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Aug 132010

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Alex leaves for Graceland today!!!! :cool:

Alex will be a special guest performer on Saturday for the uber-popular Elvis Week. That means a lot of people and lots of great music! I know y’all have heard Alex sing some Elvis songs around the house, so you know it’s gonna be amazing. Congrats Alex, we’ll all be shakin’ our hips in honor of you! Have fun!

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  1. Well, I called it – the Skype session is canceled :(

    I also hate to be a party pooper, but jeez, you guys…
    that’s enough about the jacket. It’s not really any of our
    business, and I’m sure it will work itself out and the right
    people will be punished.

    Can we go back to the positive energy, please? :angel: :heart: :biggrin:

  2. Lauren, do you mean that someone else took one of Alex’s jackets, so there is two missing? :wassat: What is it with these people… Alex’s closet if not there just for their picking. :angry: No wonder the poor kid can’t find anything (besides the mess in his room). Maybe if someone tweeted Alex and ask/let him know, this can be cleared up. And… maybe he might actually find some missing stuff. :unsure:

  3. Oops, :blush: sorry Debbie and Lauren, I am done with that topic too, now. :lol:

  4. @Tracy: It’s addicting, isn’t it? :biggrin:

  5. Debbie, yes. :lol:

  6. Well crap, no Alex tonight?? Oops, I almost typed “Elvis” for “Alex”…after looking at that Elvis Week poster for four days, I guess that’s to be expected. :tongue:

    I guess it *would* be tempting to extend his layover in DFW for an overnight at the old homestead. I was going to say, sleep in his old bed–but then I remembered… :silly: I was hoping to watch the skype session before I left for work tomorrow. I’m sure it will get rescheduled for some afternoon later in the week (when I won’t be home)…oh well, cest la vie!

    OK, for some positive energy…hoping for good footage from the US Open in this week’s episode. Want to see how “the twins” mesh with Alex.

  7. Welcome Carol Ann!! I am kinda a kind person too… :tongue: but sometimes, things just need to be said lol. Brandt probably does know about this site, but he has got his hands full over at Dream Updates with comments about him over there. This is a great site!!! We have great people who keep up on everything. WELCOME!

  8. I think Alex is afraid to have anyone trim his hair after what happened to him when he moved in the Dream House. Unless he really wants it much longer? Time will tell. A little trim would be nice. Can’t wait to hear everything Alex did while away. He brings life into that house.

  9. @Carol Ann – He brings life into the house and a little “Hell,yeah!” sanity too !! :cool:

  10. Alex just tweeted that he has landed in LA. We will see him home tonight. Yay! I miss him in the house.

  11. Alex is going to Texas first before coming back to LA and IICD. Its good he gets to see his family and home town again – he will come back refreshed. Going back to Texas will remind him of the good things about this IICD experience and some benefits to his life and career too.

    I noticed they had him scheduled for a twitter or skype session, and there is one there that says ‘Alex video chat’ and they put August 3, which has long past. When you click it it just opens to fill in personal info and then it disappears. And they still have it there – is it old or new chat. This 12yr old girl who is a big fan of Alex is upset IICD doesn’t have his twitter/skype session fixed right, so she can chat with Alex tomorrow and she’s tweeting IICD and bugging them to fix it (her name is something “lovesAlex” too.) Its amusing to see Alex’s very young fans – they tend to like Justin Bieber too. She joined twitter just for Alex she said – I didnt know 12yr olds can join twitter. A lot of them post on idol board though.

    I’m not surprised the Melons like Alex most. When they first visited the house it was only Alex who was talking to them. Ben was doing stuff with his brother and Kara was away, and Gig doing mostly her own sh!t. Yeah, the Melons did say they had Alex over at their pool house before, or did they say their pool party? Anyway, I dont think its because of the melons he wasnt around much before – he did tell Ben he will only be around now cause his new girl went to Ireland. (He was probably hanging at pool house with her too.) When she gets back he will disappear again based on how he said it. I think he needs to understand he needs to spend time at the IICD house enough too, cause fans do watch to see him and miss him. He gets busy with writing sessions but find time to come home after work and sleep there. I saw a tweet of one Alex’s fans based in Asia the other day, and she was saying she misses Alex so badly. He rarely tweet them back – at least be around after writing/recording, so they see you. His fans and their support is crucial to his career too. The fans are the ones who are gonna buy his music, and voted for him as their favorite. (its understandable now he’s been doing Elvis thing, but prior to that he just disappeared for days and that didnt look right)

    People keep talking about this Kara and Brandt thing every where it seems. I don’t care about them, and I don’t know how Brandt can take all these bashing. Kara’s family watch the show and they can tell her to stop being with Brandt if they disapprove of him. Kara seems a bit odd, I remember her dad or mom wanted to come visit and she said no that she’s not comfortable with it. She’s the only one who hasn’t had family come over from what I’ve seen.

    You can sense Alex had a good time at that Elvis thing. He sounds happy and excited in his tweets.

  12. Funny Alex quote from last week:
    Sam-“Alex why are you wearing sunglasses indoors?”
    Alex-“‘Cause I’m a Beast”

  13. Oh Alex is back. I just saw his tweet. I didnt think he’d be back today if he was going Texas too. That was a quick stop over. He said he cant wait to travel the world. He’s enjoying all this performing in different places.

  14. From the time you started your post Shadow, Alex has tweeted that he’s back in LA! I got something right (finally)–I said it was a layover in TX, nothing more. He might have had time to hang with some buds or family; his hometown isn’t that far from the airport, actually.

    I can’t believe the silly grin when I saw his tweet–just a coincidence because I’m not on twitter–just happened to check his twitter page on the Web. We’re pretty crazy, aren’t we? :w00t: :wub:

    ETA: “Cuz I’m a beast” That might be my favorite Alex-ism yet.
    Who’s going to pick him up at the airport I wonder?

  15. Diane: Yeah, I noticed after I posted he tweeted he’s back. i read dreamupdates and Ben was asked if he’s picking Alex up from airport today and he said no, as if he didnt know if he’s coming back, so I assumed he’s isnt coming today. Who is gonna pick him now.

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