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Aug 182010

Actually, I don’t know if it’ll be Twister…but they’ve added a game night thing to the calendar. Could be interesting if it happens, but currently it’s TBD. Anywho, on to Alex.

What’s Alex up to?
Writing session…band practice…eat…sleep…repeat. :biggrin: Oh, and Alex got a haircut. :wink: And Alex asked Sam to be in his band. The other Alex is leaving to go back to England. Rehearsal next week Mon-Fri 10AM to 10PM. Today Alex has a photo shoot with the rest of the cast for Pizza Hut and a writing session later in the day and possibly a recording session. Information overload!!! :shocked:
Set-list for Sunset:
“Imperfectly Perfect”
“Sunday Morning” – Maroon 5
“I Didn’t Know”

Also, Alex brought some presents back from Memphis for his roommates. How sweet was that? :wub: I didn’t watch when it happened so tell me what he got them in the comments. I, for one, can’t wait to see the footage from the Graceland visit! Hmm…what else? Don’t forget August 27 or 28 (still uncertain) Alex will be playing at the Key Club for the Sunset Strip Music Festival. Umm…yeah that’s about all I know. If you have something to add feel free to comment!

For fun let’s take a poll. We pretty much know “I Didn’t Know” will be the first single, but what do we want the second single to be? Drop a comment and we’ll see what everyone thinks. :cool: Mahalo!

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  1. I went in to the blog area and clicked on Alex on the left side and it popped up. You know how you only want to see the Alex blogs, etc.. Its just a quick little clip of what will be on next week for the Elvis trip he had. It was at the very end of the clip where he was on his knees. I had to watch this a few times. Was in tears with Alex on his knees at Elvis’s grave. Man o man that was heavy. I even had to freeze the clip of him on his knees because the clip was to dang quick. I had to just look at it for awhile and man I was feeling it. That was something else. Wow!

  2. @Yves it’s on this preview clip for next week’s episode.

    Hey Molly since we don’t have a video for today or possibly the weekend do you think that you could post the two videos when Alex and Sam were practicing his set from the upcoming show? @AyeM would appreciate it or she can open these links. Thank you.

  3. I would also like to see the clip of Alex at Elvis’s grave. Where can we find it?
    Oh and good luck Kat.

  4. You guys can see the clip of Alex at Elvis grave if you look at the new teaser for next week’s episode. It shows Alex all excited at getting to Memphis and Graceland. I saw the clip the other day at It should be at hulu too.

  5. For the Alex clip of the grave, etc.. I got into the If I Can Dream site page and on the left side of page clicked on the artist for the blog, ie Alex Lambert and then clicked on the short clip video blog of him in Memphis. Bam there you have it.

  6. Thanks Carol Ann for that info. That speaks volumes about Johnny Depp’s humility and lack of ego. I love him even more. I think Alex is the same kind of guy. He’s just so appreciative of every little thing.

    AyeM: I’ll see if that clip is still available and get it for you. I don’t blame you for not joining DU. I resisted for a long time. They’ve been playing nice today, but boy it can get nasty. I’ll post the link under the new post (Friday) if I can get it.

  7. Thanks so much Laren and Janet. Much appreciated. I’m really liking Sam.

    Yeah, Janet, I don’t watch a lot of the livestream anymore so I have to check DU for the updates. But I try to stay out of the other threads. It always made me upset how mean they were about Alex.

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