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Jan 012010

Hi and welcome to – the first fansite ever dedicated to Alex Lambert. Whether you’re already an Alex Lambert fan, or someone interested in learning more about him, you’ve come to the right place! We’re all about supporting Alex here, in any way we can, and we also provide his fans with the latest news and updates, and with somewhere to hang out and chat about all things Alex-related.

If you’re new to the site, there are a couple of things you should know: was originally created back before Season Nine (Alex’s season) of American Idol even started airing (by someone with insider information that he’d be on the show), and tracked his progress on Idol then onto If I Can Dream, providing daily coverage of his time there. Then, in June 2010, the site was temporarily deleted by its creator, and all the original posts and comments were lost (which is why things start of kind of abruptly if you’re reading the posts in order, and what all the comments below are referring to). However, we picked right up where we’d left off, and shortly thereafter the site was collectively purchased from the owner by the fans – you can read the About message in the sidebar for more information about who owns and runs the site.

With that out of the way, it’s time to focus on Alex Lambert! A good place to start is his biography, but there’s lots of other fun stuff to explore , like our collection of Alex Lambert MP3 downloads and lyrics, or his music videos. Or, you can just browse through past posts and comments – we’re a lively and friendly community of fans who love to talk about Alex – a LOT – and we’re always happy to welcome new fans to the discussion, so don’t be shy! You can even sign up to be a member – it’s easy – so you can upload a photo and let people get to know a bit about yourself. Also, be sure to check out Jessica Bongiorno’s Alex Lambert Store. If you know anything about Alex, you’ll know he wouldn’t be where he is today without her (proceeds from the store go to, an organization dedicated to saving or rescuing dogs from high-kill shelters and puppy mills).

One last note, we are Alex’s fansite, not Alex. If you have any questions, we’ll do our best to answer them (you can contact us directly using the form here) but we can’t speak for Alex. He does stop by now and again, but if you want to show him love directly, we have the address to which you can send him fan mail or presents – or check the links in the sidebar to his Twitter, Facebook and Myspace accounts.

Happy browsing!

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  1. Awesome that you’re not shutting down! Thank you!

  2. aww. sorry to hear about the site. this site is awesome! keeps me updated about alex! lol. :))

  3. Thank you thank you thank you thank you<3

  4. You go girl! YOU FREAKIN’ GO!

  5. Im so so so happy that this site is back up!!!
    i was in shock when i go the email that it was shutting down, i felt like a lil piece of me died!! :( i am a strong supporter for this FAN site!! I love the updates about Alex Lambert and enjoying reading about his successes! I wish him the best with his family :)

    Thank u for putting this site up again!!!
    this is a place for TRUE alex fans!!

  6. I agree wholeheartedly with you Genbug89. I have to laugh, my other screenname is “sanderbug”. lol

  7. @tracy haha that’s really funny! it’s my nickname AND my twitter account ;)

  8. Happy to see the site is back up. This is a great place for people to come for updates and to support Alex.

  9. Genbug89, my daughter’s grandpa always called her Jenbug and she was born in 1989. LOL

  10. Yay!!! :)

  11. Hi, sorry to know about your site. I visit it everyday to get news on AL. This is the only site a respect that all are good news and updates of AL. Importantly, its ALL true. I will still support what you will be doing and of coz supporting AL all the way.

  12. Yay!!!!! Your back! Oh, thank you. I love this site.

  13. Yay! Between Alex tweeting that he’ll be back in the house and this site being back up the day has ended much better than it began!

    Thanks! :-D

  14. Its nice you reopened the site. A lot of people enjoyed it and appreciates all the updates by you and the other mods. We’ll be checking on it while you try and rebuild it.

  15. I would love to be facebook friends with you and anyone else on here. If you want to do that.

  16. Love this site!!

  17. I’m so excited to see the site back. I was sad for about 2 hours and now am happy again haha. Thank you so much! You’re #1.

  18. We’re baaa-aaack! Thank you.

  19. Glad you are back!

    I’ve been absent a lot lately. Still waiting on Alex’s album! ;(

    Do we have a video anywhere of Alex’s Star Spangled Banner?

  20. I thought this was a great site that has a lot of support for Alex.

  21. Welcome back everyone!!! I hope we can recover all the previous posts!!

    So happy to see all your bright happy faces again!!

  22. anyway, back to alex! lol. when is he leaving for texas? is he still in the house? :D

  23. he is already in Texas. He hasn’t been in the house all weekend.

  24. P.S. That picture of Alex is one of my favorites of all time. Ooooh. I just want to squish him. He’s so friggin adorable!

  25. So glad to be back in here where it’s safe and warm. It was scary out there.

    I always thought you did a great job keeping us informed. This site has become the absolute go-to site for everything ALEX. As he becomes even more famous you’ll be getting more people coming here for info. Keep up the great work!

  26. This is my first post here too, but I been a regular visitor to this site and have read every single comment.

    Im a huge Alex fan. What I love about this site is that its completely positive, supportive, and even protective of someone whom I absolutely believe in. Alex is on live camera 24/7 and this site gives us fans a wonderful place to discuss what we love about him.

    Thank you! thank you! thank you for bringing this site back online. I was a lurker, not a poster before, but after this weekend, I wont take this site for granted anymore lol.

  27. I’m really sorry don’t have time to read other comments now but I will later. I’m so happy the site is up again!!!!

  28. I turned around for 2 days and everything exploded! I’m glad to see the pieces being put back together already.

    I actually hope that over time, as Alex’s celebrity increases and a multitude of Alex Lambert sites spring up whose owners respond only to cease and desist orders, it will be even more clear how much you care. I love Molly and Kassandra’s input too.

    I know our hearts go out to Alex and all his fans support him in his decisions right now.

  29. Personally, I like coming her because I know if there IS a question, comment, rumor or anything – I can come here to get the honest truth.

    You’ll never find a better fan base than the men and women, guys and gals, chicks and chickadees on this site. I’d trust what you guys say any day and I’m glad I have an amazing site to come to and watch him grow.

    Thanks ladies, I look forward to more!

  30. Thanks Kassandra and Molly… I love this site!

  31. I really hope this site does not shut down. This site is to support Alex. I really love this site and would hate for it to go away. :(

  32. I like that this site allows fans to come together to support Alex and get info about what he’s doing – those are positives that are helpful to him. The mods all work hard and hope they can get things back to how it was.

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