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Oct 052010

…and what a great reality is in store!

Yes, rumors are running rampant regarding the fate of “If I Can Dream” — not surprisingly, since the season ended and the live stream was shut down with nary a word of warning. However, never fear Alex Addicts! Whatever happens with the show, this is not the end of the dream for Alex Lambert, nor the end of this site.

That’s right, will NOT be shutting its doors, but will rather continue supporting Alex, bringing the latest Alex-related news, and giving fans a place to congregate and chat about our favorite artist.

And there is plenty coming up to chat and get excited about! Not only will Alex soon be appearing on an episode of “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”, he will also be a featured artist on Yahoo! Music, for which he will play a special concert. He also had several meetings in the past few weeks with 19 Entertainment, and has another one tomorrow (Wednesday) with Iain Pirie, which we all know can only mean good things! Remember, Alex is not only a cast member of “If I Can Dream”; he is an artist managed by 19 Entertainment, with a collection of great tracks under his belt and a dedicated fan base, and his star will only keep rising now that he can focus more on his music career and less on the show.

Of course, since the live stream is no longer available, we’re going to need your help even more. What makes this fansite so special is its great members, the people who show their love and encouragement for Alex on a daily basis, contribute their time for special projects, petition when petitioning is needed, watch Alex’s videos, and help keep us up to date on all the latest going-ons — and we’re sure all that’s not going to change! We also have a lot of fun new things planned for the site coming up that you’re not gonna want to miss!

So today, don’t be sad that “If I Can Dream” is no longer a part of our lives – temporarily or not. Instead, look forward to continuing this crazy rollercoaster ride we all embarked upon, many of us on that night long ago when Alex first got eliminated from Idol, and think how far he’s come since then, and how far he has yet to go!

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  1. This was very comforting to read. I thought I’d sleep it off but I woke up and I’m still sad about this. Not because the show is gone but I just want reassurance that Alex will be okay. I know it Sounds crazy but I really want his dreams to come true: 1. Coz he the most gorgeous voice and singing is what he’s born to do, 2. He’s a good kid and his success is not just his own but his whole family’s as well.

    I do think he’s gonna get signed though and I hope he made good friends in LA that he can navigate well without the show. Should we bombard them to sign Alex already??? I just cant relax until I hear that he is signed. It’ll happen but I’m just antsy!

  2. Great post Kass. Thank you for keeping it real. We are all confident that good news is on its way.

  3. I worry about him financially right now, he doesn’t have the little nest egg that Kara has saved up, because, like Yves said above, he also has his family that he has been helping. I too want his dreams to come true, I hope that IICD or 19 will look out for him. He’s only 19 and to have this sprung on him so quickly has got to be nerve wracking! At least he’s got the Melons whom I’m sure will let him crash with them for awhile. I just wish he’d tweet or something to let us know he’s doing OK.

    Hopefully, IICD will give him some sort of bonus or severance until his signing comes thru.

  4. I know it’s a weird feeling guys, but I think it’s just cause it was so sudden?

    Some news coverage of the shutdown:

    Regarding Alex, here’s MJs take: “Alex Lambert appeared to be on the verge of a label deal. He may get signed yet. My bet it will be with 19’s new partner, Universal Music Group.”

    MJs been in this for ages — I trust her instincts!

    In fact, I’m going to go a step further and guess that Alex has already been offered a deal, sometime last week, and is just not allowed to talk about it yet. That’s what my spider senses are telling me anyway, based on… his mood and tweets and the timing of these meetings. Of course, my latest prediction was WAY off base lol. But I just have a feeling. Don’t worry! Be :smile: !

  5. Kass I don’t think that he has actually been offered a deal yet, but has been in a good mood because this is “THE” meeting that he and the rest of us have been waiting for. They wouldn’t be having a meeting if there wasn’t anything on the table to be offered, would they?
    If something does happen tomorrow, we still won’t know until his record label is ready to announce it. More waiting… :ermm:

  6. I think there is at least one offer on the table (maybe more) and Wednesday is “the” meeting where he’ll discuss his options with 19Recordings.

    But it might be a while before all the contracts get worked out and an announcement is made.

    • @snuffles as always, sounds logical!
      @Tracy, oh I know how you feel Tracy! For purely selfish reasons, it’s sad. I feel like something’s missing.
      BUT I still think it’s better for Alex.

  7. Dont you find it funny that most of the “announcements” (mjs, and ainow for instance) only have a pic of Alex in their pieces instead of the whole cast. :wink:

  8. You know my head/brain understands and agrees with everything you all are saying. I am happy Alex is happy (evident yesterday), but my heart is broken and selfishly wants to see and hear him everyday. :cwy:
    (I don’t understand how I can get so attached to someone (stranger) who doesn’t even know I exist) :sad: It’s weird.
    Sorry, my heart is in charge right now, withdrawal/reality starting to sink in. :ermm: :blush: :blush:

  9. I think a huge clue would be if/when Alex tweets about going to New York. That’s were most of these major labels have their headquarters. He’ll eventually have to take a meeting with the big wigs over there.

    • OK so I’m finally watching the videos up on DU from the kitchen cams!!
      And I know people commented on this yesterday, but hearing it myself makes me even more sure!

      For those that missed it, after telling Kara he wishes he had her 40 thou saved up, and that he got paid less than the rest of the cast since, because he came off Idol, they didn’t really need to pay him anything (Grrr!!!), she asks him what his plans are and if he has someone to stay with, and he says:
      “I’m gonna stay here for the next couple of weeks, but… yeah I’ll be good ’cause I’m about to… ummm…” and trails off in that “whoops I’ve said too much” kinda way.

      Tell me, please, what could that sentence possibly end with???

      Now combine this with his very positive Tweet the day after the last meeting: “I hope everyone knows that nothin is impossible! Do whatever you want. and believe!”

      What do you get?

      DISCLAIMER (as always): this is all conjecture. But SERIOUSLY.

      He goes on to say that after he has the meeting on Wednesday with Iain, he’ll know what he’s doing. And says “hopefully ‘they’ will put me up.” Now, why would they possibly put him up, unless…?

  10. Yes Tracy i know how you feel, I have to say I have teared up a few times…I will miss the live feed, because for me, being home now all day I would turn it on and listen while i was dong other things, listening to them in the kitchen, or Alex singing, etc. kinda cut through the silence. (Only time I cried was watching Kara cry, that was pitiful :cwy: )It was nice being able to see Alex pretty much anytime we wanted…But I truely believe this the best him in particular. Hopefully something will be announced Wed!!

  11. I agree. I think the only thing Alex is truly worried about is where he’s going to live in the short term. Will he stay here or have to go back to Texas for a bit? I think he’ll stay at the house until they kick everyone out. So that’s by the end of next week? He should invite all of his friends over (Purple Melon!) and throw one rager of a party!! :tongue:

    I say Alex will crash at the Purple Melon compound for a few weeks until he can get his own apartment probably in November.

  12. I cant believe how agile Alex is, did you see how he just jumped up on that counter with hardly any effort…wow! :smile:

  13. Curious and curiouser. I was reading DU just now, and apparently when Alex got back to the DH last night he was talking with Kara in the kitchen (again). He was questioning why she was cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer and throwing out everything. Her response was that she wanted to leave the refrigerator clean. And he replied, “but I’m gonna be staying here awhile.”

    That reinforces what he said earlier in the evening (caught on tape) about staying for a few weeks. At first, I wasn’t sure if he meant he would just be hanging around LA for a few weeks, but his remarks that I quoted above make it clear that he’s staying in the house. I believe none of the other Dreamers were given that option. They were told to be out by week’s end, I think.

    I’m hopeful they are letting Alex stay there because they need him to keep writing and recording his album, and they don’t want to disturb the flow. And more hopeful that his comments, “hopefully (they’ll) put me up”, means they’ll secure a place for him to stay in LA for good (at least for the next 6 months or so), due to his record deal.

    It’s all Mrs. Kilmer’s fault! If she hadn’t texted Kara when they were all spilling the beans on camera about their plans, we would have a lot more details to work with. ::shakes fist at Kara’s Mom:: :tongue:

    ETA: @Linda, where specifically does he do that move? Which vid? What time?

  14. Rickey’s next to post:

  15. Ha ha Diane :biggrin:

    • DJCamp posted this over at DU. He used to work at 19 and is still in the biz, and has a legitimate insider’s perspective:

      “Alex i’m almost certain will be fine. We’ve all seen in the last 24 hours common sense may not count for much, but they obviously got the smell of profit from him which was why he was pushed to the forefront so much at one stage, so i’m sure they will release his album. I can’t honestly say that i’ve ever met anyone in the industry who likes Sony / liked BMG as companies, I would almost always rather do business with Universal, and not just as Lucian who now runs it is a top bloke, but because its ‘artisticly corporate’ rather than ‘money corporate’ so now that they’ve managed to jettison Sony at Idol for UMG, who have released most of 19’s other artists, I’d expect a 1 album deal with them and if it sells, more, if not he’ll be dropped.”

  16. @Linda I wasn’t able to see those videos on dailymotion before they were removed by dreamupdates because I was getting my fix of old Youtube videos. Living in the past again! A few months ago I saw him jump to the countertop of the kitchen island in one swift movement. I was amazed. For those of you who saw the videos on dailymotion can you at least tell us a few descriptive sentences?
    @Diane I have always enjoyed your humour. Keep it up.

    • Oh and the kitchen cam is really truly gone now. It was still working for a bit this morning, but now they’ve removed the link from Hulu and even before, it was stuck on repeat :(
      That’s it — we’ll never see the inside of the Dream House again… how peculiar!!!

      Lauren, he was singing various songs with Sebastian, mostly off camera. Right at the beginning though, he was singing James Morisson “You Give Me Something” and ran into the kitchen and hopped up on the counter and fiddled with something on the stove (a mic?). Then shot some pool by himself. Then went to the PBR where Sebastian was singing into the mic, complimented him on his singing, and joined in.

  17. not even a kitchen cam???? NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve been playing Alex all day and I would truly miss his random singing and impromptu concerts. That last clip of him singing in the dreamhouse was bittersweet. He doesnt seem to be worried so I’ll just have my fingers crossed. I hate goodbyes and this really isnt one but you know what I mean. I feel so silly and I cant believe that I”ve been obsessing over this kid since March 11. Since he moved in the dream house I know what he did… that’s kinda weird but I guess thats the point of the show. I’m gonna have to write a book about this experience, it’s kinda blowing my mind right now… haha, what a weird social experiment.

    • I lied (unintentionally)… you can still access it from your history:
      Takes forever to load, and might still just be a loop? Though I don’t think those coffee cups were there last time I checked.

      @Yves… yeah that’s where I am right now. Mind. Blown.

      On a kinda related note, did anyone watch that show “Persons Unknown” that aired this summer? If not, go find it and watch it now! I think Hulu has it. It’ll help fill the void and give some perspective.

  18. WE need some grievance counselors or those 12 steps people. I’ve never been addicted to anything but this might be what withdrawal feels like… ugh! now I actually have to work at work and not check this and DU 12 million times…

    • @Yves
      HAHaha I think Molly was offering some Xanax or a shoulder to cry on last night? Will that do?
      Same here… gotta go to bed, but don’t want to turn off my computer cause that’ll probably be it for the feed!
      But OK. I’m gonna be strong and do it. Signing out. Good luck dealing with the delerium tremens guys… I hear they pass?

  19. I’m getting into UK X-Factor myself. Since it will be coming to the US next fall.

    I think these young lads are going to do VERY well. If you thought ONE Justin Bieber was out of control, try FIVE of them with cute British accents!

  20. Wow, that was a real :ninja: move, wasn’t it? And then singing into the microphone on top of the oven hood, blowing out the speakers, that little punk. :lol:

    I wonder if Alex gets to stay in the house to hone his pool skills? Maybe he could hustle some games for spending money while he waits to be signed. :wink:

  21. does anyone have any idea when his episode of Dont Forget the Lyrics is gonna air?

  22. Latest tweet from Alex:

    TrueAlexLambert Get Big baby! Music will never die…
    less than 20 seconds ago via web

  23. Kass – Thanks for the encouraging and positive post. I agree that the reality will be very, very bright for Alex. We’ll be seeing a lot more of him. I can’t wait.

  24. Thanks for the encouraging words. I really needed to hear them. I’ve been playing every Alex recording I have (which is all of them) in the car all day and getting upset. It’s absurd that I’ve become so attached to a stranger, but I am. It’s good to hear that he’s been acting happy. That’s all I really need to know. His music speaks for itself and I’m quite confident that a contract will be signed soon. I wouldn’t want to believe that Iain Prairie would just leave Alex homeless, so I’m sure he’ll have somewhere to live. Even putting aside any kind of emotional attachment, Alex was the only dreamer, in my opinion, who really had a chance of giving them ROI (return on investment). The money guys aren’t going to give that up so easily. So, even though I still have a bit of a knot in my stomach, I think it will all turn out okay for Alex. I have one bad feeling that I won’t discuss publically. I’ll just hope that my intuition is wrong, and sometimes it is :happy: , and let it go. Nah, I’m going to worry until the dust shakes out and we know something concrete!

    Love to all…I’ve got some reading to do of the links you’ve posted.

  25. @Yves, @Tracy, @Linda W…ur comments all combined are exactly how I feel…completely empty and hollow…it’s a really odd feeling, Im just lucky I have school and work to keep me busy…but it’s sucha weird feeling…to go one day w/ having he opportunity to watch him on such a different type of platform to the next having that stripped away…it just feels odd….and Yves…a book or documentary could very easily b done on what we all experienced the last 7 months of watching a kid we dint even know, grow up, create music and live his life right in front of our eyes…for some reason, u do develop some kind of bond…idk whether its to the person, the show or the idea, but there’s definitely an attachment…it’s really sinking in today that its over! :(

  26. It is sinking in and I don’t really know what to say. I think you guys have said it all. The part that really just sucks is not knowing anything for sure. No explanations or statement from the show or anything. Very frustrating, but I know we definitely will stick to giving Alex love and support in his career. Hoping for the best at that meeting tomorrow! It is quite amazing how much you can care for someone you don’t really know.

    @Kassandra, love your post! so encouraging and you are such a great writer! We’ve said it a million times, but we’ll keep saying it, THANKS to you and Molly for you all you do for this great site. :happy:

  27. This is really sad. I’ve really enjoyed watching alex grow on this show. he should move into another house with web cams and set up another web site! haha

  28. Snuffles, I’ve been watching X Factor too, and regarding One Direction, I was thinking more of 5 David Archuletas! They are so cute, it’s UNBELIEVABLE! (Unlike Bieber, they don’t posture irritatingly.) Sometimes, I also think of One Direction as Alex and the Lights in terms of adorableness. Gah. Can. Not. Standthecutenesssssss! Lol. On X Factor, I’m really loving Matt Cardle (I want to marry him, I really do) and Aiden Grimshaw (whose musical maturity really reminds me of our favourite boy, Alex).

    Back to Alex specifically… I wonder how much less he’s been paid. I don’t get why getting off Idol means less pay. Wth. And Kara’s 40k! :shocked: I’ve been working longer than her, have a pretty decent pay and I’m a much big SAVER than my friends. But even I don’t have that much. I am humbled.

  29. I’m interested in what type of contract Alex will get. It will mostly not be like the typical idol contract. The winner and runner-up got 350k & 300k respectively with half paid when signed and the other half after the album is finished. I have seen it posted that most recording contracts for new artists is around 100k. If Alex is going to be living on his own he will need a lot of support. He will need transportation, a place to live and spending money. Has he ever lived on his own? He could always find one or more roommates to share expenses or live with relatives.

    If Alex gets signed it will be a stretch to get an album out by the end of the year with proper promo. The spring looks to be very crowded with idols David Cook, Kelly Clarkson,, Jennifer Hudson, Casey James, maybe Adam Lambert and a remote possibility of Kris Allen all having releases early to late spring.

    I have a feeling the meeting Wed may be about upcoming appearances.

  30. @Reyne – about saving up $40K – remember. . .they paid no rent, no car payment/insurance, minimal groceries, etc. Don’t feel bad! ;)

  31. Wow, what a surprise, just found out IICD is done for the year. Alex will be fine, no doubt, he’s too talented and 19 knows it. I feel bad for Kara and Ben, I hope things work out for them.

  32. I don’t think it matters if they release the album in Spring,cuz the Fall is usually full of a lot more heavy hitters.And Alex will be marketed as a traditional New artist,which is a totally different approach than the Idols.So,having David C.,Casey,Kelly,etc. release in spring would make no Difference to Alex’s label…

  33. I have a question. Do we still send fan mail to the 19 Entertainment address? And, will Alex still get his fan mail and packages there? at the house??

  34. I would assume that since 19 still works with him and since they have his address and stuff they would forward it to him wherever he is. If you’re uncomfortable though I would suggest waiting until we find out more information. Good question though!

  35. When is this Yahoo appearance happening again? I’m terribly excited! It’s a full band affair, right?

  36. @reyne We don’t know yet, but when we do we’ll let you know! :biggrin:

  37. Yeah, gonna miss seeing Alex on the show. The good thing is they made sure he was scheduled for a lot of writing sessions and wrote enough songs that can go on his CD. He will get signed. I just want it to be with a major label and Universal, and associated with idol so he gets to come on idol and promote regularly. Smaller label will sign him for sure, cause he already has name recognition with idol and Simon fuller’s IICD, and he’s been promoted quite a bit with the show and that gives him more leverage than a complete unknown singer looking for a label. He will get signing bonus too before releasing CD once signed.

    Alex is like an honorary top idol 10 — he was featured on idol tour too. A lot of the other idols have moved to LA now. Alex will probably go visit Texas for a bit, but he should come right back to LA and focus on career, and be where the action is too. Of course getting signed and recording CD is priority but he should see the agent in charge of him to see other stuff he can do too – Commercials, jingles, an appearance on Glee. The next 6 months will be important to establish himself and his music before new season idol contestants are getting focused on. Alex already has the special voice, cute smile and adorable dimples even if he’s a punk ass boy sometimes. :)

    Anyway, Alex has come a long way and gained experience since idol, so I’m less worried for him than when he was eliminated. He has made some good contacts in the music business too. He’s learned a lot through IICD and even gained some acting experience. :) If season 2 ever happens you know they will make Alex a focus of the early episodes with a CD to establish IICD can actually help people reach their dreams. I’ll be checking here for any news. I may even join twitter, but I can only think of following Alex and Sam Larsen and my favorite singer David Bisbal, but he tweets in Spanish which I don’t understand even though I love his Spanish music and I have all his CD. I don’t like how twitter restricts people to just writing 2 lines though – maybe I’ll just stick to reading them.

  38. I’m guessing the first guy has never actually watched the show and just Googled all his info. I LOVE the blonde blogette though!

    P.S. Kara seems to be getting quoted in all of these articles, hope she doesn’t regret that later. I also think it’s funny that every mention of Justin anywhere prefaces with “ex of Miley Cyrus.” He’s never gonna live that down is he?

  39. Today is supposed to be Alex’s big meeting, right!? I wonder if he’ll tweet afterwards.

  40. I was thinking about the abrupt manner in which If I Can Dream ended on Monday Oct. 3rd. In my opinion CKX, Inc., the parent company of 19 Entertainment, didn’t want IICD’s incurring losses to continue into their 4th quarter. Obviously, the company has been focused on increasing its profitability. This was a news article posted on August 13th and IICD would certainly be considered an unproductive development project with its limited viewership. As much as I loved it, I would have ever discovered it had it not been for Alex.
    Commenting on the results, Michael G. Ferrel, Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are encouraged by our second quarter results across the Company. American Idol continued its reign as the #1 rated show on network television for a seventh consecutive season and we are excited about changes we will be implementing for the 2011 season. *We have made major progress with our restructuring of 19 Entertainment, which is increasing our focus on our hit properties while significantly reducing spending on unproductive development projects and general overhead.* Although our fiscal first half results were negatively impacted by restructuring costs, the benefit of $15 million in annual cost savings that we have implemented will positively impact our operating results beginning in the third quarter of 2010.”
    The sponsors may have provided substantial operating income for the show at the end and possibly some pulled out or were about to do so. I didn’t watch the entire episode but did read some of the comments pertaining to it being at times a product advertisement. Obviously we saw the progression towards that in some of the Dreamers’ latest featured videos. In any case it was a fun ride.

    Surely Michael knew about this for some time. Do you think that its possible that he requested the scheduling of the last song writing session, the guitar lesson, and the live streamed acting class as a thank you to the loyal fans who supported the show from the beginning. Those events were what we enjoyed most and support the original premise of the show. I think that someone did that for us as much as for the dreamers.
    The last six months have been invaluable in Alex’s development as a singer, song writer, and performer. He has become much more comfortable in front of a camera and responds better during interviews. He has gained exposure, made some important contacts, and has matured as a young adult. All these things will service him well in his bright future ahead. Now for that recording contract! :smile:

  41. Looking back now, Lauren, I think you might be right. Maybe Michael did do those last things for all of us, the loyal fans as a thank you and a “last” treat. Watching the last writing session we all were so excited and happy about it, little did we know. If that was the case, then that was very nice of Michael to do that.

  42. Lauren, GREAT comment. Kassandra, thanks for linking my blog! Alex fans, thanks for bringing your support and enthusiasm from Idol to IICD! No doubt Alex will go a long way with such a loyal fanbase.

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