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Jul 032010

:wub: That’s all I’m posting about that. And please no jealousy/negative Nellies in the comments! :wub:

Schedule for today:
Veronica has a vocal lesson with Mark Renk at 11AM
Alex has a vocal lesson with Mark Renk at 12PM
Veronica performs live at 130PM

The only reason I’m mentioning Veronica’s stuff on Alex’s site is because she was nervous about performing alone and Alex said if he could he would keep her company and play with her and because I like her. Also, they are going to write a song today. I heard some of it last night and it sounded good, so tune in for that!

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  1. Looks like after a night at the “spot” and a late night dip in the pool… Veronica finally gave in to alex’s charm and they were kissin. What can I say, Alex wins all the polls and wins the girl too. Oh and creepy Brent from DU requested A video of it eeewww, such a creeper! Hr hates Alex but he’ll watch any make out session, pls post that u don’t wanna see it and just let it be!

  2. I went and told them not to fulfill the request. That’s just weird. Let them have their privacy. And Alex was such a kind, respectful gentleman and a total sweetheart. He was raised right!

  3. I told you guys, Captain & Tennile

  4. @Cahty I missed Alex opening your gift. Glad He loved it. What did you send him? I think Alex and Veronica make a good couple. Not only do they share their passion for music, but she understands Alex and vice-versa. I don’t get why Kristen gave Alex such a hard time last night about leaving the house with Veronica. Alex said if he wanted to go out with Gig or Kara it wouldn’t be a big deal. Kristen had gone on and on about a camera crew not being available to go with them. Alex had to make two more phone calls and wait for a call back to get permission to leave the house with Veronica. Maybe Kristen wanted to make sure any romantic moments between Alex and Veronica were caught on film. Well I for one am glad their first kiss wasn’t filmed. They deserve their privacy sometimes.

  5. So cute, Im happy for the little guy. She just better not break his heart. :angel:
    I’m pretty excited for the new song they are writing together. They both have such an amazing unique voice. It should be good :)

  6. I have to say that I am glad that I missed the fireworks last night. Molly, you’re right, some things should be left private. I have to say that I didn’t think that I would like Veronica after watching her Myspace audition, but since she walked through the door on her first visit I have had nothing but compliments for her. She really has impressed me in all areas. I personally am happy for them and hope that she is invited back to the house after her prior committments have been fulfilled. I am sure Alex will campaign hard for that to happen. Hey as bad as IICD has wanted romance in that house, last night probably sealed the deal for her return; though Veronica deserves to be in the house on her own accomplishments, romance or no romance. I look forward to her performance this afternoon.
    @skyw4lker- Capt and Tennile?? Can we update by a few decades..maybe Jay Z and Beyonce. :lol: I must agree with an earlier poster Alex is a one man show, but a duet together on each others albums would be beautiful thing.
    @Cathy – What a great gift you have given Alex! That was very generous of you. He is crazy about it and I did catch him telling Veronica before they went to the spot how much he loved it.

  7. What if… hmmm… this is a scheme and they are just friends. Alex is a jokester, so maybe V and A made a secret pact to act like they are “dating” and kiss on camera. Then in a week they will laugh in our faces about how everyone believed the whole thing.

  8. I really don’t think this is a joke. I’m been kinda seeing sparks for while now. However, she’s leaving this week. She may or may not be back. We’ve all seen first hand how difficult long distance relationships are to maintain. My favorite line lately, time will tell. I do love how happy they both have been the last couple of days.

    Joy, I sent him the little Martin guitar. Justin took his with him so I sent one for Alex. I’m so glad he likes it.

  9. I’m not able to watch much today. It’s my son’s birthday and I have a house full of people and a bunch of kids at an ice rink. So I’m hoping there are lot of updates for me to read later. Also, trying to win some of my house guest over to Alex (mostly my nieces in there teens and 20) so wish me luck.

  10. @Cathy that is so cool, I bet he loved it.

  11. Tune in now. Alex and Veronica are making a duet : )

  12. WoW, alex is really an amazing songwriter ! :D

  13. The Captain and Tenille was funny,but we don’t want Alex to be like the Captain-Darryl Dragon-as he never spoke,never sang,and just played keyboard.We want Alex to be like Toni Tenille -big voice and very outgoing-and we do want Alex to have many many Number One hits like the Captain and Tenille-they ravaged the Billboard Top 10 for a few years… :biggrin:

  14. Cathy Alex just randomly said “Cathy, Cathy, Cathy, sent me a baby guitar. Baby I love you for that”. :wink:

  15. Correction Kass you always get it right and I would never dispute you, but he said Cathy sent me a Martin guitar. Obviously, all the rest is word for word. lol

    • Ha ha no lauren YOU always get it right — truth is I didn’t really catch the word, was just guessing ;) You’re always the best at the accurate update reporting!

      Anyone else catch the little twitter war that just went down? Crazy bearpaws just totally flipped on Alex and everyone went nuts on him LOL! And Alex answered a bunch of tweets.

  16. Dude that Darren dude is off his rocker. I think he forgot his meds today or something.

  17. @kass – that twitter war came from nowhere. Darren is cool with Alex on DU, but apprently got mad when alex tweeted back and said to keep it to himself. Fans so easily dish out their opinions but when celebrity calls you out you go nuts… anyhow, told darren to chill and tweeted Alex to not get involved with fan twitter wars its not good for him. WEirdness really…..

    • Judging by his first tweets, I think he finally saw the vlog Alex made ages ago answering the haters (it was recently posted to DU for some reason), where he says he had nothing growing up, and so Darren got pissed off cause he thinks he has the monopoly on having had a tough life.

  18. Here is a quote from dreamupdate: “Alex mentions that Mark, his vocal teacher, invited him and Veronica to come to a show of his tonight, and wants Alex to join him onstage for a song. Veronica is down with that. ”

    Mark Renk is cool and a good coach. They should have fun at his show. Hope she reminds Alex to go cause he can be forgetful sometimes.

  19. I’m guessing that Darren thinks Ben is upset about the Alex/Veronica thing and that’s how all this started, since he is a huge Ben fan, and then he just started swinging with anything he could come up with…lol.

  20. Thanks so much for letting me know what Alex said about the guitar. What’s with Darren? He was always a fan of Alex’s.

  21. First of all Happy Birthday to your son Cathy :)

    and second, twitter has been a battle zone all day. I told some guy earlier to mind his own business that what Alex and Veronice were doing was their business and nothing about it was wrong and he kept saying what would Raylee think so I was sure to let him know that Alex and Raylee aren’t dating.. he replied and told me to go kill myself and called me a b!%(#. I just laughed and let it be.
    Im so sick of hear all of the hate about this my gosh. It’s not like they did anything but kiss and they thought they were off camera and it was so late at night. WHO CARES! I wish people would do like he said and just judge him on his music and not his “personal” decisions. He isn’t doing anything wrong by having fun with Veronica. And she is such a sweet girl, I don’t see how anyone could hate her. :unsure:

  22. Aww I love the name Kieran! Happy birthday to him too!

  23. A kiss is just a kiss…

    OMG! What the hell happened today? I’ve been out all day. Got home, tuned into IICD and watched a little of Alex & Veronica working on what appeared to be another new song. Nothing out of the ordinary…came over here and WOW! Secret kisses, twitter wars…it’s probably better I wasn’t here. Why in the world would anyone think they even have a right to be mad that they kissed? The sooner Alex gets out of that house the better IMO. Then, people will judge him on his music alone and won’t be privvy to every aspect of his personal life.

    And, let’s not forget. They’re both very young. I’m sure they’ll both have many more romances to go through. :happy: Whatever….none of my business.

    It’s nice that they have music in common. Veronica seems like a very sweet and genuine person. I seriously doubt it will be a long term romance though. But, who knows?

  24. But the thing is, I just caught up on all the episodes, and the one where she comes to stay for the weekend, Alex says he has a girlfriend, that was just two or three weeks ago.. So like he justs jump from relationship to relationship? I don’t get it, I’m confused… And wasn’t she just kissing on Ben? Dude you aren’t watching the live stream and just are going by the epi’s this looks really bad! Just saying… I’m tryna play catch up here.. When did alex break up with Raylee?

    And it is our business, he made his personal life our business when he decided to move into a house that allow us to watch his personal life.. That’s usually what happens when you let people make your personal their business..

  25. Lily-Can I respectfully disagree? One of the nice things I remember about being 19 was that it was okay to jump from relationship to relationship. Flirting was my way of life. I remember those times wistfully. Alex should be able to have fun and fall in love a million and one times if he wants to. He should be able to have a personal life even though he is on camera all of the time. He made this deal because of the opportunities he would be presented with :cheerful: –not because he wanted to be a famous TV reality star.

  26. I understand why he made the deal, He sacrificed his private life to get this opportunity. And I completely understand Alex’s point of view, about people critique is maturity level when he in his home, and completely agree and always have. This is different! Did you catch Micheal’s tweet session? They want a romance in the house, because their personal lives are just as much apart of the show as their careers. So if his fans look retarded running around twitter telling people it’s none of their buisness, when the show is telling them it is their business… That’s all I’m saying!

    I could careless if Alex wants to hoe around or who he wants to do it with, Veronica either. Heck I’d be totally fine with it, that means If I break up with my BF I have a shot myself! He just lives down the street from me.. But people have fallen in love with Raylee, and way Alex talked about her, she was his girl, who has been so supportive of him through all this mess. And it hard to that weekend she was there out your head. She seemed soo good for him! He never gave anyone the impression he wanted to do the rock star thing… So yeah it’s gonna come as shocked to people. And naturally people are going to be concerned with how Raylee may feel watching this on the other end. Even if they aren’t dating. It’s heartbreaking to see someone you love kissing another girl! Actually it’s kinda mean for a guy to do it to girl. But truth is we don’t know how or why they broke-up, or if she even still loves Alex. This is the hazard of having half of your personal life out in the public and not all of it. The show wants all of their lives on display, so Alex’s gotta stop keeping that stuff to himself, or he can expect more Darren’s. If he’s open about whats up people know what to expect and are in a better position to understand.. That’s all I’m saying…

    So anyone know what happen to RayLee?

  27. Sorry about all the typo’s I was tryna type around the kitty! For some reason he thinks I want hem to rub his face on my face. :sideways:

  28. Well someone just asked Kara if Alex and Raylee were still together, she said last time they talked about it, was understanding that they were.. Then someone told her about Veronica and Alex kissing, she didn’t know, that blew her mind, she said, something along the lines of, NOOOOOOO NOOOOOOO Really? That didn’t happen, NOOOOOOO! Imma have to have a talk with Veronica… For another question she said she really liked Raylee allot and thought it was sad…

    Alex can do whatever he wants, IDC either way, but if he’s still dating RayLee that’s a really messed up thing to do to someone…

  29. Why do people think its their business if Alex and Veronica like each other or kiss? Do you ask their permission to date someone? They are both single now and not cheating on anyone since they already broke off with their ex. They are young and have a right to be with who they want. As long as she doesn’t sleep with him on camera its ok. Let them enjoy themselves whether its a crush or infatuation or more than that.

    Lily Russel: Do you understand boundaries? Just because you and others are fans of Alex doesn’t mean you can choose who he wants to date. Alex and Raylee have decided not to be together cause she’s going to school and their long distance thing wont work. She is pretty and will find another cute guy of her own. She has her school to focus on and he has his career too. They are both young and maybe later they will get back together or may not. Also from reading your posts in the past I know you’re one of those around Alex’s age who have crushes on him, so you may be a bit jealous of Veronica – if Alex wants to get with you you wont be that concerned about Raylee I’m sure.(I remember how excited you were when he said he’d marry you if you get his song on radio.) Oh and Veronica wasnt kissing Ben like you said. She already said that date wasnt real. Its obvious the whole Ben thing its just for show. But she does like Alex.

    People should stop being weird and tweeting nagative things about their kiss. They are even tweeting Kara about it and she wants to tell Veronica not to kiss Alex. Whats Kara’s business if they have a crush on each other? She seems like a hypocrite after all her night walks with Brandt and she getting angry when some fans said she shouldnt be hanging with him.

  30. Lilly, I was listening to Alex talking to Ben in the Fiesta the other day, (was it when he was taking him to the airport??) and he very specifically said that they were no longer dating. Ben said he was sorry to hear that, because he thought Raylee was very sweet. At the time, I said Ben looked worried that Alex just might horn in on his action with Veronica. I said it jokingly–who knew it would come true so soon.

    Obviously, something happened when Alex went back to Texas. And I believe it was Raylee that broke up with him. Why is it always the guys that are blamed???

    And, hasn’t anyone ever heard of “overlap”?? :cool: It’s really pretty common. But I do agree with some of the points you made in an earlier comment, Lilly. It seems like just yesterday that Raylee flew out to support him for his SSB show and Mint performance, so I can see where some fans might be all, “whaaaaatt???”

  31. @shadow_ia I agree with every single word of that post. Kudos.

  32. Honestly,this is likely nothing more than a physical attraction that most teens act upon,and this was quite mild.As a very attractive teen guy,Alex has had his share of make-out sessions in his life,no doubt,just as most teen guys with good looks do in America.Veronica, though,may be swallowed up by the entertainment industry if she returns.I watched part of her informal tweet session today,and she is a genuinely small town values girl with deep religious beliefs.She may not be able to survive the upper tier of that industry,which is very ,very different than the type of person she has been her whole life.

  33. Yeah, and just because Kara thinks that Alex and Raylee are still together (why should she be privy to Alex’s current relationship status?) doesn’t make it true. That was totally out of line to say “Grosssss”. And Kara’s never been in love? Sheesh, what’s up with these people?? :blink: So Kara wanted to be in the military? I would have thought the nunnery might have been a better fit. :lol:

  34. Kara doesn’t drink, smoke, have sex, fall in love, watch TV, know any current popular culture stuff, etc. etc. She might get swallowed alive in this crazy superficial Hollywood lifestyle. Sometimes I worry she’ll get taken advantage of. But seriously if she even opens her mouth to try and tell Alex or Veronica what to do I might explode!!! Or just give her a :getlost: face. lol

    Oh and I’m not saying you have to do all those things to succeed. Those were just the only things I can think of this late and with a few drinks in me lol.

  35. Raylee is fine and is excited to start college next month. The break up was mutual and is for the best. Will they remain friends, I dont know. He has been her bf for almost 3 years and was her first love….Let’s just leave her out of the conversations for now as she get’s adjusted to her new venture.

  36. Ah,but Kara is a Judgemental girl with small town values,Veronica does not judge-score one for V! :biggrin:

  37. Haha, Kara is a buzzkill. What made her think Veronica doesn’t want to makeout too? V isn’t her mini me, she nice Christian girl and all but she seems more adept With boys than Kara is. I think Kara is doing herself a disservice by being ignorant of such things. Creeps can smell innocent naive girls from a mile away.

    Anyhow, my only concern as an Alex fan is just his music career. Who he dates or makes out with is just entertainment to me. On that note I wish Alex, Veronica and R well. I bet what Alex and V has is just casual flirtation and nothing more.

  38. Seriously char I agree, it’s all about the music. Who he hangs out with in his personal life is NOBODY’S business. Apparently being a fan entitles you to tell someone who to date or not date. Get over it already this is his real life not a computer game.

  39. I have to agree with you Char, Molly, and Shadow.
    To me, I understand that he took on all of this when he signed up for the IICD house but seriously guys, yall are supposed to be his fans, to bash him because he decided to have an innocent kiss is rediculous. Like What Now said, Raylee is perfectly fine where she is, the break up was mutual, lets leave her out of it.
    Can we just forget this dang kiss ever happened and get back to Alex and his MUSIC career?! :)

  40. How come we haven’t been getting any Alex Vlogs? I thought they were mandatory every day. :pouty:

  41. I just have to chime in and say I agree 100% with Shadow’s post, and also, Megan, Molly, and all the others who echoed that, although Alex is on a reality show, he is there to advance his music career. His personal life is his own business. I wish I was 19 again, so I could go out with a new guy every week and enjoy every minute of it! LOL! That is why, as sad as I’ll be to see him go, I’d like to see him do all that he needs to do as quickly as possible and get out of that house. I know I keep repeating it, but it’s just not a normal way to live. Nobody has the right to know everything you do and say in your own home. So, I’m only going to watch for the music from now on. I don’t care what anyone does with their personal lives. Frankly, it’s really not interesting to me. All I want is an Alex album!

  42. But, I do agree Chipp and Megan, Alex should be doing more vlogs. He does have a responsiblity to keep his fans updated. I don’t think it’s too hard to take a couple of minutes out of your day to let us know what’s up. He doesn’t have to discuss personal issues at all. Of course, with this crazy show, there’s so many secrets, he’s probably afraid to he’ll say something that’ll get him in trouble! LOL!

  43. @chipp – I agree I wish he’d talk about the progress of his music more. I dunno how much info he can divulge but what he can he definitely should talk about it on his vlogs. Ive tweet nag him about doing his vlog and even veronica to make him do it. These are opportunities that he hasnt yet realized could help him with his music career. As much as he focuses on making good music, thats only half the battle. Engaging fans is part of having a great music career. Since he is his own marketing team at the moment, he needs to put an effort in doing vlogs and giving snipets of new songs his fans can be excited about.

  44. I definitely agree Char. Even if it was once every couple days instead of once or twice a day. Just something to tell us what is going on like the other house mates do. Besides I loved watching his vlogs. I miss them!

  45. For everyone wondering he’s made a few vlogs IICD is just slow at uploading them for some reason. I know for a fact he made one in the driveway earlier today.

  46. Hi…it’s me Darren. I honestly,had to laugh at some of the comments. First off,iam a fan of Alex. yeah,i regret we got into it. Stuff happens,other factors involved. Anyone wants to know,ask away…iam pretty open. or go to Dream Updates,i post under Brat Russo.. As for being bombarded,i really wasn’t. it was okay. In the end,i laughed about it. I had too. i dont know Alex,and he doesn’t know me. Love his voice though,i really do. Iam not here to name call anyone crazy,or nuts,or (hangon ,i know there’s more) ,really. i am finally here to check out the site. i watched Alex since his idol audition,and said to my girlfriend..and my sister and abt 10 of her friends..That is my pick to win idol,the kid with the hockey hair,and the funky 80’s shades. They said yeah,he is ok..anyway,he didnt win,and was voted off,I was pissed off. he was just coming into his own. then i saw the petition..called jessica herself,2 times(not numerous) and said hey the kid is great blah,blah blah. hope he gets back on. he didnt. Now he is on this show,and i wish him all the best.
    As for our twitter war,it had nuthing to do with any of the above. Nothing. i took offense to something..and it blew up. my fault yep. totally,nope. there is always 2 sides that keep it going. Anywho….iam happy to be on this site. happy 4rth to anyone in the States. and YES,i like Alex Lambert. Iam NOT crazy…hahahahaha…sometimes i can lose it!. To know me is to know my history. It is interesting. I actually played pro hockey in Germany for 6 yrs,and have signed alot of autographs. I have played with a lot of guys in the NHL right now. Millionaires. That is why,iam big on being humble. No,iam not 50…or even close to it. How could i be still playin.?? But,i will support Alex,iam at times controversial,BUT have a huge heart…and want to let anyone know…if you have said negative things about me,i FORGIVE very easily. iam not perfect,and suffer in my own way. Peace and Love to everyone. i will tell you,if you need help in scrapping anyone…msg me….hahahahaha…kidding. cheers,Darren

  47. Hi all – Darren too! Just got back from 5 days in Tennessee and Alex Lambert/IICD withdrawal.

    The first thing related to Alex & IICD that I read was something from Molly about Darren’s comments. So I had to read up to see what it was all about. I have to say that I don’t really understand what it was all about. Darren – you can DM me your straight, in-a-nutshell recap over on twitter if you want, and I will tell you about our boys’ 12.3 hike on the Fiery Gizzard Trail the other day – which ended a bit scarily for Alex!!

    Still catching up! I wish I had heard “I’ve Been Working” :sad: I know it’s a very simple song, but I do really love it!

  48. Hi Marianne..thank you for welcoming me. Finally came here. hhaha.. i will not even go back and repeat any of the hateful comments. Not going to get anywhere. in my mind,i know who Iam …and what i stand for. marianne,all i can remember was that at the time of the “twitter war” with ended up being me against alot of people. As u know about me…Any hockey guy,they just don’t back down,and only get started. I just wish i was working with the ‘full” me…hahaha.. I have to laugh. Me,i was thrashed and trashed by various people,no alot of people. I WILL not repeat who. that’s done. Sometimes you never know the other person’s story…and we are so quick to judge. BUT yeah,Marianne i will twitter u ,plus i want to know abt your hike and Alex,i hope your boy is ok….Darren

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