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Sep 012010

Tonight, Wednesday September 1st, Alex Lambert will be gracing the stage of The Roxy Theatre in LA with a return performance. This comes hot on the heels of last Saturday’s fabulous show as part of the Sunset Strip Music Festival (see videos here).

Alex will again be supported by his hot young band “The Lights”: Samuel Larsen, George and Freddie Hill and Oliver Lee (sadly, second guitarist Alex Treharne has returned to school in England). Also performing will be new girl group Dance Recital.

Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8.

Tickets are a mere $12.00 this time (so there’s no excuse for not going if you’re in the area!), and can be purchased from The Roxy box office.

Also, the first 50 people to show up will be admitted for free. FREE Alex Lambert!!! You gotta be crazy if you don’t go!

Don’t miss this second chance to see Alex live at The Roxy!

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  1. What’s the big deal? It’s not the actual demo. He’s just singing some words. When are they going to turn the sound on again?
    You could be right, areyouin.

  2. Thanks Molly for posting that link to Music is the dool to the soul.
    I have the feeling that just because he is the only one home, doesn’t mean he won’t slip out. (if you know what I mean). haha

  3. Its going to be hard to top the Avila bros.,at least 2 tracks,and the Busbee one,and maybe IDK-full production,so what if this new track is only his fifth,or sixth best?-not too shabby… :biggrin:

  4. Thanks for that link Tracy and Molly, very cool. Nice to know that pretty much everyone agrees that Alex was the best and most talented contestant this season! so proud to be a fan :biggrin:

    Very true alleycatfan, I can’t wait to hear those

  5. Yeah sound!

  6. P.S.-We aim high here-Janet Jackson -Rhythm Nation LP,AND Whitney Houston-Whitney LP each posted 7 singles off of their albums-the most since 1983-so we are getting close :w00t: Of course if its an E.P.-WE HOPE TO BREAK THE RECORD THERE ,TOO

  7. I think he might be on his way out. Looks nice tonight. He’s wearing the plaid shirt of his new twitter pic. Correction: He’s already left out the laundry room door. Nite all.

  8. Hmmm,no one in the DH,at all-thought Ben took the last Fiesta-so check back a little later…P.S -Most peeps in the industry think Alex is a GOD,and have little hope for other AI9’rs,maybe some hope for Aaron K.and Casey,but thats it…

  9. @alleycatfan I love your confidence and optimism! Do you have some insider info :ninja: ?? JK!

  10. Alex at Song Writing sess.-yeah,sure…..-off to watch some Dvr’s of movies I’ve got to catch up on…And now he’s back in his room-WTF…

  11. Katherine – Alex just tweeted asking how many would come see him in NYC!!! What was the name of the venue you guys were talking about? We should tweet him some names of Roxy-type venues! Maybe he’s thinking about it!!

  12. I liked the idea of a mentor from earlier in this thread.Adam Lambert is too busy,but he has been performing live since age 10,and he’s nearly 29-he’s a great live performer.Someone with like expeience would be awesome.Think of it-Alex was a high school football player a year ago -and to get to this level is just mind-boggling… :w00t:

  13. Alex is playing “Dear Prudence”-told ya’ll I like old film stars-Prudence-refers to Mia Farrow’s sister-Prudence Farrow-who was spiritual adviser to the Beatles,and a bajillion other celebs… :cool:

  14. Thanks Marianne, of course he tweeted that right after I signed out of twitter. Well I thought he was supposed to come back to NY at some point soon, hopefully he will! Omg that would be so exciting, I wouldn’t even know what to do with myself! :w00t:

  15. I can’t find Alex. It’s like Where’s Waldo. His avatar says he’s in the Fiesta, but of course all I get is the dark driveway shot. And, yes, I saw Alex’s tweet about playing NY and responded. OMG! If he comes to NY, I will simply lose my mind. The venue I think would be best for him is in the Village called The Bitter End. I told you guys about it. People will be lined up for blocks to see him. He’d have to book more than one show AND he better have a guest list for us! LOL! Now, I’m too excited to sleep. I don’t know if they’ll let him do it, but why not? LA isn’t the only place he has fans and New York isn’t exactly “bumfuck Egypt” — my aunt used to say that all the time. I don’t know what made it pop into my mind. Yes, Alex, please come to NYC. You’ve gotta mega fans here.

  16. Hey, Katherine, we were posting at the same time. You know exactly what you’d do with yourself. We’d get there early and greet Alex upon arrival! Maybe even get in for his sound check. Woo-hoo! I don’t want to get too excited because I know it might not happen for awhile, but what if it does? Ah….too happy.

  17. LOL @ Janet, yep you’re right! Yea I know, don’t wanna get my hopes up but I have a feeling he will be back in NY some time in the near future and if he is, 19 & IICD better hook him up with a show!!

  18. Aww! I thought he had to stay home tonight, but he was getting dressed up a bit and spraying cologne on his cardigan and his white v-neck (of course)!! Then he strapped his guitar on and started playing and walking around. I figure he’s waiting for his girl to pick him up? Maybe he talked to Gig and she’s on her way home after how many days? He’s out the laundry door now – just heard it squeak! 3…2…1… and out?

    And, for the first time ever, his avatar says “Seeing girlfriend” !

  19. Alex’s avatar says “seeing girlfriend”-honesty in show-biz is a rare treat… :lol: After seeing the rigged results of America’s Got Talent this week ,AND now seeing this-Maybe Simon Fuller is way more legit than Simon Cowell…

  20. Oh God, I can already predict the tweets and discussions that status is gonna bring up when the casual watchers see it. :wink:

    Right now millions of hearts belonging to uninformed girls are breaking…haha

  21. Ha! The garage techs saved us the trouble of speculating! They’ve actually got Alex’s avatar marked as “Seeing Girlfriend”. That’s a first, isn’t it? So funny. I saw him spray the cologne on his sweater too, areyouin, and I thought to myself, “geez, he’s really just a dorky kid, isn’t he?” Said with love, of course. :wub:

    ETA: Jinx, areyouin. We both said “that’s a first”. Great minds, and all that stuff…

  22. Yep – Great minds — all of us!!

    On that note, I think I’ll hit the hay!! Hey – to our NY friends – get to work on the NYC show, will ya!! G’nite all!

  23. Geez-c’mon girls-a guy with those looks,and charms will get some gfs-but you might be next… :smile:

  24. Hey everyone I added a new post of Alex singing Elvis in Memphis go check it out! Thank you…thank you very much.

  25. Yay Molly – I postponed my bedtime a few more minutes to watch!! I made the official first comment!! G’nite!

  26. Something is definitely wrong with my computers. The last time I checked, which wasn’t too long ago, Alex’s avatar still read “In the Fiesta.” This is bugging the crap out of me.

    Anyway, hope I didn’t overstep any boundaries, but I went ahead and sent some of Alex’s demos to the booking guy at The Bitter End. You know he’s gonna love him. Now, what do I do when they want him and Alex doesn’t answer my tweets. You’ll all have to join in and help me bombard him until he gets the message!

    G’nite. That’s all the damage I can do for tonight. :devil:

  27. Ooh, Janet – nice! Which did you send? Curious!

  28. Gollymolly: Yeah, I’m the one who said usher practices what he says to audience while doing rehearsal backstage. From watching first Roxy show I thought Alex has improved in his stage banter with the audience. Its good to practice what he says – the pros do it too like its part of choreography. Yeah, Alex wont really be a dancing kind of singer like some Pop/soul singers (he’s be more like John Mayer/John Legend who dont dance) but its good to take a couple dancing lessons so he can move a bit if necessary. And they can show him how to move around on stage better too, and look like he’s got moves like cool lead singer of maroon 5 even when not really dancing. And try look nice on stage too like planning to be a star. It all adds to making a complete package. Btw, Adam Levine lead singer of maroon 5 has a clothing store in LA and they were pretty stylish and hip from what I saw on TV about a year ago.

    Yves & Lauren: school has started so things may seem slower on tweeter. But I do I agree its good for him to find time do 2 vlogs and tweet a few people a week. I know some are overzealous in their tweets to him and he’s busy – but replying is all part of PR/interacting with fans to keep momentum going. I’m holding off on joining tweeter and facebook. I prefer message boards.

    Allycatfan: Yeah, I saw he changed his twitter pic. I was used to the old one. I like the old one cause it was professional shot like a star in GQ, and different pose, but it didnt show his face. This new one shows his face, maybe that’s why he changed it. Its alright and I like his hair, but if he takes another nice one that’s professionally shot in nice top that’s fitting of his Pop/soul vibe he can use that later. Its Sam who needs to change his twitter picture with that goofy sunglasses he’s wearing – it doesnt even look like its him.

  29. Btw, I was referring to Alex’s twitter pics in that previous post to Areyouin

    Regarding Ben complaining in tweet session. I think he is just getting frustrated. He doesnt really have much to show for what he’s doing like Alex or even Gig. He’s trying to learn acting cause he’s passionate about it, but its not easy to get jobs. That’s why he needs to do modeling on the side to feel like he’s productive too, and get his face out there. It’ll make him feel good if he books one job even if its modeling. Also, yeah Ben follows rule most and probably prefer how things was, but he shouldnt be saying only Alex gets to go out when he wants. He goes out quite a bit now too once he saw Alex and Gig gets away with it. (I liked when they all tried to atleast follow curfew cause it looked like the show was organized. But its ok to go out most of the night 1 or 2 times a week) Gig doesnt even act like she’s supposed to be in that house. She’s out most nights, yet she complains when has to be home overnight once a week. I don’t care if she’s around anyway, cause she tend to be moody and negative, and she turned down opportunity she’s given by Rocco. Andy Allo is moving in and she does modeling too, and has done a commercial, and a small hosting/correspondent type thing, and she did a good enough job – I dont think she will have a problem going with Rocco to report for fashion week. She will appreciate opportunity she’s given and make good use of it weather its acting, modeling or singing.

  30. I meant to say I was referring to Alex’s twitter pics in that previous post to Alleycatfan – not Areyouin. I tend to confuse their screen names.

  31. Cathy: Lauren, Isn’t it funny how we need our regular fix? Mark of a true addiction. Hopefully we will get something from last night soon. I sure wouldn’t mind a v-log either. Hopefully Alex will have a little break in his hectic schedule now that the SSMF is over. Maybe he will do a v-log for us. We can always hope.Diane, Do you think the end of the first season will even be noticeable? Do you think there will be a break in episodes? Will they announce that it is the beginning of a new season? Will there be noticeable changes to the show when the new season starts? I’m hoping that the start of the new season coincides with an announcement about Alex’s recording contract. Andy’s moving in may also coincide with the start of the new season. Maybe they will use Alex a little differently in the new season. I’m hoping we get footage from outside the house on a more regular basis. I think they are on the right track with the car cam, but they need to make sure that it works better.And I loved the Music Doctor blog. he seemed to really like Alex. Although the right-up was short, it had a lot of good content. The fact that he included the links shows that he really did his research, and I like the little note he attached to the third link. Is this guy affiliated with 19E or ClearChannel that we know of?  

    Not with anyone, just a fan of music.

  32. MusicDoctor:
    Not with anyone, just a fan of music.  

    @MusicDoctor – Hey thanks for the response. Good to know. Well let me just say that you have GREAT taste in music. Alex is very talented. I’d love to see you blog about him again.

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