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Jul 212010

Happy hump day everyone!!!

So you guys remember when Alex was on Ellen? Well the episode is replaying today!!! :biggrin:
It’s amazing to see how far he’s come since then! Way to go Alex! :silly:

Be sure to check it out and check back throughout the day for any updates!

Schedule for today:
Alex has tweeted that his meeting is with the Avila Brothers. These guys are BIG! (Usher, Macy Gray, Mya, Janet Jackson)

From @rickey: @TrueAlexLambert I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! #IDIDNTKNOW
Rickey from Everyone should go retweet it!! Yay for Alex!!

And again from @rickey
Just got renewed love for @TrueAlexLambert #IDIDNTKNOW

According to Ricky and MJ the video premiers Monday!!!

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  1. Just watched his segment on the Ellen rerun! Sweet as ever! And – his hair looked great, more shiny and cleaned-up than it is right now. Baby, you should let me love you, and- love you. . . :heart:

  2. Wow Alex on the Ellen Show seemed so long ago. He’s done so much since then.

    “shellby: July 20, 2010 at 11:18 pm

    well this is off topic but a while ago I indulged in my curious self and listened to the radio show. I’m not sure if anyone else did, but those guys are gross. Talking about various nasty things at the beginning, then they started talking about Alex. They called him a bunch of bad names, saying he’s a douche and everything. Pretty much a waste of time listening to it. And Veronica is going to be on their show on August 4th.”

    Why would Veronica go on this radio show? I wonder if she knows what kind of people are part of this station. DU said someone Twittered Alex during his IICD Twitter session the other day and asked him how Veronica was doing. He supposedly said he hadn’t talk to her in several days and she was yesterday’s news. Is he trying to keep the relations private or is it really over?

    • Joy – and everyone – maybe I’m just hearing things again, but after his Skype session ended yesterday he started typing like crazy, and I coulda sworn he murmured something like “oh V…!” before cracking up laughing at something, so I assumed he was messaging with her. Did anyone else hear this?

      If that’s the case I’d guess that they’re just attempting to keep he relationship private – especially after that cheesy and badly edited segment in the episode, where they kept inserting every bit of flirty footage they could from their “official, filmed” skype session, into the unofficial one they did when Alex was in bed. Hello – lips out of sync much? SO lame.

      And personally I love that Alex is out of the house a lot now – whatever the reason is. First, cause the atmosphere in there really is depressing – why should he have to put up with it – and second, because the fact that they’re letting him get away with it reinforces for me the feeling that they really do care more about his music career than his participation in the IICD project.

      The Gig tweet session with Alex (video on DU) was ridiculous. Gigzilla’s seriously on a rampage these days…

      Who wants to bet there’ll be house meeting in the near future? Though I don’t think it’ll be to kick Gig out – they can’t afford to, as it is it seems to me they’re scrambling to find more people to fill the house with. But SOMETHING… if they let this state of affairs continue, the show’s gonna go downhill fast.

  3. Kass
    I also wonder why they haven’t found someone to fill the 5th spot in the IICD house. There haven’t even been anymore announcements of myspace IICD winners, has there? Could they be holding the 5th spot for Veronica? Having only 4 people in the house with the rule of 2 people always being there, I would think would be a scheduling nightmare for IICD. Plus it gets boring for the live stream viewers, with the house mates doing more of their career development out of the house.

  4. @Joy I think you’re right about the holding the spot for Veronica. Michael did say that he was “sort of casting” Veronica in his Twitter session.

  5. Well I’m going to focus on the last two statements, and let the rest go. lol Who in the world at 19 truly knows who they truly are.

  6. Wasn’t there some sort of indication that they were going to cut back on the live streaming? Because I think it’s backfiring on them. People are watching closely enough to know exactly how and when the producers are manipulating the situation. The fans seem to be fed up with it.

    And keeping those kids couped up in the house seems counter-productive. I propose only bring the camera guys over and live stream for things like twitter and video sessions, when special guests come over, when the dreamers are having lessons, etc…

    I would love to see more stuff going on OUTSIDE of the house in regards to them pursuing their careers. We’ve been missing out a lot on Alex’s writing and recording sessions.

  7. Kicking myself here…totally forgot to turn on Ellen, so I missed the repeat. Would have been nice to see Alex in 50″ HD. :lol:

    @Kass, I was thinking the same thing about A & V. Can you imagine her parents watching this latest episode when Alex makes his comments about getting her naked?? She lives at home after all, so she might be getting flax from her parents about their relationship. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they’ve gone “underground” with their communications.

    Plus, it’s possible Alex muttered “just kidding” after he made the “yesterday’s news” remark. He’s very easy to take out of context, which has already helped give him that “douchebag” reputation.

    So, he stayed out all night. Yes, Alex does seem to be following the Justin path–lot’s of flexibility in his schedule. I thought he was going to redo Butterflies this week?

  8. Somebody left a cryptic comment on Dream Updates: “Ben was asking Alex bout how V was doing. Then Ben says he (Alex) was played by V. Alex responded by saying they (Ben & Alex) were both played by her. But wondering why Alex went to answer the phone from V. I’ve followed V around for long time. I hope this isn’t the other side of her showing.”

    If this is true… can I have my vote back please?

    • @char, well I don’t know… my brain also stops functioning once the temperature hits 40 degrees C – what is that in Farenheit – 100? Whatever. It’s hot. I’m grumpy. And like many people are expressing, I’m sick and tired of the IICD games…

      I’m assuming this supposed conversation between Ben and Alex happened this afternoon shortly after he got home? I tuned in shortly thereafter. Was anyone watching? When did he talk to Veronica on the phone? Also this afternoon after getting back?

  9. @kass- I dont have the brain power at the moment to decipher the cryptic msg… so what does it mean? Maybe V has a bf the whole time and was just acting?

  10. I vaguely remember that after Veronica visited the 1st time, someone asked Ben in a Twitter sessions if he was aware that Veronica had a boyfriend. That was before anything happened with Alex. Now I don’t know if Veronica broke up with said boyfriend between the 1st and last visit. Or got back together with him after the 2nd. Who knows.

  11. RE: Avila Brothers

    Woot! Definitely outside the usual stable of Idol writers.

  12. @kass- I just wont read into it too much then, if they dont talk anymore there was a trigger. i doubt they just decided to go cold turkey all of a sudden. Then again, they’re young soo…

    btw, he said meeting the avila brothers not writing with them. They are producers right???? If so maybe theyll help produce Alexs record! Woot, more RnB less pop.

  13. They’re songwriters, producers, musicians and singers. They do it all.

  14. I would LOVE more R&B and less pop!! Hope his meeting goes well! :biggrin:

  15. If you recall, in the episode during the weekend that V first visited the dream house, during the interview Alex said he had a girlfriend…and then he didn’t shortly after that. Maybe that is the same situation with V?

  16. So did Alex say what this meeting was about, anyone hear? Is it just a possible future collabo…is anything set in stone? I hope they get to work together cause I would love some R&B on the album!!

  17. I remember Alex mentioning to Ben something about songwriting today.So,I’m hoping Simon,and them can work a deal where they write and produce a song for Alex,maybe 2 songs :biggrin: … Random-I had a dream that KENNY ROGERS AND DOLLY PARTON were both at the Dream House,and were comparing Alex to some great artist,and Kenny said no-your voice,and tone is thicker,and richer than whoever it was they were comparing…and I flipped out!!!,and I bet they really would say that if they went to the D.H. :w00t:

  18. Did Rickey get a sneak preview of THE VIDEO? ANY THOUGHTS?…

  19. I asked him in a reply tweet, but he didn’t answer me. I’m assuming he’s doing his “job” and probably watched the new youtube videos of Alex that day. But not sure. There isn’t anything new on his site about Alex. MJ is more likely to reply to my tweets (she has) than Rickey. Too bad cuz I like Rickey better than MJ ;)

  20. I watched that Alex’s appearance on Ellen the first time. It was like the first time we saw him talk as himself. He was so cute the way he was looking and smiling when the audience clapped after he finished singing. We thought we may not see him again after that – its good he got on IICD and we get to see him. Although he keeps going out all night lately to hang with friends from from Texas who moved to LA. I think its fine he has people to hang with and not just bitchy Gig, but he needs to try come home before 3am and sleep, or I’m gonna go and spank his punk-ass butt. (dont drive home if drunk though)

    I read a tweet that Alex is being shown singing on Idol tour in a promo of IICD with the cast. That’s so cool. He should have made idol tour but its ok now. I wonder what they actually showed in the video clip and if its at every concert? Anyone know more about it? I tried to go to idol board to read tour reviews and if they mentioned the promo, and its surprising there is little reviews there compared to other seasons. (I haven’t been to idol board much since Alex got on IICD and idol ended)

    Alex had meeting with the Avila brothers who worked with Usher. I can see them doing something like Justin Timberlakes “chop me up” to show his quasi-rap/pop-hip hop vibe. Or Maroon 5 “Wake up call” to show his funky side. But he dosnt need to do something more POP/R&B than “I didnt know” even though Alex can sing R&B well.

    Kass: Don’t think much of that cryptic message. That person was misconstruing what Alex was saying to Ben. I believe its from a conversation the day Veronica left, and Alex was just trying reassure him he didnt mean to take V from him, and trying to do some male bonding thing with Ben, like they are friends/bros despite any girl. And Ben said its ok cause he could tell Alex and Veronica were really liking each other weeks ago and he didnt mind. She didnt play anyone – she always liked Alex and Ben knew. Only Alex was shocked when Ben told him he knew.

    Diane: Yes he did say he was kidding after he said Veronica is old news. It was only a few days ago he was acting like Romeo, and I think his tweet about ‘why cant you be here with me’ is directed at her. I agree she probably feel awkward about doing more skype session if its gonna come off sexual and him kidding around that’s she is bad girl. She may text or call him when out to say personal stuff.

    That Gig is a moody negative person who likes to drag on the drama and hold grudges. Alex is like a typical guy who just wanna let things go and doesn’t like people to hate him. I dont want to see more conflict with them that’s why I wish they have two automatics, so Gig wont have reasons to pick fights because she likes to have it to herself to hang out.

  21. After re-watching this weeks Ep.,I realized the producers are making Gig into the Omarosa villian character that you probably remember from Donald Trump’s The Apprentice;that idea is a good one to help sell the show,in the long run-Omarosa really launched the Donald TRUMP SHOWS,and they need someone to reel in viewers however they can after Alex.

  22. oh in my above comment to Kass I meant to say its from conversation between Ben and Alex in the kitchen the day after veronica left


    Alex Lambert’s New Video – “I Didn’t Know” Premiers on iheartradio Mobile on Monday 7/26

    So, MJ saw the video and said it was “pretty cool” and worth checking out. So Rickey probably did watch the video too. They probably got all the Idol bloggers together for the premier.

  24. Thanks Shadow!!!, cant wait to see it!!! :cheerful:

  25. Ahhh mobile only release… Guess im downloading the damn app! These people are sneaky :)

    cant wait! Theyll probably put it on the episode too hence the recording of Alex’s reaction… Im sure it looks great, proud of Alex

  26. Char – the post said it will be on Hulu too.

  27. Oh- and Rickey just tweeted he did see it and “It’s amazing.” !!!

  28. Monday guys!! They better not be lying to us again!!! Rickey and MJ both said it was goooood. :wub:

    Go Alex!!! :biggrin:

  29. Somoene posted on mj’s he/she thought fans of other idols would be rage-inflamed/jealous-I think they should be supportive;after all, Alex was very supportive of Lee,Andrew,Sioban,etc…in all of their musical endeavors!And encouraged his fans to be supportive. :cheerful:

  30. Sorry you’ve had a tough few weeks. :sad:

    No one knows anything we’re just bored and speculating. I think they’re just friends though since they’re so far away. Any info other than that is just rumor. But, video said to premiere on Monday!!!

  31. Don’t that just beat all, I go on vacation this weekend, for 2 weeks. No computer, I won’t be able to see the video. :angry: :cwy: Figures…. the way my week has been, I should just crawl in a hole and stay there. :angry:

  32. Here’s my take on the whole Alex/Veronica/and even Ben love affairs. It’s all B.S. It was all manufactured for the show. I think Alex truly does like having Veronica around since they have so much in common. I think they all like her — except Skeletor of course. But, who cares about her anyway? Whoever said it might be right. They’re going to make Gig the villain. Remember, they tried to make Alex the villain, but that backfired big time! hahahahahaha — so, there IICD! Shows what you know. What’s funny is it will work in reverse for Gig. She’s not talented, moody, bitchy, and boring. So…at least Amorosa [sp] had brains going for her. Gig will be hated and eventually forgotten as soon as they get some new people in there. What’s the holdup already? Some new players (and, yes, I will call them players because the show isn’t real at all) need to get in there!

  33. Janet – I have a gut feeling that the dreaded “Susan” of DU may be correct about the show. The dreamers seem to have a different, could-not-care-less attitude about being entertaining, or even being in the house at all lately. Alex is never there or hardly ever on camera any more. Gig blew off the ptb (or whoever told her to turn down the music last night) when she said that she wasn’t going to turn it down (basically-screw ‘em). I hope I’m wrong, but if they are continuing with the show, I hope they have the sense to get back to how it was earlier on and not all this staged bullcr*p!! :pinch:

  34. But I’m liking all the attention Alex’s music video is getting. Everybody, please retweet Rickey’s recent tweet which gives the link to his site where he has the Us News preview clip of the video. Let’s blow it up! ! ! :heart:

  35. Areyouin & Janet – I agree. The show has gone sorta crazy lately. No one home. No one following the rules. I just hope that Alex’s career is still on track. He’s got that music festival in August. I’ve been away, has he started looking for band members? Has he been writing or recording this week? What about the IDK single release. Are they releasing the striped down version on the video as a singe? Or are they going to do some other full production version? This is all kinda making me nervous. However, if the show crashes, I think Alex will still have a record contract. I think they’re stringing him along to carry the show. If the show goes, they Alex gets his contract sooner, right?

  36. Cathy – he wrote (we think) with the Avila Brothers yesterday (Usher, Mya, Macy Gray, Janet Jackson) but he was off camera a lot (or gone? :ninja: ) last night – or talking with Gig’s club “music” blaring so no one could be heard anyway. So I didn’t hear him talk about the meeting with Avila. I can’t remember if he did anything else – of course Monday they met Diddy and Alex got to see his video (in full). Have you seen the preview clip at Us News?? It’s awesome! And the write up is really great!

  37. Yes, areyouin,Thanks for the update and I did see the clip this morning. I’m very excited for it to come out. I’m a little disappointed about the “mobile only” thing. I was thinking that if were on Iheartradio, we could watch it over and over again and give it a lot of views. I guess that’s not happening now. However, knowing how tech savy everyone is, it might find its way to youtube. The Avila brothers sounds promising.

    What’s with Gig, she’s going off the deep end. They have advertised that they are auditioning new talent. I hope that is going to happen. They need some new talent. I don’t think Gig could leave the show until they get someone new in. But it does seem like she might be leaving. If they are holding a spot for Veronica, I hope she comes soon. I don’t think the show will survive until September with the current cast as it is.

  38. Cathy – they say it will be on Hulu. It better be cuz I won’t have the mobile app to watch it!

  39. Same here, areyouin.

  40. Off subject but they might as well change the Gig and Alex fight thread over at DU to Lets all bash Alex Fans!! This is what Brent just posted over there????What the heck is he talking about, the only pick I saw was Brandt pics, is he saying Brent and Brandt are the same???

    yes definatly alex fans are even more rude crude and nasty than even alex trying to make mountains out of molehills attacking gig and me, even posting my picture to the iicdhouse channel
    its not a state secret but im self contious and do not appreciate them doing that.

  41. I found an interesting press release from back in Dec 2009 about the launch of IICD. Wow, did they have lofty goals for their audience!! Check out where Clear Channel fits into this whole picture:


    Clear Channel Radio will serve as a core partner in introducing the IF I CAN DREAM (cast) to a national audience of over 100 million people on-air each week and to 30 million people on its digital properties monthly. Clear Channel’s local radio personalities and audience interaction will spur daily conversations, and through Clear Channel’s content creation and distribution platform, the IF I CAN DREAM cast member stories will come to life on-air, online, and on mobile devices.

    “19 Entertainment’s fresh approach to talent development will find fertile ground on Clear Channel’s stations and digital properties,” said Evan Harrison, EVP of Clear Channel Radio and president of the company’s digital group. “Our highly engaged on-air and online communities will be the engines that drive ongoing interest in the cast. Together, we have the opportunity to completely change the paradigm and break new talent across multiple platforms simultaneously.”]

    I just hope that Alex’s career doesn’t get caught in the cross-hairs of the sale of the parent company, CKX.

    Here’s the link to the whole article:

  42. Yeah, right? What the hell is he talking about?? Who would have posted a picture of him (I’ve never seen one – is he creepy?) It’s so funny they think we are so mean. I swear there are just some people over there that just like to root for the downtrodden dreamers (Justin and Gig) and then complain about how they are treated (both the dreamers and the fans/commenters). Sometimes I get my fingers on the keys, ready to type, and, thank goodness, I just stop. But. . . not always :whistle:

  43. You guys, IMO, (note I said IMO), Brent is a wacko. Over on HULU, he has started calling Alex “abusive”. He is saying that Alex verbally abuses all the dreamers and than apoligizes. Only to abuse again. He says Alex is following a traditional abuser pattern. He has posted this theory after several comments. This man has an very strange perspective considering his history of stalking the female dreamers. I also think it is odd that he would be so offended that someone would post his picture consider how intrusive he has been to Kara and Gig. I don’t know that there is anything that can be done to stop such a crazy person. He doesn’t seem to listen to logic. Many have tried before. However, if anyone has any ideas about how we could deal with him, let me know. I’m in.

  44. I know, Brent said something yesterday likening Alex to a Wife Beater and when I questioned him about it I got my post deleted, but his is still there for everyones reading enjoyment…..I need to stay away from the forums over there and stick strictly to the updates, Better yet, I think I will just hang out here… frustrating!!! Happy thoughts, Happy thoughts…….. :happy:

  45. Hi Angels,

    All of your postings are the reasons why I’ve been staying away from the forums. The people posting there are largely a group of idiots. And, it does raise the question of why OUR posts get deleted when we call “Brent” out on his comments. It’s happened to me too. So, he’s allowed to say whatever he wants, but we who disagree with him can’t? I can’t believe the level of manipulation that’s going on behind the scenes. It’s irritating as hell and I’m sick of it.

    Diane, when I read your post, a light bulb went off over my head! Aha! It all makes sense now.

    For those who are worried about Alex’s career and the fate of the show, I feel pretty confident in saying — don’t worry. I think the show is dying, but Alex’s star continues to rise. He’s just got so much talent stuffed into that compact frame,it’s gotta be released! :cool: Now, I’m going to sound like one of those underage crazy fans — but, here goes: Alex is gonna blow up! Seriously, a huge star — with or without IICD.

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