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Jul 122010

Let him tell you!!

On today’s schedule, Alex has a writing session with Busbee, Eric Roberts visits at 6PM…and I think Alex is heading to the Playboy mansion. Totally random, but I bet he’s excited. :tongue:

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  1. The Hollywood Wire interview at the house. Hollywood Wire has a “legit” (according to Alex) website so the interview will be on the website, I think. Also everyone who loves his lower register… “One Kiss” really shows it off he told Ben. I am hoping for some flutter notes. He is taking Ben to the party tonight. Sounds like he is into it now and is ready to have some fun. He is playing One Kiss right now!!

  2. Alex told Caitlin how he came to be invited to the Playboy Mansion party tonight. I guess there was a guy from his Texas hometown at the MTV gift gig that he and Justin attended. He spoke with him there and then the guy ends up in the plane seat next to his on his flight back from JFK to LAX, and he invited him to the party AND to walk the ESPY red carpet!

  3. what does everybody think about all the angry, vulgar, and nasty rap our favorite new star seems to like?

    i hope it is just a passing thing that goes away fast

  4. just checking in if the video is up…. darn its not!
    yay for the “One Kiss” demo too, i have no idea what that sounds at all also. I think sometimes the tune and the chords are too complicated for him to causally strum and sing around the house thats why he doesnt sing it much.

    luv all the Alex fanatics, count me in! I dont watch the live stream much though so I guess thats why its not super obvious to my housemates….

  5. @richiej – I’m gonna leave that one alone, but am going to say that Ben often enjoys the same type of rap.

  6. How come Alex always outshines everyone especially when the house guests are there. He always has the best questions and is most interactive. So great to watch.

  7. So far – my favorite guests at the house! And they seemed to enjoy me saying so in my tweet :)

  8. @richiej I don’t really mind the rap to be honest. He seems to listen to a lot of Biggie (Notorious BIG), who I really liked to listen to growing up. I also like Jay-Z a lot. Some songs, I agree go a little too far and are senseless, but other songs are really telling a story of some peoples’ experiences. I understand that some people may be offended, but I’m not.

    @Diane, we may get our wish! Alex mentioned to Caitlin that he has a meeting with some brothers, I didn’t get the name (something that starts with a V, I think) who wrote 3 songs on Usher’s album! Yay, hopefully it goes well and he gets to do a song with them. I think it would be so great for him to work with an R&B writers/producers!

    And as usual, Alex did great in his interview. He talked about his fans and the cool gifts he’s gotten and about gaining more confidence. He also told the interviewer Simon Fuller said he loves his voice, yay! It was a cool interview. Btw, I’m also enjoying Eric Roberts and his wife’s visit, they are so down-to-earth and have great advice.

  9. Katherine, is the interview posted anywhere that we can go and watch it? Thanks.

  10. Is it just me or is this new camera girl in love with Alex. She’s got the camera up close on Alex all the time (even more than Eric). I don’t think she has shown Gig at all and hardly any Ben or Kara. I’m not complaining, she’s my hero.

  11. AH!!, did you hear that. Eric Roberts wife told Alex she wanted to hear his music videos and she wanted to know where she can hear his stuff. Now he is playing for her. YAY!! :w00t:

  12. He is singing “Butterflies” for her. He should sing “I didn’t know” for her, that song will knock her on her butt. :biggrin:

  13. yeah, Alex is like “Mansion time!” so he’s going.. thats odd. haha. At least Ben is going too, he can protect Alex from all the screaming bunnies! lol

  14. Aww Eric Robert’s and his wife were so amazed with Alex, she even started to tear up a bit. That’s our boy!! I love him. :wub:

  15. OMG, I have to get some sleep so that I can get up early to watch the episode. These two were really great guests.

  16. I love Alex singing on live stream… I wish he’d sing something else like “I didnt know” or “I’ve been working” even “dream with my eyes open”. I dont think Butterflies shows off his voice real well. Anyhow, he still sounds amazing as usual and incredibly personable. Said it before, Gig is incredibly booorrriinnngggg. Geesh, that girl has no personality. Sorry just had to say it. Now, wheres the damn music video?!?!?!?????

    Ugh Alex is wearing his hat… his hair is incredibly cute at the moment why does he have to hide it???!?!?

  17. And Char – I kind of think he should maybe be a little more dressed up?

  18. that was a fabulous hug between Kara and Alex :)

  19. I haven’t watched the live stream in a while, but tonight was great with Eric Roberts and his wife. They’re both really nice and just normal & cool. They really did seem to be impressed with Alex, yay! And it seems like Alex confirmed that “I Didn’t Know” will be his first single, after Eliza asked where they can hear his music. Earlier in his interview with Hollywire, he was saying that every time he’s working with a writer or producer he thinks that he would not have been able to do that if he was on the Idol tour. So true! He’s way ahead of the game now! Yay Alex!

    @Tracy, I think Alex’s interview & the rest of the cast will be up on their website in the next few days or next week maybe, I think it’s

  20. Molly, I know right? When my husband walked in I thought it was a good opportunity to show him how interesting it was to have guests in the house and it wasn’t all about Alex, but he walked in during the time that the camera girl was fixated on only Alex even when the guests were talking….needless to say my hubby thinks I an full of it…..ha ha.

  21. I think Kara is coming around now and realizing that she shouldnt take ALex so seriously. Despite the faux gansta act, is an incredibly adorable kid. He’s soo freakin cute I cant stand it! LOL Luv the hug between them, sooo sweet.

    @areyouin – yeah, he needs a stylist so he looks the part but that’s IICD’s fault for not instructing them a bit. I dont blame him if he’s freakin clueless. He looks like he’s going to the mall :biggrin:

  22. Ugh, why didn’t Alex dress up a little better. Ben changed his mind, from the flannel shirt to what looked like a shirt and jacket. I mean they are going to the Playboy Mansion. Right? What was the back pack for?? and the tie (?) in the back pocket. Maybe he will change in the car? or something. I love Alex, but he should dress for the occassion. :ermm:

  23. That was a really sweet hug between Kara and Alex. I know it’s been a long while since Amanda left but I really feel she’s a nicer person without Amanda’s influence. She’s different, not so uppity and I like that her & Alex are getting along. And I agree about Gig!! What a bore! I haven’t said too much about her, but really she left everyone after dinner to go up in her room for the rest of their visit, then later told Ben she was tired. Tired from what?? Alex was recording all day and he still had energy and was upbeat. And watching her in that clip when the improv group was there was almost painful, she’s just so awkward and uptight all the time, I don’t get it! She never loosens up at all around the cameras, how far does she think she’s gonna go acting like that? She’s really got to get over herself! :blink:

  24. Thanks Katherine for the info.

  25. I think Alex could dress nicer, but really, he’s young, he’s a musician with a killer voice, a killer smile, and killer dimples that can charm the draws off of any girl! I think he can get away with not getting dressed up!! :wub: Alex also doesn’t like being too styled and stuff, he likes to be himself. Although for red carpet events and appearances I think it would be good for IICD to set him up with someone who could help out a bit with some “fly gear”, lol.

  26. Actually I think since Eric Roberts stayed so late they missed most of the red carpet stuff.

  27. Well, thank God, my husband is also an Eric Roberts fan, so he didn’t mind that I was watching tonight! He just asked where they were becuase he knows Eric is mostly in NY, so he thought they were in Rhinebeck (artsy fartsy town upstate-lots of celebs have houses there). I didn’t have to close my screen for once or tell him to get lost. He actually watched some of it. I can’t believe it!! Of course, it was only because he wanted to hear what Eric Roberts had to say, but I’ll take what I can get. BTW: go to his website and look at his pictures when he was young. He really was hot back then — such a beautiful face. I told you I had a mad crush on him. I still like his quirky personality and think he’s an under-rated actor.

    But, honestly, isn’t Alex always great with the guests? I do believe he’s genuinely interested in them. He asks lots of questions and jokes around. God, but the rest of them are dull by comparison. I love that the camera person focused so much on him. She should! He’s the only interesting person in the house. Unfortunately, I tuned out near the end of dinner because I have to work, so I missed the concert. I like Butterflies, but it’s hard to sing. It doesn’t matter though. From your reports, they were quite impressed anyway.

    Did you hear Alex telling Ben earlier that they should try and bring some playmates home? He said, “not to do anything, but it would be good for the show.” OMG. I had to laugh. That’s good, Alex. I’m glad you’re so concerned about the show. LOL!

    So, he didn’t dress up for the mansion? I guess everything is pretty casual these days, but I think the Playboy mansion calls for at least a little bit more than jeans and a tee shirt. Oh, well, what do I know? He’ll be hanging around with a bunch of half-naked women so what does it matter?

    I didn’t go back to DU, so I don’t know if Donny Locke is my old friend or not. As soon as I get a chance I will. The more I think about it, I don’t really think it is him. If he’s watching IICD, it can’t be the same guy I knew. LOL!

  28. I agree with you Katherine, but the shirt he had on looked like it was a plaid flannel. I just wish he would have worn a different shirt. But your right, one smile and no one will notice what he is wearing.
    (if they’re girls or gay) :lol: :whistle:

  29. Okay – since we were talking about our husbands and families earlier and their feelings about our addiction, I wanted to share something funny that my husband said shortly after we were all posting. I walked in and said there really was so much going on today at the house and he said – “What? Did someone open a new jar of peanut butter?” – I have to admit I cracked up, it was pretty funny! He was, obviously making a joke, but it is kind of his impression of how somebody (me) could just watch these people in this house for hours! They just don’t get it, do they :wub:

  30. @Janet – I don’t know if it’s what you had to say, but the creep hasn’t posted since, so I’m happy.

  31. You are right Areyouin, they don’t get it. :lol:

  32. @Katherine: Could the name of the “brothers” be Dre and Vidal?? And I think Alex means brothers in the sense of “black dudes”, not actual siblings. Wikipedia is my friend. LOL They wrote with Usher on the album before last, and they’ve also written songs for Biggie (maybe that’s why he’s been listening to him lately).

    Alex is so strong-willed, I’m not sure if there is a stylist on the planet that can make him wear something he’s not comfortable in. I guess we’ve just gotta relax and go with the flow. I just don’t want to see him on Yahoo’s OMG!! worst dressed list any time soon, though.

  33. DonnyLocke
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    Posted Today, 12:03 AM
    Thank you for fulfilling the request.

    I’ll let everyone form their own opinions after viewing it. I have mine, clearly, and I stand by it after watching it again.
    Make up your own mind. And let this petty beef just die, please. I am.

    @Janet (and all interested) Here is a very recent post copied from DU. He says he doesn’t know why people keep bringing this up. The request was fulfilled much, much earlier today and I believe he posted after that. Now he’s acting like he’s just noticing it was filled. Sorry- the guy is a creep! I will not engage him in discussion any more. Janet – will you?? Pretty please?? He’s making me soooo angry! :angry:

  34. Areyouin, your husband’s comment is the funniest, wittiest thing I’ve heard in a long while. I’m actually suppressing my laughter, so as not to wake the hubbster–to the point where it’s giving me a belly ache! Jar of peanut butter…I love it!!

  35. @Diane – I know, right! He’s normally not that witty – so I gave him props on that one! Oooooh – the episode it up!!

  36. @Thanks Diane, that could be it! Good research, I was tryin to figure it out but gave up, lol. We’ll see, hope his meeting with them goes well and he can work with them! And you’re right, I don’t think there is a stylist on the planet who could get their way with Alex, hahaha! :tongue:

  37. I read here Eric Roberts was visiting at 6pm. I checked the IICD site then and it was being serviced for like an hr. And Alex didnt seem to be home so I didnt bother to stick around and I thought Eric must have been changed for another day. Then I realized the laptop was just stuck on that page when I checked back 3hrs later and it still says ‘site being serviced or whatever, but dreamupdates showed it was on. Anyway, I just have to read what I can about what happened.

    I was reading they were interviewed and Gig was saying the worst part of the house is when Alex pushes her buttons. You know it really annoys me when Gig uses opportunities in media, tweeter and skype to diss Alex. She didnt need to put that in the interview. The other day she was doing skype session with fans and only like 4 showed up. LOL (I didnt tune in for her crap I just wanted to see if Alex was back home.) Then I saw her asking which of the guys is the favorite of the mexican girl, and she said Ben cause Alex seems young for her. Then Gig said Alex is like a 15yr old boy. She didnt even say 17. Its 15. I think Gig is just jealous because Alex’s career seems to be taking off most, and she’s just a shallow model who has to take her clothes off, and wont get on the runway and is delusional about being high fashion model. I didnt mind her before, but now its obvious she’s not very likable and rude. If not for Alex being her pal in the house before and making her interesting she would have gotten less than 5% in that favorite housemate poll. She was also saying in her skype she doesnt think Veronica is moving in – she is just afraid if Veronica moves in she’d be even less interesting. All she likes to do is stay in her room or go out all night and party.

    Tracy: I didnt see what Alex wore but to the playboy thing, but hope it was decent – I would have prefered he dressed better like you said. Maybe he has clothes in the back pack you said he had? He had a tie stuck in his back pocket? Maybe he has another shirt he planned to change into in the car. This is why they need him to have media training and consultation with stylist. These are opportunities where his pics will be taken and should dress appropriately.

  38. areyouin: I’m going in to piss Donny Locke off some more. Creep.

    So, kudos, to the husbands today. A few, mine included, actually engaged in our obsession. “What are they opening a jar of peanut butter?” LMAO! Great line. Are we really that pathetic that we’ll sit and watch basically nothing just to hear Alex sing or do something else we enjoy? Yep. And, I don’t care what anyone thinks about it!

  39. Pleas just ignore that creep you can see he’s just hanging out in that topic to argue with people and get attention. Just let it die.

  40. Tracy: ok I went to dreamupdates to see what he wore to playboy thing. Its a plaid shirt and too casual looking for the occasion. (and the tie cant go with it) You right something a bit dressy is appropriate. A long sleeve black, or white or plain color would have been better. (plus one color shirt will make him look taller than plaid) But he sure is excited to go. He tweeted about it. He’ll enjoy himself and has Ben there too.

  41. shadow_ia: We must have been posting at the same time. I, purposely did not watch Gig’s interview. She said exactly what I thought she would say. You’ve summed her up pretty well. You all know how I feel about her. It’s funny that she’s actually talking to Alex at all right now. It’s only because Veronica’s not there. If Veronica was there, Alex would have no time for her and she can only pretend to be nice when she thinks she’s being desired. She’s delusional as hell, but we all know that. What I can’t understand is why Alex always forgives her for the shit she says. It’s not the same as when he kids her directly. Those are jokes between the two of them, whether they be good or bad isn’t the point. Skigglioney makes derogatory comments about Alex in the media ALL THE TIME. Is he so busy that he just isn’t aware of it? I really don’t think he’s thick-skinned enough not to care. I don’t get it.

    But, the truth is she’s never going to be a high-fashion model. Give up the dream Skigglioney. Become a porn star — you’ll need a boob job first though and some meat on those bones. Real woman have curves!

    See, what you did to me? I was only going to DU to try to squelch Mr. Locke, and now Skigglioney has me riled up again. I just really and truly don’t like her, don’t trust her, and don’t like Alex around her at all. Although, she doesn’t seem to bother him a bit. He’s such a wacko. Gotta love him. :heart:

  42. Okay. GollyMolly. I’ll let it die. We really shouldn’t give him the attention he craves over such a stupid topic.

  43. i KNOW WITH THE SHIRT :cwy: -but he was rushed-one of the cutest guys in the music biz-WEAR A T-SHIRT!-,but hopefully the bunnies won’t hold it against him.I notice he and Ben have been gone for over 4 hrs and counting.,so he charmed ‘em,and other celebs,even with that shirt :biggrin:

  44. Janet: sorry got you in negative mood cause of Gig. More people are getting tired of Gig’s attitude – there is a lot of negative comments about her in latest episode at hulu. I think Alex hear about what she says about him later and mentions it to Ben sometimes, but its good he doesn’t get too much into it with her, cause she will just blow it up into a bigger deal if they have confrontation – and she wont let it go and complain to make him look bad, so Alex haters can back her. Alex doesn’t need that. He should focus on the positive things that’s going on with his career and Veronica right now.

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