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Aug 122010

Schedule for today:

10:00 AM – Interview with Celeb Buzz
2:30 PM – Julie Murray does makeovers for the cast
4:00 PM – Twitter session

Also, after a late night jam session with Samuel Larsen (which was awesome) Alex told Sam he recorded a demo for a song we haven’t heard yet called “You Are the Reason” or “A Reason to Live”…something along those lines. Can’t wait to hear it! If he recorded a demo already it MUST be good.

P.S. This is Alex’s last night before he heads to GRACELAND!!!! :cool:

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  1. Sorry @Shadow-ia,I meant to say your name a bit ago.But-@snuffles,I am ticked off,actually that Adam’s single isn’t higher,as I like it-I am definitely thinking that the public’s taste level is at an all-time low,and that is why the single charts there;And since the public’s taste seems so poor,that does worry me… :unsure:

  2. alleycatfan: Did you really hear that they’re considering making IICD a TV show? That would definitely put Alex in a whole new ballpark. But, if he’s only staying until February, he wouldn’t be on it, right? It takes much longer than that to get a full TV production going.

    And I must add that I don’t believe Alex will have any problem at all returning to the AI stage. Actually, he’d be incredible because — well, because he’s just incredible is all. Screw stage fright. He’s past it and totally focused on making the best music possible. All of these top-notch writers working with him — forget about it — he’s going to breakout BIG time. Move over the two Justin’s — there’s a new cat about to hit the street! Justin B is too young and Justin T is getting too old. Alex is the perfect age and, imho, is a more interesting singer than both of them. Justin T. is one helluva dancer though. I don’t think Alex needs that in his performances. It’s not his style. At least, that’s not the direction I picture for him.

    Hope he dresses well for Graceland and wears the cross. Ya know, he does look good in those v-neck tees. He just needs new ones. We should send him a whole bunch of new ones in every color they have. They can be worn with jackets and dressed up a bit or worn at home when just chillin. He really should make me his stylist/manager. I work for free. hehe.

  3. @Janetttt- you would be a great stylist/manager for Alex and you’re right all he needs are packs of different colored tees.
    I don’t know if anyone saw yesterday but Alex’s mom pulled the black suit (that he had for his IICD photoshoot) out of his closet to wear for his Graceland performance. It’s been there the whole time. He doesn’t really like it, whhaatt! I’ll give her an A for effort. She was even offered to take him shopping.
    It was rather funny though to see all of them in Alex’s tiny bedroom (like it was mentioned yesterday). I still can’t understand why he hasn’t moved into Justin’s room. I mean, really, Justin will not be back! Oh yeah and Alex will not be performing “If I Can Dream”. He says he doesn’t even know it. I don’t blame him, but you can’t blame them for wanting him to do it. It is the name of the show that he is on and was the theme song. Besides “Heartbreak Hotel”, did he practice anything else? I wonder what else he will choose to perform?
    Gwen and Trevor’s girlfriend listened to “A New World” on his laptop and loved it, as we do here. Trevor told Alex that he should produce it. Agreed!
    @alleycatfan- I too would have to say that the public’s taste level for music is presently at an all time low. That’s why I think the time is right for Alex to emerge. I saw your discussions on the other A. Lambert last night. He is doing really well in Europe, right? That album seems to have more of a techno/dance feel that fits better over there than here in this country, IMO. While I was over there I paid attention to the music on the radio. It’s as if I had never left the States. BoB, Derulo, Posner, Lady Gaga, Train. All Alex needs is that one big hit which will surely happen early on. One great song can reach people of different nationalities and ages; this became so clear to me when my 5 year old Swedish nephew started singing “Hey Soul Sister”. It blew me away.
    I saw that tweeter discussion of Mj’s. So she thinks that Alex will sign with Universal too! There probably won’t be much discussion for the weekend so I’ll be catching up on things, as I did with my sleep last night, lol!!

  4. Alleycat – Actually there are multiple Billboard charts. The one you just referred to is the Hot 100 – which is a combination of sales, radio airplay, audience impressions, internet streaming and possibly a few other things. When it comes to the Top 40 RADIO play Adam is at #25 right now and still moving up.

    But this is about Alex – if you think Alex is going to fly up the charts in less than 2 months, then you’ll be crying a LOT next year. It takes time to break through on radio. Take Ke$ha for instance – she released her smash hit “Tik Tok” in August 2009. It really didn’t start catching on on radio until 3 – 4 months later. Where it eventually landed #1 in JANUARY 2010 – just in time for her album release.

    Another example is Lady Gaga – it took “Just Dance” FOREVER to break out on US radio. In fact, she took off overseas long before she made any headway on US Radio.

    Now both Ke$ha and Lady Gaga are radio staples.

    Back to Alex – it’s going to be a long slow climb for Alex just like any other new artist. HOPEFULLY if they drop an official single and video this fall and they work to get it played on radio; his song and media presence (hopefully IICD will do well on TV) will be saturated enough that when he drops his album he’ll get some solid sales.

    I know it seems like since things are moving so fast on IICD that they’ll move just as fast once he starts putting his music out, but those are two ENTIRELY different things.

  5. ETA: If I can impart anything to Alex fans, it would be this – develop a LOT of patience and realistic expectations. Even those artists where is SEEMS like they came out of no where and shot up the charts, if you actually researched it, you would see that nothing happened instantly. New artists that are doing well right like Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Mike Posner, Bruno Mars – it’s all been a slow climb.

    But I agree that Alex is a more natural fit for current Top 40 radio – he’s R&B flavored Pop with an Urban edge. That gives him a strong chance of crossing over on multiple formats – Top 40, Urban/Rhythmic and Hot AC. He’s young, cute and STRAIGHT – so he’ll have a few less obstacles than Adam. :wink: :wink:

    Just don’t expect him to go from 0 – 60 in no time or you’ll just end up bitterly disappointed. Alex is going to needs his fans to be patient and be with him every step of the way.

  6. Alex is only staying on the show til February? Aw man. Well, I guess he wants to get moving with his career…and I still have a few months with him on the show, in that case.

    This jam session was so fun to watch. Alex is just too cool and too fun and too talented. Love you Alex! You’s da man!

  7. @snuffles- Point taken. At least Alex has an incredible head start in the right direction with the support of 19E and the impressive list of songwriters/producers.
    Today it seems that there are multiple factors that enter into the picture, but you’re right that he does seem to fit a mold for success. The other day I was having a twitter discussion with an Allison Irahetta fan and though I am not a fan of hers I have great respect because she’s a strong vocalist and performer. She can’t get any radio play. Her fan knows that Allison is guaranteed just 1 more album with Jive, but if something extraordinary doesn’t happen then she will probably be dropped. That’s the reality!
    I also saw an article about the revamping of American Idol in USA Today. Besides the obvious judges’ panel contenders, it seems as though they will attempt to focus more on the contestants than the judges (finally!)and will be looking for talented individuals with singing and performance value. Maybe the singer/songwriter formula isn’t producing enough in recording and concert sales?

  8. Yeah, poor Allison. The girl is MAD talented but she just isn’t catching on. I really thought she would. Maybe she’s too edgy to be a “pop princess” but too young to appeal to a harder rock demographic.

  9. @snuffles I think Allison and Alex could make a really cool song together.

  10. I agree with y’all about the public’s current poor taste! But I think the Paramore hit “The Only Exception” is a nice change up. When I hear it on the radio (often here in the Detroit market) I think – hell yeah – a straight up nice vocal with a little Katy Perry kind of twist in the bridge – but no techno, club, auto-tuned stuff that has saturated the airwaves. So – maybe there’s hope for Alex – but he needs that one song that is just right! I think he’ll have it!!

    @Janet – about the show going TV in January. I think it sounds like they’re getting it ready now and will have a first episode in January, because isn’t January the mid-season for TV where some of the network shows have a hiatus and the cable shows start their seasons, and the networks sub in some new stuff? Also – 2 of my sons like the simple t-shirts and this summer my youngest always says “Rockin’ the Vee”!

    @Lauren about his mom trying to show him clothes for Graceland — I think Alex just doesn’t care so much about his clothes (he does and he doesn’t?) -I just think he thinks nobody will care about it once he opens his mouth and starts singing – which is pretty much true, right?? But I would definitely like him to dress sharper at times. Why don’t they have him going out shopping with a stylist like they did Ben?? He needs it too! Lauren – you’ve probably read by now that Alex is doing Heartbreak Hotel, which he will kill! But I thought he was going to do more than one song? So – it bothers me he hasn’t been practicing anything else. Maybe he will be practicing somewhere at Graceland tonight/tomorrow a.m, or maybe that’s what a few of his Dream Studio meetings have been about. And, Lauren, regarding Adam – for sure his music is more techno/dance/club – even Gig played his song “Strut” last night at the house-and we know how she likes her club music!!

  11. So they’re going to take the show to TV in January? Hmmmm… Does anyone think they’ll pair it up with American Idol on Fox? Like air it after the audition episodes and later after the results shows? That would be awesome for Alex if it happen

    So if they do that, then I think they’ll take it back from the beginning and re-edit everything. You know re-introduce everyone and show their journey’s in context to what’s already happened. That should be very interesting.

  12. The way I understood it was that they’d be recasting certain people if they took it to TV. So are they gonna be starting from scratch? It would make sense.

  13. Molly – but keep Alex or not? If he’s there until February? Maybe they show him as the BIG success story then he’s outta there? Oh – – the speculations!!

  14. Yeah, it sounds like they’re keeping Alex. I think the auditions for new people end this week. So they’ll probably move new people in next month.

    But if they keep Alex, they’ll have to show his journey from the beginning.

  15. Like snuffles said people shouldn’t get to carried away with gargantuan sales predictions and be unrealistic. Alex already pump himself up enough – we don’t want to create anxiety that he must make those astronomical sales and chart number one first week or anything. Right now he must focus on writing songs that’s good and will do well — but its good to be positive and optimistic about the CD doing well though. I think Alex being mainstream Pop/soul style helps. (I have mainstream taste too) And one very good catchy first and second single on radio, and good promotions will help push sales. We already know “I didn’t know” is a pretty good song that people will like once the official single is on wide release on radio and video on TV. But he still has more songs to come, and 3 very good potential singles for radio is a must for any CD to help sales – they should be able to come up with that when its done. And of course hope they sign him and its looking like they will.

    Alleycatfan: I found Mj’s twitter you talked about. I’m not sure if I saw the exact insider news you said she had. I dont have twitter account so it didnt show it when I clicked her pinkish icon like I thought you said. But I saw a reply she gave some guy “newbornstar” who asked who she thinks will get signed by Universal from Idol and she replied she thinks Alex. The guy replied it might be Alex too, but he’s hoping for Katie Stevens. Well of course I want Alex signed and it will likely be him. But Katie is my second favorite and she fits the Pop/soul genre, and has a great voice like Christina Aguilera and they can make a star out of her. Maybe they can sign her too if possible and they can put her on IICD later on. Actually I was saying during Idol that both should do a duet on a CD.

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