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Jun 232010

Happy hump day everyone! Nothing seems to be on the calendar today for Alex. Hopefully, that means he can sleep all day and get over this darn bug he’s got! :sick:

FEEL BETTER ALEX!!! :kissing:

UPDATE: Alex is in a writing sessionwith Tommy Lee James. Another session with David Kovak is scheduled for tomorrow.

UPDATE: Veronica has moved into the Dream House!!

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  1. Ok I have a question that has nothing to do with Alex but is Justing leaving the house?? :shocked: sorry if I’m behind but I haven’t watched in a long time :tongue:

  2. Yeah, he is going on tour with Kris Allen.. should be leaving somewhere near the ned of the month.. however, according to Justin, once the tour is over he’ll still “be around.”

  3. Ohhh how did I miss this? LOL well the house should be the same without him I think! But good for him that’s a great opportunity!!

  4. I think it was mentioned a week or so ago.. you can go check i think I made a post on it

  5. @Shadow_ai if you go to the post titled “Alex is Snug as a Bug in a Rug” and go to the video of him opening his gifts it plays @12.5 minutes. He recorded it in Texas with one of his friends rapping. It’s his first attempt at producing.

    I heard Alex talking to Sam this morning. He said he was sweating all night long and had alot of dreams. Sounds like fever to me. Maybe he will be on the road to recovery now. Needless to say poor Alex is sick and went back to sleep before he had to go to a writing session that he was going to have just a few hours to do. He was already going to be 30 minutes late because there were no cars for him to use. Kristin told him he had to be back by 5:00. I know he must get frustrated because it seems like a futile effort if they can’t finish what song they start. I have no idea who he is writing with. In my opinion a reschedule would have been in order with him being ill and lack of time.
    Why is it on DU I that event postings for for Alex that don’t give people the true picture of what happened.
    Here’s what I mean- “Alex went back to bed.” The truth- “Alex went back to bed because he has a virus and had fever all night long.” I know those posters are probably Justin fans. It just makes me mad when they don’t give the whole picture.

  6. I’m glad to see Alex is out being productive at a writing session. Now I can get off this computer and be productive with some laundry. I’ll check back later.

  7. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the new banner!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

  8. Alex isnt feeling well he said. Hope he gets better soon. I read at dreamupdates that he wrote a song “A new world” and it sounds good. I haven’t heard it but they said he used garage band software that lets him produce and remix it on his computer – its like that music software pro tools that Perez told him to get to make his music better.(I read he has pro tools now too, cause some producer gave it to him. That’s good cause I posted link to pro tools here after Perez mentioned it. Those softwares should improve his creativity.

    By the way, I like the white and gray colors for this site, and the navy for Alex’s twitter section. I can read his tweets now too (it was so small before.) Now the whole layout is like the way it was.

  9. Love the new layout <3

    and this may be a crazy question but ive seen it mentioned in a bunch of posts lately, what is DU?! lol.
    Im kinda new over here, BTW, heyy everyone my name is Megan! haha.

  10. Hi Megan! DU is It is forum where everything “If I Can Dream” is discussed.

  11. Yep, the banner is magnificent. Great job Kassandra!!

  12. ohh, thanks Cathy for clearing that up for me! :)

  13. Alex just got back from his writing session and told Ben it was worth it. He said that the song’s name is called “One Kiss” and then said, “spicy already”. He seems to be feeling better.

  14. Yeah, I think he’s feeling better. He’s singing while skateboarding in the driveway.

  15. Today Alex wrote with Tommy Lee James again and David Kovak tomorrow. I think Veronica moving in will be fun!!

  16. Veronica moved in. Let the flirting begin. hahaha :lol:

  17. ya know, I don’t really like Veronica. She seems ditzy, and very flirty with Alex. :getlost:

  18. Totally off topic but people are now mentioning alex and veronica flirting… did alex and raylee breakup? her “relationship status” on facebook now says single. then her friend posted this on her wall:
    i hope they are together, i think they’re so cute together :/

    and i agree with shelby’s comment she is flirty with alex :|

  19. I love Veronica too and so stoked it’s her and not Amanda! I have enjoyed the vibe of the house sooooo much better since she left. To paraphrase Phoebe Buffay, Amanda “lifted right out.” Veronica fits in so well. I don’t get a flirty vibe from her at all, at least towards Alex. She just has a playful personality.

  20. I tweeted @themintla and asked them when Alex would be playing there next and they said they’re “looking into it and will let me know.”

  21. So now we have 2 new song; A NEW WORLD and ONE KISS

    Think he has more then 10 songs now to produce an album. Hope to hear A NEW WORLD soon.

  22. Gig was very recently in Alex’s room, picked up the inhaler that was mentioned, and asked Alex if he has asthma. He said no – the doctor gave that to him. He asked Gig to toss it over to him. Then – upstairs Kara was yelling for Alex at the top of her lungs (no surprise there). She was yelling that he had left his pills on her bed (Alex was in there room shortly before he went to his room). I don’t think Kara ever made it to Alex’s room to give him his pills. Her avatar said she was in the Entry/Hallways but I couldn’t find her. Pretty hard to find anyone tonight based on the bogus avatar info! Alex is working a bit with his uke while looking on-line. So–Alex has said that he doesn’t have asthma.

  23. RE: the inhaler
    when i got insanely sick this past winter with an infection and virus (all respiratory) that wouldn’t go away, one of my medications was an inhaler. it gets so hard to breathe with all that gunk in your lungs and throat and sinuses that i’d assume that’s what it is. in fact, i’d almost.. ALMOST.. be willing to bet :)

  24. I got a vid of Alex singing Stir You Up by Bob Marley. I’m uploading it now and will post the link when it’s done. :)

  25. Lauren; Ok I will check the video of him opening gifts to hear the song “A new world.”

    If he wrote with Tommy Lee James today then it must be the song “One kiss” he tweeted he wrote today. I remember he was writing a song with Tommy Lee a few weeks back, and that song had a nice melody and adult contemporary sound to it – I don’t remember what that was called, but I remember they couldn’t finish cause Alex had other things going on like practicing for Mint performance, or had voice problem or something.

    I’d rather Veronica move in than Amanda coming back like some were guessing.

    Alex was talking about meeting with CAA agency the other day. They said he should contact them if he wants to act. I don’t know about acting, but I can see him doing TV commercials. He can appear in one with others in it targeted towards teens, or families, and the camera will love his smile and adorable dimples, and they will flash that. Or he can sing a jingle for a commercial too.

  26. I heard Alex earlier,that he was going to pick up medicine tomorrow,when he got paid “finally”‘ at the pharmacy,so I guess the pills Kara was talking about were different ones or over the counter.Seems like Simon could give him a small advance towards royalties,come on cheapo…But I was talking to my first stepmother who used to work for Captain And Tenille when she was young,and she said that Simon likely has alot more overhead with Alex’s first album than most any debut artist she’s seen,because he’s hired many different co-writers(many more than the usual amt.),and producers (she felt), some of which are high-end,so Alex may have to wait on that cash somewhat longer.But at least for now they’re giving him an IICD PAYCHECK TOMORROW.

  27. I was watching a bit ago, and Alex said to Gig “Why you always think I’m trying to seduce you? I don’t like you.” and she’s like “Whaa?” lol

  28. @shelby its “stir it* up” by bob marley!

  29. ph Yeah @genbig thats what I meant! haha

  30. Shadow_ai “Wish It Could be that Easy” was the song that they didn’t finish. Looks like Tommy Lee finished it and e-mailed it to Alex this afternoon because he was playing it on his computer. It sounds great, but I am anxious for Alex to put his voice on it. They started a different song today. Tomorrow he will be writing again, but he is not sure if they will be writing in the house. This person was the songwriter that wrote with Veronica when she was visiting that weekend.
    Earlier in the night Veronica told Alex that the song of his that she couldn’t get out of her head was “I Didn’t Know” and that she liked it alot. He responded, “Really, I didn’t think that one was commercial enough.” She’s right. You never forget it.

  31. lol!! ur funny shelby!! :biggrin:

  32. Does Alex have asthma? The reason I asked is I saw him using an inhaler earlier, and I didn’t know if it was a type of medicine for his cold or for asthma. I hate being noisy but my curiosity got the better of me. Thanks.

  33. OK fine I like Veronica now…. Well I dont really dislike her, she’s a sweet girl but she just doesnt really POP to me and I probably wont buy her music BUT she gets along with Alex great, so guess what???? I LOVE YOU VERONICA WELCOME TO THE HOUSE!!!!!!

    @Shelby – thanks for the clip… sounds like he did a remix and he’s singing to his own experiment… i swear to god, that kid can sing ANYTHING!

  34. I was excited to hear a bit of Everybody Knows just before he left the house – my absolute fave from his time on idol! I have it on my ipod – and just love how he says “Thank you” at the end :heart:

    Sidenote – does anyone else think maybe Alex is NOT chillin’ with Ray and he and Gig just “bounced” somewhere? Because what happened to Gig’s salad she took FOREVER to make? And we all know how slowly she eats. We hear Alex on the phone asking Kristin if he can meet up with Ray (no mention of Gig coming too – unless I missed it), then Gig is out the door before Alex, and they’re both gone. Hmmmm. . .

  35. Never mind my suspicious mind! DU just updated that Gig is home in the kitchen. What!!?? Oh – I gotta get some sleep!

  36. Oh, the intrigue!! I hope he’s chillin’ with Ray, because I’m secretly hoping that Ray ends up producing his record. I was watching when he and Gig left–those two crack me up, it’s almost like they speak in code, or hand signals, because they never seem to say anything to each other–but then suddenly they’re out the door!

    And which one of you messaged Gig to ask Alex about whether he has asthma or not? :tongue: I mean, what are the odds of her walking into his room and grabbing his inhaler the SAME evening that this forum is discussing his respiratory ailments! (Thanks for clearing that up, though.) :lol:

  37. The one thing I’m stlll not clear on is: Has Veronica moved in as a full-fledged cast member or is she just there for an extended visit?

    I didn’t get to watch much today — just when they were eating dinner. So, thanks for the updates.

    Veronica and Alex’s interactions don’t really seem flirty to me. I think they just have a connection through their music. Of course, they’re both young and beautiful, so who knows what might happen? Uh-oh…what about Ben? A love triangle in the house??? That would be fun (or awful). And then, of course, Raylee…

    Last thought: Isn’t Alex just the most amazing singer to come along in a long, long, long time? :wub: :wub:

  38. Thanks Areyouin and Kristi for the info on the inhaler. I appreciate it.

  39. Hi everyone, thanks for the updates. I have a bad sore throat and a fever :sad: AND am keeping two eyes on my mischievous little cousin who’s staying at my house for a few days :dizzy: , so don’t have much time to read and watch.
    I really love the new banner, Alex’s shining with his angelic smile. Thank you Kass, how was your project?
    Feel happy when Alex is getting better but upset when his relationship with Raylee is going down. Hope they’ll be back together as always, hehe. She’s his best partner ever. Go Raylex!

  40. Guys – is it just me or does anyone else kinda dislike the photo that is used for Alex on the DU home page?? I posted something about it last night. First of all, it just doesn’t seem to “go” with the photos of the rest of the cast (not that they are all outstanding). It’s so drab and dark looking compared to the rest. And now they’ve added Veronica’s (which barely looks like her) and to me it stands out even more because her’s is below. Anyway – I think there are so many much nicer photos of Alex – I don’t know why they used this one. bobjones (prolific DU commenter & Alex fan) said that the photo is from Idol days and suggested that I find some photos, resize them and send them to DU. Well – I can find the photos, but I’m not tech-knowledgeable enough to do all the rest. Anyway – maybe it’s just me? Maybe everybody else thinks the picture is great. Just curious what y’all think!

  41. Thanks for the video clip Shelby!!! That was wonderful, as usual. :heart:

  42. I agree with you areyouin. There are lots of better photo’s of Alex out there.

  43. Hey, Lauren, the jealous, stupid people who don’t hear what we hear when we listen to Alex sing are just that — jealous and stupid. No ear for music. And, no one can ever have too many Bob Marley shirts…I’m a big fan too. He’ll love it! :cheerful: I was wondering, though, since he hesitated to show the shirt to the camera because of the rules, but did it anyway bless his heart, if he’ll even be able to wear them while in the house.

    So, is Veronica in for real or just an extended visit? I feel like I missed something somewhere.

    HOT, HOT, HOT here today. I don’t do well in heat. Of course, I’m in the A/C now, but I’d like to be out and just can’t take it. I guess that means I’m free to finish cleaning and do laundry. Yipee-f_ _ _ _ _ _ ki-ay!

  44. @Janet, yes I agree with you. I think that Alex is one of the most amazing singers that has come along in a long time. I feel that we as “experiened” music aficionados see we it and obviously the Idol producer in Texas stadium saw it too. Anyhow, I am glad that Veronica is in the house. Alex already talked to her about writing a song together. That should be cool.

    Don’t y’all think that Alex should move into Justin’s room? Look how crowded it is now with all his gifts in there. By the way, I put mine in the mail yesterday. It should be there in a few. Look out for it, just various items (nothing special) wrapped up and put into a Santa hat. Janet, unfortunately I had already about a Marley shirt, so he will have a spare.
    Headed out to jog before it reaches 100 degrees!

  45. Yes Janet, I don’t think that he will be able to wear them on camera. I really don’t understand why(trademarks/copywrites??). It’s not like the National Baseball’s just a picture of Bob Marley. Oh well, he won’t live in the house forever! I think that Veronica’s stay is temporary. I remember Alex telling Ben that Michael told him that she might be in the house for about 1 month. Things could always change.
    Sorry about all my typos above, sticky keyboard and I’m not proofreading. :dizzy:

  46. I’m excited about Veronica moving because I hope now Alex will hang out more with her instead of Gig since I don’t like Gig! :whistle:

    I have another of Alex singing I Didn’t Know with Veronica, among other things.

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