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May 192012

While most SNAF already know the exciting news, we would like to announce that Alex’s song which he co-wrote with Mike Busbee “Trouble” (formerly as we assumed it was titled “That Girl is Trouble”) will be included on X-Factor Season 1 contestant, Chris Rene’s debut studio album! We know we speak for everyone in saying that your SNAF are extremely proud of you Alex! And to Chris, welcome to the family…make us proud and do the song justice! We’ll update you in the future on when and where to buy the single. :biggrin:

Click below to hear a little snippet of Chris Rene performing “Trouble” at the Mall of America.



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  1. I suppose I can officially change the song title on the track list. We always thought it was “That Girl Is Trouble” but now we know it was just “Trouble”. :w00t:

  2. Congrats to the Big Al !!!!!! Its one of Alex’s most radio friendly tracks, that we know of. Hope it does GR8 on the charts. Who knows there just might be another Alex track turn up on someone else’s album this summer, just sauyin’. And please, someone bombard MJ as soon as this single is made official. She posted when Pia co-wrote a single for Aubrey O’Day ,so fair is fair!!!!!!!!

    • I will suggest Rickey ( post something about it too. He likes us Alex fans, and usually posts things if I ask him.

  3. Also, I want to extend a warm welcome to all the Chris Rene fans who come to this site. Chris is a TREMENDOUS talent, and I voted for him on X-Factor every week, he’s goin’ to the top!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’ve been off-line for a few days, so what a cool surprise to see my Twitter timeline filled with excitement for the release of Trouble as Chris Rene’s next single!!! Wooooottttt!!!

    I tried to find the site where I’d seen an album release date, but couldn’t track it down. I did go to this one music forum called Pulse, which has a Chris Rene thread. Here’s an excerpt from a poster talking about the “new single”:

    “”Re: Chris Rene – “Young Homie”
    « Reply #128 Yesterday at 11:07am »
    101.3 KDWB premiered a new Chris Rene song on DAVE RYAN show this morning. They introduced it as world premiere of the song.

    It’s called “TROUBLE”. It’s catchy as hell. Boy can write good songs NGL! I think I even like it more than “YOUNG HOMIE” and believe it would do better. It does sound like a summer hit to me. He sounds really good on the song too.

    It has his usual stamp on it : Sing-rapping, with his typical reggae feel. This one is about a girl, haha!

    I wonder why they’re releasing another song when YOUNG HOMIE is doing quite well. I guess they want another single that could do better on radio before the album is released! But that was fast!””

    End of quote. I’m surprised they are pulling the plug on Young Homie, too, but maybe it didn’t research well, or “test well”, which is what radio program directors are really hung up on) I thought YH would do well on the radio, they play it on my local Rhythmic channel and it sounds great!! Fabulous news that Trouble will be the next single. Such a great song–I hope it’s a hit for Chris.
    P.S. Funny that the guy says (Chris) writes good songs. Hah!! Busbee writes a lot of reggae-ish tunes, and a perfect writing partner for Alex. No wonder it was picked up by Epic for Chris. Great song!

  5. Ayyyy Diane.. You are a great source of information! I heard the official version of “Trouble” on The Dave Ryan Show this morning. They replayed his show from yesterday. Lucky thing it was the weekend! I really, really liked it. As we all know it is a very catchy song and I think it’ll do very well.
    The song was very true to the demo that we are familiar with. Chris may bring a little more swagga to the song, but then again this is the studio version and not just a demo.
    I am VERY excited for the official release of Trouble and can’t wait to purchase it and call radio stations to request it. We may need an official radio station call list posted at the site. GETTING “TROUBLE” PLAYED ON THE RADIO IS KEY!!


      Can’t wait to start making those calls!!!!!

      I always loved this song and kinda thought he sold it when he was taking requests at one of his shows (can’t remember if it was Boston or NY) and he said he couldn’t do that song. Aha! The truth is finally out.

      The only problem is: the damn song is stuck in my head!!!! I wake up singing it and fall asleep (when I sleep) singing it. It really is a radio-friendly song. Pop hit possibilities for sure.

      Thank you Diane for all of the great info and welcome Jodi! Music really does connect us at the most basic levels.

      A Chris Rene and Alex Lambert duet — Now, that’s something I’d really like to see/hear.

      Happy days… :)))))

      • Hey Janet, I’ve always like that song too and if it sticks in your head, that’s a very good sign. :biggrin: Let’s hope it sticks in everyone’s head this summer. :wink:

  6. We will probably learn the “impact date” for the single next week. That will be the official add date for Pop radio–I would guess June 4 or 11. RCA will metaphorically ship a digital copy of the single to all the Pop radio stations in the US. Maybe they’ve already sent it out, but I kinda doubt it. It might also be sent to Hot Adult Contemporary radio stations on that same date, or they might hope for a crossover hit further down the road. Trouble is more versatile than YH, but the fact that it premiered on a Pop station (KDWB) tells me they’ll try Pop first. There’s a couple of websites that list Impact dates for singles, but the Pulse Music Board forum is probably the best place to start. They have a thread for Chris Rene’s Young Homie, and they’ve already started talking about the new single, as I mentioned in my previous post.

    Stations can start spinning it prior to the impact date, more likely they’ll run contests, like pitting it against another new release. That’s pretty common for new singles, and helps get some listener involvement. Most stations play new singles that they’ve added to their playlist during the overnight hours, (when no one is listening–LOL), just to test the waters. This can go on for WEEKS, unless you are Katy Perry or Rihanna. Patience is required;-)

    Hopefully the label (Epic) will gear up their A&R team to hit stations with promotions and “encourage” the program directors to play Trouble. Chris is building good relationships with radio DJs and PDs as he continues on these radio tours. Maybe they’ll continue to promote YH at Rhythmic stations and Trouble to Pop/HAC. That could work. The best place to view Trouble radio spins is at you can view spins either by artist or radio station. can get kinda wonky, and is pretty low-tech, but it’s fun to see the spins pop up. Here’s a link to Chris’s Young Homie, tracking the spins.

    OK, that’s enough of my Radio Introduction 101 for now :biggrin: :wink:

    • You’re awesome Diane… THANK YOU! :smile:

      For next week’s lesson can you give us info on how to hit up the radio stations. :biggrin:

  7. Was so excited and shocked when I heard that Alex co-wrote Chris Rene’s new single ‘Trouble’! I’m a huge Chris Rene fan/supporter and have been following his journey since XF. The thing that is so ironic and surreal is that Alex was my fave singer on AI. I was so upset that he was eliminated so early on b/c he had an absolutely tremendous voice. I just feel that he was robbed of the exposure that he deserved b/c he could hands-down out-sing all of the competitors he was up against. I had downloaded his ‘Everybody Knows’ during that season and always think about him when I hear it on my iPod. I never knew Alex was a song-writer!! I’m just happy that Chris’s song release has reconnected me to his Alex’s music. Will now be following Alex’s music release & journey along w/ my beloved Chris Rene! Hoping that maybe one day they can perform ‘Trouble’ together or even hear Alex perform it on his own at some point. I notice they both have a similar tone to their voice so it suits both of them perfectly!

    • Hey Jodi! So glad you found us and reconnected with Alex. There’s a saying around here, “Things happen for a reason!” …. and they certainly do! :cheerful: Alex and Chris are both talented artists and you have great taste in music. It would definitely be amazing if Chris and Alex performed “Trouble” together some day. I’ll cross my fingers for that. :heart:

      • Lol, absolutely Cathy! It’s just weird b/c even though I only had that one song of Alex’s from his stint on AI, I never forgot about him. I would randomly think about him or hum his song on occasion. He just had that amazing unforgettable tone that’s all his own. Funny thing is I would almost prefer to hear Alex sing ‘Trouble’ over Chris simply b/c I know Alex wrote it and I can easily imagine him singing it. I really like the song, but I could tell right away it wasn’t something that Chris had written, it’s not his style of writing or melody at all! Aside from the songs that Chris performed on XF, the songs of his that I know and love are all originals that he wrote himself and it’s what I’m used to. From listening to the music that Alex has posted on this sight, I notice a lot have to do w/ women and love! That’s something that I wish Chris do more of, but unfortunately I just don’t think it’s something that really inspires him to write! He has maybe a couple of songs that you might consider love songs, but not really, lol. I don’t know how big of a fan you are of Chris, but when he sings his original music, I’m instantly connected to every word, to every note. I guess in the same way that Alex is when he sings, he gets inside his performance and you can’t help but get caught up in it. Don’t know if you’ve heard this song from Chris, he played it once while at a Seattle radio station this year… hope this link works>>

        But it’s one where I’m sure you’ll notice those wonderful similarities in Chris’s and Alex’s tone of voice and style of singing. Beautiful.

        • Jodi – Thanks for that. It really is a powerful song. I’ve never heard Chris sing one of his originals. It was eye opening for me. I can see why you feel so strongly about Chris’s music. :smile:

    • Thank you Jodi for your thoughtful comments and support.You speak the TRUTH! I absolutely love your idea about Alex and Chris singing “Trouble” together. That would be a very cool moment and no doubt they would sound perfect together.
      Maybe it will happen?? Chris began following Alex yesterday on twitter… NICE. Alex acknowledged it by thanking Chris. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a future collaboration of some type. I admire Chris so much and wish him continued success. We (Alex snaf) support him and will do our part in pushing radio to play “Trouble”.

      Hoping it becomes a BIG summer HIT! :biggrin:

      • Hey Lauren, just so glad that someone had retweeted your comment on Twitter about Alex co-writing ‘Trouble’ otherwise I may not have found out about that for awhile unless Chris decided to mention it at some point. Yes, I also noticed Alex thanking Chris for following him on Twitter! Would be awesome to see the two of them perform together one day, the sound of their voices together I’m sure would mesh perfectly! They have different musical influences and backgrounds which obviously leads to a differentiation in the type and genre of music they lean towards. But acoustically, when you strip away everything but their voice and guitar, it’s surprising how similar their tone and style of singing is. Yes, both are amazing artists and I also wish continued success to both Chris and Alex. Guessing you know that Chris celebrates 13 months of sobriety today (5/20)! So proud of him:)))

        • I do actually know that Jodi.. My bday is 4/20. Hey funny thing is my sister’s bday is 12/25. :wink:
          I can’t imagine how difficult it has been for him over the last year and the extreme pressure he’s experienced. Kudos to him for remaining strong and to his ever present Renelians for their support. :heart:

  8. Awwww, I remembered a post of alleycatfan’s and wanted to bring this little gem over… Just a little blast from the past that’s more than appropriate now. :heart:

    alleycatfan says:
    August 5, 2010 at 6:04 PM
    ‘Did anyone catch Alex playing Part of a new song earlier in TBR,before he left with KARA- IT WAS KILLER!!!!!!!!,AND i THINK HE WROTE IT WITH Busbee yesterday,because he said earlier they wrote a new song on ukelele,yesterday,and the way he played the guitar sounded like a uke.But, this new song is SO KILLER,it almost blows Untouchable out of the water,and I like Untouchable.Alex played a third to half of it’

    • Thanks Lauren, those were the days…I just think “Trouble” is as CATCHY and radio friendly as Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” & that song is in the Top 3 a lot on the Billboard Hot 100, and its also a pure pop song . As much as I love “Young Homie”, I just think the djs/pds have had a hard time plugging it into a mass appeal station genre – it needed to cross over beyond rhythmic, but it just did not :angry: However, YH sold well and is still in the top 70/80 of the REGULAR itunes singles charts, at times. But, radio airplay is THE KEY element needed for Chris, and I just hope and hope “Trouble” goes Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 this summer – it certainly derserves to :cool:

  9. This is all so exciting and I cannot wait to buy “Trouble”!! Also welcome Jodi, thanks for your awesome comment, so happy to see there are more Alex fans out there :biggrin:

    • You’re welcome! So glad to be here:)) Who knew I would be able to connect with one of my fave AI singers through my love for Chris Rene and his music. Yes, I’m sure we’ll be humming ‘Trouble’ all summer long! It’s gotten HIT written all over it! Much love, blessings, and success to both of these men:)

  10. Oh and I forgot to add, thanks so much Diane & Lauren for always sharing such great info! you guys are awesome :wink:

  11. I am adding some of Chris’s twitter feed from 4/6 – 4/7 that is more than appropriate to post. I “favorited” them the moment I saw Busbee and the uke. I love twitter because after reading a few linked articles and viewing pictures it was pretty clear, but it could never have been possible without If I Can Dream. :ninja:



    3. Chris Rene @MrChrisRene
    YES!!! Had a greeeeaaat night in the studio from 2 Oclock to 10:48 Makin sure this Album is Great!!!!

    Awwww this was when he recorded “Trouble”. Cool stuff :biggrin:

    • So he didn’t even record Trouble until April? Wow, one of the last tracks cut for the record, I would think. Good ninja sleuthing, Lauren!!

      I’m thinking they’ll wait until the Idol dust settles this week and next to do any real promo for the new single. It’d get lost in all the media chatter focused on Idol Finale and subsequent winner.

  12. Hey all…just been creeping and not commenting much lately on here, but I, too, was so excited when Trouble emerged! That song is too good for it to sit around and get dusty…and if Alex didnt record it, which I was sooooooo hoping he would, becoz its one of my favs, and suits Alexs voice so well, I am so glad someone like Chris is doing it! Sounds really good and so happy it wasn’t changed up to death, its perfect the way it is. Real Proud of Alex to have had a hand in this…and i’m sure its just the beginning of things to come…as slow as it is for us patient Snaf lol, but you know what they say “Slow but steady wins the race”…. :wink:

  13. Alex is just too awesome. He is so f*%^$ing awesome. That’s all there is to it. Alex is trouble :devil:

  14. For those of you who haven’t seen this already…. (it’s all over Twitter)… “Trouble” is being released to mainstream radio on June 26th. Make sure to request it like crazy. :biggrin: If you’d like to hear a sample of Chris’ studio version…. here’s a link. :heart:

  15. I have been following Alex ever since American Idol and was hoping by now he would have release an album. I am a big fan of his voice! I check back to this site periodically. It’s great that he had a part in the new single of Chris Rene’s, in which I am a fan of his as well. I also agree that they have similar soulful voices. But if that is gonna be such a hit song, why didn’t Alex release it himself? Are we getting any closer to an album release for Alex? He has so many songs that I love already!

    • Tina…. I wish I could give you some good news about an Alex Lambert album. Unfortunately I can’t. We really just have no information at all about whether Alex is even working on an album. I would love to think that he is. Having songwriting credits on a hit single would really help to put Alex on the map in the music industry. That’s why we’re celebrating this single so much. Why didn’t Alex release it himself….well that’s easy. He doesn’t have a recording contract. Even if he did, Trouble would most likely not be the type of song Alex would record. Alex has been leaning more towards R&B and away from pop. So I guess the bottom line is this…. Alex is working in the music industry. Having Trouble on Chris Rene’s album is a huge success for him. Alex is working on his career in a way that will give him long term success. Don’t write him off yet. I think we’ll see an album at some time in the future. So please…. keep checking back in. Hopefully we’ll get some good news soon. Thanks so much for being such a dedicated fan. I know that Alex appreciates it. :biggrin:

    • Being a songwriter seems to be the ticket to record deals these days. Just look at Bruno Mars, Jessie J, and Frank Ocean. I could go on and on. All started as hit music writers. This exposure for Alex is immeasurable. Cred factor x100. The fact that the song got picked as a single is like winning the lottery. I just hope that the single is a big hit and has great single sales on iTunes. That’s money in Alex’s pocket. Songwriting royalties, that’s where the real money is to be made.

      Alex would have killed on a studio version of Trouble, no doubt. And I would have bought it!! It’s the perfect song for his voice, with a reggae vibe and all. We all hope Alex is still being developed as a singer, with an album in his future. But until that date, I’m thrilled about Trouble being released as a single on Chris Rene’s upcoming record.

      • I always enjoy your intelligent and informative take of things Diane! I totally agree with everything you said…..for me….Alex + Trouble = happy girl, but so happy and proud about his contribution. Alex has a very intelligent mind and is going to be crazy successful. Really happy for him :wub:

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