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Mar 202012

Let’s just say that there was collective SNAF excitement in the air when The Hollywood Reporter posted an article on Friday March 16th stating that Alex may have co-written a song on Chris Rene’s upcoming album. The full article can be found here. We all know Chris Rene finished third on ‘The X Factor USA’ and his original song and newly released single “Young Homie” is popular among many. In a recent interview Simon Cowell stated Chris was his favorite US ‘X Factor’ contestant. With a Cowell endorsement and Rene’s contract inked with LA Reid’s Epic Records, it’s a sure thing that his album will be heavily promoted. Let’s keep our eyes open for an upcoming track list and fingers crossed that one is Alex’s.

How did this get scooped?? Shirley Halperin is well connected in the biz, but the other reporter credited for this article met with Chris the day before it posted as he was doing press in LA. (Now thanks to the new article linked below, Shirley was also present for the interview.) Did Chris mention it to her?? Who knows, but we’ll find out in time. It appears as though his album is not finalized yet because Chris himself tweeted that he was listening to new demos on March 12th and then flew to New York City where he was recording with Claude Kelly on the 16th.

Ohhhh and by the way Alex was a season 9 semifinalist.   :whistle:

To Be Continued….   :w00t:

Check out the first sentence under the question ‘Can you clue us in to some of the lyrical themes or song titles?’ in the article linked below. We always thought that the song title was “That Girl is Trouble”  :wassat:

“X Factor’ Star Chris Rene On His New Album, Sobriety and Why Britney Spears Should be a Judge”

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  1. After reading that article, it sounds like a done deal to me. But hey, I know in Hollywood, nothing’s done until its done…. I’ve got my fingers crossed. :biggrin: :heart:

    btw, it sounds to me like Mr. Lambert is making quite an impression out there in Hollywood. :wink:

  2. I think it will. Its a great chance for Alex to continue his journey and network in the biz :cool:
    I think Chris’ single is tremendous, and I was pleased to see it peak in the 30’s on itunes’ regular singles chart when released last week, but they HAVE GOT to boost that airplay for Chris to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. I feel they def. will, and once done “Young Homie” will be a longtime fixture on the Hot 100, and Alex’s being a co – writer on an album track can do nothing but help ; AND, many writers on albums are free-lance writers, as we well know, and DO NOT need a publishing deal to appear on any given album :smile:

  3. I would love that! I’ll personally keep an eagle eye out. Chris will be in my town on Monday. I think I’ll go check him out and maybe ask him a specific question. :lol:

    • Lauren, I hope you get to ask him that question personally. The SNAF need to know!

      At any rate, it all sounds good to me. I’m sure Alex is making important connections in LA and impressing the shit outta everyone.

      I miss him though. Come back to NYC Alex!

      • Darn… I just saw that the event has been moved to April 24th. It’ll be another month before I can ask Chris. Maybe we’ll know more by then.. ??

  4. All Alex’s songs are awesomeness! Not only is Alex an amazing singer, but he’s a talented songwriter/lyricist too. And Alex, come back to Boston! Boston loves you and misses you…not to mention all the Boston SNAF too.

  5. Have you guy seen the new pic of Alex posted on his personal facebook page yesterday? -the one with the cartoon Alex as avi HOLY CATS!!!!!! It is the best pic EVER of him; talk about transforming nicely :wub: We’re TALKING SEXIEST MAN ALIVE ON THE COVER OF “PEOPLE” LEVEL. I don’t know if ya’ll can post, coz it was done by a fam member, but if ya can>>>
    W O W :w00t:

    • Yes.. it is a very handsome picture of him!!! If it was on his community fb page, I’d post it in a heartbeat, but since it’s on his personal page, I don’t feel right about it. Maybe his cousin could post it to his fan page too. ????

  6. Wanted to pass along some cool news. Sometime during the events on Friday, Alex met up with friend and drummer Pat Jarrett. Here’s a picture posted by one of Pat’s friends.

    The other pair of male arms in the picture belong to Cortez Bryant of Bryant Management.

    He just happens to manage Drake, Lil Wayne, and Lil Twist!!! WHATTTTT??? :w00t:

    See it really is Cortez’s ink ;) — >

    • Damn! That is some good company to be in!! Thanks for that tidbit of info Lauren, on top of things as always! :wink:

  7. Alex is such a talented singer/songwriter/person :heart: I have been a huge fan from the beginning when Alex first sang on Idol and I have been following him since. When are they going to get his album out? He has such a beautiful voice–a lot better than many others I’ve heard who have albums out. I wish 19 Entertainment or whoever is managing him would get things rolling and get his album out. He is such a great talent!!!!! What are they waiting for?

    • Hey Barbara, to start, let me congratulate you on having excellent taste and a lot of patience. I agree with you 100% that Alex is one of the most talented people on the planet. Here’s the way I see it, and it really is just my opinion, as Idol fans, we have been conditioned to believe that a good album can be produced in 6 months. Turns out that’s not really true. There are lots of former Idols out there that have learned that lesson the hard way. Plus, pretty much everyone is in agreement that Alex was young and lacked experienced. I have to believe that Alex is taking a smarter and more long-term approach to his career. I think he’s taking the time to gain some experience and build his career on a solid foundation. He tweets all the time about writing and recording, he’s done a few shows, and he’s kept in touch with his fans for two years. He’s getting it done… slowly and steadily. Don’t worry, he’ll get there and it’ll be worth the wait. :heart:

      It’s obvious that you’re a dedicated fan. Do you tweet? If you do, let me know your Twitter name, I’d love to connect with you on Twitter. Mine is Alex_fans123. If you haven’t already, go back and watch some of the videos of Alex’s recent shows. Watching those videos helps me deal with the frustration of having to wait. Lol. Also, I think you’ll be able to see how far Alex has come. He’s still in LA working hard every day on his career. As long as he’s doing that, I can be patient knowing that he’s making progress and doing it his own way. Hang in there, and we’ll all celebrate together someday soon. :biggrin:

  8. Thanks for the encouraging words Cathy. You are a true Alex fan! I am not on Twitter, but thanks for asking. Alex puts such soul and true feeling into his music. He seems to really appreciate his fans. A lot of the singers today seem so full of themselves, it ruins their music for me. Alex has a more sincere attitude (he’s really cool though too) and that’s why I like him so much. He has the best smile!

  9. I wanted to do a follow up for this post, so here goes. I did meet Chris Rene last Tuesday night on April 24th. He’s a super nice guy working hard to promote his single “Young Homie”. I’d say that’s the main initiative of his label Epic Records presently. I did not ask Chris if Alex co-wrote a song on his album because by following Chris via twitter and reading a few articles I have realized which one it is. Whether that song makes it on Chris’ album has yet to be determined.

    I haven’t heard any tentative release dates recently for Chris’ album as I once did when summer was mentioned. I’ve got this gut feeling that Chris had a discussion with his label on the morning of the 24th too because he sent out a tweet that has since been deleted. It wasn’t as positive as most he sends out. It kind of went something like this… “Want everyone to go out a buy Young Homie on Itunes #MakeAStandToStopPiracy”

    Then Chris had an interview about noon that I watched. He even came out and said that the goal was to get “Young Homie” up to the Top 10. You can listen here. I picked out some excerpts from his interview that I found interesting. I’m pretty good at reading between the lines these days. I suspect the label had a meeting with him focusing on importance of numbers, but that’s my opinion. If you would like to watch the full interview here is the link. ->

    I think his song is charting around #30, so he has some more work to do to get it to the TOP 10 and radio play will help, but will it be enough. So… my question is… what happens if “Young Homie” doesn’t make it into the top 10? If it doesn’t sell enough units in the eyes of the label, will Epic put off releasing his album until a later date or not at all. I surely hope that everything falls into place for Chris. He’s spreading a good message out there and we could use more of that in the music industry.

    By the way…. I purchased “Young Homie” on Itunes after his tweet that morning. I would like to purchase his album and I’d like for an Alex Lambert co-write to be on it.

    • Its a GREAT single and I’ve bought it I really think that Simon will have L.A. release Chris’ album by early summer at the latest, coz he’s the only one who’s had success on the sales charts, so far. Melanie had a single early this year that flopped They must release something from last season as a formal album for the sake of the brand, and Chris is perceived as the most popular thus far. post X-Factor, even tho last season, absolutely, did not do well in Simon’s eyes Also, Marcus Canty currently has a single that’s doing sort of o.k. on the R&B Billboard charts. I think Chris’ album will definitely sell better than Melanie Amaro’s, So, yes, I feel strongly that it will be released early summer at the latest. :smile:

  10. Sooooo looks like the cat’s outta the bag. Here’s a clip of Chris Rene singing his new single at soundcheck on 3/27/2012

    …and here’s a clip of Alex listening to a demo of the song he co-wrote with Busbee.

    You tell me. :biggrin: So proud of you, Alex !!!!

    Now everybody make sure to buy that single when it comes out. Chris Rene – Trouble :smile:

  11. soooo exciting!!! :D :biggrin: :heart:

  12. Oh hey…. this discussion continues in the post ‘X-factor’s Chris Rene gets into Trouble’. Follow the discussion here….

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