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Jun 172010

While Alex is visiting family, let’s play a game! Take out a piece of paper and number it 1-10. Below you will find some trivia questions to test your Alex Lambert knowledge. Click on the comment section to find out the answers and determine if you are an Alex Lambert addict! NO CHEATING!! :evil:

1. What is Alex Lambert’s favorite drink in the IICD house?

2. When is Alex Lambert’s birthday?

3. What is Alex Lambert’s middle name?

4. What was the first ever Alex Lambert original sung in the Dream House?

5. What is the name of the music duo that helped write and produce, “Dream With My Eyes Open”?

6. Where is Alex Lambert’s favorite vacation spot?

7. What brand of shoes does Alex wear most often in the Dream House?

8. Finish these lyrics “I thought I knew, but this just doesn’t feel right…”

9. Whose picture is on Alex Lambert’s wall in his room at the Dream House?

10. What do you love most about Alex Lambert?

0-2 correct ~ You may be on the wrong site!
3-5 correct ~ You need to brush up on your trivia!
6-8 correct ~ You’re an Alex fan and we love you for it!
9-10 correct ~ The first meeting of “Alex Fans Anonymous” is on Monday! See you there!

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  1. i just wish we would hear something from alex or iicd sooooon!!!

  2. well he did tweet about coming back the other day and i’m pretty sure he’s coming back ;)

  3. pauli, one minor correction — I didn’t bash on Gig for no reason. I most definitely had a reason. And, I didn’t post mean comments about her anywhere but here — among friends I thought. I told her directly via twitter what I thought of her. It was all for naught as I don’t think the messages got through anyway. You probably are right that we shouldn’t bash people. I do, usually, try to stay in the light. HOWEVER, I reserve the right to state my opinions and use any language I choose. If it offends you, I’m sorry. I will try to keep the focus on Alex and not talk about skank girl. I admitted I felt I went overboard. I didn’t need a reprimand or to be called pathetic. I’m sorry you feel that way. It hurts me to hear that. We agree on one thing though. This site is all about Alex. Sometimes, that demands that we defend him — especially when he is being wrongly blamed and isn’t even around to defend himself. I make no apologies for that.

    We also agree that I wish Alex would get back soon. I have an annoying feeling that this may not have such a happy ending. I don’t want to be doom and gloom and hope I’m wrong, but the longer he stays away, the more worried I’m getting.

  4. @Pauli and Kristi, I totally agree with you. We should not be so harsh to Gig; after all she’s just human and has goods and evils at the same time. I don’t watch much and don’t care much about her so it’s all good. If we attack her fiercely, the Alex haters may take use of that to turn it back against us.
    @Janet, I’ve got a quite lively imagination and your brutal imaginary torture really frightened me. LOL. I know you love Alex and are annoyed by Gig but just calm down a little.
    @Molly and Cathy, I think we should change the trivia test into Alex’s info gathering fest cause you may know what I don’t and vice versa. Then we can put those lovely bits and pieces in to a category on the site.
    I got 8 right (missed the middle name and the trainers’) for the first but only 2 for the second (have no idea about 3,4,5 and 6 though for no.4 I know that he loves this kind of dessert) heehee

  5. So – I was gone all day – After reading lauren’s post about the maid changing the sheets on Alex’s bed, I thought there would have been some talk about it on DU, but I didn’t see anything. The only thing that happened that seems odd to me is that Roger (?) told Kara that Tim Urban was spending the night and somebody posted that Roger (?) said he was taking Alex’s spot???? WTF is that all about. Geez – the iicd house is sooooo boring without Alex, and then DU is sooooo boring with nothing much to talk about.

  6. I just went to DU and saw “Roger told Kara Tim Urban, Idol, was spending the night, he could take over Alex’s space”. If THAT is the case, GRRRRR…. CAN’T STAND… Oh Alex, where are you now? Please come back to my life!!!:x :?

  7. Janet. and now I hear they may bring Tim Urban in to spend the night or something!! I would love to know what they are up to……. Pauli and Kristi, I understand where you are coming from, and maybe it was just a venting thing, I feel a little responsible for bringing Gig up in the first place, (but, it just seems like since Alex has been gone, they are shoving her down our throats)….But we should be able to vent on this site too. I, for one am extremely frustrated by this whole thing, I dont like being kept in the dark. But lets not turn on each other and saying someone is pathetic kinda uncalled for. Anyway I will be gone for the weekend and I am kinda glad to get away from all of this for a few days, hopefully, when I get back there will be some news, good or bad. Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

  8. Back to all the lovin y’all! I miss Alex but I’m glad the lakers won!!!! Booyah!
    Anyhow tim urban is staying for the weekend? Wassup with that? IICD is getting lame esp since Alex isn’t around… Gig annoys me too sometimes since she gets whiny I just ignore her. Janet, deep breath! Haha, sorry I’m just happy! Have a great nyt y’all!

  9. This is my last post for the night. This used to be a site for Alex lovers. When did we become bleeding hearts for everyone else in the house? We have rallied the troops many times in defense of Alex and EVERYONE was onboard with that. My sending personal tweets to Gig would never be seen by the Alex haters and would have no bearing there whatsoever. However, allowing her to speak badly of him via live stream will.

    LindaW, Tim Urban, WTF? This show is becoming a total snooze fest. I’m going to give it a rest. I’ll just check in here to see when/if Alex comes back. I’m very sad right now. I don’t think Alex is coming back. He may have burned his bridges with IICD. Hopefully, he’s made enough contacts (or he has that damn record deal) and doesn’t need them anymore. I’m sorry to say it angels, but I’m really feeling that in my gut right now — I call it my God center. I think Alex is gone from IICD. I hope to be proved wrong.

    And, to those who want to support the rest of the cast, I think you may have to find somewhere else to do it.

  10. @lindaw – about not liking to be kept in the dark. . . I’ve tweeted a few times to a couple of the iicd twitter accounts – like kind of random stuff like: “Won’t watch iicd live stream with out Alex Lambert. Some news please! Most popular/talented gone?! WTF!!” Anyway – I just look at it as venting – and kind of funny, right? Well. . . I just got a tweet from Jessica Bongiorno and she said: “theres nothing to fuss about haha, i already told you he’s coming back. im sorry if you dont believe me, but honestly, he is”. So — what do y’all think about that.?I didn’t expect anybody to even read it, and quite surprised she tweeted me about it. Anyway – the only thing I enjoyed at the iicd site is the quick link to Alex singing the anthem! But I still prefer watching it from the episode. I’m not complaining, but not so crazy about how they stilled his image for the end of the clip. But it’s still awesome!!

  11. I believe Alex is coming back to IICD. I’m going on vacation tomorrow and I hope to have good news when I get back. We may never know why he is in Texas. As long as he comes back, I don’t care.
    As for Tim Urban, he may be spending the night at the house. He can’t be taking Alex’s place because he is going on the Idol tour. I’m not sure when it starts. They are probably rehearsing now.

  12. Aww, Well, Hopefully, Jessica has the low down, I am sure she is kept up to date, so that statement is at least promising. Well thanks for that, I might be able to enjoy my weekend a little better now. (how sad is that?? :))

  13. I too, am getting very frustrated by how this is being handled, and making all the fans wonder this or that. It should not be a big secret on when Alex returns. Either he is or he isn’t, stop the drama (IICD). If he isn’t then say so. If he is then say he will return on this date. This “big secret” style drama is getting very old.
    I love Alex, and support him all the way, but even he could have said, tweeted or posted, “hey, I will be back in a week or on this date”, instead of “soon”. We don’t need the personal details, but a return by or not be returning, would be a courtesy to those of us who also love him.
    I know…. I’m bitchy, but like Janet, I don’t have a good feeling about this all. The longer this goes on the worse I feel. My rant is over.
    One last thing, how can Tim Urban spend the night at the house when he is suppose to be on tour with the AI top 10?? I hope they don’t give anyone Alex’s room, that is not right.

  14. Oh and I did watch the clip of Roger talking to Kara and Caitlin about Tim Urban and it seemed like Kara said she would clean the Guest room, and he said he can just stay in Alex’s space. Then Kara said about Tim’s Visit, it wont be the same without Alex. Caitlin asked when Alex would be back and Kara said she didn’t now.

  15. **Know….

  16. Tracy – there’s some talk about it on DU – The tour begins July 1 – and I would think they are pretty consistently in rehearsals right up until the tour. So I wouldn’t think Tim would be able to miss rehearsals. However, since it’s all in the L.A. area, he could come to the dream house and leave for rehearsal and come back, right? But I do agree that “Turban” visiting without Alex there wouldn’t be as much fun. But then, is anything very much fun there without Alex? :(

  17. i’m not sayin’ it can’t be a venting site and all that fun stuff.. but it’s down right hating on some people. i just say this because we really get defensive about people bashing alex, and that’s what people are doing with other cast members. it just so happens to be gig. i mean, saying something negative isn’t going to break my heart or anyone else’s i’m sure.. but being down right mean is just that. down right mean. i’m just going to say what i posted in alex’s defense as well.. would you want someone talking like this about you or someone you love? no. simple answer. take the high road and just don’t waste your time or energy. i’m not a fan of justin. i think he’s a big dope. i spend about 20 seconds a day on him and even gave him a smidgen of space during my ben blog on his site the other day. it wasn’t encouraging to him, but i wasn’t mean.
    now don’t anyone get all tense, i’m not picking a fight. let’s just play nice :)
    p.s. i’ve been 29 for 8 minutes now!!

  18. Thank you, areyouin, I thought that they would already be touring because the season of AI has been over a couple weeks. I really didn’t think about having to rehearse.

  19. lol I feel like a DU moderator. “Negative opinions of dreamers are okay, but please no personal attacks on other posters.” We need to stick together guys, don’t let Giglianne tear us apart!! Everyone just stop talking about it and let’s talk more about ALEX!!! Who’s excited that his mullet is growing back! I AM!!!!

  20. Happy Birthday, Kristi.
    I seen over on dream updates (I think), that Kara is suppose to go home to Texas over the 4th. Ben said that he wants to put a “slip” in for time off to go home too, for a couple days. I hope they let him do it. He has been there from the beginning with no “time off”. But I guess we will see.

  21. Molly, I LOVE Alex’s hair. I am very happy it is growing back, and fast too.

  22. Molly always the cheerleader! Luv it! I know I said gnyt already but I can’t stay away :)
    Anyhow screw All the other dreamers and let’s focus on Alex. Ok i’m gonna chill since JB said he’ll be back. *fingers crossed*

    Gnyt for real!

  23. PS Kristi! Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

  24. aw that means that I can’t go to the “Alex Fans Anonymous” meeting? but I got 8 right!

  25. Im not saying to like everyone. cause lord knows i don’t! but after hearing what was said and what it was regarding, i didn’t actually hear her bad mouth really? i mean, i don’t even think it was that bad! and amanda bash away! she was a bonafied bitch and she made no secret of her hatred and dislike for alex and anyone else she didn’t like (hello!! suck it??) but gig honestly likes alex, she just gets annoyed with his antics (like anyone). i’m just going to stick with hatin’ on the haters of alex, because i refuse to get anymore emotionally involved with this show damn it lol. i wasn’t even a fan of gig until she actually started trying to connect more with people after the whole canning of amanda. which is why .. still not a fan of justin. he doesn’t do squat but what he feels like. kara, i have no opion on. (that’s sad, that means she’s made no impression at all)
    i can’t believe the mullet is coming back so quick. it’s so cute. definitely makes him younger looking, but boyishly cute! i really do miss the music… but i’m trying to remember he won’t be there forever.. i just wish we knew what the crap was going on. they really need to keep his fans rallied to keep our ears aching for his music!
    i too think the producers needs to get with it and realize they are going to start losing viewers if they don’t get it together and let people know.
    hell, i know more about what’s going on with the crew members of deadliest catch than i do with IICD. i know this is a pioneering project for them (and maybe hollywood, i don’t know) but still, figure it out. i mean, do you think they actually listen to the fans?

  26. Kristi, I love watching Deadliest Catch. Capt. Johnathan and Capt. Phil are my favorite. I was so sad when Capt. Phil died this past winter.

  27. I know. I can’t believe they still haven’t actually caught up to that. It’s just weird watching “new” episodes of him alive.
    Ugh, I really need to get off the computer. I’ve been glued to these sites tonight haha. It’s just cause I don’t have to get up for work tomorrow!

  28. Ladies, Here’s my theory on why we haven’t heard from Alex. Maybe he doesn’t know himself when he will be back. He doesn’t know about him grandmother and, maybe, he’s still deciding if he wants to come back. It has been 6 torturously slow days for us, but I’m sure the days have flown by quickly for him. He’s probably sleeping have the day away and spending the other half with his family and friends. So to him it probably doesn’t feel like it has been that long. I hope he is reading his twitter, but we all know he was never that great at tweeting regularly.

    You can see that IICD wants him back. That is why they are being so patient. They are holding his spot with their “visiting family” avatar and they are still promoting him by putting up links every day. So the way I see it, either its all a big publicity stunt or they are also waiting for Alex to decide.

    We have reasons to believe that he IS coming back. I just think if we look at it from Alex’s perspective, we can understand why he has not let us know when. If, however, he doesn’t come back, we have to believe that Alex knows what is best for him. It is possible that IICD is not the best path for him. Maybe he’s talking to some record producers. Maybe he already has a deal with someone and doesn’t need IICD. Maybe it was all moving way to fast and he needed to slow it down. Maybe he still negotiating some terms with IICD. Whatever he decides, I believe we will still by buying his CD’s in the future.

    Yes, I desperately want him to come back to IICD. And I want it now! But, if I have to be honest, I want if for me. I want to see him everyday and listen to new demos every couple of weeks. I want to feel like I’m a part of the journey. So, I guess, I’m being kinda selfish. If I stop and think about what is best for Alex, I find I can calm down and be more patient. I want him to be successful on his own terms not mine. So, time will tell and we will have to wait. Very hard thing to do.

  29. Awesome comment Cathy!! I love all your “maybes” in the third paragraph – except the one about it “. . all moving way too fast. . ” :) IMO – that just doesn’t sound like Alex. I feel like he was relishing all the activities and all the good things happening for him with his music. Certainly he may have been dog-tired! I know I would be! But – great post, cathy :)

  30. I just dont want Tim sleeping in Alex’s room, he should sleep in the guest room!! Who is Roger to say where he should sleep. OKay Im really leaving now for the weekend, really…….keep me updated!!!:P

  31. yuck, they’d really put him in alex’s room? why are they even bringing him, tim honey.. you have like.. as much talent as a stick. i watched idol. i saw the 2 times he actually sang “ok” you can’t make it with an “ok” record.. look at past idol peeps to check that out.
    they really need to either start using the guest room for guests and kick kara out.. or make it kara’s room. i’m sick of it already, ya know?

  32. KJ, I know, what the heck, so Kara has two rooms?, why does she feel the need to spend so much time in the guest room?? I think she prolly would have moved in there by now, but they have to wait to see if the next DM is gonna be male or female. I know she said she wanted to move into Justin room when he left……

  33. Cathy, your comment sums up exactly how I feel. I’d also like to believe that Jessica B. does have direct knowledge from Alex himself that he plans to come back. But, I suppose that depends on two things: his grandmother’s health and his issues with the show. To be honest, the show itself is really starting to grate on my nerves. I’m rapidly losing interest. I hope, as more people lose interest and the numbers start to fall, the producers will realize how much they need Alex and bring him back with a bonus of some sort. Of course, if Alex doesn’t need them, that would be just fine with me too.

    I heard that Gig actually did read one of my tweets out loud. For those of you who think I’m a foul-mouthed idiot, here’s what I said:

    I’ve been shopping for mirrors, but all the stores are sold out. It seems @Giglianne_ has bought them all.

    Others were:

    Google Narcissus

    Alex didn’t make 47% of viewers think you’re boring. U R boring.

    How does it feel to try to raise yourself up by hitting someone when they’re down?

    So, chill out people and stop telling me to chill out. I don’t think I said anything that bad! If she does something that I feel like bashing, I think that’s allowed. You don’t have to agree and feel free to disagree. Just don’t tell me I’m pathetic or need to chill out. I’m far from pathetic and have a little bit more maturity than to sink to a level so low as to actually do damage. Besides, narcissists feel no pain from others, so Gig wasn’t fazed in the least.

    I will not discuss this again, but had to get this off my chest because some people here, quite frankly, pissed me off yesterday.

    New day. New beginning. Have a good one. Peace.

  34. I read your tweets Janet and they weren’t that bad……when she was reading the one to Kara about the mirrors she was using her drama queen voice. ARG! Your right she doesn’t give a crap what people say about her. I still think you are a Hoot! Ok I am really really leaving for the weekend now………..he he.

  35. Have a great weekend, Linda!! And – yes – Tim should stay in the guest room! Interesting that he gets to STAY in the house overnight. They didn’t let the 2 dream-weekend girls stay there. I guess it may have something to do with Tim already under contract with 19? :roll:

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