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Jul 082010

Today Alex Lambert will be soaking up the love from his dad Harold, stepmom Monica, Grandma Becky and Granddad Gerry.

Oh and Did anyone read Looks like the Idol tour is TANKING. I guess they shoulda kept more talented singers on there ;) They canceled EIGHT shows.

Wow Alex and V are in LURVE! She Skype’d in as Mrs. Alex Lambert and he is GA GA over this girl. I love it :)

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  1. @Shadow_ia: When he get sign and be in the media, he will get a stylist. However, I just hope the stylist does not changed him.

    The fans loved Alex for the way he is.

  2. T’F; Yeah, they will likely have him talk to a stylist when he’s about to release a CD. I don’t think they will completely change his image – they will just upgrade him a little and tell him what works for him and doesn’t while still keeping some of his own style in there and suggesting other things.

    Kass: If Alex is a regular person and not trying to become a star I wouldn’t care what he wears – but the reality is image is part of becoming a star and successful. Those stars you see didnt always look like that. I’m not saying he should he get a nose job and be superficial or anything, but he’s got to look right and dress well when necessary. You wanna be a star look like a star. Its part of being showbiz savvy. (I dont mean too expensive or not be casual sometimes) And his management will set him up with a stylist once he’s signed I’m sure. The same reason it matters that he understands PR and dealing with media and fans – it matters how he looks so he doesn’t end up on worst dress list in magazines and be a laughing stock – it matters he looks right. That is why Idol has stylist working with them once they are in top 12 and those that wins like Kelly and Carey Underwood get makeovers to look good and not like the waitresses and students they used to be. As for his sunglass? Its just a matter of proportion and what works for anyone’s face. He’s a small guy and Oversize sunglass and those 80’s design don’t work for him and make him look like a jokester from 80’s high school movies. You may like it, but I’m sure if he wears sleeker smaller ones they will look better. This is not about me being judgmental, its about me wanting Alex to look his best, same reason I want him to act right and put out good music – because I care. (Art and design is my talent so it makes me look at things like that) Also, I’m not saying he must be dressed up all the time. I actually like him most in the V-neck white or black t-shirts and Jeans. But if he’s doing photo shoots or going to functions he has to dress well and look right without going over the top. Rob Thomas is a cool example of how to look. Chris Daughtry knows what works too. I know we have different tastes but we all want him to do well – I’m just giving suggestions and not trying to shoot him down or anything. I mean, I was looking at that 944 pic and half his face is covered by those big sunglasses and it distracts from his cute smile and dimples. Go with what’s smaller and proportional with the face – and there are cooler big sunglasses than that too. Alex is not a rapper or comedian and doesnt need big wacky sunglasses. Its ok we are all entitled to our opinions. You’ve given yours about how he came across in other situations too. We both mean well.

    • I’m not telling you not to have an opinion shadow – just pointing out that yours isn’t the only one :P
      Sure when he gets famous they’re not going to let him kick around in hoodies and baggy pants, and are going to get him a stylist… but like someone else said I hope that person takes his own taste into account, and lets him keep at least some of his unique quirkiness.

  3. I know we all have our opinions about Alex, but everytime (not always here) that I see comments about his sleep habits or what he eats or what he wears, I always think about the Josh Skinner interview that he did early on. All of the things that people want to change about him defines who he is and why he makes the kind of music that he makes. So I say let Alex be Alex. We all know by now he is going to do what he wants to do anyway. Yeah the glasses maybe are just a bit too big, but who cares. For whatever reason, they work for him and his personality. He is larger than life, right? :tongue: :tongue:

  4. On a light note I forgot to mention earlier that below the photo there was a small Q&A section. The onw question that stood out for me was…What book do you like to read by the pool or at the beach? His answer was “Twilight” by Stephanie Meyers. We all know better than that. Ya gotta love him!!!

  5. Kass: I’m sure he’ll keep some of his own vibe but some upgrade in style will help him too. I like hearing different opinions too and mine isn’t the only one – its ok

    I like his hairstyle too and how he feathers it on the side. Since Idol I’ve said it reminded me of early Rob Thomas hairstyle like those ancient Greek statues. I always see Alex by his mirror trying to get the sides of his hair right and using his deodorant and oblivious to us watching – its cute and amusing to watch.

  6. I have to agree that the sunglasses are the wrong shape for his face. However, I really don’t give a crap what he wears. If he likes it, go for it. I agree, though, just don’t mess with his hair!!! I LOVE the way it’s looking now. It’s hysterical to me how we all want to manage him — and I’m definitely including myself in that statement. If I could, I’d dress him, tell him what songs to sing, how to sing them, what events to go and what to avoid, on and on. But, at the end of the day, it’s his life and all I really want is to hear him sing.

    Speaking of songs that have gone MIA, what ever happened to “I Been Working?” That was the first song he sang when he came into the Dream House. Everyone loved it. I loved it and I haven’t heard it again. Anybody know?

  7. alex and veronica are sooooooooooo cute! ? :cheerful:

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