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Oct 062010

Alex has his meeting with Iain Pirie, head of 19 Entertainment U.S., today (Wednesday October 6th). We may not know why, but we know what we’re hoping for, right?

To make sure they know what we want and how much we still love Alex, all day today, tweet @19News and @ificandream letting them know just how excited you are for Alex Lambert to release an album!

And, for a bit of fun, D Magazine (a magazine all about Dallas) has set up a tournament/survey to determine the top reality TV stars of North Texas. Right now Alex is pitted against Tim Urban, in a first round that will end on October 8th (so if Alex doesn’t beat Tim by then, he’s immediately out!) Only two days left!! Judging by the bio they’ve written up for him, they know nothing about him and don’t expect him to win. Ahem. I’m sure we’ll prove them wrong. The winner will be revealed in the January 2011 issue of D Magazine.

To vote, click the “Vote” button beside Alex, then click the “Submit Your Votes” button at the bottom. One vote per hour allowed.

Vote here.

Also, here’s a couple of new MP3 downloads to tide you over:
Butterflies (oldie but goodie)
Jam Session with Sebastian, Kara and Trenton (the last jam session the Dream House will ever see?)

And lastly, a song by our very own lola (set to the tune of “I Didn’t Know”):

I saw the clues.
(ooh ooh ooh ooh)
but I never thought it’d end this soooooon
They tried so hard, to gently ween us off, but they pulled the plug too soon!
I’ll miss his face
(ooh ooh ooh ooh)
It belongs in a trophy case
I’m not impolite, but I hate that “susan” was right, we should’ve known!

I didn’t notice, until Wednesday they were gone!
Ben didn’t know, cuz he bought fresh groceries
Kara didn’t know, kitchen cameras were still on
Cait. didn’t know, cuz she bought an LA house
I didn’t know, that they kept liquor in the house?!

But thanks for letting Alex goooo!
(Record deal in tow…?)

(singin’ na-na na-na nanana nah)

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  1. Man, I left for a few minutes and you guys got busy on here! I’ve been looking at that photo of Alex’s granddad and I see a real Scots/Irish trait in the strong, pronounced jaw and long, thin face–I would love to have that confirmed somehow. I’m always curious about people’s backgrounds, one of my dorky interests. Is that his Mom’s Paw by the way?

    Definitely a resemblance, but Alex has a fuller, rounder face, more like his own Father.

  2. Cecily just discovered something ppl!!! Alex’s legit facebook page now likes a group called Alexander Lambert and w/in that page, it shows that he is now with 19Entertainment in 3 different places!!! IDK if this confirms it or not, but yal might wanna check it out! :)

  3. old news Phillip lol :wink: but thanks

    We don’t know if it’s real or not though so don’t get excited yet. Only speculation so far…

    I know I’m crossing everything on my body though hoping to hear some official news about anything.

  4. Alex’s tweet with Stephen Marley quote has one wondering and guessing. He’s supposed to have that meeting with Iain 19E music executive today. Maybe he wants fans to be hopeful things will work out and he’ll be back. People just need to be patient and not be frustrated he can’t say things. Maybe he’s not allowed to talk about certain things, and when there is something to say he will.

    Oh I saw that picture of his pawpaw he has as on his twitter background. His pawpaw/grandfather had good looks and great bone structure. Alex looks like him – that’s what Alex’s facial bone structure looks like when he’s in his IICD room looking at his mirror. I liked looking down from above at his chiseled face and jaw line when he’s in front of the mirror. That must be his mom’s dad. Alex resembles his mom. Btw, that was his pawpaw’s jacket he wore when he first performed “wonderful world” on idol. Some relative posted on idol board at the time that his pawpaw died and he wore his jacket cause he missed him or something like that. I thought the person meant his dad – I didnt know it was his grandfather he called pawpaw until I was reading this site.

    Alex liked playing that Stephen Marley song “Hey baby’ with the qoute he used. I like the song and it fits his voice. After watching new IICD episode and Alex talking to the tattoo artist about Biggie being his favorite rapper. I was watching youtube video of Diddy Dirty money and their new song “Angels” and it features a rap with Biggie (Diddy likes doing that even though he’s dead) I really like the song. Diddy actually sing in it too. haha. I like that Diddy stays true to what works and keeps it always melodic hip-hop/rap. Diddy was on IICD with his group ‘dirty money’ and Alex met him. I checked amazon and the CD for “Diddy dirty money” is still on pre order even though a couple songs have been out on youtube for a few months. I like the song “Hello good morning’ and I love this one “Angels” featuring Biggie. Although I like the the remix of “Angels featuring rapper Rick Ross more. Anyway, here’s the video of the one with Biggie. Alex will like it. He probably heard it already.

  5. Btw, here is the version of Diddy Dirty money ‘Angels” featuring Rick Ross. Very good song with great melody. Diddy knows how to make melodic hip-hop. I’m a big fan of melodic songs, (That’s why I love Spanish music and my favorite singer is David Bisbal who has a beautiful voice and make latin-pop/flamenco even though I don’t understand their language – Spanish make most melodic music.) Here is “Angels” remix. Alex should like Rick Ross’s rap style too.

    I dont which Alex’s facebook are fake. I just look at the ones you linked to this site and I know those are the real ones.

  6. Oops, my mistake! The twitter photo is titled “Papaw”, NOT “Pawpaw”, like I wrote earlier. So that means that both the new Facebook account and the Twitter photo reference to Alex’s grandfather are spelled the same. Lauren, I believe, commented earlier about them being different as a reason to doubt the new FB page. Anyway, just wanted to clear that up.

    He really wore his Papaw’s jacket on Idol? That is very touching. Too bad he died so (relatively) young, and that he’s not alive to witness Alex’s musical progress. I’m not too keen on most rap, (although I really loved some of Tupac’s stuff–that ode to his Mama really gets to me), but I like the melody running through that Angels track, Shadow. OK, off to bed for me. Hopefully, more tidbits tomorrow!

  7. The Twitter background is good news for those who don’t want IICD back,or Alex on it if it came back.As you’ll recall the previous background was the IICD signature scene…

  8. @alleycatfan Twitter backgrounds can be changed in 2 seconds. Not that hard to change it back! :biggrin:

  9. Hmm, time will tell.Someone said,either here,or on DU that Simon F. doesn’t even really know the fate of the show.I guess,in the end,I hope he doesn’t go back,cuz if a TV audience does not take to the new production if it comes back,it could reflect badly on Alex.There are many ways a very good manager,and/or label can promote Alex ,and be quite visible,and effective w/o a very questionable product-IICD…

  10. Diane: Ok its ‘papaw’ not pawpaw. I was writing pawpaw. I’m not a big rap listener but I like Tupac and Biggie. What makes them great is their style is melodic and musical and it helped improve rap. That Diddy dirty money song “Angel’s” is hip-hop. I like hip-hop cause its mixing a bit of Rap with Pop/R&B and other genres. The melody of that Angel’s song itself is what I like most – its really good and Diddy used a good beat. Actually the vibe of the singing/humming towards the end has that new Age music vibe like Gregorian monks chanting like Enigma uses in songs. That’s why it has that beautiful, emotional vibe to it at the end. ‘Enigma’ is one of my favorite musician – Michael Cretu who is from Spain is behind the music of Enigma. “beyond the invisible” is one of my favorite songs. I love the whole CD it comes in

  11. Here is Enigma’s video of “beyond the invisible” it has gregorian monks chanting that reminds me a bit of the emotional humming/singing vibe at the end of Diddy Dirty money’s ‘Angels’ (actually a lot of Enigma music have that chanting vibe. its electronica, new age and some singing)

    “beyond the invisible” is from the Enigma’s mid 90’s CD “Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi” – its my favorite Enigma CD, and one my favorite CD ever.

  12. And now Shadow,I’m going to post some Madonna vids-J/K.Actually,I like Gregorian chants.As I recall-Sting did a very fine album with Gregorian chant-inspired tracks…And I :heart: Sting’s music,in general…

  13. Papaw’s picture is epic!!! I absolutely LOVE it! Lovelovelove old-school pics like this. And yes, he was a really handsome man, just like Alex is turning out to be. :wub: I’m about to cry over the realisation that the Idol jacket belonged to papaw. :cwy: I’m sure papaw would be so proud of Alex’s achievements thus far.

    edit: lola’s lyrics are AWESOME. So funny!

  14. Well….Alex’s Mom just said (on FB) that Alex is coming home to visit next week and then go back to work in LA :) yay! :biggrin: Glad he gets to go home for awhile, I think he was starting to get homesick again (my opinion, of course) It will do him some good to be around family!!

  15. @Lindaw – saw that and I’m glad he’s getting a break! I think it’s rather telling though that she mentioned he’ll be back to LA to keep working. Great then! that means he didnt get kicked to the curb and he’s still doing what he’s doing like when the show was up only without the livestream. :w00t: I hope he has somewhere to live though….

  16. Thanks for the heads up @LindaW – Good to know that Alex actually has work to get back to! :tongue:

    I think by the by the time he gets back to LA someone will have him set up in an apartment. Probably at the beginning of November.

  17. Diane: I don’t think Alex’s papaw’s face will be that thin and narrow with just pronounced chin like that picture shows.(although his chin will be pronounced/well defined like Alex’s too) Its a black and white picture and the effect of light & shadow only highlight the forehead, cheekbone and chin, that’s why it looks that way – the rest of the jawline is in the dark so you can’t see the shape of his face that well. Another picture will show the shape better – I think the shape will be similar to Alex’s face (especially when he first auditioned and face looked thinner and more chiseled). Its the same highlighted portion in that pic of his papaw’s face that I said previously I like to look at when I watch Alex’s face looking at the mirror in his room. I think that’s his mom dad based on those features.

    LindaW; His mom said he’ll visit Texas and then go back to LA to work. That’s good. The little break will help him relax and then he can focus better on things he needs to do.

  18. Yeah, I am sure he will have a place to live. I wish we would hear something, but as someone else put it, if a record deal in in the works Alex probably will be “embargoed”. So I think I will have to brush all the ants outta my pants, realize we will hear when we hear it….Gahhhh! hmmm easier said than done. :blink:

  19. I have a theory that Alex signed a new contract with 19E yesterday. Maybe the other Dreamers were released from their IICD contracts, that’s why the mad scramble to get on with their lives. His Idol contract had to have expired by now, right, @snuffles? Don’t think he’s got a “record deal” per se, but he’s heading in the right direction. Very good sign that he’s going home to Texas for a bit, but going back to LA to keep working.

    Anyway, I think Alex is in a good place right now–not worried about him in the least. The only thing that worries me is the abysmal state of the music industry. Record sales absolutely suck right now. David Archuleta is expected to sell 20-25K albums this week, and the super popular and big radio star, Bruno Mars, is expected to only move about 50K “units” this first week of release. That would keep any musician awake at night. Sheesh!

  20. I wonder if they are worried about Bruno’s run in with the big “C”, and whether that is gonna effect his sales????

  21. @Diane – The Idol contract ended at the end of August. They should have signed Alex to a 19 Management contract right after that. And considering all the investment they’ve put into him with songwriters and demo sessions, I wouldn’t be surprised if they already signed him to 19 Recordings. They didn’t invest that much into Justin and clearly didn’t sign him either.

    As far as the rest of the Dreamers go. I thought I heard that they original 5 were only contracted up until November with an option to pick them up for a 2nd season if things worked out with the show. I think most of them won’t get re-upped.

    I still think Wednesday’s meeting was about a record deal and discussing what steps to take next with him.

    And WORD about Bruno Mars. 4 massive hits and he only sells 50K. Good thing that he’s a song writer, that’s where he’s making his money. He also wrote Cee-Lo’s “F#$k You” song.

    I hear these days record companies are also factoring in single sales into the calculating the “success” of an album era. As in 10 singles sold is the equivalent of 1 album sold.

    Lets use some recent Idols as an example

    1) ALLISON IRAHETA – her album only sold about 150,000 and every one of her singles failed to catch on at radio and didn’t sell diddly squat. She also didn’t catch on overseas either. She recently got dropped by Jive.

    2) JORDIN SPARKS – her latest album sold less than 200K in the US. But she has an overseas market and worldwide she’s sold nearly 600K. But she had a platinum hit with “Battlefield” that did well in the US and overseas. She also had a modest dance club hit with her single “S.O.S.” She’s currently working on album #3.

    3) KRIS ALLEN – Album sold around 350K in the US but it didn’t really catch on overseas. He has 1 platinum hit. The 2nd single tanked. He’s getting a 3rd single but I’m hearing he’s “on the bubble” at Jive. If single #3 doesn’t sell well, he won’t get to make a 2nd album.

    4) ADAM LAMBERT – Album #1 has sold over well over 1 million units world wide. He has two Top 15 pop radio hits. A platinum selling single and a gold selling single. They’re discussing a 3rd single. He has a mostly sold out WORLDWIDE solo tour. A couple of his songs are being heavily licensed. He’s also developed his own merchandise line that is selling like hotcakes all over the world online and in stores like Hot Topic. Album #2 has already been green-lit and he could start working on it as early as December.

    So as you can see there are a variety of factors that the labels determine success. If you’re not doing well in one area but doing great in another, that could save you.

    There are multiple lines of revenue for a record label that go beyond just album sales. Single sales, music video download sales, ring tone sales, touring, merchandise, licensing out songs for things like commercials, etc…

    They look at all of that.

  22. Sam just tweeted that “‘he’s chillin at the dream house with no cameras interesting’. He and Alex are there apparently and he’s helping him pack I guess, since they have to move out. Awww. I’m gonna miss watching Alex there – been following him since Hollywood rounds. I love Sam Larsen and I’m gonna miss him visiting too. We don’t know if they got to do that band practice tuesday. I enjoyed Alex and his band – we have those videos of them at first Roxy show to watch.

    Anyway, its good for him to go visit Texas for a bit and come back. He has friends and music business people he’s met there. Going to Texas will re-energize him to go back and focus on his career – and being on idol and IICD will provide him opportunities along with his music. He should relax with family and friends in Texas and not get into any issues with typical neighborhood jealous haters there.

  23. Snuffles: That’s good that Jordin Sparks actually sold more overseas. She has international appeal which is a good thing that can keep the label from just letting her go if they know she can make up sales in foreign countries. (she’s releasing her own cologne I read) She has the hit with “battlefield” and singles counts for a lot now since people download more. I liked the song. I can see Alex touring with Jordin Sparks, Katie Stevens, Kris Allen or Kelly Clarkson when he releases a CD too – cause they have similar Pop/soul vibe, and all have R&B influences.

  24. @Shadow – One note – Sam saying he’s “chillin'” doesn’t sound like they’re hard at work, packing. Just sayin’. Alex’s mom said (on FB) that Alex will be visiting home in Texas next week. Alex isn’t likely to be packing on Thursday for a trip next week, imo! :wink:

  25. It sort of seems like a parallel universe with Alex having houseguests, chillin’ with Samuel, and Kara’s tweeting saying they’re deconstructing the DH and all are heading for the hills. Definitely get the feeling that Alex was given different marching orders.

    @Snuffles, I agree that he’s probably already signed with 19R, but then why would he put “19Ent” as his record label? Are they the umbrella company to all the whole alphabet soup? Also, why did he say he had a different “Idol” contract that didn’t pay well when talking to Kara in the kitchen on the fateful evening. Would 19 Management have stiffed him when he signed in August/Sept? Or do you think he just meant that he didn’t get the benefit of all those months of pay (Jan/Feb thru Aug–plus probable signing bonus–plus a WORLDWIDE promo tour) that the other Dreamers got?

  26. Speculation: Hmm i find it odd that Lee Dewyze today announced his single and record album….
    The single is being debuted on Ryan Seacest radio show Oct 13th and will be available on Nov 16th. Im hoping it’s because they really cant (or dont want to) announce a non idol being signed before the the actual winner announces their goodies??

  27. @Diane – 19 Entertainment is the umbrella company for 19 Management and 19 Recordings. I even think 19E might even be own by the bigger corporation CKX.

    I think what Alex was saying was that due to the Idol contract he was under (which expired at the end of August) he wasn’t able to get paid like the other Dreamers were. That would have required a new contract. One that he couldn’t legally sign until his first one ended.

    I think it was related to getting paid for appearing on each episode that aired. SAG/AFTRA have a minimum wage requirement for stuff like that. I think for a TV series is $2800 per week. But maybe it’s a little less for a web series. But I’m betting they cleared $2000 a week. So Kara has been getting paid for appearing on the show since March. But Alex probably didn’t get the same appearance fee until late August/September. So only for the past 6 – 8 weeks? Versus Kara getting paid for the past 8 months.

    But Alex got “paid” in another way – by writing the theme song and getting royalties on that.

  28. Ha ha I hope you guys are voting for Alex on that poll, now I realllly want him to win over Tim, (I actually thought Tim Urban was fine, not better than Alex by a long shot, but…..) this little child on twitter is really bashing him…he said “vote for Tim not D-bag Alex.”..and i responded with “thank you I am going over and voting for Awesome Talented Alex Lambert”…Boy! in return for my “offensive” response, I was called Trashy, Pchyco, Fugly and a stupid Alex Lambert Fan…..ha ha….Hes really young like 12 or 13, what a brat, momma needs to spank him. VOTE! :heart:

  29. Now while I’m sure Alex can win fair and square, it would be remiss of me not to suggest you clear your recent history and your cache and try voting again right away… see what happens :angel: :whistle:

    And yes that boy needs a good smacking Linda LOL!

  30. Thanks Kassandra, lol I have been making sure that I voted every hour. :lol:
    :missing Alex: :sad: :heart:

  31. I see a lot of news about Lee’s stuff being released. It really sucks if we have to wait for Lee and Crystal’s music to be released until they can announce anything about Alex. I’m thinking we will have to wait a while because maybe they don’t want Alex to steal their thunder, lol.

  32. Ooooh AINow just tweeted that the episodes with Idol alums for Don’t Forget the Lyrics are gonna start airing next week!! Not sure what date Alex’s will air, but it looks like we’ll get to see it soon in the coming weeks!! Hmmmm could it coincide with a record deal announcement perhaps?? I sure hope so! Can’t wait to see it! :biggrin:

  33. @Katherine – I really don’t think that’s the case. Because if it was, they wouldn’t have announced Casey James record deal already.

    Whatever the plan is, they would be wise to time it and roll it out in a way that would have maximum media impact.

  34. Katherine – I watched the Taylor Hicks preview. I was NOT impressed.

  35. Hmmm, that is true Snuffles. @Cathy, I didn’t even watch it, lol, I just tweeted Lyndsey Parker if she had a preview for Alex.

  36. Cool hopefully she does!!

  37. I’m voting away for Alex. I hope he tweets with some news soon.
    So glad he’s going home for awhile. It’ll be good for him to kick back and get off the merry-go-round for awhile. He’ll probably come back with a dozen new songs! Now, let me go take a look at papaw.

  38. Hey Lola,

    You do the same thing I do. I always re-write songs with my own lyrics. Good one!!!

  39. @Cathy – I just “tried” to listen to T. Hicks preview – I dumped it at the cat-wailing, totally flat “Thriiiiiiler!” Ewww!

  40. Ohhh Ugggh! :sick: Poor Archie,I just listened to his new lead single “Elevator”,he performed on Wendy Williams,and if that was the best he could come up with after a far more extensive time in producing this second album(not counting X-mas)-he’s in HUGE trouble…

  41. I never thought of archie as a sellable artist and forgot about him after idol. He’s got a good voice but he’s kinda been too “nerdy” sorry no offense but he kinda lacks the swagger of most pop stars. I think of all the contestant this season, Alex is the one who’s got THE voice and the style and the swagger to be a pop star. Not even Lee, he’s too daughtry 2.0

    Anyhow, hope everyone is having a good day!

  42. Archie should release a Spanish language album and sing a lot of swoony love songs. I think the Latin American market would eat that up. Other than that I don’t think Archie is made for the current pop landscape. He still acts like a 12 year old.

  43. @alleycatfan – Ugh, is right. I only listened until the falsetto “E-le-va-tor” part. It’s fail, imo.

  44. Yves, did anybody even think Lee had swagger? Heh. That man is as vanilla as one of his paint colours. Sorry.

    I like Archie. He doesn’t act like a 12 year old. He’s quite mature where it matters. He works hard, and is respectful to others. Nothing immature about that. I also don’t think he wants to stay in the Bieber market. He’s gunning for Adult Contemp, I think. He’ll do fine, even if he’s not a biggest-selling artiste. At worst, he’ll be a gigging musician which I don’t think he minds at all. That kid just wants to sing. :heart:

  45. Areyouin: I assumed Alex is in the process of packing while Sam is there, since Kara said they were told to be out of the house by end of this week, and she said they were already packing. She said the landlord wanted triple the rent and was being snotty about the whole thing. Alex can go stay with the Melons till he leaves for Texas next week if necessary. That landlord issue could have added to the quick hurry to shut the show sooner too – if the show comes back they can find another house to rent.

    Alleycatfan: I’ve listened to Archuleta’s whole CD at aol website – listening party of new releases. You can listen to it there (mjblog posted a link to it) The CD seems kind of bland to me. But I dont wanna be critical about it cause there may be those who like that — it’s not the type of CD I’d buy though. I figured its targeted towards the disney 14 yr old girls or something like his first CD. The only song I liked there is “look around” cause he tries to do something different with the beat. I think David Archuleta’s big voice is more suited for Josh Groban type music — he can go that route with future CD as he matures. I like his voice.

    Not surprised Lee will be releasing his single soon, and CD by November in time for Christmas shopping. That usually happens with the winners. Crystal seems to be butting heads with the label wanting everything her way and wanting to be indie style on a major label, and wanting her CD later in the spring. I already know Crystal is one of those top 2 that idol label will get rid of by second CD. She already tried to quit the show during the season, and said she never even watched idol before auditioning, and now she keeps tweeting about fighting the label.

    They will be showing the idols who were on “dont forget the lyrics” in the coming weeks in time for idol buzz, and for contestants who will be releasing CD. Kelly Clarkson said she’s releasing a single on radio in november or before Christmas and the CD coming early spring. I hope Alex gets to have CD out in spring when Idol is on, and fans are all on idol boards to buy, and help promote the CD and request it on radio.

  46. Ya know…they could have let the dreamers have just one last good-bye or something. I know it’s old news, but this sucks!

  47. I thought the Dreamers were given until the end of NEXT week to move out.

  48. ETA: I think Kara is packing up early because she had already planned to leave town to go to Baylor Reunion before then.

  49. Snuffles: I read at dreamupdates they were supposed to leave this week. People there were discussing Kara’s tweets and what she said in the kitchen live stream after it was canceled. She made it seem it was urgent and she and Ben were already packing as of 2 days ago. Or maybe they’ve given them till next week. I don’t know. I know the crew is already taking down everything that has to do with IICD though, cause the landlord wants his place back. The guy knew the house is all wired with cameras and a significant part of the show, so he decided to triple the rent apparently. Maybe the real estate market is improving there and he can sell it now – plus a show like IICD being filmed there will make it appeal to Hollywood type buyers who like that showing off type of thing.

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