and IICD-THEY ARE BOTH THEIR REALITY SHOWS,AFTER ALL.I can only hope Simon Cowell will not do as much fake editing with the X Factor U.S.,BUT THAT HOPE MAY BE FUTILE…

  39. p.s.-Poor Aaron,I doubt he’ll ever see his jacket again…

  40. I’m going to tweet Gig and tell her to tell her friend, Angelo, that he just stole Aaron Kelly’s jacket and I suggest he get it back to the house pronto.

    Other than that, I’m probably going to miss the interviews today. I don’t feel too bad about it because I don’t think Alex will be there and, as someone already said, he’s the only one worth interviewing. Let’s see: Kara will talk about her Pepsi Refresh project because that’s all she ever has to talk about, Gig can say she’s building her book, Ben will be ever the optimist, but not have any real work to discuss…so, that only leaves our punk ass, ninja, blue-eyed soul singer, Alex Lambert with anything really worthwhile to talk about. Good. I only ever started watching IICD for him anyway. And, Michael, as we all know, is the spin doctor, so I automatically discount 95% of what he says.

  41. Hey all – I know I haven’t been checking in lately (darn summer colds) but I have to know, what exactly happened during Alex and Kara’s convo regarding her role? I have to admit, I was not happy when I heard him say “that’s hot as F***” but @alleycatfan, I’m glad to hear that it was all clever editing. Did he actually say that phrase at some point during the conversation? Thanks for the updates!

  42. Congrats to Alex! I am so happy and proud for him. This is wonderful news to read.

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