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Aug 042010

Wednesday is here…man this week is flying by!!

On the schedule (PST):
4:00PM – Twitter Session
6:00PM – Singer Andy Allo visits (possible duet with Alex?)

Also, Alex had band practice last night which is awesome! He told Ben that they sounded really legit and that it was one of the best times he’s ever had. So that’s good!! Glad he’s got some real professionals behind him, can’t wait to meet them! Also, off topic, but can I just say I love the dynamic between Alex, Ben, and Kara. Alex and Ben say “I love you bro” before they go to bed and Ben says he’s closest to Alex in the house and Alex and Kara have deep talks lying together on the floor and he’s usually the first one in which she confides. So cute those three! :heart:

Check back throughout the day for updates and have a wondrous Wednesday!!! :sideways:
Lauren (lerram) you should definitely watch this one!

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  1. Band practice! Yay! So glad to hear they have gotten started on that. Can”t wait to hear Alex with a band. I hope they show some band practice from the Dream Studio like they did with Justin.

  2. Yes I agree about those 3, I love them together, like a little family, so sweet with each other. Like I said before, Gig is really missing out, these guys are experiencing something really special together, which will probably make them lifelong trusted friends. Oh well, her loss. I know she has her “own” way….but she is too standoffish…like Alex was telling Ben yesterday, after he yelled down the hall to Gig “I love you Giggy”…he laughed and said, “some people are so afraid of the word Love, like Gig, thats why he likes to say it around other people, because she looks so uncomfortable, to give her a hard time”. lol.

    I would love to see what his band is like…I am sure they will live stream from the studio, if they did it for Justin. :smile:

  3. That’s funny Linda – “I love you Giggy”!! I wonder if he was feeling that love last night when he was so pissed that she wasn’t back with the car?!! I missed it but people commented that he was so mad they thought he was going to punch the wall! :whistle:

    I have to admit that I was wondering if he was just mad because he wanted to see his new girl – but glad to know that it was for band practice!! I would have been mad too!! I guess maybe somebody picked him up?

  4. Thank you for the updates because I was outdated. Will this be the band that play with Alex on different performances?

  5. Yes T,F. They’ll be playing with him in August at the Key Club! :cool:

  6. not good news
    on myspace Alex went from seven to one hundred and twenty four in one day
    he is still number one on the unsigned video list


    i have been posting this everywhere i can think of
    maybe we should try to increase the hits here
    it is going up by about 800 a day

  8. If I heard him right yesterday, I believe he has a writing session today with “Busbee”

  9. What day is Alex’s Sunset gig again? Is it on the week-end. I think I might check it out.

  10. I think Gig has probably had very little love in her life. Perhaps, that explains her bad attitude. On the other hand, I also have a suspicion that she doesn’t like men in general. I have no proof of this, just an intuition. For all her supposed beauty (barf), why doesn’t she date? I’m pretty sure she prefers girls — not that there’s anything wrong with that — just an observation I’ve made. And, I’ve got nothing else to say except the obvious — band practice! Yay! Alex has got to be so excited! And, of course, I’m thrilled too!

  11. Janet!!!! Alex just opened a gift from you (a necklace). He took off the one he was wearing and put it on. He said to the camera, thank you Janettt (with his special emphasis on the “t”) I hope you managed to catch it. What’s the necklace?

  12. Son of a bitch! (Pardon my language). I just ran to the store for milk and I missed it. How do you guys get those videos from DU? Will they fill a request for anyone or do you have to be a superfan? You know I live just to hear him say my name…what can I say? I can’t help myself. hehe.

    I sent him a cross and bracelet that I made. Wha! I’m so happy he liked the cross. I thought it might be his style. It’s leather wrapped in silver and brass. Pretty cool if I say so myself. The bracelet is chain maille which I’m kinda into right now. I’d like to see him where it when he dresses up at least. He doesn’t have to wear it everyday, but it’s a little nicer without being too “blingy.”

  13. Janet, they will fill a request for anyone on DU. Just go over and request it. I’d like to see it myself. It’s so much fun watching him open gifts. He’s always so excited. Also, I agree with you on the Gig thing. (Not that there’s anything wrong with it.)

  14. I put the request in at DU. I know it’s silly of me, but I do get excited to see Alex opening gifts — anyone’s gifts. He’s just so real and genuine. :heart: :heart: Awww…we just love him to death, don’t we?

  15. Yay Janet!!….hey do yo have a pic of the necklace? Its sounds very cool, I would like to see it up close, you really cant see anything good with these cameras.

  16. Here’s a link to a pic of the cross necklace. It’s actually leather with the metals and stones wrapped around it and a braided leather chain. The one I sent Alex had a torquise stone. I made this one in the same style, but I won’t be making anymore. I usually only make one of a kind pieces, but I liked this one so much that I made one for myself! :biggrin:

    I hope he really likes it.

  17. Wow janet that is absolutely beautiful!! You have a talent for sure, I bet Alexs loves :heart: it!!!

  18. Janet, what a great gift. It’s very cool. I bet Alex wears it a lot. I hope your business is doing well. You obviously have some talent.

  19. Aww…thanks guys. To be honest, I make much more money from my transcription business. Of course, I’d rather be making jewelry, but I just don’t have the time for it. I’m working on an Alex pin/pendant based on Kass’ original logo. I’ll have one for all of us, but it’ll take me some time. :unsure:

    • Janet, “I’m working on an Alex pin/pendant based on Kass’ original logo. I’ll have one for all of us, but it’ll take me some time”


  20. @Janet – So cool!! I will watch the vid of him opening it! I wanna hear him say the “T” on Janet! He’s so funny!

    Janet – my 20-year-old son is looking for some type of very organic looking silver or stainless design to wear on a leather “chain”. Funny – he just emailed me a couple that he found. One was silver with some inlaid wood (redwood?). He also liked one that was a pewter Chinese symbol of health (as he is really into fitness/diet). Do you do any other guy stuff other than crosses? I’m so happy that Alex loved it!

  21. areyouin: send me the pictures and I’ll see what I can do. I do mostly ladies stuff, but a lot of it is not gender-specific really. The young guys, like your son and Alex, like very organic-looking jewelry — not the bling that the Guido’s around here wear — I can use that term because my last name, believe it or not, used to be Guido. :biggrin: Ya know, the big, gold & diamond stuff — yuck — not my taste at all for men. I love Chinese symbols and Celtic symbols too. So, I’m sure I can come up with something for him. BTW: if you guys ever want a specific piece of jewelry, even if it’s not something I make, I can get it for you wholesale and you will not believe how much cheaper it will be. The markup on jewelry is ridiculous!

    Sorry. No more about me or jewelry. Just wanted to answer your questions. I hope DU fills my request. I love the way Alex pronounces his “t’s” too. I hope I get to hear it. :-)

  22. Janet, that sounds great!! I would love to have something with Kass’s design on it. Let me know when they are available. Ya know, I’m also interested in your transcription business. I’d love to talk to you about it.

  23. Janet – I work in a Jewelry store and I can confirm that the markup is ridiculous!!

  24. hey Janet, i’ve never gotten the impression that Alex was very religious (i could absolutely be mistaken though haha) or does the cross symbolize something else for Alex?

  25. Alex does like crosses-he’s said that he considered getting a small tattoo of one.A lot of singers like crosses,without belonging to a church.Lady Gaga,and Madonna love crosses,so Alex is in good company…

  26. The cross is actually an ancient Egyptian symbol, but has also been used by many cultures (pagans, druids, Mayans, among others) and carries many different meanings. In our culture, it’s generally accepted as a symbol of the Christian faith, but you don’t have to be religious to wear one. Frankly, for many people, it’s just a fashion piece. So, whatever…

  27. Cathy, ask our esteemed admin, GollyMolly, to give you my email. I’d love to talk with you re: transcription. I need help!

  28. I doubt if Alex is going to show up for this pop singer-he’s so busy;guess we’ll have to what for Gaga,or Usher to knock on the door… :cool:

  29. snuffles: I believe the Sunset Music Fest is on 8/27-28. At least that’s what I put on my calendar. I’m sure you can Google it.

    I wish Alex was there with this singer — sorry, but I don’t know her.

  30. Sage,and Kara’s alter ego,and this pop singer are kind of Lame…

  31. Molly, if you could DM Janets e-mail to me that would be great! Thanks.

  32. New V-log. Sorry, Molly I don’t know how to post a link. I retweeted it.

  33. Does anyone like this singer?She’s fair-kind of mix of JAZZ,AND r&b,AND POP.

  34. Cathy: I’m @empressjanet on twitter. I suppose we could hook up that way and then Molly wouldn’t have to bother with it.

    I tuned out during the tweet session. What can I say? I was bored. Gonna go back and look for that new vlog now though! Yay!

  35. Here’s the link for the new vlog. Let’s just say a fan is in for a nice surprise!!

  36. SORRY!!! I wasn’t paying attention AT ALL! :tongue: If you guys still need me to email someone else, just let me know. :)

  37. hey guys-I’m not smart enough to post a link,but,there’s a popular blogger -Hans Ebert who has a highly complementary Alex post and why Alex is gonna be huge,although he credits sex appeal,more than talent,but still its a big buzz type of piece-just punch in Alex under GOOGLE BLOGS PAST 24 HRS… :wub:

  38. I’ve never heard of him, but I Googled Alex Lambert under the news section and there is A LOT of articles about “I Didn’t Know” from MAJOR news organizations. So cool! :smile:

  39. I think we’d better give up on Andrew Garcia,or Lee promoting Alex’s video-people are always tweeting them to do so.Believe it- they have all seen it and are NOT AMUSED AT ALEX’s success,press,rave reviews,all of it…

  40. No I’m sure they’re happy for Alex they’re just really busy right now with the tour and stuff.

  41. I changed me mind-all plugs are good plugs,so lets keep hittin’ up Andrew,Lee,and maybe Siobhan-worth a try….Andrew did go to the Dodgers game,and plugged Alex’s Mint gig…

  42. Here is the link to Hans Ebert’s blog and the mention of Alex. Just scroll down and you’ll see a picture of Alex.
    “Watch Alex Lambert’s career take off under this new partnership. He might not be everyone’s cuppa tea, but who am I to argue with supply and demand? And right now, this guy- and I cannot even remember him- is making young girls hot. Good for him. “

  43. Been trying to catch up and read updates about Alex. He has his band together and practicing and he said its going on very well — thats cool. I don’t think we know the songs he’ll be performing there yet though. Also, he’s busy and hasn’t had time to cut his hair yet – hope can do it before the music fest.

    Saw at dream updates he was trying to sing along to Sam’s Cooke’s “A change is gonna come.” – The upper range of Alex’s voice is a bit similar to Sam Cooke’s like even Ellen said on idol. Alex should learn Terence Trent Trent Darby’s great cover of that song too cause its melody flows beautifully, and its the best cover in my opinion. You know, sometimes when I’m watching Alex learn songs and or he’s trying to sing along – I can’t help but say he’s so cute. He’s cute even when he’s sleeping. :) He’s cute and adorable and he takes his music seriously and i like that.

    Why are people trying to compare Alex to Josiah Lemming in other threads? I don’t think they are similar – their styles arent the same and Alex has great voice that’s interesting and Josiah’s voice is average at best. I wasnt a fan but I wish him well.

    Rafter: the myspace ranking seems to be based on daily ranking thats why he had such high count when first posted there, even among the major artists. If he was on radio he’ll have more name recognition to sustain it – but for now just have to try to play it and keep him on top of unsigned. By the way your name makes me think of one of my favorite tennis player great looking Patrick Rafter of Australia.

    Janet; I was thinking the same about Gig too, cause hardly any guy comes to see her or take her out, but I think she may not be a real lesbian. She doesn’t seem to act excited when a pretty girl comes around like lesbians seems to do – Gig actually acts competitive or show no interest which is more in tune with straight girls attitude. She may be one of those who think its cool now to act Bi for attention. Gig likes to act the modeling world stereotype, and go clubbing and acting bi is another thing they have reputation for. She likes when guys pay her attention likes she attractive too – I think she’ll end up with a guy. One thing for sure is she has negative moody attitude that needs to change. Good she’s gone to ibiza Spain for a while – she’s already clubbing there I’m sure

  44. Hey Diane, would you help me out with getting that clip of Alex putting on the necklace I sent. DU is asking if it was on “just watch.” Do you remember if you were watching via Alex’s room camera or had “just watch” on? Thanks a bunch!

    And shadow-ai: Good points about Gig. I’m still not 100% convinced, but I don’t really care. She’s in the hotspot of 24 hour partying where ANYTHING goes right now, so that should be right up her alley.

    And I, too, don’t understand why people are comparing Alex and Josiah Leming. I don’t see it. No disrespect to Josiah. I wish him well, but I’m just not a fan. Alex is fated to be an international star. You can bank on it.

  45. Awww Lauren he read your postcard!!! schweett!

  46. Hey everyone! I just had my first opportunity to log on and I had a little bit of an adenaline rush when I found out that my postcard was in a vlog log. I have to admit I was a little bit nervous. You know what demo I was referring to with the autotune stuff. I hope he didn’t take offense, ooops! My husband and son are good sports about this, well maybe. I am definitely in for a Fan Weekend at one of his shows. I don’t care where, I will travel. I’ll be back in action commenting after Sunday when I arrive back home. My internet usage is still at one hour per day for now. I am so glad that I can keep in touch through all of your posts and yes it would be a blessing for him to be signed by the Universal group. Keep up the good work!!!

  47. I used to be a Josiah Leming fan, but his career seems like it’s stalled. Josiah does not have nearly the momentum that Alex does right now. Also, I don’t like his voice as much (or his songs) In fact, I’ve kind of lost interest entirely since Alex came on the scene. :angel:



  48. @@Janet–I never use the Just Watch feature; I almost always use Alex’s room cameras, so they might not have recorded it. Sorry!

    The funny thing about that segment was that he was just on the verge of leaving the house for the day, but something compelled him to go back to the bed (of course it was on the bed, lol) and open your envelope. He opened the bracelet first (I couldn’t tell what it was until you mentioned it), then the necklace; as I said before, he took off the necklace he was wearing (dog tags?) and put yours on. I believe he said “cool”, or something like that. My memory is really bad for stuff like this…

    I *adore* this new Vlog! And how awesome is it that he reads Lauren’s postcard out loud to the cameras. What if it had been hate mail??? :biggrin:

    Sorry to all the dudes who might be reading this, but his blue puppy-dog eyes at the end of the video??? *dies* Is it no wonder that Alex is making all the little girls hot–he’s just got something.

  49. First of all, thank you Diane. If DU can’t fill the request, I guess I will continue to breathe. Sigh. Your description of the scene was still great to read. So, thanks!

    Lauren, how cool is that! I knew you’d be thrilled. And, don’t worry, I don’t think Alex was upset at all by what you said. He was touched — especially when you mentioned his grandfather. I can tell. That was a very nice letter you sent him.

    And, Kass, thank you. I’m glad you’re not upset about me using your design. I just love it so much and it would be nice if we all had a little something to wear. I’ve got it worked out in my head, but no time to put it together yet. I promise everyone that I will though.

    That kiss-kiss Mahalo — makes ALL the girls hearts melts — not just the young ones. What a sweetie.

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