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Jun 142010

So today’s a fresh start! Alex is still probably in Texas (I don’t know). So let’s continue trying to rebuild. If y’all want to compile his originals in the comments sections (from YouTube or Hulu), we’ll make a page for those again.

FYI for those who don’t follow Dream Updates (and you should lol), Ben was missing the “little man” Alex yesterday – he even went so far as to play Dream With My Eyes Open too. Ben is great – I know he misses Alex. He’s the life of the IICD house, right?

I hope Alex is soaking up some family love this week (or longer) while he’s there. Something to fortify him for when he returns to the 24/7 cameras, the Hulu haters, and the busy schedule!

Oh shoot we need some old time Alex pics back up in here y’all:

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  1. Good morning all! The chat was fun last night! @ Cathy – your post was just what I was looking for before checking out the episode! Thanks for the positive comments – next stop Hulu (I like to watch it from Hulu)

    Those of you on Chatzy last night will remember my post about Jessica Bongiorno- – – -well she also posted after I thanked her for her reply where I said that we (fans) were just so “over” the mysterious way this has all been handled. Here is her 2nd reply (for what it’s worth):
    Jessica Bongiorno commented on your wall post:

    “youre very welcome :) i think maybe the mysterious part has a lot to do with the fact that its still a reality type show… and keeping viewer interest is always in the minds of the people behind the cameras, for any show really. so telling just a small bit, and letting you create the rest with anticipation (which seems to be the case ;) – is what they tend to try doing. but yea… alex will be back. the show needs him! :)”

    So. . .if we can trust and believe that Jessica really has some insider info – then I guess that these comments should make us feel a little better – – – but still po’d at the “people behind the cameras”! :{

  2. Okay – just finished watching the episode. I just want to say that up to this time there have been situations with Alex and songs that I’ve heard him sing that have almost brought me to tears, but the footage of him singing our National Anthem finally really brought my tears out! I think it was a combination of many factors. It was because it IS the National Anthem and it always stirs me. It was because it put to rest any uncertainties that he may not have had a good performance. But it was mainly just because it was Alex being confident, being his true, emotional, self, and because it was FANTASTIC!! It was almost like the feeling when one of my own children achieved something great!

  3. ARG! So something else to aggravate me. I cant even watch it, not even on Hulu….Its seems like alot of other people watched it tho, according to some comments over there, The episode really showed the true wonderful Alex, even the haters had a hard time Hatin’, but you know they always have something to pull outta their ass. Oh well, maybe I will be able to watch it later. Also, as Janet said, I want to stay positive, but the more I see Gig the more I am back to not liking he, she started to grow on me, but now, I cant even stand it when shes in the room, that voice, and nervous laugh, and that skinny scrawny body. IDK, Im sorry, its early and I am grumpy, and my roof is slowly caving in………….lol. Miss you Alex! :)

  4. Janet; I don’t classify Gig as hot either. I think she has the face of an actress – but her face isn’t symmetrical as required of great models. She looks fine if facing the camera, but when she turns to the side her profile isn’t well proportioned and her chin is longer than it should for a model. (I draw well so I notice such things) Her elongated profile reminds me of Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten who had marfan syndrome that made his face and finger look long. Gig is attractive enough, but not some great beauty — that’s why she needs her long hair to make her stand out. If not for ICCD she’ll be lucky to get into small catalogs. And now she doing more nudes to get attention. And all she wants is to go out and party too or stay in her room with her laptop. She deserves to get lowest in favorite polls. She’s starting to annoy me ever since she tattled on Alex and exaggerated to the producer that he called her lazy. Then the other day she told Claire Alex didn’t pick Ben up just like he did to her — and that was the day Alex packed to go Texas and had other things on his mind. Btw, here is a pic of Akhenaten,%20akhenaten/images/akhenaten.jpg

  5. Hi Everyone, I’ve been busy for a while, but now I’m back just to find that this is rebuilding like the Phoenix; I’m so glad :D
    And I hope Alex will also be back and stronger than before!
    @Shadow, I’m still lol at your comparison, and I mean loud!!!! hahah

  6. Yea, Shadow, I am laughing too. lol

  7. Cec & Tracy: LOL. That statue of Akhenaten is like a caricature of Gig and amusing. I’ve noticed that resemblance for a while, but didn’t say anything cause she was Alex’s buddy before – but she got annoying.

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