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Jul 272010

I’m just gonna give up hope that IICD will get some class and stop sexing up the titles. :getlost:

Here ya go! Don’t forget to check out Alex’s music video posted below. It can also be found in the new “Music Videos” section at the top! Happy Day!!! :biggrin:

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  1. Hey guys, the episode is up on HULU.

  2. Alex was great. Gig needs to get over herself and stop being such a whiny bitch all the time. God why do I hate her so much. :angry:

    LOVE SAGE!!! And congrats Kara do you girl don’t feel sad.

  3. Wait a minute! In the trailer for next week, why are they making the lovely Melons out to be rude, obnoxious rockers?!!! :getlost: They were anything BUT! And why are they editing it to seem as if Gig was turned off by the Melons? She loved them! Grrr. And the person coming up with the titles NEEDS TO GO!

    Poor Kara. I feel super sad for her, and I wish I could personally tell her to stick to her guns cos I think it’s beautiful how she handled herself.

    Ben was so lame, I love him!

    I’m glad they didn’t do a segment on the Playboy Mansion. I don’t think I wanna know what happened with Alex there. Lol.

    • Just did a skim through of the episode – gonna watch it properly when I get home. But my question is the same as Reyne’s – why are they trashing the Melons?? A**holes…

  4. OK, I saw the end of the show previewing Purple Melon. First of all, I’m kind of irritated that they’re painting them in a negative light. And secondly, Gig has SOME NERVE complaining about people being RUDE – when she’s the RUDEST BEYOTCH of them all in that house! How many times has she forced Kara out of her own bed because she was blaring music at all hours of the morning? Or left the house blaring music? Or totally ignored guests so she could go sulk in her room. SKANK.

    I hope they’re setting up Gigs departure – SOON.

  5. I hope in next week’s episode they intercut Gig’s “rude” comments with video of her stumbling into the house drunk as a skunk at 5 AM, blasting music, running around naked while she drives Kara from room to room trying to find sanctuary so she could sleep – not to mention probably horrifying the neighbors.

    Gig – “You are the weakest link – GOODBYE!”

  6. What I don’t get is Michael said if someone doesn’t wanna be there he’s not gonna keep them around. Gig just admitted she can’t wait to move out…so why don’t they fire her? I highly enjoyed her backhanded compliment to Alex, I wanted to jump through the screen and choke a bitch when that happened lol. :tongue:

  7. Good Episode, but at the beginning, when I was watching the live feed, I could have swore, Alex told her NOT to do the part if she didn’t feel comfortable (those evil editors)………boy I bet he is gonna hear from all the people who told her to stick to her convictions, blah blah. But then again, He is a 19 year old guy… would be weird if he didnt think that was hot :whistle:

  8. Yeah Alex told Kara he was proud of her for not taking the role so I don’t know why they edited it that way. However, the editing was totally obvious so hopefully not a lot of people will fall for it. But, Hulu people are stupid sometimes.

  9. I thought the same thing guys. Even though Alex initially said it sounded “hot” and “tell my you’re gonna do it” he later agreed with her that she shouldn’t. I thought I even remember that there was a “Hell no!” in there, wasn’t there? And Gig – Grrrrrrr!! She can’t believe how “wild” people can get?!?!!! What a joke – just like her!! :angry:

  10. Also – seeing the footage with the director I now understand why Kara was so, so down that day. She is such a sweetheart and she would be upset to think she ever let somebody down or wasted someone’s time. I hope she sent the thank-you!

    And, of course, the best part of the episode was the “I Didn’t Know” viewing, where I got to see/hear the music video yet another time!! Screw Gig.

  11. The director did have a very good point and gave her great advice. The producer and director had given her the whole script to read so she knew that Penny the prostitute would involve nudity. She should have made clear with her agent that she wouldn’t be comfortable doing the nudity as it was written in the script. I remember her having a pow wow with Neil Bagg afterwards saying that she was surprised they didn’t discuss it before.

    But, hey, live and learn!

  12. I do feel bad for Kara because she did mention the Callback thinking he would think positively it, but it was the opposite. I remember Ben talking once and saying that he went out as Sage and looked for a house. I was very confused, but now I understand that Sage was a character. I understand why Alex wants Gig back on “his side” because Alex is super duper sweet, but he really doesn’t need her. Alex has not been in the Dream House a lot, so I’m thinking Gig is driving everyone crazy and Alex just decides not to come home.

  13. My favorite comment so far: And Gig – Grrrrrrr!! She can’t believe how “wild” people can get?!?!!! What a joke – just like her!! Thank you for that comment areyouoin. And, her treatment of Alex when he tried to apologize was obnoxious, but we all saw that part already. I truly hope this was her swan song.

    My favorite line was by Gig: “I can’t wait until I’m out of this house.” We ALL second that emotion.

    My favorite part of the episode — big surprise — IDK Video! Awesome. I’m doing Kass’ happy dance for Alex — can’t stop.

    My least favorite part of the episode — painting the Melon’s in a negative light. I swear to God if they try and do that, there will be a revolt!

    Feel bad for Kara, but I think that director really put the harsh light of reality in her face. She shouldn’t have even read for the prostitute part. She knew she wouldn’t do nudity and should have told them right from the beginning. Her hoping that they would change it just for her was unrealistic. This is not Disneyland and she’s not Cinderella. I know that sounds harsh. I like Kara. She just needed the wake up call that she obviously got. This isn’t the 50’s. She’s going to have a hard time getting good parts without showing some skin unless she starts trying out for TV sitcoms which, actually, I think she would be really good at. She’s got a funny, quirky side sometimes.

  14. arghhh it wont load for me. :pinch:

  15. Just a funny observation — this is the new episode and it’s 11PM EST and there are only 15 comments. ALL the comments are over on Alex’s video post. It’s like, do we really care about anything other than Alex? The answer is clear I think. Love that boy!

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