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Jun 272010

Well who tuned in this weekend? I didn’t have much time to but I did read Dream Updates. Glad Alex and Veronica are gelling so well. I really like Veronica. Let’s hope she doesn’t ebb and flow with the kindness like Gig does with Alex.

Someone mentioned his conversation about not being able to relax by the pool anymore. I hope he can eventually – maybe when Gig gets booted for being least everything? lol. Kara sure is being nice to him. She’s totally different when Brandt isn’t around.

I hope for this music video he has this week he doesn’t let them screw his hair up. It’s his signature. We love it. Don’t go fixing what isn’t broken, right? If you haven’t read yesterday’s Dream Updates about vegetarianism between Alex and Veronica, do it – they’re funny (discussing PETA etc).

This weekend he had a vocal lesson with Mark Renk. When does he leave officially for New York to film the I Didn’t Know video? Is it tomorrow? I wish they’d tell us what all is going to happen in New York – that’ll be fun for him.

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  1. I love the house dynamic with just the 4 of them Janet! And yeah Alex is very impressive I was like no way can he do that and bam up he went. It took him like 3 seconds to pull himself up. I was amazed. :w00t:

  2. Yep- Molly – Ben told him “dude – you’re a ninja”!

  3. Haha those IICD control room guys are sly little buggers. Did anyone notice what they just did with the “Just Watch” cameras?

  4. Yep – seems like Alex is on the phone with, maybe, an idol? They must have been concerned he was going to talk about the video so they cut real quick-like to Ben. But Alex went to his patio (Veronica too?) so we may not have been able to hear it anyway. Anyway – I think that’s what you meant, Molly?

  5. Nope that’s not what I meant. Alex was walking and Veronica followed him into his room and they both just left for a walk. Then they cut to Ben in the dark, alone in his room. They’re creating a fake love triangle. And they just now posted a message on IICD saying with a heart icon, “Who is Alex going on a walk with?” I’m like really IICD you’re trying WAY too hard with this love triangle thing. Alex loves Raylee and no one else. lol

    Update: Second heart message, “Who is Veronica going on a walk with?” This is so cheesy lol.

  6. Not that I haven’t bagged on Simon before-overly commercial,moneybags,etc…,but his concept for the video(and I do believe he took part in that)is potentially one of the best ideas I have ever heard of for a music video;again the editing, directing,etc… have to come together,and I’m talking massive potental,like what the Material Girl video did for Madonna,which was also brilliant conceptually.So,good luck to Simon,and Alex…

  7. I agree, alleycatfan (love your name–I seriously thought about using something along the “alley cat” theme for my screen name), it’s a pretty brilliant concept. I’m dying to know who the director will be. I just checked the weather for NYC this week–absolutely perfect!! No rain in the forecast and low 80’s. What could be better??

    Can’t wait to get updates from the road. At minimum, some tweets from Alex, or some v-logs. Wouldn’t it be cool if they could send back some live feeds from the shoot?

  8. You guys (the stalkers) are so cute! Have a fun time stalking Alex! I miss NYC. :cwy:

  9. I know Reyne – sounds like a fun time -whether they see him or not. The hunt will be enjoyable!! I have a gut feeling they will get a glimpse, at the very least!

  10. Areyouin, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I frequently only have time to post in the morning. Yes, my son is the one who plays hockey. He is very excited to have his birthday party at the ice rink. He is turning 10. I have an interesting development on the birthday party. I recently sent Alex a pretty big gift. He should get it this week. Since he won’t be there, I think he’ll get it on Saturday when he gets back. Since my sons party is Saturday, I might have to choose between watching my actual son open his gifts or my imaginary son open his. (my daughter calls Alex my imaginary son) .

    Oh and I am in Delaware. Very close to NY but not quite close enough to participate in this week’s activities. Janet & Katherine, I hope you find him and send lots of updates.

  11. Cathy you should give us a hint what to look for so we can be sure to watch, catch the time so you can request the video.

  12. Areyouin – I sent a certain small guitar. If anyone see Alex opening gift Saturday or Sunday, I would appreciate a tweet at Alex_fan123. Thanks. Ya know, I did think about how much he would have appreciated a travel guitar on his trip to NY. I’m always a day late and a dollar short!

  13. @Cathy my gift arrived last Friday and I missed the moment. I read about it shortly after it happened on Dream Updates. I immediately went over there to post a request for the video of that event. They filled my request within a few hours. I don’t know who manages filling the video, but they are doing an excellent job lately. Therefore you can watch your son and imaginary son open their gifts, ha ha.
    I read from the DU posts last night that while he and Sam were on his laptop Alex showed him his fan site. I just wanted all of you to know that in my second sentenance of the letter that I included in my package I wrote that I have met so many loyal supporters at and that he would be overwhelmed at the love and appreciation the people have for him here. I’m only telling you this because I think that everyone here is pretty awesome and should know it. He knows we’ve got his back! Again Katherine and Janet have fun on the hunt. I hope that you are successful and hit the jackpot :smile: :smile:

  14. Cathy I just read about your gift. He is going to love it. I noticed before Justin left that Alex was enjoying playing his small guitar. He loved the size. More love coming his way. They better move him into Justin’s room where there is actually a closet to put all of his musical instruments.

  15. Have I told you guys (girls) how awesome you all are? I love being part of our little group!

    Just got a message from my sister-in-law. I will have more info shortly. I’m not going to say too much more since I just read that Alex visits or at least visited this site. If he can be secretive, we can too! :ninja: That’s the Alex ninja symbol. That guy has too many talents for one person!

    My question for this morning is: Is Alex moving into Justin’s room or not? I know I said before that he probably doesn’t care. But, really, it is a nicer room and a bigger room and Alex is the biggest star on the show, so it’s only right. Just saying…

    It’s so nice that the gifts keep coming for Alex. Let’s keep showing the love.

  16. Cathy, I wonder if it’s the same certain small guitar I’ve been thinking about getting him. If it is, and I bet it is, I’m glad I waited! It’s funny because when you first mentioned that you’d spent him a big gift I immediately thought of the small guitar. I can’t wait to see him get it!

  17. Jill – I hope I got him the same one that Justin had. Alex talked about it a lot so I think its the exact same one. I’m glad you waited too. Can you imagine him getting two. Do you have any other ideas that you might get instead. This is so much fun. I love giving gifts in general, but Alex always seems so appreciative.

  18. Cathy, I had a hard time figuring out the exact model of the little guitar because there are several in that line, but I had the one picked out that I thought was the best. Too funny that we both had the same idea! I guess it should be no surprise though since Alex talked about it so much. I waiting on buying it myself because I was worried someone else would have the same thought. Good thing I did because he definitely doesn’t need 2! He’ll be so thrilled when he gets yours! My original idea was to get him a ukulele, but he got one of those. Then he mentioned how small it was so I thought about getting him a bigger uke so he’s have a big one and a little one, but then I noticed how much he was raving about the little guitar of Justin’s and so I jumped on that train. I don’t have any other ideas, but I’ll definitely think of something. I love gift giving too! I’ve often thought I could be a professional gift giver because I will spend hours and hours hunting for the perfect gift for someone…lol.

  19. Ok I know Alex is excited and all, but reading about him climbing stairs rail like a ninja and swinging around had me concerned, cause he can fall and break a leg or be in a wheelchair, and we don’t want that. Hope he wont make a habit of that. He’s a punk ass kid. Anyway, he’ll enjoy making his video and visiting New York for the first time. If only we can get to see pics of him in New York or on set – without giving much away before the video comes out.

    I liked the house dynamic of Alex, Ben, Kara and Veronica and how they get along too(I don’t like conflicts) but Veronica will only be there a couple days when gets back though. Maybe she’ll come back again.

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