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Sep 092010

Alex Lambert sings and talks about cookies… C-O-O-K-I-Z!

And here’s Jordyn Mallory’s VLOG…featuring a surprise appearance by Alex. The two went for a quick tour of WeHo (West Hollywood) last night.

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  1. What a lame “After party”. No Melons!? So glad I didn’t stay up. I see Jordyn didn’t get in until 3 AM. I bet you she was chilling with the Melons again. She’s never going to want to leave LA!

    I also hear Kara went to sleep in the car. Oy.

  2. @snuffles – Yeah, her avatar says “asleep in the car”… Poor Kara :P I wonder if she chose to sleep there, or if no one bothered to wake her up?

  3. Thought I heard Alex one time saying he cannot play and sing in the house after a certain hour, I think he said something like 10pm. Which makes sense due to people in the house needing to sleep and get up early for meetings etc.. Gig has done this before, ie turning on a switch for the music to play in all the rooms in the house and it was at night also. I feel sorry for Kara being her roommate. Since Gig is a night person, I would play loud and also a kind of music she would hate all day for her. I would give Gig zero rest when she needed rest and she would learn the hard way to respect people’s rights to sleep and rest and peace of mind.

  4. One of these days Kara’s saintly patience is going to run out and she’s going unleash 6 months of pent up rage on someone. It ain’t going to be pretty – but it’ll sure be entertaining! :silly:

  5. Ok so I looked up Ryan Tedder of ‘One republic’ that’s supposed to write a song with Alex and I’m impressed with the guy. I like his versatility with different music genres too. He’s in a Pop-Rock band, but he writes for Pop/R&B/Rock/hip-hop artists (I appreciate different genres too) and he was working with talents for hip-hop producer Timbaland who is amaizing and produces Justin Timberlakes stuff. ‘One republic’ is the first Rock band to be signed by Timberland. And Ryan Tedder wrote or co-wrote hit songs like Jordin Sparks’s “battlefield”, Leona Lewis’s “Bleading love”, Beyonce’s “Halo” – and those are pretty good songs. He also co-wrote Kelly Clarkson’s “Already gone’ and I love that song. Ryan Tedder is a talented guy that can put out songs that are radio friendly and some hits. He and Alex will come up with something that works for him.

  6. @Shadow_ia – I personally love most of Tedder’s work. He’s got an amazing ear for hooks. I think a real hit could come out of an Alex/Tedder collaboration!

  7. Is Alex really supposed to write with Ryan Tedder?? That’s pretty huge! He’s done some big songs over the past couple of years. I also think that way back when IICD first started, Justin met Ryan Tedder but didn’t work with him. Tedder is really good.

    Chrilly I agree with you, he and Alex could def make a hit song!

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