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Dec 192011

Alex Lambert, Andrew Garcia and Joshua Jimenez cover “I Miss You” by Beyonce. What a treat!!!

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  1. That was as smooth as butta haha. Awesome cover!

  2. Wow…That was absolutely magnificent :cwy: ! Beautiful Harmony. What a nice surprise! :wub: Its the little things….. :tongue:

  3. What a treat for sure!! Such a nice surprise for a Monday morning. Starting my crazy week off right. I’ll be playing this over and over again… My favorite comment on the video is the guy who said, “Wow. The guy playing the piano has a great voice.” mmmm, yeah… GREAT voice is RIGHT. :heart:

  4. Alex sounds awesome, of course. It’s a very pretty rendition. Alex is so talented! :smile:

  5. Alex, you do that falsetto! Woo hoo! Awesome.

  6. OMG raspy perfection!!! All of them sound magnificent!! Josh is really good too. And I’m loving all the positive comments. I especially love the comments on how recognizable Alex’s voice is!! I will have this on repeat for a while… :biggrin: :wub:

  7. OMG! was not looking at the screen when i first listened, so when they all sang together I had to run to the screen… and Alex, oh alex, that voice is insane esp at the middle when he pulled that falsetto, I totally had goosebumps… their voices blend so well, they should be the next multi-cultural boy band who can actually sing! lol luv it! luv alex, killed me again!

    • Y! Where ya been?! Nice to hear from you :)

      Totally agree – they would make an AWESOME boy band – and I HATE boy bands as a rule. They’re just one or two members short… hmm maybe Todrick Hall would want in – I think they’re still friendly… and… who else? Too bad Samuel Larsen’s doing his own thing with Glee (when are his episodes going to air finally??) and his own band or he’d be perfect too…

      OK I’m getting carried away, but I can’t get over this video!!! Alex is amazing, Andrew is also sounding great, and that Joshua kid’s voice has something special too. It’s gold. Also addictive. I swear at least 1000 of those 17,648 views (in just over a day!) are mine! I can’t stop listening.

      • Simon Cowell seems to love ‘boy bands’! Wonder if he would listen? Andrew tweeted Simon yesterday, reminding him of a talk they once had. :smile:

        • Andrew sure did Marianne. Hmmm…

          Talking about replaying the video. I watched it so many times during the couple of hours when I was traveling that I drained my phone battery. I had to buy a car charger for the return trip. :lol:

          I agree Kass….We knew that Alex and Andrew sang well, but where has Josh been hiding? He’s very talented himself.

          So after hearing what they can do chillin together, I can’t help but wish they would do a studio recording together. If not this song, maybe they’ll surprise us in the future with another.

          Again great job guys!

        • Lol and there go our imaginations, running wild again :tongue:

          But back on planet earth, a studio version of a song with the three of them? Best Christmas present evah!! Though Alex is going back to Texas for the holidays any day now I think, so I don’t think we’ll get our wish anytime soon.

      • @Kassandra – Oh you know me… I lurk :) I still check up on our boy and all you ladies once in a while! hope all is well with you also

        Anyhow, to those who actually got to talk to Alex, what is the status of his career anyway? I’m thinking he’s still getting developed since he’s still in LA, but other than that any deets???

        • Hahaha… who wants to field this question? Let’s just say that… (as I told someone else on here yesterday) he still gets mail if you send it to the 19 offices… and leave it at that ;) And from what I heard from peeps who went to the latest Boston show, he’s very happy and healthy and doing well.

          Anyway, I’m glad you’re still lurking Y :) Same goes to everyone else I know is still lurking on here…. Twitter kinda took over a lot of the convo on this site since a lot of us got to know each other on there, but I do sometimes miss the days when we’d come here constantly to see the latest comments – as awkward as the continual refreshing was!

  8. i like the youtube reactions to Alex btw…. it’s always a “whoa” moment when someone hears him sing…. sign him already!!!!! he’s so cute and talented that so effing rare right now. he should be popular not J Bieber he cant fcking sing! (sorry to the JB fans)

    @ Kassandra – I agree, if they ever form a boyband that’ll be a first for me coz yes, boybands are often cheesy and only 1 or 2 can sing. these guys though…. theyre awesome!

  9. OMG TOTALLY AGREE with this whole convo thread going on here between Kass, Marianne, Lauren, and Y lol!!! I was thinking the same thing, they sound a zillion times better than any boy band out there in recent years! And yea that Josh has a pretty incredible voice as well. And @Kass, I think I have about 1,000 of those views too hahaha! I replayed it all night last night! A studio version would be so heavenly! Ahhhhhh I really wish they would. :wub:

    • So… y’all know me… I would tweet something to Simon in a heartbeat – – – like “You like boy-bands. Is this the next great boy-band??!” + link. But…. you guys sure know Alex better than me – maybe these guys would absolutely have no interest in doing that. Not that tweeting Simon like this would make it happen…….but what if it did!?! Gahh!! :wassat:

      • Its interesting , it COULD raise his profile a lot if the band comes into being and does well..If you’re thinking in terms of later going big solo – only Justin Timberlake has done that, in both music and films and HUGE in both. In BSB, I guess Nick Carter did the best, but let’s face it, he didn’t really do that well. Also IF and that’s a big IF, Andrew got a response from Cowell he may get in a Fuller /Cowell fight as Simon Fuller still has some stake in Alex and also produces boy bands. Also, its doubtful that he wanted Alex going that route, and as we recall Cowell and Fuller have feuded for years.Still, though, it is a very intriguing idea :wink: . .

    • It’s totally just me, but wouldn’t they be a grown-ass man band? :silly: Just kidding. I wouldn’t care what kind of band Alex was in… as long as he’s singing for us. I love these three and how they sound together. It’s fun to think about it tho… :heart:

  10. I don’t know how I feel about a boy band, but there’s no denying they sounded awesome. As someone else said, how refreshing it would be to have a boy band where all of the members can actually sing. When I first watched the video, the first comment that caught my eye was “who’s that kid on the left? His voice is awesome.” I couldn’t help but smile BIG. Of course, one of the snaf already answered. LOL. I know Alex’s intention is (was) to be a solo act, but he could do really well and probably enjoy it more if he was in a band. He couldn’t go wrong with Andrew Garcia — they harmonize so well together. It’s crazy! Samuel Larsen would be totally cool, but he seems to be doing pretty well on his own. I didn’t know the other kid’s name, but I guess it’s Josh?, he’s got a great voice too. They just need a few outstanding musicians and…start putting out some music — dammit! :w00t:

  11. Happy New Year!!! You know I check the numbers at random times, and Alex’s guest numbers are so good and steady at all times, like holidays, the middle of the night, morning you name it..It really speaks to Alex’s star – quality, and peeps want to hear his music so badly..I have talked to some that lurk on other Idol alum sites, and Alex’s site has many more guests, at all times, than the vast majority of others :cool: I saw on Twitter Alex’s friend was making mimosas to usher in good luck for Alex Let’s all (that can legally drink) have one to help bring Alex GREAT luck this year !!!! :biggrin:

  12. These guys sound so great together! I would like to know if anyone can tell me when Alex’s CD will come out?

    • Sorry Denise…. I have no idea. Wish I could give you more, but hopefully 2012 will answer this question. Perhaps it will bring more clarity as to which direction he is moving. :smile:

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