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Jul 202010

Really IICD? “To Boob or Not To Boob?” If Alex wasn’t on this show I would never watch this garbage that you claim isn’t reality TV. Someone needs to fire the person who thinks of these titles. :getlost:

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  1. I know right Linda?! Only Alex can make watching Caitlin cook entertaining. She tries so hard to come off like a professional, but Alex makes her laugh and she can’t help being silly with him.


  3. Shelby… ol buddy, ol pal…. you wouldn’t have gotten Alex singing “Untouchable” would you? :biggrin: :angel: He sang it nice and loud through out the house. Unfortunately I missed anything else he might have sung. You are so good at being quick as lightning at getting his singing. :biggrin: :lol:

  4. So Alex got all showered up and left again for the night? Wonder how late he’ll be out?? Nobody seems to mind (producers). Almost seems like he’s getting the “Justin” leeway treatment. ;)

  5. awe no I wasn’t watching when he sang it!

  6. Boy, talk about your bad timing! I finally decided to click (well, sneak, for me) on to the the Dream House site, and I got all excited because the icon showed that Alex was in his room. But by the time the camera loaded, his icon changed to the Fiesta. Now his status is “out of the house”. :sad:

    Shelby, why did you torture yourself with that garbage?? I can’t believe Veronica is actually going to talk to those creeps. Does she realize what she’s getting herself into? Bad idea.

    I just finished reading the live updates on DU. What a crazy day! Is it a full moon or something? (Rhetorical, no it’s not :tongue: ) So, I have to assume that Alex’s comment about V being “yesterday’s news” is a joke, right? You never know with this kid. Things move fast in his world. I see he’s hanging out with Toddrick Hall from AI semi’s. They make a weird pair if there ever was one. :lol:

  7. He told Caitlin some of his friends from Texas just moved out to LA and they’ve been asking him to hang out with them a lot. I don’t care if he stays out all night as long as he’s not stuck home alone with Gig…she’s so bipolar I swear to God. :angry:

  8. well that’s good he can hang out with some old friends.

  9. Didn’t know that about having old friends from Texas in LA. That’s so great for him. Too bad they don’t want to hang out in the house, unlike Justin’s musician buddies who were always around.

    Since I couldn’t catch any live Alex, I rewatched his Dream Studio segment from yesterday. He’s so awkward and bashful when he gets up from the stage at the end. I’m sure he’s thinking, “these people came here to listen to Diddy, and now they are clapping for me.” Must be pretty mind-blowing for him to take all this in. :heart:

    I hope Alex starts assembling his band mates, because they are going to need 2-3 (or more) solid weeks of practice to get tight. It’ll be the end of August before he can blink.

  10. @diane some friendly reminders won’t hurt. Maybe a casual tweet saying “hey alex how’s the search for band mates going?” :wink:

  11. That’s ok Shelby. I just thought that you might have been watching. It was kinda cute, the way he went around to different cameras and was singing, to the camera I assume. :wub:

  12. I saw Alex cooking with Caitlan. He repeated that piece of tuna was $30 dollars and said it could buy a lot of In N Out burgers lol. It was so entertaining and they made a beautiful dinner. The went out to the patio and took pictures of the plate of food. Caitlan was very proud of Alex. There were lots of close ups of his adorable face when he was preparing the dish. Caitlan ate dinner with him.
    After finishing his meal, Alex was singing/playing guitar at the dinner table alone. He sang several songs, Maroon 5 “Sunday Morning”…sounded incredible and then singing parts of Adele’s “Chasing Pavement”. He sangs bits of “I didn’t know”, “Untouchable” and a new song. I don’t the the name of it but I liked it. He then went back to his room and sang “Untouchable.”
    Can someone request on dream updates for those videos?

  13. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the show needs to get back on track. I too think that alot of this drama is manufactured by the producers to make better tv. It’s all too suspicious that Kara gets offered the part with nudity, a prostitute no doubt and that Gig needs to practice taking “happy” pictures before an actual photoshoot at the approximately the same time that Alex needs to be at a meeting. Really! I agree with you all about Gig. How pathetic that a sleezy drunken star can lift her spirits by stroking her ego. Yuck! The whole mood at the house is depressing. No one seems to want to even communicate with each other, much less live there anymore. The show needs to make some changes soon. It almost seems like a sinking ship. Maybe it’s just a scheduling issue with Ben and Kara out of the house lately. I don’t know, but I enjoyed watching live stream when Veronica was there. Alex, Veronica, Ben, and Kara got along so well. They seemed like a happy family. It’s amazing how one person can change the dynamics. (Veronica vs Gig) It’s also interesting that they added a poll box about making Veronica a permanent cast member. I hope they do. And with Justin.. IICD needs to remove his avatar; he is no longer on a tour with Kris Allen and I don’t think that he is coming back? What are they waiting for?

    I listened to Alex singing last night at the dinner table and it is amazing how much of a difference one week can make. His voice sounded clear and rested. Perfection! It’s so funny that hearing him sing just a couple of songs is really all I need basically of IICD. I do like to watch some of his antics and I am glad that I watched him cooking with Caitlyn instead of wasting my time listening to that blog site. I logged on, but after a few minutes decided it wasn’t worth it. But seriously, they need to do a better job at scheduling Alex’s recording/songwriting sessions. Spreading them out would be ideal for his well being. What is he even doing this week, besides his normal lessons?
    I heard him talking about those friends from Texas. Are they some of Raylee’s girlfriends? When he was talking to Caitlyn last night it seemed like he didn’t really want much to do with them, but maybe it goes back to having someone that he can relate to in LA. Alex doesn’t seem to have that type of companionship in the house right now. I can’t much blame him.
    Everyone I’ll be MIA after tomorrow til Aug. 8th, no internet. I am sure that I will seek out some wifi here or there. I’ll be checking in, so keep posting your great insights and observations. Y’all are a great group of peeps!!!!! :wink:

  14. Lauren, I thought it was Todrick Hall who has been hanging out with Alex. It would be funny if he were hanging out with Raylee’s girls though. :dizzy:

  15. Have a safe and happy trip Lauren. I couldn’t check in earlier due to some drama at my own house.

    I’ll just agree with GollyMolly’s title to this episode. They should really be embarrassed. And, the show itself, is getting on my nerves with all the “fake” reality. I don’t know if Alex was being untruthful when he said he thought he and V were over or not, but it’s his business. You guys might not like this, but I voted for V not to come back to the house. The reason I did it is for the ones I’ve previously stated. Whether they are or are not in love right now, it won’t last and I really don’t care to watch anyone get their hearts broken on live stream (if it’s even real at all). And, if it’s fake, well then…I’m just not interested. I really only watch for Alex’s music.

    Notes on the episode: At least Kara was spotlighted, even if I think she made a mistake by not taking the part. I respect her beliefs, but we weren’t talking full nudity and this could have been a big breakthrough for her. Oh, well…

    At least Alex will continue to be the highlight of the show. I think we can feel pretty safe with that assumption.

    Gig — oy, do I even have to say it?

    Poor Ben — where was he? I feel a little bad for him, but maybe they’ll get more of him next week.

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