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Dec 052011

For those who were there, a way to remember and relive. For those who weren’t… a way to feel better about missing it!

As promised ladies, gents and Snaf, here are videos of all the songs Alex Lambert performed at his show in Boston this past December 3rd. And what a show it was! The Snaf love was flowing strong in the Middle East Club that night, and Alex’s vocals were (impossibly!) better than ever… full of the raspy goodness we love, yet smooth as honey and sprinkled with his heavenly falsetto. Alex sure knows how to melt our hearts :heart:

Videos are courtesy of Lauren, who skipped a whole night’s sleep to get them finished and has done a wonderful job as always… Thank you Lauren!!

Songs are presented in the order in which they were performed. Also, at the very end of this post you’ll find one video of the entire concert uncut and uninterrupted (and from a different angle)… so if you did miss it, you can dim the lights, turn up the volume and imagine yourself there… ahhhh…

“My Girl” (The Temptations)


“Boss D.J.” (Sublime)


“Yo (Excuse Me Miss)” (Chris Brown)


“Learning From You” (NEW Unreleased Original Song!!!)

Co-written with Jason Reeves and Jordan Lawhead.

“Everybody Knows” (John Legend)


“Daughters” (John Mayer)


“The Little Things” (Colbie Caillat)


“Trust Issues” (Drake)


“True” (Ryan Cabrera)


“Let It Be” (The Beatles)


“Trouble” (Ray LaMontagne)


“On My Tongue” (Original)

Co-written with Jason Reeves and Jordan Lawhead.

The Complete Concert Experience

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  1. Wow, great videos Lauren! Thank you for your hard work and for catching this truly wonderful performance! Again, I was so happy to finally meet some of the other SNAF and to also finally meet Alex in person! Yay! Woo-hoo! :biggrin: And thank you Nick Distasio for your hard work and for Cecily’s and Kathy’s and other SNAF’s involvement in order to bring Alex to Boston as well. I really loved the songs he chose to play this set; my favorite of all is “I’m Learning From You”. I dedicated that song to my husband that night, and it is his new favorite too :wub:
    And thank you Alex for performing for us. You’re bringing together so many SNAF and gaining new ones in the process. Mahalo Alex! :wink:

  2. So incredibly proud of Alex.. :cwy: What a great show it must have been! Such a sweetheart. :heart: Thank you Lauren!! I know how hard you work on these vids..your Magnificent! :wub: Snaflove…

  3. Lauren, what can I say…. GREAT videos !!! oh and Alex, pretty GREAT singing too !! :biggrin: Loved being there. Seeing these videos brings it all back. :smile:

  4. :w00t: 31 guests at 3:43 A.M. – that’s what I’m talkin’ about :cool:

  5. thanks for all the videos!!! cant believe I wasnt there!! hopefully i will see him again soon!!!

  6. It’s so nice…
    I want to hear the same song twice…

    Thanks Lauren! I know how much time you spent working on these vids just to share them with everyone. :angel: :angel:

    The Boston show was so much fun….well, except for the speeding ticket and getting lost in the city — but, that’s a different story.

    It’s hard to believe that Alex could get any better, but he keeps surprising us (me anyway). :heart: :heart: :heart:

  7. I don’t even have the words to explain how absolutely, awesomely, fantastically amazinggg it was to see Alex perform again. Just when I think I can’t love that boy anymore, lol. The long ride up to Boston was so worth it! The crowd was great and they loved him. I think he even gained some new fans & more people fell under the spell of his magical voice, haha. He was so good! It was a great experience and makes me so proud to be a supporter of his.

    And Lauren, we so appreciate your hard work uploading these videos. You are so awesome! Also thanks to Nick, Cathy, & Janet for making another East coast show possible! The east coast loves Alex Lambert!! :wub:

  8. Being able to watch these is so awesome! Thank you Lauren! :wub:
    I love them all… Alex sounds fantastic!! All of you that went to the show are sooo lucky!!

    And the new song is perfection :heart:

  9. Lauren – these videos came out really well – you’ve had your hands full since the show! very awesome of you to spend all that time uploading theses, they are so good.

    It was my pleasure to set up the show and big thanks to Cathy, Janet, Kass and Cecily for helping me along the way – everything turned out great and Alex said the whole experience was “amazing.” It was awesome to hang out with all you guys that were at the show too! I’ll have some pics to post soon…

  10. I still can’t believe Alex came to Boston He was as expected Great….he’s also one of the most giving of his time. very generous to all his fans and thats why we are all so devoted to him,a super talent and real good person.. .

  11. Live and Uncut — yeah!

    Deja Vu all over again!

    Thanks Lauren…

    It was so much fun being there, but to be able to sit back and really listen to Alex’s voice just makes me appreciate it all the more. Loved that he opened with Motown (which totally surprised me), I really love Learning From You — actually, I loved the whole set. Just perfect. Too bad his rythm section was so lame — hahahaha —

    Our mullet boy, punk badass, ninja turns 21 tomorrow. We better find some new nicknames quick! I’m thinking. I’m thinking.

  12. YAY!! Full video is up. I’ve been waiting since Lauren first mentioned it. WAHOOO. I’m saving it for this weekend. Full Big Al mode on Sunday. That’s my goal.
    Well, that and Biology.

    So sad I had to miss it, but so happy our snaf crew ROCKS hard core enough to make us feel like we were there <3

  13. Hey guys!!! I’m so sorry that I haven’t commented yet. I had the absolutely best time ever at an Alex Lambert show (well in addition to his NYC one). I was so happy to have been able to capture better video this time for our enjoyment. I still couldn’t keep my mouth shut entirely, but hey I was there to have fun too. Alex put on a great show and sounded better than ever. “Learning From You” was a huge surprise for me as you can hear in the video. :lol: LOVE, LOVE that song. I can’t stop listening to it. I really enjoyed the full set…lots of diversity. “Trust Issues” made me want to hear Alex rap more. He’s got skilz. He showed off his falsetto in “True”, which I found impressive, He’s always challenging himself. Loved “Daughters”, “The Little Things”, “Boss DJ” too. I was thrilled that he sang “Yo”. I had wanted him to do it in NYC as a song request but he couldn’t remember how to play all of it off the top of his head. What a surprise this time! I adore the way he sings that song. Of course he slayed “Everybody Knows” and “Trouble”.

    I appreciate his interpretation of other people’s music and how he is always able to make it his own. If you haven’t been able to attend one of his shows I strongly recommend it in the future. He does not disappoint. In addition he was very giving and gracious with his time after the show and over the weekend. He reached out to his snaf in a big way.

    Thank you Alex !! I couldn’t be more proud of you and the strides you are making. :biggrin:

    P.S. Big Big love for the #SNAFCREW!!!!! Thank you Nick, Cathy, Janet, Kass, and Cecily for all that you did in making this show a success. :)

  14. Lauren thank you SO SO SO SO much for all these videos!! So great to re-live these moments, ahhhh he sounded so greaaaaatttt!! And I’m pretty sure, actually absolutely positively sure that I LOVE the Alex Lambert version of every song he covers so much more than the original! What a unique and beautiful voice, he really does make a song his own. Oh and I TOTALLY agree, Alex does NOT disappoint! So amazing to watch him singing live… :wub:

  15. I watch the Full video every day since it’s up. Thank you very much Lauren :angel: for sharing this precious video with us! I’m so amazed at Alex’s wonderful voice, good song choice, stage performance. He’s a great artist. :heart:

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