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Sep 252010

Meet Trenton Lambert, Alex’s younger brother.

And here’s a bit of Alex in the Pizza Hut… commercial.

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  1. Wow Trenton really has the Lambert dimples. I know we can’t say how cute Alex is, but how about Trenton? He’s too CUTE! He also likes to mug for the camera just like his big brother. I can only imagine what it must have been like in that apartment back home.

  2. I think the guys here said it was okay if we continued to talk about their cuteness. They know we can’t help ourselves. :lol:

    That Trenton is so camera shy though. hahaha! He really is a good-looking kid. Love those Lambert trademark dimples! Alex seems really happy that his bro is there. I hope they have a great time.

    BTW: DU has a shot of Alex, Trenton, & Sebastian chowing down on the steaks I sent. I hope they liked them. I didn’t get to watch.

  3. I missed it too Janet! Some of us have to sleep! :sleeping: They sure looked like they were enjoying the steaks!

    On an unrelated note – how cute did Kara look in the red Reebok athletic top (the Gig & Kara shopping spree video)?! Looked like a real L.A., active, cute girl!!

  4. “Bye, Ben!” :biggrin: :biggrin:

    That was hilarious!

  5. Alex and his little vlogs. He needs another excuse to roam around town ‘chilling’ and showing Trenton around – I bet they all know him around there already. Trenton has dimples too apparently. He’s cute too and has a face for acting – he wants to go to school to be a chef for 5 star hotels – he must love to cook. Alex is taking him to see his band he said – but Sam tweeted he already left LA yesterday and he wouldnt have seen him. Oh and Sam said he’s gonna drive home naked and to holla at him (tempting!) Alex needs to have Sam over to play pool too — he hasn’t been around in a while – he and Alex are fun to watch.

    I remember seeing them make the pizza and Alex was saying he likes lots of meat on his pizza and was putting lots on it. I like meaty pizzas that has sausage, green peppers, mushrooms – no onions. I prefer Papa John’s though – pizza hut is oily or something. But every pizza makes me feel guilty when I eat it cause they are fattening so try not eat it often.

    Janet: I dozed off last night but woke up and saw they were back with Trenton. So I saw them eating your steaks — they were really enjoying it and ate it pretty quick with nothing left on their plates. Alex thanked Sebastian for cooking it. Trenton was busy chowing down his food and don’t think he said a word till he was done. Sebastian finished his first.

  6. Akkkkk!!! The first night in ages that I was in bed before 10pm (PST) and I missed all the action in the kitchen last night. Phooey! Nothing of substance to add this morning…except to say that Alex needs to wear that green t-shirt more often. So glad Trenton is in town to chill with him.

    In the still shot above for Alex’s V-log, he is rockin’ the Carol Brady ‘do. ::said with love:: :heart:

    ETA: Don’t worry Alex, no one will mistake you for a girl…you’ve got waaaaay too much testosterone flowing through your veins. LOL

  7. I LOVED Alex’s hair in his vlog, if he could keep it just like that, not any longer and I dont like it real short, I love the little flip Cutie cutie! :whistle: His bro aint to shabby himself. Ok i am done now. lol.

    Kara did look really cute, in that reebok top and i have seen her wearing those two tops she bought at Fred Segal around the house, so at least she is wearing some updated stuff.

  8. awe Trenton’s a cutie! looks alot like Alex:)

  9. @Janet I think they loved the steaks.That Seb. is quite the chef,and had them marinating in his own recipe for several hours :biggrin:

  10. I heard the garage tech tell Alex there was a Twitter session at 4,and he said FINE.Sooo- get some Legit questions ready for Alex if he does it…He’s listening to music in the Fiesta in the driveway,at present… :biggrin:

  11. p.s. -Alex ,nd Trenton may have gone to the drugstore for a bit a few minutes ago…But if he’s back in time best to be prepared-we don’t want any more Bogus Dufus questions…

  12. They are back in the Game Room-Twitter sess.-at 4 PT…

  13. Trenton has Alex’s dimples too?!?! good looking siblings… Alex is the cutest though. I kinda like older bro also, he’s kinda cute :tongue: Hope he visits again :biggrin:

  14. @Yves-Alex is THE CUTEST SIBLING.I showed my cousin Alex ,in different pics ,and Youtubes,and she just squeeled.The first was when Alex was singing Trouble on Idol,and the first extended shot of his face, singing-she said That’s a Real Heartthrob Idol!!! Grammy would say- “Matinee Idol” :biggrin:

  15. As seems to always be the case, the Twitter session is CANCELED….again. (Due to ‘technical difficulties’)


  16. Alleycatfan: Sadly, no twitter session today. Maybe Alex will be around on Tuesday.

  17. Not surprised with all the technical difficulties,lately.Seb.wants to go to Magic Mountain,which is in Valencia.I went there a lot. But… Alex was saying Magic Mountain is an hour from the DH,which is about right…Hollywood Hills to Valencia is about 50 minutes on the weekend..,longer on weekdays…

  18. Theyre writing a song! Alex has the most seriously smooth raspy voice… Glad Alex is home and being creative, I have something to listen to while being home working on a rather exceptionally hot northen california day. ugh! I should be at a park instead, thanks Alex for keeping me company!

    anyhow, is trenton the rapper kid? I thought it was the other twin…

  19. Hey Yves! Yes, we are finally having a *summer* day, aren’t we?? Fans going, windows wide open, etc.

    Why am I not surprised that Trenton is a leftie? I bet Alex should have been, but was forced to write with his right hand as a kid. He does seem to be ambidextrous. Just a theory…Hey, like Kara, I’m interested in his hands. :tongue:

  20. My question is, How does Alex get his hair to flip out? what does he do to make it do that? Please Help

  21. W, I don’t think Alex does anything but wear his cap as a ‘styling tool’. Also, his hair has some slight natural curls. Plus, I think Alex has perfect ‘styling hair’, not too coarse and not too fine. So he doesn’t really have to do much. I’m totally guessing based on my own hair which curls out from my layers naturally. :)

    About Trenton, wow, never really noticed the dimple before! Perfect! Does anybody have any clear picture or vid of Trevor? I don’t think I’ve ever really seen him!!! It wasn’t Trevor who went to Graceland, was it? I’m so confused hahaha…!

  22. Reyne, I think Trenton went to Graceland. There are snippets of him with his Mom at the rib joint where Alex played, plus a couple of shots of them at the hotel. Can’t remember if it was Part I or Part II of the Graceland episodes. He was at the house once before, because I remember a shot of him mugging for the camera in the entryway. (Don’t know if that was in an episode or something else–I know I didn’t see it live.) At the time, I remember thinking, “man, he’s handsome!!” Good genes, those two. (Although Alex got the best teeth of the bunch.)

    Does anyone know why Sebastian stayed behind at the Dream House tonight? Before Alex left for the evening, he shook Seb’s hand like he wasn’t going to see him again. @Areyouin, did you catch that?

  23. Diane – all I remember is I thought Alex was kidding around with Sebastian when he said he couldn’t come hang out with his band tonight, but now he has stayed behind? Also, I thought I heard Sebastian say something, today, about staying until Thursday (or I read it in updates?)

  24. W: I see Alex washes his hair, shakes it and uses his fingers to shape those flips on the side. I think maybe his hair just has big curls and curls naturally, and was cut to flip back too.

    Diane: I heard their conversations here and there in the guest room, and it didnt really seem like Sebastian wanted to go out at first, but Alex persuaded him to go with them to the store. I think he was also talking about going to a place for those under age 21 when they get back from the store, and said Sebastian can’t get in cause he’s 22. That’s what I think he said. (volume a bit low sometimes) And according to dreamudates they went with the Melon twins who are 17. Alex has been a good host and a considerate friend to Sebastian. Its good to see him enjoying having his brother and Sebastian visit from Texas — he seems happier, relaxed and less frustrated about being in IICD house.

    Btw, that Trenton has that quiet but tough demeanor about him that says don’t mess with me – its all in his face too until he smiles. Alex on the other hand has that sweet smile and adorable dimples – but he’s punk-ass boy with a tough ass attitude when he’s aggravated. Alex and his twin brothers are a handful I bet. The oldest brother seemed quiet though.

  25. I remember Seb. telling Alex he wanted to hang out with Gig tonight, so I presume he later went with her…

  26. Sebastian must have gone with Gig to the rave party like Alleycatfan said, cause IICD doesnt show him in the house. Last I saw him was when Alex left and he was singing in the pbr, and then Gig came home and I logged out. I did see Sebastian talking to Gig earlier in the day in her room as she was getting ready – maybe that’s when she told him about the rave, but I only watched them for a minute.

  27. Diane, yup, I know how Trenton looks like. (Just like Alex.) I don’t know how Trevor looks like, unless I’ve mistaken Trenton as Trevor. Err, I think I’m confusing myself now. :dizzy: I didn’t catch Trevor in the house, as far as I know.

    Sebastian seems to be getting along with Kara. Seems like a cool guy. It’s interesting that he’s such good friends with Alex even though they are practically 3 years apart. Alex seems to get along with older and younger people. Sweet.

  28. Those boys have a lot of fun.Yesterday,Alex was wrestling around with Trenton in the GR,(Alex described his knowledge of moves,which sounded like Greek to me-lol),and Trenton,who has a somewhat thicker build overpowered Alex in wrestling,and was able to pick him up with relative ease.Alex def. has a more slender,trim build than Trenton,but he is a Pop-Star in training,after all.Alex was saying to Seb,the other day that he was really watching his diet.Gotta maintain that trim figure nowadays,even the guys in Pop music.And though,Trenton has similar dimples,Alex’s features are definitely more delicate,and lithe when I see them side by side…

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