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Aug 112010

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  1. Well, I guess “She’s Gone” has a double meaning. Ha! Ha!

    Hey two, (2), count them, 2, V-logs per day from now on! I’ll believe that when I see it. Sure do miss his V-logs. Soooo cute.

  2. Yes Cathy – double meaning. It sounded like a song title, didn’t it??!

    Poor boy looks so wiped out in that vlog. I’m not surprised at all that he slept so long today! He’s looking to get sick if he isn’t getting enough food and rest!! :sad:

  3. Well, at least we got our kiss, kiss, mahalo…

    Haha Cathy, 2 vlogs per day…yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it too. I think he’s sincere, but he’ll never do it.

    That’s okay. I’d settle for a couple a week.

    He did look tired.

    Hey, on DU, they’re saying that Alex told Ben he wants Sam in his band (lead guitar I think). I hope it works out. That would be the icing on the cake. Then, Alex will really have a great bunch of guys to make music and hang around with. Let’s hope it works out for him.

  4. Me, too, Janet, me, too!!

  5. Kara’s always got the scoop on ex-idols,cause she’s buds with Lyndsey from 19,but who was the ex-idol she said went bankrupt,due to not paying income taxes? I missed the name…

  6. Ruben Studdard.

  7. Take note Alex Lambert-you’ll be way richer than Studdard,and Way Bigger!!!… :tongue:

  8. Molly – people have been discussing Brandt/Kara ad nauseum – talking about how someone should try to talk to her or get in contact somehow with her mom/dad. I was wondering if you are at liberty to, or want to say what you dm’d Kara about a few days ago?? Did it have anything to do with Brandt? I’ll understand if you don’t wish to discuss it.

  9. Did anyone just see when Gig called Kara and asked her to put the phone on speaker…and then proceeded to tell Kara that people want to know if her and Brandt were gonna have sex, they could clear off her bed, etc, etc, and kara said no Gig, but if you want to entertain people by screwing someone, by all means…. and Gig said well is there gonna be kissing???? Ha Ha Ha!!! That was strange and Kara didnt even seem that mad, this was all in front of Brandt.

    Oh Molly I want one of those!!!

  10. Those are so cool Molly!

    I get the feeling that Kara wouldn’t respond to anyone messaging her about Brandt anyway, don’t you? I just don’t know what to think? Producers want him there so she is forced to go along with it? It’s a FOR REAL deep, deep friendship that she doesn’t see is STILL something more for him? :pinch:

    Now Brandt is schmoozing Sam – why isn’t Sam in the PBR??? I realize he’s having corn chowder, but I would bet he’s finished by now! Ranting, sorry!! :blink:

  11. Brandt was just going over all the places he got tattoos,”I got tattoos in Jail”-Great Role model for Sam,and Alex… :sick:

  12. >>Take note Alex Lambert-you’ll be way richer than Studdard,and Way Bigger!!!<<

    Let's hope you mean career-wise, and not body-wise! :devil: :biggrin:

  13. Can we stop talking about Brandt, please?? (just kidding, in that Alex Lambert sort of way) Did you guys have to use spell check for the word hemorrhoid? lol

    Alex “I don’t eat breakfast” Lambert has a bad habit of going all day long without food. Sounds like he spent the day in the studio recording yesterday with zero food in his gut. How can he keep up the breath support when he’s starving? It’s no wonder that he crashed on the couch last night–blood sugar highs and lows will do that. Remember how he was eating those potato chips like they were the most delicious food he’d ever tasted? Now I can see why–he was absolutely famished. Good thing he’s not diabetic, or he’d be a total mess.

    From the other thread: @Janet, that was me that said he was a “serial lover”. *bows* :whistle:

    ETA: Oh, and I think he’ll try to do a Vlog 2x a day for the next 10 days…if you get my drift.

  14. @Diane-good point about Alex not eating-before,or during a record.sess.-its like a tennis player needs to eat before he/she plays a match.He needs to put some awesome snacks in his Spidey backpack… :biggrin:

  15. Do you think he keeps his bottle of honey in there?

  16. I know Alex recorded one of the tracks with Avila Bros.that week that they wrote 3 songs-so this(from v-log) is at least number 2 in the can with them-Thats like Britney Spears/Janet Jackson level high-end stuff-Alex is more than deserving! :biggrin: Speaking of Britney,Alex said in his extended clip with Michael,way back, that he wrote with a Big Britney Spears writer that penned- Hit Me Baby,One More Time.They may be holding that track back,along with these others-so I don’t expect we’ll hear them until A.D.DAY(album drop)… :ninja:

  17. Oh man, there’s a jam session going on!! :w00t: :w00t: Do you know how long it has been since I heard one of those? YAY! Alex and Sam(?) are jamming. I guess Alex is teaching Sam some songs, his and a few others. Oh this is so great. I have missed hearing this stuff. :cwy: :wub: I am so happy right now. :heart:

  18. Me too Tracy!! But I’m so sleepy, I really need to go to bed!

  19. Me too Areyouin, but I will give up sleep this time because this is a rare treat for me. lol I am getting good at functioning on very little sleep.

  20. Well Alex has made 2 vlogs today…so there ya go. He and Sam are singing on one of them, lol. Completely falsetto version of “Let’s Get It On.”

  21. A vlog finally and his music update.

    Janet: He wont even do a vlog once a week let alone 2 a day. He’s not like Ben.

    So Alex was was jamming in the house with Sam and singing songs. Yeah, its been a while since he’s taken time to perform in the house. That will likely stop again once his girl comes back from Ireland.

    Alex wants to add Sam to his band? That will make his back up look cooler, and also American other than Alex. I like Sam’s look with the dreads. Alex with be a solo artist on his CD though – but he needs a band for shows right now.

    Those are nice tweeter background gollymolly. I don’t have a tweeter though.

  22. I would LOVE Sam to be in Alex’s band! Sam’s a really cool and talented kid, and the two boys get along exceptionally well. Coupled with the Baby Melons and the Other Alex, the band will be one crazy hodge-podge of personalities! Oh, I forgot to say before that I think the Baby Melons are pretty good for 17 year olds! :happy:

  23. I think I heard Sam say yesterday that he has moved to “just down the street” so hopefully we will see more of him jamming with Alex in the future. I know a while ago he said he was trying to get into the Musician’s Institute. It seems that maybe he did. Sam would be a great musical friend for Alex to hangout with.

    2 vlogs yesterday. OMG, gotta keep an eye out for them. I’m so happy he’s going to Graceland but, Just when we were getting move time with him, now he’s leaving. I’ll have to stay up tonight if Sam is around again!! Anyone know when he’s coming back? He’s got a skype session scheduled for Tuesday.

  24. I don’t think so Cathy, Alex invited him to stay the night, but instead Sam drank an Amp because he was driving home (2 hours away). He also said he was moving to Burbank in a month or so. I’m assuming Alex will be back Monday.

  25. Molly, :sad:

  26. Sowwy, don’t shoot the messenger. :ermm:

  27. Did anyone else try to watch last night when Ben and Alex were in the Fiesta- I think it was when they were coming back from the “hill” where they wanted to make phone calls, etc.? The feed is always so bad and difficult to hear, but they had the radio on and Ben blurted out “So when are you going to have a song on the radio?!” I thought Alex’s reaction was kind of interesting – cuz he basically had a blank face (maybe a shadow of a smile?) and said NOTHING!! I’m sure I’m trying to read something into it, but I thought it was an interesting non-reply!

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