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Aug 062010

Happy Friday!!!

On the Dream House schedule there’s a Twitter session at 4. But, as we all know Alex will most likely not be there because he’s performing at the Huntington Beach US Open!!!! If you live anywhere near the area be sure to check it out because it’s sure to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! :heart:

No music, but it’s a video…

via byron1687

Also, yesterday Alex played at the Los Angeles Children’s hospital. That is just too sweet and I bet he made a lot of kids very happy. According to Kara, it was a pretty moving experience. Alex also had another band practice which is great to hear. He’s really getting prepared for his show at the Key Club! Good work Alex! :happy:

As usual, check back throughout the day for any updates!!

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  1. Hi I’m Giglianne on Dream Radio-here’s another one of my favorite songs-Kiss,by Prince-I’m not joking guys-this is the format…I’ll listen in til Alex comes on with his prerecorded parts…

  2. What an exciting day at IICD house.
    No one has been home all day.
    So much for the 2-in-the-house at all times rule. :blink:

  3. Ha Ha Alex just did a bit on Dreamradio-an anecdote about how he didn’t have rules growing up,and that he can be a -words bleeped- punk ,sometimes,but he’s learning rules in the DH,ABOUT HOW TO BE ON TIME FOR THINGS,ETC…,AND ALEX’S LATEST SONG CHOICE IS:DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’-JOURNEY…Hey ,at least we can get some new Alex stuff on Dream Radio,when no ones Home!!! Kara’s selection-Escapade-Janet Jackson

  4. Also Alex expands on why,and how the Beatles inspired him to be a better singer,guitarist,and pianist-there really is some good stuff here,if you’re patient,in between songs…OOOO- BENNIE AND THE JETS-DON’T KNOW WHO’S SONG CHOICE THAT ONE IS… lATER aLEAX ON AUTOTUNE

  5. Then Alex goes over a list of some of his favorite Soul singers-Marvin Gaye,Sam Cooke,and Michael Jackson,and how they did not use auto-tune back then…that the voices were pure.

  6. GollyMolly – get your PI license. You are a totally incredible sleuth!

    Since, nothing’s been happening in the house, it’s great to have these updates.

    As someone said, band members change all the time, and we haven’t heard these guys yet, but based on the probably correct speculation that these guys are related (in whatever fashion) to Purple Melon, I have faith that they’re good — better than good. I’m not too worried about Alex picking up a faux British accent. He’ll have those brits talking gangsta before you know it. I also don’t mind that they’re British. In fact, there have been quite a few soul/R&B singers to come out of Britain.

    Is it me or did the Huntington Beach gig look kinda run down? Well, I think Alex did call it the “motel no tell.” It’s all good. The kid has to start somewhere.

    All good news on the radio front. I just want some airplay now!

    And, yes, it is FABULOUS that Alex has some guys his age to hang with. He’s needed it. I can’t wait to see Trevor. Isn’t he the one that did the Alex cover to Dream With My Eyes Open? If I remember correctly, it was pretty freakin funny. I just hope Alex has some time to spend with him in the house so we can watch.

    Poor Kara — alone again. This is getting ridiculous!

  7. I’m gonna call Tom’s brothers Baby Melons. :wub: Lol. When I first watched the vid, I thought the Baby Melons were some middle aged rockers, and were a bit confused as to why Alex hired them. :lol: Now it makes more sense… Heehee… If only we could hear them perform together! Can’t wait for Trevor!!! He seems like a pretty interesting character. :wink:

  8. Yes – Janet, I thought the same about the H.Beach venue with dime-store lawn chairs! LOL! Oh well, the beach scene is laid back, right?? I don’t really care, but it is kinda funny that the band is British with 2 being brothers of a Purple Melon! Nepotism much?! :)

  9. Hey man. Alex has to start some where. I think it’s wise for him to start small. He needs to work his way up to bigger stages so he won’t be overwhelmed like he was on Idol.

  10. Well also,Alex has his and IICD’S own Radio Station,hosted on most of Clear Channel’s sites,and they do play IDK,ON IT EACH DAY-THATS CERTAINLY A GOOD START-I think most new singers would be more than a bit jealous with that kind of start… :tongue:

  11. Don’t get my wrong. I’m absolutely thrilled for Alex to be playing any venue — and small is good. I was just making a snobby comment about how run down Huntington Beach looked. But, as I said, it’s all good. They’re are worse places he could be playing. I’m not too worried about Alex’s nerves getting the best of him anymore. He’s already sang alone in a giant stadium. He’s got much more confidence now than he had before.

    Baby Melons! Too cute. Who said that?

    And, now introducing for the first time, Alex Lambert and the Baby Melons…nah, don’t like it. Alex is a solo act. They’re just his backup band. Right?

  12. Aww man no Trevor yet?! I’m gonna guess they’re not coming over tonight. :cwy: Anyone know where Alex is? I haven’t been home all day so wondering if anyone heard anything.

  13. Trevor’s last tweet said they were at the Santa Monica Pier,
    although he didn’t mention if Alex was there or not.

  14. @Debbie – I’ll bet he’s with Alex and Alex is showing him around! Someone mentioned earlier that Trevor might be too young for the house, but Veronica is 18, and they had top ten idols over and Katie and Aaron are younger (16/17?). And Aaron was over on another occasion with Turban too. So I don’t think Trevor being 17 is a problem.

  15. So Trevor the illest rapper arrived safely with his friends. That’s good. I bet he wants to visit the IICD house. I don’t think Alex has been home since the surfing event though. He will have to come home and show his brother around. May be they will sleep there too – or he may have somewhere else for him to stay, who knows anymore.

    Alleycatfan: You seem to be all over those radio stations that has Alex pics. Where is the dream-radio you said Alex made comments that he didn’t have rules growing up and chose “don’t stop believing” by Journey as song selection? Is it an internet radio station, or is it on IICD site? I’ve only seen his and Justin’s mp3 there.

    There are a couple polls at IICD website. One asked if the dreamers should have more overnight guests. I voted yes, cause it will make the house less boring and might make the housemates actually wanna stay home if they can have more friends over and we can see more of them — at least see more of Alex.

  16. @Shadow_ia-to listen to Dream Radio,its an internet radio station,hosted by Clear Channel-just go to any Clear Channel station,that I posted earlier LIKE: 101.7 F.M.,or iheartradio,website,and if you click the Alex ad(s) on front page it will take you to Dream Radio…which will be at the right of their IICD page… P.S.-BE SURE TO TYPE my 101.7 fm

  17. p.s. shadow-need to type in: MY 101.7 F.M.-TO GET THAT CLEAR CHANNEL STATION,and there are others,but thats the quickest.

  18. Alleycatfan: So that’s where its at. Alright, I will look for the one that has the interview you mentioned.

  19. Santa Monica Pier is one of Alex’s haunts, so I’d be really surprised if he wasn’t with his bro tonight. I do miss him at the house, though. He has been gone since Friday morning…

    That is interesting, alleycatfan, about the Dream radio stations. I’ll have to check it out. Curious to hear Alex talk about not having rules growing up. He sure is disciplined about his music, though.

  20. Diane, I agree about Alex’s discipline. I find it rather adorable that he is now such a stickler for punctuality, that he even got into a fight with Gig over it. Lol. Chill, Alex! :wub: That said, for a kid ‘without rules,’ he’s a naturally good kid. Makes me love him even more.

  21. A small article from Look to the stars/the world of celebrity giving:

    aww I like how they called him a “big hearted star”. Yes, that is what he is, a STAR :wub:

  22. I guess they never came back to the house last night.
    There really isn’t much reason to tune into the “Dream House”
    these days. :sad:

  23. I know, Debbie, they might as well call it, the Kara Killmer show now lol…..I bet she never thought she would make it to the top so fast, living in a mansion in Beverly Hills all by herself..ha ha, poor thing, oh well she gets to go have some fun today with that Marilyn M shoot. :kissing:

  24. @LindaW: LOL! Poor Kara. She is so sweet, but not interesting television. What they really need is a house filled with 15 or 20 artists, so there is always a lot of activity going on. Five people (3 or 4 of which are never home) sitting around on laptops isn’t really riveting or exciting. I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here. :devil:


  25. Yes you are so right Debbie, well Ben just rolled in…hmm wonder where is has been…… :whistle:

  26. Incase anyone looking for it too, here is the link to the page that has IICD ‘Dream radio’ with Alex and the cast interviews and song selections that Alleycatfan mentioned. I finally found it on iheartradio after clicking on ‘HD radio’ link above Alex’s “I didn’t know” video on there ‘if I can dream’ page.

    here is link to Dream radio (and other stars radios and radio stations too)

    Here’s Alex “I didnt know” video on iheartradio IICD page.

    This was probably posted before. Its the article on clearchannel website about Alex’s video and Simon fuller.

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