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Jan 172011

In this episode…

Alex Lambert has lunch with Katie Stevens, gets excited about being a singer, and steadily climbs the ranks in the Mr. Twitter contest. Remember to keep voting here!!!!

Monday, January 10th

TrueAlexLambert: how D0 they do it?

TrueAlexLambert: I think its lunch time. I hope entourage cast comes;) haha

thekatiestevens: Just got back from a nice lunch with @TrueAlexLambert, nice to see some old idol friends while back in LA

TrueAlexLambert: Lunch with @thekatiestevens was alright;) She kept talking about blues clues which was kinda weird???

TrueAlexLambert: Jk Love you @thekatiestevens

thekatiestevens: @TrueAlexLambert Hahahaha yeah that blue dog gets me every time :P but you’re obsessed with Dora the Explorer so idk who youre calling weird

TrueAlexLambert: @thekatiestevens haha Why are you being so random??

thekatiestevens: @TrueAlexLambert haha I just am… Love ya bud, let’s get together again soon!

TrueAlexLambert: LOOKIN AT APTS.

lifeontheMlist: 2 celeb sightings @umamiburger on cahuenga 2nite … former #idol contestant @truealexlambert & porn megastar @leogiamani #musicpornburgers

Wednesday, January 12th

TrueAlexLambert: I worked with @rayraysaadiq before I knew how legit he was… WOW. Imma fan!

TrueAlexLambert: What’s this Mr. Twitter thing?

TrueAlexLambert: What’s everyone’s favorite subway sandwich?. I gotta go with spicy Italian.

TrueAlexLambert: I am in love with @eastofesty birds nest.

TrueAlexLambert: thinking of possibly ladynapping @eastofesty. Who has a suspicious-looking white van?

TrueAlexLambert: HAHAHA RT FAN This one always drives around my neighborhood… and my dumbass always gets in. NoNo candy :(

TrueAlexLambert: I know this isn’t what yall are used to but go check out this band!! @disasterplanau They’re Legit!!! Follow em if you can and hook em up!!

Friday, January 14th

TrueAlexLambert: I’m a singer yall!!! I been wanting to do this since I can even remember!!

TrueAlexLambert: I don’t care what anyone says!! I got the best fans in the world!!

TrueAlexLambert: Im next to david hasselhoff on that twitter thing…. hahahaha that’s hilarious! Thank yall!

TrueAlexLambert: My Era’s @JustinBieber

TrueAlexLambert: @adamlambert Do it like a bruva !

TrueAlexLambert: I know It’s kinda late but whoever is up needs to go listen to @jessiejofficial right now! She’s bouta be the next big star!

TrueAlexLambert: Thank you guys for voting on the Mr. Twitter thing!!

Saturday, January 15th

TrueAlexLambert: Alright Alright I’m up!! Who’s never said that before?

andrewagarcia: Meet and greet at PRS guitars right now! Section 5300!!! #NAMM

TrueAlexLambert: @andrewagarcia I was bout to go to that too!

TrueAlexLambert: Im goin for the steelers!! I think~

TrueAlexLambert: The Falcons are such garbage!

TrueAlexLambert: Regardless of how Lee’s album is doing or how good it does!! That fool is a go getter! Mad Mad Mad Respect Lee Harvey!

TrueAlexLambert: I grew up listening to real music and real artists! Where did that go??

FAN: What was your favorite music growing up, Alex???

TrueAlexLambert: @FAN Bob Marley, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Beatles, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, James Brown, Led Zepplin, Biggie, All real music!!

TrueAlexLambert: I just want people to write so they can connect to the lyrics and vibe! That’s why @BrunoMars is such a monster!

TrueAlexLambert: @andrewagarcia You need to put some music out soon! I know you got a lil sum up yer sleeve!

TrueAlexLambert: Let’s do this yall! Arent yall tired of waiting! I wanna perform for yall so bad!

TrueAlexLambert: Sorry yall!!! duty calls! Gotta go! but Love you! And I am Mr. Twitter!!! haha Mahalo…

Sunday, January 16th

TrueAlexLambert: This Mr. Twitter thing is so sick!! Yall are so amazing! Honestly my snaf are all beast! I would be nothing without yall!

To be continued…

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