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Jul 192010

VLOG!!!!!!! :lol:

  118 Responses to “Wonder What Alex Lambert Is Doing?”

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  1. I agree with you Linda!

  2. I agree with Linda. I have nothing against Alex and Veronica’s relationship. The producers have forgotten what this show is about. They only care about the drama. For example: Alex and Gig’s argument. The fact that they are going to air that horrible argument shows that they don’t give a damn about either of their feelings. Alex was extremely upset, Gig too, but she started it and stuff that intense should be left private. The producers should be considerate of the dreamers. The producers are turning these kids into trained dogs (for lack of a better word). Perform on command. That’s not right. :angry: :sad:

  3. We can agree to disagree on this one. :) I will say however that this is a reality show and the creators and producers of the show care about ratings and DRAMA. Unfortunately they don’t just care about the dream mates becoming successful. I’d rather have the good drama in Alex and Veronica(the majority of what we saw in the house was them creating music together!) than ugly drama like what we saw with Gig and Alex and potentially what we will see with someone else. The producers are going to create drama for interest some way or another and I guess, I’d rather take the chance that what we will see with Veronica will be primarily good.

  4. Well, we all know that the powers that be already have their minds made up and will bring Veronica back. I just hope they don’t cause trouble for them by trying to get good ratings. Alex deserves happiness not trouble.

  5. I agree with Mary. There maybe some drama but it wont be negative drama that will make him get frustrated and stressed and wanna pack his bag and move back to Texas like what will happen between him and Gig – and I’m sure there will be more arguments to come. With Veronica the drama was romantic and positive and they were still inspiring each other and working on their music. Alex said he wanted to work harder after seeing how she played guitar. And Veronica is very focused on her career and interacting with fans and that will only rub off on Alex. The show will still have them doing their music seperately. They have different styles and should do their own things. I don’t want her there just for romance – I’m more about the music. I just think with her there Alex will always have support, cause as far as I’m concerned the others are a bit envious of Alex getting more attention and arent genuine friends – they just try to be civil. Alex himself said there is no one that he relates to more than her there. He obviously wants her there. Veronica being there will be a positive more than a negative and it will lift his spirit cause he’s starting to feel down. And they can still focus on their music and do what’s required I’m sure. And I do think Veronica has talent – she has a good voice in her high register, and she’s good at coming up with good melodic choruses, which is important to improving songs.

  6. Shadow, but romance for how long??? Sure, its gonna all smiles and rainbows until something happens, and at their age it probably will. Alex has alot of sex appeal (ugh it was hard to say that without feeling weird, lol), and girls are going to be throwing themselves at him, is he going to be able to resist at 19??? I feel the only way they would stay friends is if this whole romance thing was staged (and I have my suspicions). If they truly have feelings for each other then it probably wont end well. If I thought they would stay professional and write and play music with each other, fine, but the producers of this show are going to milk it for all its worth, so all we have to look forward to is them playing pussy foot, giggling and trying to find the blind spots in Alex’s room (as he put it)so no one will see them kissing, with some legitimate song writing thrown in. Even Alex has said himself, for example, when he was having the phone interview the other day, as the girl asked him about V, he said they are just really good friends and he doesn’t need any distractions right now and then the next thing you know, hes telling her how much he loves her on skype. I’m confused. Anyway this is just my opinions and concerns, but at the end of the day, I only want what is best for Alex and his music, that’s all. :smile:

    • Quick comment regarding V: Those of you against her moving in have very convincing arguments, and things may very well end up like you say. BUT one thing we can be sure of is that ALEX wants Veronica back.
      And IMO whether we think it’s good for him or not is besides the point. Just cause we’ve been handed some “power” in the form of that IICD survey to possibly affect the outcome of things, doesn’t mean we should do do what WE think is right – rather we should do what ALEX wants… he’s 19 and should be allowed to make his own mistakes. I know everyone against her moving in is doing it from that parental place in their hearts where you want to try and stop your kids from making mistakes that you with your wisdom can see they’re gonna make, but we are not his parents, and even if we were, most parents don’t have the ability to affect their childrens’ lives so directly.

      We also can’t judge where his head is at – how depressed he is without her, how into her he was, and, most importantly, how crazy he will go having to live in the Dream House without someone there that he can relate to–and that’s a really serious consideration… I think he’s one of those guys that NEEDS a girl around, to balance him out. And while he and Kara may be getting along better these days, she’s only a substitute – she doesn’t REALLY get him. And he must be soooo lonely in LA without anyone there that’s on “his level”. I know I’m just repeating what he said in the episode. But I really worry about his mental state…

      Look, he’s probably only gonna be in the house for a short time longer – maybe till next fall… how much can go wrong in a relationship till then? Compare that to how much damage his psyche may undergo if he doesn’t have company all that time… And even if things do go wrong, maybe they’ll be able to deal with it maturely? Why underestimate them? Why not do what they both want??

  7. I agree with everything you said, Kass. Ya know, don’t you wish we had a crystal ball? There are good points to both side of this discussion. Your comment about us being like parents is so true. It is hard to watch your kids do something that you think is going to be a mistake. Sometimes, though, they DO get it right. So, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

  8. Kass, and like I have said before, if having her back is what Alex wants, then that fine, just want to see him happy. :cheerful:

    But talking about his psyche, I just think that Alex needs to believe in himself and rely on himself. This is a cut throat business he is getting into. I just feel bad that he feels he just needs a “warm body” to comfort him. Unfortunately, He is going to have to toughen up in that regard. And your right, we are not his mothers or families, so I am not going to say anything else about the subject. Like Mary says, we will agree to disagree :). Its all good.

    OH, and by the way I dont even vote in those polls anymore. I liked the episode by the way, but I thought we would be able to sees his music video, they are just teasing us now! :blink:

  9. I just want Alex happy and smiling again. He has been sad and lonely it seems. When they bring Veronica back, I hope the producers will be considerate and not exploit Alex and Veronica’s privacy. But we all know that won’t happen.
    I agree it is Alex’s life and we don’t have anything to do with it and we really have no right in trying to give him advice.
    I just want him happy.

  10. LindaW: You seem so gong ho about Veronica not moving in and already projecting some negativity into the relationship. Are you interested in being with Alex yourself? Who said they are going to get married or not? Does that mean he shouldnt have the person he likes right now around with him like said? Oh and their feeling for each other is genuine and not staged like you think. Those two are falling in love. It should be obvious that her being there will make Alex happy and he’s getting stressed. Why do you wanna deprive him of being happier? If you are more intuitive you will see that him alone in that house with Gig will bring more negative consequence that will distracts and derail him, and the other housemates are his competitors too and I don’t think he can expect sincere support from them like he can from Veronica when things gets stressful. Yeah, the producers will try to show some personal stuff, but I think Veronica and Alex will know by now that once she moves in they should do more private things outside. Veronica has a family that watches for her career and I bet they already told her to be tactful while still showing her feelings for him. And I’d suggest to Alex to do the same and keep his image decent. But while he’s on the show focusing on his music I want him to be happy and have someone he wants with him like Veronica – otherwise we will get more Gig & Alex negative interactions and she wont mind if he leaves so she can secure her spot. I think Alex & V will both keep working hard at their music while pursuing their romance. And if they break up while on the show that’s fine – as long as he works on his writing and recordings, and both do what is required and scheduled for them by the show. Also, I’m not talking about them specificaly or saying they should get married but don’t be so sure relationship of people that age don’t last cause there are many that do for decades. And by the way, the producers should get another automatic for them so that bitchy Gig can have a car to herself to go clubbing all night like she wants, and Veronica and Alex can share one if she moves in.

  11. YIKES! :wassat: , Shadow, I am not gung ho on her NOT moving in, Like I have made very clear, if that is what Alex wants then fine…..I am just expressing my opinion on the matter, this is the very reason I didn’t say anything until now and only when someone else said it first, because, I knew someone was extremely pro Veronica was going to get mad, I usually keep opinions like this to myself. And Sheesh! My opinion of Alex is strictly “maternal” and how you could suggest such a thing is kinda sick, shame on you, (you did make me crack up on that one though) I have said many times, I like veronica, I think them having a relationship is great, I am all for it. I just worry they are going to be taken advantage of.
    End of story……….never to be mentioned by me again. :biggrin:

    • Linda, please don’t let one commenter silence you – neither you nor anyone else on this board should be afraid to express their opinion.
      Respect for fellow commenters is appreciated, however.

  12. LindaW: Actually I know you are likely older, and I was just being sarcastic about you wanting him for yourself because you seem so passionate and against Veronica being with him like some of his teen fans who wants Alex. LOL. And you’ve said how much you are against Veronica moving in other threads. I just don’t get why you are so adamant even after seeing the episodes and seeing Alex wants her there, and even his mother said he’s happier with her and should be together. Yeah, let Alex have what he wants right now, and let it be.

  13. Of course LindaW should keep giving her opinion and expect a reply. That’s what message boards are for – there will be agreements and disagreements too – shouldnt take it too personally. No one is trying to silence her. We all here to have fun and support Alex mostly.

  14. Shadow, I dont know how many times I have said I am FOR their relationship, just not the exploitation of it, I want them to be together. And yes, lets just let it be now.

  15. I just read through these so am a little late in responding. I’ve been for the Alex and V relationship this entire time and am definitely all for Veronica moving in the house regardless of Alex. I think she deserves to be there on her own due to her talent and likability. Unfortunately I don’t think Alex’s comments during his tweet session today were a joke. They haven’t talked over the past several days and it seems like he might be moving on. Who knows who these friends from Texas are…maybe they are buddies…maybe girls..but in any case, he has not had the desire to call V like he did just several days ago. I guess it really shouldn’t be a big surprise and who knows what is really. I just don’t want the possible demise of their relationship to affect the chance she has of moving in since I really think she would be good for the house and good for Alex if even on a friend level.

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