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Jul 142010

Hmm…it’s Wednesday, nothing is on the calendar besides the usual “aspiring artists” hour and Twitter session. Did you guys notice that we added the official “If I Can Dream” calendar to this page? If not check it out, it’s at the top of the page next to “Alex Fan Mail.”

Knowing Alex, just because he doesn’t have something on the calendar doesn’t mean he won’t be doing anything…I mean he did schedule his own writing session with Cisco Adler, right? They wrote a song called “Barbara Maria.” Very interesting title and it just peaks my interest more and I wanna hear it. Hopefully Alex sings some of it today. Another cool moment of the day, Eric Roberts is following Alex (and Kara) on Twitter! How effin’ cool is it to have an Oscar nominated actor wanting to know what you’re doing? Go Alex!!

Alright guys, we’ll add more info for the day when it comes up…maybe a certain individual will stop teasing us with the supposed “I Didn’t Know” video! :getlost:

So far Alex has had a phone interview and he has a meeting soon with 19 Entertainment…exciting stuff! Alex’s meeting is that he’s gonna be playing at the Sunset Strip Key Club August 27. :cool: Also, Alex and Veronica Skyped for the show, Alex and Gig tiffed, and Alex is demoing “Butterflies.” So much stuff happening today.

Alex will be playing at the Sunset Strip Music Festival Friday the 27th! At the KEYCLUB ;) And he says he’ll have a full band. Who’s gonna go?

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  1. Its cool Alex will be playing at sunset festival. Thats more exposure for his music career. I saw some of his skype with Veronica and his love confessions. Awww. He warms the hearts of Veronica and females watching when he does that. They really miss each other. I want them to get together and she can be part of the show. She has talent and potential to make it – and that’s what IICD is about. Gig is not gonna be a successful model – she’ll be a local catalog model at best after IICD – she needs to go to college.

    I think part of Gig’s issue with Veronica is cause she is worried if she’s part of the show they will have her tag along with Alex to functions instead of Gig. Gig likes the exposure of going to awards and such, and they used to have her and Alex partner up on things like that before. She just wants to protect her spot in the house. Also, she’s competitive and would rather its her Alex is lusting after to satisfy her ego. When Veronica just left and Alex told Gig he’s missing her. She told Alex give it a few weeks you’ll get over it – and then asked him to go roller blade with her at the beach. I’m just pissed at her for putting Alex in a stressful mood — I read updates Alex telling Kara he’ll apologize to Gig about the argument. He seems tired of her bickering with him and just wanna focus on positive like he should. Alex has been having good things happening for him and Gig is souring the mood.

    Alleycatfan: I don’t want Tim Urban in the house even after Alex leaves. I’m tired of the Tim vs Alex thing. I’m convinced Alex made top 12 and they just gave Tim his spot cause they already brought him in because they thought he would appeal to the teen demography more than Alex, and wanted to take him on tour because he appeals more to middle America that’s idol reliable audience that they cater to on tour most. They probably felt Alex wont be easy to control on tour too (I wrote on Alex’s idol board before top 12 for him to watch out and I gave suggestions to improve his wardrobe and other things, cause they brought Tim in to take his spot for those reasons. I’ve watched since season 1 and familiar with their game) Even when they announced top 12 Ryan just said Tim follow Casey. They didnt say you made top 12 like they tell everyone. And he only started gaining a following after Alex left. Alex’s fanbase was 3 times bigger than his before top 12 and Alex had the momentum on his board, and Tim’s board hardly any fans. Besides I don’t think they can make a star out of Tim on IICD – he’s nice guy, but he’ll be boring to watch cause he doesn’t have interesting personality like Alex.

  2. Ha Ha did you see Caitlin’s vlog? Looks like ?Ben? had been a bad boy….or they were planted there for more drama. Still funny though. :tongue:

  3. @LindaW I think that you are on to something about those condoms being planted on the grounds. Caitlin’s first vlog and look at what she finds, a pack of condoms with one opened. Alex just left for his writing session with David Hodges and Eman. The person driving him there told Alex that they had found his condoms. Alex responded, “Not mine”. Back to Caitlyn.. if she would fix more food that would be appetitizing to young adults then maybe Alex would eat at home. She should be getting the picture by now why no one is eating much at the house.
    Yesterday, Alex gave credit to Jordan Lawhead for setting up the writing sessions with Jason Reeves and Cisco Adler. He also told Veronica that during his meeting at 19 that “On My Tongue” was one of their favorite songs and that he will need to write about 30 songs to get 10 great songs for his album. It shouldn’t take him too long before he will be there. I hope that DU fills the request for Alex and Kara’s conversation. I missed it. Something I noticed Sunday that was a cute exchange between them was when Alex became fascinated with the length of her eyelashes. He told her that they were the longest eyelashes that he ever had seen and asked her if he could touch one. What a cutie!

  4. Shadow_ia: I, too, have watched Idol since Season 1, and Ryan Seacrest never tells a lie. However, with the clever trickery of his words, it’s easy to assume something that he did not say. Ryan perfected his technique as early as Season 2, and he is paid millions to go along with the schemes.

    I know in my heart Alex was voted in to the tour, but they let him go for some reason. Was that reason because Simon Fuller wanted to use the insanely talented future superstar to save his lackluster web show? Perhaps it was entirely coincidental that Jessica created the petition that paved the way for an earlier entrance. I think Fuller planned to bring him back the night all of the Idols visited for the Twitter session, and Alex would have showed up at the door with bags in hand as a surprise.

  5. @Lauren, I heard that convo about Jordan Lawhead being the middle-man for these writing session hook-ups. He said Jordan “believed in him”, which is so cool. The writing “sesh” (lol) today has the stamp of 19 all over it. Hodges and Eman are favorite writers for the Idol factory. Not sure how well they will mesh with Alex, however.

    I hope he gets to work more with Jordan Reeves, because On My Tongue is a great sound and style for Alex. I’m not surprised that 19 liked it. Unfortunately, they can’t think outside the box, and would never have recommended a collabo with Reeves if Lawhead hadn’t stepped in. 30 more songs?? Oy vey!

  6. Lauren, Yes I doubt Ben would be so reckless or careless to leave those laying all over the place. I saw the whole convo between Alex and Kara, I couldnt tear myself away, it was so sweet and when he told her that he never had a conversaton with someone like her, someone that is so good, and he brought up what Brant said about being sad or frustrated, but when he talked to Kara it was like going to Disneyland…cute. Aw I would have loved to seen the eyelash thing. For some reason I think Alex has brought out another side to Kara, a goofier side. She seemed so stiff for awhile there and usually she is so private when it comes to her personal stuff and the way he got her to kinda open up in front of the cameras about the whole crying thing yesterday, I thought was great, he said “dont let these cameras keep you from what you want to say”! Ha. Ahh, sweet Alex!

  7. Alex’s writing partner, Eman (Emanuel Kiriakou) tweeted about today’s session:

    Special sauce with @TrueAlexLambert and @Hodgesmusic today! I need a napkin….
    22 minutes ago via web

  8. I missed the Alex/Kara conversation but would have liked to have seen it. I’m happy that Alex has Kara to ground him when he needs it. Regarding her extremely long eyelashes, I assumed she has extensions. Maybe I’m wrong, but they seem too long to be real. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m getting mine done soon. :biggrin:

    I don’t mind if Turban moves in after Alex leaves ’cause I won’t be watching anymore anyway.

    Someone please tell me that Alex didn’t apologize to Gig. I know he said he wanted to, and I know that some of you think it’s just like sibling rivalry. I suppose you’re right to an extent. I just think this is an ongoing pattern of behavior with her and I’m sick to death of it. And, was Alex pissed as hell? You bettcha…and he had a right to be. I would have no respect for him at all if he didn’t give her hell. So, I do not want to hear him apologizing to her. I want her off the show.

    Are you sure none of you want to take on some transcription work? :sad: Just kidding, but I’m absolutely buried and can’t take another moment of it. That’s why I do several different things. I can’t stay focused on one for too long. Maybe I have undiagnosed ADD like Alex. :wub:

  9. ConnieD: I don’t know if Simon Fuller already planned for him to be on IICD, but Micheal did say in his tweet session the petition was a factor in him getting on too. Aside from the Tim urban being brought in to take his spot like I said earlier. I think another reason people mentioned for his elimination is what happened couple days before they performed to get in top 12: Andrew made a video on twitter thanking fans for voting and Lee and Alex were there, and Alex only said hit up itunes. Some idol fans started a thread that went out of control that its against the rule and one of them them must be kicked out (even though they’re allowed to use twitter now) well they weren’t gonna kick off Lee and Andrew his friend who was already hyped too. So maybe giving Alex “trouble” was no coincidence. Although it does fit his voice cause its similar to original singer Ray Lamongtagne. One thing for sure He sounded great and dial idol showed him one of the top 2 busy signal and its usually reliable and should be safe. Another thing is Alex, Casey and Tim are from Texas, and Alex was the one that could challenge Casey with his momentum after “everybody knows” and take votes away – and they already hyped Casey to be top 4. Anyway, its all turned out well for Alex with this IICD experience. He’s learning and writing with pros and will likely be signed. I think they would have eliminated him right where Tim finished, cause Simon already told Alex that if he makes top 12 he’d be satisfied with finishing in the middle cause he didnt believe in himself enough. This are are theories. I think what Alex says when asked in the media about being nervous got him eliminated is the sort of thing he should stick to saying. Shouldn’t say any conspiracy theories that makes idol look bad or fixed like us. They don’t like that. He’s still part of Idol alum, and Simon Fuller project and they believe him and he should say he’s grateful for the opportunities. Its all good now.

  10. I agree Shadow,who cares anyway?Half the entertainment industry was built on inside deals,and conspiracy.But the great news is that with Alex’s approach on IICD,HE CAN MAKE A GREAT debut album,where he is having alot more high-end writers,than a normal Idol.And taking this more detailed route gives Alex a far better chance at a Killer DEBUT,whereas the idol’s debut album is severely rushed,and can be damaging to a given artist,long term. Also,the music video concept is better than any I’ve ever seen for an Idol by far!So its all good in the HOOD-but they need to keep getting him big live performance gigs like the Sunset Fest.,as Alex will NEED all the live performance experience he can get.

  11. a little off topic but, what do you think about Alex and Ben conversing in front of a house guest, Alex speaking his homemade language and Ben doing Sage. Picture it, Sage says some boasting thing about some superman thing he did, and Alex responding in his private language. The funny part would have to be the expression on the guests face. The boys would have to keep it up for a while before they stopped.

    Just thought

  12. Janet, re: Kara’s eyelashes, someone asked her in a tweet session a while back if they were real and she said they were. Alex slept in the guest room last night and as soon as he got up and went to his room to shower Gig hopped on the computer in there and closed the door, so as far as I could see, their paths didn’t cross today so far. I think the reason he wanted to apologize was Kara explained to him that Micheal had called shortly before Alex wanted to leave and wanted Kara to shoot some (fake!) pictures of Gig smiling and romping around by the pool, which could have caused her to forget her promise to take Alex. But a normal human being would had explained that to Alex instead of throwing F bombs and and telling him to shut up every five minutes.

  13. Sorry…I know this is a bit off topic too but I just noticed that they have a poll up on the IICD Website asking whether or not Alex and Veronica should write a duet. Well…of course they should! Not sure if they even pay attention to these polls but hopefully all the Alex and V fans will vote since it might be the only chance to get her back to the house..if even for a visit. I felt like a major creeper last night but could not pull myself away from watching them skype. He is so sad and misses her so much and even though he said that a visit wouldn’t be good enough, I think it would be good for him.

  14. Also I think with Alex we’re looking at a Barbara Streisand- Superstar- level of artist,not A Taylor Hicks,Fantasia,etc…level.Barbara did crossover into movies and movie theme songs-Alex is being pointed in that direction,as he already has a show theme song under his belt-so we’re looking at a Superstar recording artist,that likely will also do major film soundtracks,and possibly films as well down the road,just like Babs.And the Grammy goes to,And the Oscar goes to…Alex :biggrin: .

  15. Did you guys know that they have a real demo up on IICD of Imperfectly Perfect?! it sounds so good :) and its clear! Lol it’s on the bottom left hand corner on the music playlist :)

  16. what about the thirty songs? he has to write 30 to move out?

  17. IICD site added a music player with 10 songs (the earphone icon at bottom left). Three of Alex’s demo and “Butterflies” live. They sound fantastic.

  18. Sorry Shelby, didn’t see your post mentioning earlier. I must have been typing my post at the time.

  19. Shelby, Alex said he thought he would need to write about 30 songs before he would have 10 that were good enough for the album.

  20. LindaW–lucky Kara with real eyelashes that long. I truly believed they couldn’t be real!

    As much as it would be nice for Veronica to be back in the house right now, I don’t think it’s a good idea to put her in as a permanent member. This young, burning love that they’re feeling right now isn’t likely to last and then what? I guess lots of heartbreak and hatred songs — I’m just being a realist. We’ve discussed it before.

    I didn’t notice the new demo. Going back to listen. Cool!!

  21. oh, thanks guys. Thirty songs?! that seems like alot, but every artist that makes an album writes a bunch of songs but only about 10-15 go on the album.
    And, since i’m so lightning fast, :biggrin: i have yet another download for Imperfect the official demo! :lol:

  22. Kara: “Me and Alex had a really great conversation yesterday about what’s important. He said it’s not all about fame, but about being passionate about what you do and keeping your family and friends close to you, and I agree 100%.” “I know some of you think Alex comes off cocky, but he does that only to help himself succeed…he’s really smart about that stuff and I really love Alex.”

    GO KARA!!! :wub:

  23. Imperfectly perfect is such a cute song! A little less pop still and I’d be happy!!! I love the Butterflies live clip, sounds great also! All in all pretty quiet in Alex land…

  24. You know, I would prefer Alex go in a more urban r&b flavored route like that song “Untouchable” (friggin LOVE that song!); but I’ll be damned if songs like “Imperfectly Perfect” and “On My Tongue” aren’t catchy as hell.

  25. JANET!! Thank you, I thought I was all alone in my thinking…I really love Veronica,I do, but I say no no to her being a permanent member, Its going to be too distracting to Alex, and I personally think they are portraying him as having this scripted “puppy love” romance, I want him to be looked at as an adult, not a Justin Bieber wannabe. I have a hard time watching them skype (its so awkward) so I usually turn it. I hope no one is mad at me, cuz I :heart: you all. I hate felling this way, but it do :sad:

  26. They need to get some of Alex’s songs on a teen oriented TV show like on ABC Family or the CW.

  27. @Molly awwwwwwwwwww….Kara is great!

  28. aawwww…. Kara! I like you so much better now. Kara is positive and explains things well to Alex. Unlike Gig, she’s toxic and negative. She brings the worst in Alex. Its so true though, The biggest hindrance to a persons success is self-doubt. Of course Alex is scared and nervous but he just wont let himself think that coz once he wavers it’s not gonna be good. Kara realizes that unlike Gig who just says that he thinks the whole world revolves around him. Whatever! she can simmer in her mediocrity. oh gosh, im ranting again… sorry. I do want Alex to clear the air with gig and then stay away.

    btw, Thanks SHELBY!

  29. Or a movie soundtrack. “Imperfectly Perfect” would be great on a movie soundtrack.

  30. I actually would love to see Veronica as a permanent member regardless of the Alex romance but I don’t think it’s going to happen which is why I think a few visits would be good for Alex and for the viewers. I definitely don’t see this as a “scripted” puppy love thing. They truly care for each other but Yes, they are only 18 and 19 so it likely won’t last. Ultimately it’s about Alex’s music and I get that but I think the house needs some drama…good drama…not like what we watched yesterday with him and Gig. Veronica brings the good drama and also inspiration for Alex…not distraction. He was so inspired to write and play when she was in the house.

  31. WooHoo! Thanks Shebly :smile: . I love “Imperfectly Perfect”.

  32. @Molly When did Kara make that comment about her and Alex’s conversation? That’s so sweet that she said that :heart:

  33. @katherine during her tweet session

  34. Thanks, Shelby!!

  35. Thanks Molly! I loved Alex’s explanation of why you have to think and believe that you are the best and shoot really high. Totally makes sense! And he was like I know it sounds crazy, but I want to be the best ever, something like that and he’s totally right, you have to have that kind of attitude to get the success you want. Some people don’t get it and see it as cocky, but it makes total sense to me and all of us. I always think back to what Simon Cowell told him on Idol after he did awesome on “Everybody Knows”. Simon said: “I wish I was choosing your songs for you because once you connect you with the song and start believing you may have a chance, you’re gonna see a different person. I don’t wanna see anymore of this nerves, throwing-up stuff, just take your opportunity and do your best.” Simon was right, Alex is a different person from Idol, he’s confident, super-driven, and with his amazing talent, unstoppable!! Alex is doing just that, trying not to be nervous and taking this IICD opportunity and doing his BEST!! He’s on the right track, straight to the top, screw the haters and Gig too, lol!

    It’s cool that they have the demos up on IICD, it’s about time and Alex’s demos are first, hehe! I love the lyrics and Alex’s vocal on Imperfectly Perfect, it’s just a little too pop for my taste. And I still love Butterflies so so much. I’m glad they’re gonna demo it again, it really doesn’t need all that extra-fancy production. His vocals on it are so beautiful. I hope they do it right this time!

  36. THANK YOU!!! Shelby for “Imperfectly Perfect”. :w00t: :heart:
    I can’t stop listening to it. I love that song. :heart:

  37. Thanks Shelby for the download. It sounds much better than the recording that was done while he played it through his laptop, but hey I was happy to have that. His vocals are flawless.Since Katherine quoted Simon I’m going to quote Kara Dioguardi I feel It goes back to what Kara Dioguardi said after

  38. An accidental press of the button. That’s what I get for lying down on the sofa. Anyway Kara Dio said to Alex, “What you have is an incredible, recordable voice. People would die to have that tone…producers, songwriters..” This is also a reason that every song that he sings sounds like a hit and why so many people want to work with him. For the millionth time his voice is amazing. He is a potential gold mine. Did he come back to the house before he went to tape the show? Did he change clothes? I know that he wished he had something special to wear because he mentioned it in his room either last night or the night before and how he wished that he had a stylist to dress him for the event. It sounds like he is becoming more receptive to other’s suggestions. I can’t wait to hear more about his take on the show.

  39. Imperfectly Perfect…is legitimately perfect….that one is probably my favorite song he’s done so far…Thanks Shelby for the link….this kid is unstoppable!

  40. Lauren: Oh he said he wished he had a stylist or something nice to wear to tape ‘don’t forget the lyrics”? I think he wore same white t-shirt and Jeans that he was kicking around in all day at writing session that was getting kind of dirty. That’s what he came home in. I was just posting in the thread about “dont forget lyrics” that I wish he wore something more decent even if its casual. But atleast its good he’s considering suggestions I’ve made here about putting efforts into his dressing when he goes to functions and things like this. His hair was in order though, and his face looked cute.

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