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Oct 012010

At long last, Alex Lambert has a proper biography!

Visit the link at the top of the page, or click here, to check it out!

Credit and a big thanks go to Lauren, who did an incredible amount of work researching and writing the piece.

Thanks also to Molly, who’s finally made Alex his own Wikipedia entry!

Read them now to learn all about Alex!

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  1. I’m up early and DU is back! I had trouble with it late last night too. Alex is still awake in his bed listening to music. DU updater posted that Alex may have straightened his room a bit and put some things into a duffel bag. Hmmmm. . . . is he going on a trip?

    I’m not one to harp on him about vlogs, but, it sure would be nice to know what he’s up to!

  2. @areyouin If he is going anywhere, he may be heading home. Sadly we all know that his grandmother is not doing well.

  3. Hmmm … curious about where Alex is going. Hopefully, he’ll let us know. There could be some very interesting things in this weeks episode.

    @Molly – I am very psyched about the Yahoo, Music thing. It’s another step in the right direction. YAY.

    For the passed 6 months, I have watched Alex make great decisions about his life, his career and his music. He has proven to be wise beyond his years. I am very sure that he will make the right decision about a guitar player as well. So I am not the least bit worried about it. I loved Alex T., but he is gone for now. Hopefully, we’ll see him back sometime. I’m sure Alex will make room for him when the time comes.

    • Sooo… did anyone send their photos/artwork/etc. to Shelby for her Alex Lambert fanvid???
      If not, We’re gonna have to make a post to get your butts in gear!
      Just a heads up ;)

      You can send your submissions to

      • OK so it’s been a slow day round here so far, and I’ve gotta go to bed in a bit, so I’m just gonna come out with one of my crazy predictions…

        DISCLAIMER: this one’s really crazy. But like I say, it’s been a slow day lol.

        So. Sebastian is going to make it at least as far as the judges round of the AI auditions. And they’re going to use his audition for a clever bit of seemingly unintentional cross promotion.

        It’ll go something like this.

        Judges: So, you’re from Texas, but auditioning in LA? Where are you staying?
        Sebastian: Well, with a friend of mine here… you might remember him from last season – Alex Lambert?
        Randy: Alex Lambert! Yeah dog, that kid with a made up language like I used to have! How’s he doing?
        Sebastian: He’s doing great! You know he got picked up to be on that If I Can Dream show, where he’s living in this house being filmed by 60 cameras that are streaming live to the internet?
        Judges: No kidding! What is this show? Tell me more!

        What do you think guys? Too crazy? Or so crazy it might be true?
        I have to say… I think I’ve been right about every single prediction I’ve made so far… though I’m giving this one low odds :P

        • Oh, also, is anyone excited for the episode tomorrow? Do we think we’re gonna be shown anything besides Alex getting his tattoo? At least in the preview for the next episode? Alex seemed pretty cheerful yesterday judging by his tweets, maybe cause of the Yahoo featured artist thing? Was that meeting at 19 that got rescheduled about that, do we think? Or about something else, even better? I’ve got my fingers crossed!

          ALSO anyone see Lauren’s tweet to @ificandream? She asked: @ificandream Why doesn’t Alex and his band play weekly shows as Justin did? Doesn’t IICD set this up? Isn’t this part of his development?
          … and ificandream ACTUALLY ANSWERED!!
          @lerram the dream tweet team doesn’t handle the scheduling but I will definitely pass that comment a long to production, thanks!

          Hmm… let’s see if they do!

          (Maybe if we gently remind them every now and then…?)

  4. Okay – Kassandra – not too shabby!! But does this prediction have anything to do with where he may be packing to go?

    • Haha… that I don’t know about. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      He’s sounding pretty sweet singing bits of James Morrison now, though, isn’t he?

  5. Kass – I like your theory. I was actually thinking that they might show Alex during Sebastian’s audition (if he gets in front of the judges). They always like a good backstory. This is a doozy. Didn’t Alex go with Sebastian to some of the auditions?

    I do think that maybe a meeting about the Yahoo, Music thing will make tomorrow’s episode. That would make perfect sense. Fingers crossed. I love the whole tattoo story, but would really love some music related stuff in this episode.

    Lastly, I still don’t know where he’s going with his duffle. I did hear him tell Sebastian that he has a meeting at the Dream Studio at 3pm. He told Seb that it wouldn’t take long. Seb should come along and they can get something to eat after.

  6. @Kassandra – I can see some possible cross promotion happening. But I think it will be more like – Alex shows up at the auditions to give Sebastian his support. Then Ryan will interview Alex to ask him what he’s been up to since he left the show.

    CUE UP: If I Can Dream cross promotion/obvious pimping.

  7. @Snuffles – we think alike. Haha

  8. Hmm- not much dirt spilt today-looking at his laptop in bed;well maybe that tweet divulged some dirt-LOL…

  9. His latest tweet is cute. Hmmm a MEETING? meeting for what I wonder?? Hopefully something awesome and exciting! He’s so funny, I actually would love to see that, Alex in a suit!! hahahah :lol:

  10. @snuffles FYI if you’re anywhere near Sunset Blvd. I heard Alex tell Sebastian they would get a Poquita (Poquito Mas).
    @Kass thanks for the back up. She tweeted @ificandream Please do pass it along to production about Alex playing at the Mint like @lerram said!!Thanks!
    I was pleasantly surprised that they replied to my tweet. Someone’s listening. When Alex was talking to Allen yesterday that he appeared anxious to perform again. It’s been a month already.
    Kass I love your creativity today. It’s fun to imagine the possibilties.
    @snuffles It would definitely be more IICD pimping.

    We never quite know what will make this week’s episode. One can never go strictly by the preview. What about Jordyn? Shouldn’t she get some air time? We’ll find out soon enough.
    Do you think that he is going anywhere at all? Maybe he just emptied some clothes out of the dufflebag to wash or is he washing clothes to put inside of it. TBD


    All your comments on the subject have been transferred over.

  12. Kassandra and Gollymolly; You guys should have a gallery section here for Alex pics and fan Arts if possible. I thought there was one before in the first Alex site. fan sites usually have a gallery. I know it may take some space but you dont have to put too many pics. It will make it easier to find images of him to use and for people to put fan arts. I havent done a fan art and wallpaper in about 2 yrs – I may do one later but not this week.

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