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Aug 212010

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  1. @areyouin I’m watching Real Housewives of New Jersey. :cool:

    • Hi guys! I’m around to put the epi up if you want to sleep Molly… darn I missed the mini concert.. :( Is Alex gone now? I understand from the comments below he was picked up? But DU and avatar have him in the house?
      Sitting here sifting through huge piles of e-mails :( God the first day back at work sucks!!

  2. Ben, Kara, and Justin are not page turners.

  3. Gollymolly – I was watching him since he got home today and he was saying he had no more underwear at all, and has only the one he’s wearing cause he left them at people’s places. Yes he wanted to buy boxers, but he had only one underwear and even asked to borrow one from Ben, and Ben said no – then said he had no clean underwear. He first told one guy who came to the house in the afternoon too that he has no more underwear and just the one on him. And the guy said is he leaving them at some chicks house – and Alex said pretty much yeah and laughed – and that he just leave it at people’s places. I think its that same guy who picked up guitars. But he told Ben he wants to get some action with his girl and need underwear. Also, the guy who picked the guitar didnt say it being taking to Justin. I dont think its Justin’s property – its for the house and thats why he didnt take it when he left. Alex asked why is the guy taking all of them, and he replied they want it back. It didnt say Justin. He made it seem like the gibson people or the producers want it. I think its likely the Gibson people cause its just for advertising/sponsorship. I watching the whole thing. They can’t take the guitars to Justin. That’s what I heard watching.

  4. Dang it! Missed everything…

    Seriously, we should cut Alex some slack. If the kid wants a GF and needs clean boxers then so be it. Well he can do this, he can do that but really he’s doing amazing for a kid his age whos out on his own dealing with such enormous things. I have a million suggestions too but for my own sanity I’m letting it go. As long as he’s doing well in his music it’s something to be happy about.

    Honestly, it’s hilarious why we’re all arguing about why he ahs to buy boxers… seriously? LOL. i wonder if Alex knows how complete strangers banter back and forth speculating why he needs new underwear. It’s probably better he doesnt know, it might freak him out BUt hey that’s live streaming for you…

    Anyhow wish I heard some of the singing. Im sure he’s not tired of his own voice, he’s just overly critical.

    Cant wait for the new episode!

  5. @shadow_ia all of the guitars in the PBR that aren’t Alex’s are Justin’s. They were given to him at the beginning of IICD and he didn’t take them because he wanted to leave them for the house to use while he was on tour. He’s now coming back to LA so he’s getting his guitars back. I’m 100% sure that all of those guitars are Justin’s. Alex even asked if he could keep the flying V and the guy said no that’s the one Justin requested first on the list.
    and @yves I agree.

    @Kass feel free to take over I’m pooped. Glad you’re back! :wink:

    To everyone else I’m gonna repeat the message I said in an earlier post. Please be mindful of what you post here. Just because we’re all really close and feel like we know Alex…doesn’t mean we know everything he’s doing or thinking or why he does something. People who don’t comment here still read the site and they will read something and if they didn’t watch it live they will take it out of context. Please try to keep things sensible and factual as much as possible when commenting and try not to speculate or make assumptions too much. Once again not telling people how to comment, but think before you post. This past week Alex has been accused of everything under the sun and Kara has even been thought pregnant. None of it’s been true…just think about it. Goodnight everybody!!

  6. gollymolly: Ok I didn’t hear when he said that’s the one Justin requested first on the list. Maybe Justin is allowed to keep them then. (I need to read dreamupdates if I missed something) Alex prefer the Martin guitars anyway and he should ask them to send him some too. They need more guitars for when people come there and jam in the house.

  7. @shadow_ia not a problem…I don’t think Alex ever played the electric guitars anyway so it’s not a big deal that Justin wants them back. :wink: Have a good night!

    Edit: I think with all the fan guitars he has about 5 or 6…that’s pretty good for starting with none.

  8. Gollymolly; Justin can have them back. Tomorrow we see new episodes. Goodnight

  9. @shadow_ia YAY!! I can’t wait this episode is going to be good I can already predict lots of Alex! :cool:

    Alright I’m really leaving now… :wink:

  10. I’m soooo sleepy. :sleeping: But I want to stay up and see the new episode. lol

    Now I’m worrying about stuff. It’s awesome and I’m excited about Alex’s new longer set. But I’m worried because they’re going to have to learn some more songs, right? And they don’t have much time.

    Hoping the episode comes sooooon.

  11. Oh Molly though,you are prolly now asleep,you will make Lauren,and me jealous of you and Phillip,for a change/I am not registered ,but perhaps one of our kind fans will request at DU.But honestly-after Alex blows up,I can foresee a poll with the question.Which is more satisfying- Sex,or Alex Lambert’s voice?-I think it will be a close result. :biggrin:

  12. Snuffles, I agree with your post and actually offered some of that advice in my note to Alex with his gifts. In short, he needs to develop his business skills as well as his musical skills. He also needs the right people representing and guiding him. Hopefully, no one will take advantage of him, but he can’t be expected to know all this stuff and handle the sharks who want to feed off of him. I do worry some about it all.

    So, of course, I missed Alex singing last night. That’s what I get for assuming that he wouldn’t be home ’til way late. I’m not interested in anyone else in the house I’m sad to say.

    Kara as Marilyn? I can’t think of anyone with less sex appeal than Kara, and Marilyn just oozed sex appeal. Kara’s pretty, but just so not the Marilyn type. They can dress her up, but they’re not going to take the puritan out of her. This ought to be interesting/funny. I just can’t even imagine Kara doing any type of Marilyn poses. I wish her luck, but I’m not expecting much.

  13. Wow. I guess I didn’t read all of the new comments before I posted. So, have we been reduced to discussing Alex’s underwear? LOL! That’s so funny!

    Alex better learn to drive the stick. If I can do it, anybody can. I think he can handle it.

  14. @Yes I’m jealous alleycatfan of Molly and Phillip. Alex just keeps getting better and better, thanks due to Mark, but I think mostly to Alex. He listens to many of the old soulful performers and tries to emulate them when he sings. He said that one of his goals was to be better than the best. What I love about Mark Renk is that he loves Alex and is realistic with his expectations. On Saturday he told Alex tell me what you want and what you will actually do and I’ll make you a tape with those things on it. He understands Alex.
    @Shadow-ai I completely concur about the concern about the mp3s already out there and copywrite issues with the songwriters of these songs. It appeared that the show didn’t really think this one through too well initially. When there are illegal downloads and it starts hitting an artist in their own wallet, it begins to make a difference. Of course most of the people that have these mp3s are his most loyal fans and will purchase his whole album without fail.
    @Gollymolly- agreed we all need to be more cognisant about what we write sometimes because you never know who might be lurking.

    @alleycatfan- Which is more satisfying? Sex or Alex Lambert’s voice? Your right, a very close result. How about this question… Could Alex Lambert voice lead to more sex????
    His first single as I have said before should include Alex’s sexy voice!!!Forget pop for the first; go smooth, sexy, and sultry! :heart: :heart:

    • Lauren someone’s gone and requested last night’s mini concert on DU, so fingers crossed they got it. Oh also I just remembered – was it you who specifically asked which song I’d prefer as his first single? Hmmm that is a good question… I’d say “I Didn’t Know”, but I’m pretty sure they intend (like snuffles I think said?) for that to be kind of a “get to know the artist” kind of song – who knows if it’ll even make it on the album… I guess I think as they are currently produced, the answer is none of the finished demos we’ve heard to date. Definitely not DMWEO, and as it is now, certainly not Imperfectly Perfect. Based on the feedback I read from non-Alex fans, not Untouchable either (though I personally think it could be a contender with slightly different production)… Never Waking Up and On My Tongue are probably too slow tempo for a first single as well… MAYBE Butterflies, if the production is good, especially since it got tons of attention and hits on youtube and is the one the general public is most familiar with. One Kiss I still haven’t managed to hear… Am I forgetting anything? Anyway, I have a hunch it’ll probably end up being one of the newer songs, written with the “big boys”, that some of us haven’t been lucky enough to hear :P

      As for the mp3/copyright issue… the way Alex said it during the twitter session, it almost sounded like he originally meant the songs the FANS captured and had made mp3s of, then realized that this could be taken as dissing the fans, and so changed it to being about the few demos IICD has released instead.

      I don’t think people not buying the album cause they’ve heard the demos is much of an issue: a) most of the people who hear about these releases and mp3s are a small group of dedicated fans who will buy the album anyway; b) very few demos have been released by IICD – just a teaser/taster, not enough to affect album sales (often singles from new artists are made freely available on itunes anyway); c) the final songs that make it on the album may sound very different from the demos; and d) once the second the album is released and gets airplay, thousands of pirated copies will (sadly) begin circulating immediately anyway.

      I think Alex knows the above, so I think it’s more an issue of artistic integrity. He did stress that it wasn’t about the money… from what little he said before he started censoring himself, it sounded like it’s more about not wanting to have a song circulating before he’s happy/finished with it, which is a totally legitimate point. I mean, if I were a painter, I wouldn’t want my painting taken and hung in a gallery till I was good and done with it. And it does suck that random people can (when mj for example posts a poor quality video we’ve captured of a demo played through headphones) comment freely on what is not a finished product, sometimes probably without even realizing it’s just a demo. You want to come out with your guns blazing and your best foot forward, right? Rather than starting your conquest with a pea shooter? And as someone said it must be annoying to hear of people commenting at length on a song they haven’t even heard over proper speakers yet. So I get it.

      On the other hand, we’ve been spoiled now by the situation… we were “promised” (by IICD) insight into the writing and production process, and at first Alex said he LIKED that we got to see that… I wonder what’s changed? It’s hard to give up the opportunities we have to see the work in progress…

      Sorry for the lengthy post! Trying to kill the last few minutes of work… Bet you as soon as I leave the episode will go up!

  15. Janet – I just want to clarify that I am not actually talking about Alex’s underwear. I am talking about how funny it is that Alex is talking about his underewear. LOL. I hope that clears things up. That boy really has no filter. I think he likes to try and shock us. It will take more than that to shock me. HeHe.

  16. Agreed @Kass. I told you that I missed your insightful comments. It’s great to have you back!!!
    Ever since yesterday’s twitter session I’ve had this strange feeling like I’ve done something wrong by watching too much live feed and knowing too much about Alex’s life within the house. I’ve also expressing my feelings and thoughts. Now I feel like it’s almost been an invasion on his privacy, but didn’t IICD want the fans to be a part of this journey? Conflicted! :sick:

    • STILL no episode?? What’s up with that?

      @Lauren yes exactly… the twitter session yesterday left me feeling odd and conflicted too… I want to see the process unfold (talking strictly career/music-wise now), but not if Alex doesn’t want it. But on the other hand that’s what the show is supposed to be about!

  17. Lauren – Yes they do want us to watch. Why do you feel like you’ve done something wrong? You always have well thought out insightful comments.

  18. @ GollyMolly I hear ya Molly!

    I always find what everyone else on here has to say very interesting and it is true that the live feed gives us A LOT of access into Alex and all the dreamers’ lives, and I guess it is fair game to discuss. However, for me personally, and this is just me, I feel comfortable talking just about the music and his career. And all the other stuff, family, girlfriend, etc. I kinda stay away from, but again that’s just me. I enjoy reading everyone thoughts and insights and speculation about his career and the recaps of course, b/c I always seem to miss everything, lol. I get what Molly is sayin’ though and I agree that we should be a lil mindful of what we say, you never know who might be lurking, yea I’m lookin at you Beebee, haha! In Alex’s famous words, just kidding, lol…not really :ninja: :tongue:

  19. Good morning y’all!!

    Here’s my $0.02 about the music and Alex’s feelings — I think if I were one of the collaborators, who all have more age/experience than Alex, I would not want my rough, unfinished songs leaked to the viewing public either. It really seems like common sense to me. The 2 Deekay songs have been protected (smart guys, yes) and Butterflies will probably be soon since I believe it was Deekay re-doing the demo on that one. So that leaves “I Didn’t Know”. I don’t understand why Nasri wouldn’t have some protection on that one – with the music video having been broadly released.

    I guess I will just have to be happy hearing the same few songs and various covers – which I will not tire of hearing! I’ll look at it as having so much to look forward too! :wub:

  20. It’s 11AM in NY and the episode still isn’t up! Whaaaat?! WTH is up with the episode today? I’ve been tweeting IICD like crazy all morning, lol. There better be some extra good Alex stuff in there!!

    And @Kass, I think you’re totally right about the his songs being out there already and not finished and stuff. We know what a perfectionist he can be about music anyway. And I thought Alex was pretty funny last night. He told Ben that sometimes he wishes he had a mute button, cuz sometimes his mouth gets him in trouble, lol!
    It’s okay Alex, we still love ya! :wink:

  21. I agree that I try to stay out of Alex’s personal business. I also agree with the songs being kept secret for the album. However, that really doesn’t leave much of a show. I cannot believe that the producers of this show did not anticipate this issue. This isn’t their first rodeo. I know that it is a fairly new concept and maybe some of the kinks have yet to be worked out. But if this show is going to TV, they can’t just slide in without having all the T’s crossed and I’s dotted. I’m sure the lawyers have explored every possible scenario in triplicate.

    Is it possible that Alex was just being Alex and that we are making too much of it? I don’t know. I am certainly no expert, but they put this show out and ask us to watch. They put up the demos and ask us to listen. They give the dreamers Twitter and Facebook accounts and ask us to comment. So the producers do expect us to watch, listen and comment. As far as downloading the songs. Like I said earlier, just about everything Alex has said or sang publicly is available on YouTube. They know that people today are media savy. In fact, they are counting on us to be media savy, so I can’t believe that they didn’t expect us to download the songs. It is possible that Alex was not kept in the loop. He is a bit naive. But what about the colaborators. Are they also naive. Didn’t they sign contracts with 19E to do this show? Weren’t they told that it had a live feed? Alex always talks before he thinks. When and if he talks to the PTB about his concerns, I suspect it will all be clarified.

    Bottom line. They will publish what they want to publish. They will show us what they want to show us. If we don’t watch and listen, then the show really will be a failure. We shouldn’t feel guilty about watching or commentinng. That is the whole point of the show.

  22. no episode yet? wth

  23. @Cathy, my interest in Alex has always been about his music and obviously his well-being, but nothing else. I remember watching the Josh Skinner interview and Alex specifically saying that he wanted his fans’ input on his music, postive or negative, and not be concerned with his personal life. Going back to Kass’ point about commenting on the demos, I must admit that I’ve expressed that there be no overproduction or autotune on his songs only once in support of him and his amazing abilities. Possibly he has taken offense to some of these types of remarks? I hope not.

    It was just weird what he said to the fiesta camera last night. Because I was watching that camera, I felt like it was directed to me. Didn’t he say before that he respected people who watched the live stream? In any case I’ll say something was under his skin, whether it be boredom, displeasure about something, or in a strange mood as he remarked. We all have our bad days and I would imagine it would be difficult to live under a microscope 24/7. Also, he probably never thought that he was going to become an actor in addition to a singer/songwriter.
    You know that I have those motherly concerns; I can’t help it. Now I’m thinking what will be the extra 3 to 4 songs that he will need to include in his set for Saturday night to fill the 40 minutes? It was all worked out and now..??

  24. @Kass thank you I just read your comment above. I thought that I was the only one.

  25. Anyhow regarding his demos. I think Alex is just being a bit too paranoid and partly naive. I do think that certain songs are not to be heard til the big day. BUT if IICD decides to add some demos on the player that means it got the green light. It’s true Alex doesnt think before he speaks and maybe a bit naive since he’s very young too that he doesnt realize it’s equally important to keep his fans engaged. New songs keeps up the buzz on him, bloggers write, youtube hits, twitter chatter etc. As great as his voice is, he has to market himself also. having a constant camera on him is such a golden opportunity. It can be insane I’m sure but if he compartmentalize his house life as certain times “normal” and a portion of it “promotion” he’d feel happier about his situation. IICD are not utter fools, I’m sure before they put out anything on the player they made sure it’s good to go. Alex is not the only person involved in those demos. I’m sure there are legalities and such.

    Anyhow, they need a media coach for Alex and all these kids. Why aren’t they doing it? they’re next random guest should be a PR person so they can talk some sense into these kids.

    Anyhow, regarding the supposed bad attitude last night. Alex was in a funk. He’s had pretty goof, happy nights so I’ll give him a pass. I’m a bit worried about the set being longer too. His gig has to KILL. He’s at the Roxy! Makes me think that as cute as the baby melons are they are pretty young and inexperienced. Hopefully the older more experienced Melons can help them tighten their sound. THEY SERIOUSLY CANNOT SOUND LIKE AMATURES… they have to be LEGIT!

  26. wtf… sorry I didnt mean to start all my paragraphs by “Anyhow” I need a new word…

  27. “Nothing major happened yesterday to excuse frantic last minute editing!!”

    Are we sure Kara didn’t have her 2nd “Amanda” interview with Michael (and cameras present this time) some time yesterday when she was gone so long? Granted, her avatar never indicated she was at the Dream Studio, but we all know that doesn’t hold much water anyway! Just sayin’

    • Oh SNAP! You’re totally right areyouin! I forgot about that – it was supposed to be on Monday wasn’t it!

      Yves… ROFL at “anyhow”! I didn’t even notice till you pointed it out!

  28. Yves – I find that I start most things with “Ya know”. I make a point of editing it out when I proof read. But a think a few slip through.

    I forgot about Kara, that could definitely be a possibiity. I guess we just wait. They are really buiding up the anticipation for this one.

  29. Ok this is getting ridiculous!! I have to go out and I really wanted to see the episode before I leave! I can’t believe the one time I’m home and I got up early even though I’m off and no episode yet! Grrrr, just my luck!

    Yea that’s a good point Marianne, they probably are adding some Kara meeting footage in it. Also, did anyone else find it weird that in the teaser for this week’s episode, they included some old stuff about Giglianne wanting to get naked for a shoot, wasn’t that clip from like months ago?? Seems like maybe they didn’t have a lot of the other dreamers, just Alex stuff so maybe now they’re adding in the Kara drama? Idk, hope that made sense, lol.

  30. I’m getting a complex. I swear I turned off the IICD stream at 10:30pm PST last night, probably *one minute* before Alex started singing in the PBR. What’s worse is that I tossed and turned in bed for like an hour, the whole time thinking, “I could have stayed up and watched the live feed this whole time”. Hopefully, the media request will come through over on DU.

    This is starting to feel like an addiction… :blink: :whistle:

  31. Katherine – I did find it odd that they were adding in old Gig stuff. I agree that maybe they were running out of interesting footage with the other dreamers. If you remember, there was a couple of weeks where it was really, really slow. Remember when we all thought the show was moments away from cancellation. How things change in a couple of weeks. Anyway, I hope they get their act together soon. I have things to do also.

  32. Diane – I passed “starting to feel like an addiction” a long time ago. :biggrin:

  33. I realize Alex loves being “in love”; but I hope he doesn’t blow off his piano lesson this morning with Olympia.

  34. @ Cathy, yup, I remember. Ok I think I’m gonna go do what I gotta do and if the episode isn’t up by the time I’m back…there will be consequences…J/K! But I will be really, really annoyed! :angry:

  35. I agree the with rest; the hold up is all about Kara. Speculation on my part, but I think that she will be moving out of house by the week’s end.

  36. Twitter says the episodes up but I still can’t see it on IICD website

    IT’s up on HULU…..It’s called from Hollywood to Graceland Part 1

  37. Cathy: Yeah, the whole underwear thing Alex kept going on about was just amusing to me that’s why I mentioned it too. And the drama of him begging Ben desperately for like ten minutes to take him to go buy one was a big part of what sticks with you yesterday, and one of the last things that happened. What I really didn’t go into, and what I find most concerning, and I think one can have an issue with is what he threatened to do to Ben if he didn’t take him – jokingly or not I hope Alex doesn’t talk like that on live stream or anytime, because it can give people a negative perception of him. And I think he said it after he said he wished he had a mute button too. I’ve said before Alex need to be tactful on camera and in interviews. (I was kind of getting mad at Ben too for making him beg that long, but I know Ben was just trying to follow rules – something I think Alex should care about too)

    Now I need to go watch latest episode

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