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Oct 122010

Here we are… the first Tuesday in a long time that we don’t have an episode of “If I Can Dream” to look forward to. Feels weird, doesn’t it? Like something’s missing…

So, to help us get past this critical day in our rehab program, how ’bout a bit of a therapy session? Now that a week has passed since the end of the first season of “If I Can Dream” was announced, how do you feel? What do you miss more, the episodes, clips and vlogs, or the live stream? Any new insights into why the season ended so abruptly? Do you think it will be back? Do you even care?

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  1. don’t know if any of you are aware, but Hulu has been in the financial news recently. they are going to do a public offering which means they are going to sell stock in the company. that might have had something to do with IICD pulling the plug on the show. Not an excuse to be so abrupt but just a possible reason.

    I also think the Dreamers had some suspicion that something was up. there was some out of the ordinary behavior the last couple of weeks.

    I also thought it was odd that Justin showed up when he did, and very odd that Ben went up to his room most of the time Justin visited.

    I know all of this is uneducated guessing, but this is what I have been thinking

  2. @richiej – I didn’t watch the requested video of Justin’s visit, so it is interesting that you say Ben spent most of the time in his room. Why do you think that was so? Maybe he was just too sad to face it? Curious about your opinion. Thanks!

  3. Marianne,

    Ben and Justin were pretty close when they were both in the house earlier. I think it is possible that Ben knew something was up and he suspected Justin also knew and Ben was worried that they might begin talking about it on live stream????? don’t know, just guessing

  4. I’m so disinterested in Lee that I’m not even going to listen to his new song. I’ll hear it eventually. Sorry, Lee.

    Funniest line today goes to who else, but GollyMolly:

    “Looks like we’re gonna have to wait a little longer, but it’ll be good for us addicts, we wanna pace ourselves here.

    This is a 12 step program.”

    :biggrin: You really cracked me up.

    Phillip: I still hate you! :heart:

    Yanks vs Rangers? That would be awesome, but like Katherine, we’re Yankees all the way!!!!

    I’m disappointed that many feel the show won’t return. I don’t believe it will return in it’s original format, but I’m hopeful that there are plans to kick off a new show/new season with Alex. It makes sense because they can really showcase his talent AND his success. I hope I’m right.

    Back to business as usual. It doesn’t suck, but I miss Alex. Will someone please decrypt Alex’s latest tweet for me? Who/what is he talking about?

  5. Hi Everyone. I know I haven’t written for a while. I had to go clean a few months back after getting a little too consumed one weekend with Alex’s love life and drama. I realized that it was all or nothing for me so I quit cold turkey. Now I know there are others on 12 steps-LOL it is okay to write again. I know Alex will be a big success and can’t wait for the album. I really liked the idea of being a participant in its creation (give my two cents etc) but obviously that’s not happening. I have been reading on and off, never too far away. I have been following this website and getting information from that all along. Alex-not so much:)

  6. Hey guys, Jessica B. just tweeted a lil preview of the t-shirts she’s working on for Alex! They’re so cool!! Check your twitters!

  7. SO yeah, what up with Alex’s tweet? Once again his tweet left me :dizzy:

    I gave Lee’s song a bit of a listen and it’s soooooo not him and it shows on the song. It’s not awful but it’s just, more like, weird. What’s with the need to make everyone sound a like? I will be so devastated if they force Alex to fit in that dancey/pop box. That style works for artists who really are dancey and poppy but if they arent, forcing them to a certain style hardly works…

    RE: Alex shirts…

    i like the doodly DWMEO shirt though I wish the little boy has more resemblance to Alex, like maybe he should wear a “flatbill” or something… or have a mullet!

  8. Katherine – they are so cool!! I hope this all goes smoothly for Jess (and the fans!!)! :heart:

  9. Although I haven’t listened to Lee’s song, I hear ya Yves. Too much technology and auto-tune, especially, just turn me off. I hope to God they chill on that crap and let Alex do his music the way he wants. It would be a shame if they make him sound like everybody else. But, the good news is…we’ve heard a lot already and we love it. So, let’s hope that Alex is given the time to develop his album the way he really wants it to sound rather than being pushed into producing a soundalike pop album.

    Gotta go see what Jessica did with the Alex tee.

  10. Me too Marianne, hopefully it works out and it will be a go! I love them, the designs are really beautiful. Jessica is a very talented designer.

  11. So regarding the tweet, I think it’s most likely a lyric right? Gotta be a new song!!! :biggrin:

  12. I shouldn’t be surprised, but Jessica’s tees turned out even better than I had imagined they would. Awesome job. I just tweeted though that I think Alex should get some $$ from the sales. I appreciate her desire to support animals. It’s admirable. But, why shouldn’t Alex get a cut? After all, it’s his images and words. Look at all the money celebs get from merchandising. As much as I love and admire Jessica, I want Alex to get paid. He’d be a fool to sign away any rights to his images being used without getting paid for it. I hope someone advises him of that fact. He wouldn’t be hurting Jessica. She’d still make money for her cause. I’m just saying he deserves to be paid too. What do yaw think?

  13. I looked at JB’s tee’s. They look great. I hope we’re able to buy them soon. I think I like the Imperfectly Perfect one. They are all really nice. Jess is very talented.

    I did listen to Lee’s song. I never really cared for him on Idol. I feel bad for him if they push him to go the pop route. I remember him as NOT being pop. I hope he does OK, but he’s no Alex Lambert!!

  14. @Janet Maybe that will be discussed or worked out when she hears back from the business side, maybe?

  15. @Janet – I agree!!

  16. @LindaW @Marianne-Yes that first one Linda is You Are The Reason-and you get an idea of its great potential there.But the track I heard Alex play in the Fiesta is even WAYYYYY better than that.The arrangement,produced by DeStefano, is def. in the Avila Bros. genre of high -end Pop/R&B.The finished track is even better than IDK,imo. “Reason’ and -She’s Gone- in fact are the best 2 tracks I’ve heard,and I think when Gig was talking one day,she said the Studio guys keep singing an Alex classic over and over,and there’s no doubt it is one or both of these.When I really go thru it in my mind,Those 2 tracks are def tied for his best with IDK being third,so far.So just WAIT-AWESOMENESS IS ON THE WAY!!! Plus Harvey Mason Jr. is awesome-can’t wait to hear one ,or more of those.Then he wrote 2 other songs with Avila Bros.that either have been,or hopefully will be recorded. :cool:

  17. Great news alleycatfan. You always get the best scoops!

    RE: The tees. I hope you’re right Katherine. I’m afraid if left up to Alex, he wouldn’t ask for a dime — and he’d be wrong in my opinion. I hope someone in charge of taking care of business takes care of Alex. Jessica’s smart and she’s doing the right thing by making sure it’s all legal. So, hopefully, it’ll all work out. Love the tees. I don’t usual go in for graphic tees, but hers are so tastefully done.

  18. I love Jess’s T’s!!

    Thanks Alleycat, I heard those today and thought, what the heck happened to those 2,lol they sound so amazing!

    I also listened to Lee’s Song, my problem with it is that it really doesnt sound much like him. I actually liked his voice on American Idol, why do they have to mess with perfectly good voices. I remember when Alex got voted off, I thought he could have gone so much further, but hadnt heard enough of his singing to determine whether he could have actually won it….now I know he could have won the whole thing!!! I cant think of anyone who sings exactly like him, some sing simular, but Alex has something totally different going on…I pray pray that they dont try and mess with his voice! :angry:

  19. How do we see the tee shirts if we don’t have twitter? :sad:
    Linda, when I heard Alex singing Trouble, I thought then, that he had a good chance to win idol. The thing we love so much about his voice was so clear when he sang that song (I forget what we called it).

  20. Tracy ,Jess has a site for her tees, but I am not sure since this isnt finalized yet, if they are it, but you can check

  21. Thank you, Linda.

  22. Tracy:

    Wow. Jessica was smart snapping up THAT URL! Money, money, money…

  23. @Janet…There you go! :cheerful:

  24. @Janet, I’m sure it will all work out. And I totally agree, I’m not usually into graphic tees, they can be cheesy, but Jessica was very tasteful and did a fabulous job! :cool:

    @Molly Idk, I give up on trying to decipher Alex’s tweets! :dizzy:

  25. Thanks, Janet. :biggrin:
    Wow, those tee shirts are really nice. I like them. I like the butterflies one best (of course) for the obvious reason. lol
    I also like the imperfectly perfect one too.

  26. As far as the tweet, I have no clue. Could it be someone’s 23rd birthday?? He is always so cryptic. :angel:

  27. @Janet….I love u too…haha I wasn’t really expecting a tweet back but Alex asked me to keep him updated w/ his Rangers so that I did n he obviously appreciated it…lol…and I’m typically not even a Rangers fan, but since my Reds got bounced from the playoffs by the best team in baseball (Phillies) I’m switching to Alex’s team and major underdog…the Texas Rangers!!! Wooty Woot!So i guess I’ll hafta start trash talking against all u Yankee fans…lol…

    and just one more Lee comment…I must seriously b the only one who likes his new song…I honestly think that his original single “Live It Up” was prolly scrapped as a 1st single b/c it wasn’t poppy enough…I think they (19) wanted something radio friendly and “Sweet Serendipity” i believe definitely is….to me it’s easy listening and I can c ppl enjoying it driving down the road just singing it…it’s a true pop song and I think they want Lee to appeal to an even broader audience and w/ a song like “SS” he can do that…I’m honestly guessing that the rest of the album will not compare to “Sweet Serendipity” and it will actually live up to what lee is…more of a “pop rocker” if that makes sense…lol

  28. @Molly I just wanted you to know that I think the banner is awesome:)
    @Katherine @Tracy- I agree that Alex’s last tweet is a tough one to figure out. I don’t even know where to start. The word Dream seems to have some importance, but ….???
    LOVE those t’s and I can’t wait to wear one soon!!!!!

  29. @lauren – about the tweet – I thought there was something to the word ‘dream’ also. That, together with the age, 23 – made me think of Ben, but I didn’t see a tweet by Ben?? What about a Purple Melon??

    I’m sure I’m waaaaay off base! :sideways:

  30. Just listened to Lee’s lead single,and am disappointed for him-I think its the weakest lead single of an Idol finalist over the last 3 seasons.Very pedestrian Pop-I feel for Lee-he seems like a very nice man.If I had to rank the past 3 seasons lead singles:
    1.Adam Lambert-WWFM
    2.TIE-David Archuleta-Crush & David Cook-Light On
    4.Danny Gokey-My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me-(I’m not a fan of modern country,but this was Very well written)
    5.Kris Allen-Live Like We’re Dying
    6.Lee DeWyze-Sweet Serendipity
    5 and 6 are just not good imo-several rungs down the quality ladder,sadly,from the top 4…

  31. @Marianne- We may have to sleep on this tweet. I haven’t a clue. It could be as obvious as a dream that he had. Sorry no help. :unsure:

  32. Awwwww. . . this recent tweet from Kara. . .


    Getting ready to move into my new apartment. My mom and sister are here. The Dream House is empty tonight.

    So. . . this tweet can mean the Dream House is empty, as in all dreamers have MOVED out. It could also mean that Kara, Gig and Ben have moved out, and Alex hasn’t, but he is not there tonight because he has, perhaps, left for Texas.

    Kara . . . ever the melo-dramatist!!

  33. Alex will be in Texas tomorrow for about a week to visit…then he’ll be moving back to LA. :cool:

  34. Awww, Kara’s tweet makes me sad.

  35. Alex should be going to Texas this week to visit and then come back to LA according to his mom’s facebook message that someone mentioned here. I think he’s supposed to leave thursday but I’m not sure. Its good he’s been having time to relax. The break will give him time to make plans.

    What I miss about the show is really watching Alex on live stream, and him singing and inviting Sam over. But past few weeks he wasn’t home much himself, so I was already getting used to not watching much live stream cause I didnt watch for the other cast anyway. And they were all not sticking to rules and acting like they didnt wanna be home, so it makes it easy to not have too much withdrawals, even though the abrupt shut down annoyed me. I read Caitlin the chef’s tweet and she says they are coming back, and she will be back – like they said about just re-evaluating how to make the show better. I think its possible they will like to have the show back for season 2 if they can improve it and figure how to gain more viewers. You never know it may be back. There is a possibility, but it may be on TV with only episodes shown on hulu though. If they have an IICD TV show attached to idol next season with more musicians, and have idol contestants come to visit after elimination, and have 1 or 2 contestant from idol live there like Alex as he develops his craft, then the show can gain TV viewers. But I liked how it was an internet live stream. If its a show that’s less about talent and just typical reality show I wont bother with it. I just care about it coming back if its gonna have Alex as part of it and him recording his CD for release. Anyway, shows comes and goes, and this may still come back from hiatus – I miss seeing Alex regularly, but I’m just glad he gained a lot of experience from the show, and wrote songs with professional writers that he can release. Its good how idol contestants get jobs on broadway too years after they left idol.

    I listened to Lee’s new single and I consider that rock or pop-rock/top 40, but not pop. (I’m more of a pop fan than rock actually. I like pop-rock too and Chris Daughtry.) The problem with his song its not what genre it is – its just an average song that isn’t gonna be a hit. I think his voice sounds good and he has a voice that’s actually radio friendly like John Mayer and Rob Thomas. But that ‘serendipity’ song is full of rushed vocals and not enough beats/guitar to balance it. The first single should be better than that. The only way that song will get in top 10 chart is for all his fans to download it on itunes and give away too. Is that the best single they can come up with in a whole album? He’ll be lucky to sell a million copies. But I’m not surprised the song he comes up with, cause after listening to a question/answer video couple weeks ago where he stated musicians that he likes or influenced him, I thought well those aren’t chart toppers and popular artist. The artists they were influenced by or if they have current taste can show how good they will be at picking songs that can sell. Kelly Clarkson and Chris Daughtry have good mainstream taste and have a knack for coming up with songs that everyone can like and that’s why they sell. Kelly was influenced by Mariah and she used to sing like her too and still has soulful vibe in some of her pop or pop-rock songs. And Chris Daughtry was influenced by Rob Thomas and Ed the lead singer of Live – and they are fantastic melodic cool song writers. And Carry Underwood is doing so well cause she’s able to make pop-country songs that’s more cutting edge and crossover. I hope Lee does well and rest of his CD is better cause Idol sure needs winners to improve sales. I listened to Kris Allen’s full CD on his site couple few days ago and even he had better beats in his songs than Lee’s song – and his past singles and next single sounds more radio friendly than Lee’s too. Adam was my favorite that season, but Kris was like second favorite cause I liked his voice, and think he has the nicest personality ever on idol.

    Btw, I think the t-shirt is well designed. I like the imperfectly perfect short sleeve one, and the idea of the guitar in long sleeves is cool.

    ETA: oh I just saw that gollymolly confirmed Alex goes to Texas tomorrow and comes back later.

  36. Alex just tweeted that he’s Chillin with Gig. That’s nice that they can still get to hang out as friends. Gig did say she’s gonna be moving into a studio soon and taking that pool table she wanted to buy badly. Alex played that pool table more than anyone in the house though.

  37. Ok, this is purely speculation.

    But about Alex’s “Dream” tweet. That sounded really familiar to me, I was thinking isn’t there a rapper or somebody named Dream. I looked it up and there’s a music producer, and I think he sings too, named The Dream…

    Maybe Alex was working with him or somthing. I have no idea, just speculating.

  38. @AyeM – yeah, that thought crossed my mind too! TTYL! Off to St. Barts!

  39. So jealous. Have fun!

  40. :sleeping: oh men! i have a lot to catch up.. tsk :pinch:

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