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Sep 072010

Not much Alex Lambert in this week’s “If I Can Dream” episode, although we do get to see him attend a drag queen bingo night… at which the host likens him to a white Barry White and calls his voice “a panty dropper”! Watch the rest to see Ben Elliott squirm over whether to play a bisexual transvestite hooker in a short film, and Kara Killmer prep to embody Marilyn Monroe.

Overall a filler kind of episode. Next week, we’ll be shown Alex’s (faked) band rehearsal for the Sunset Strip Music Festival show at the Roxy. THAT should be interesting, if only because we’ll get to play our favorite Super Tuesday game, “spot the setup”!

Schedule for today:
Alex has a writing session all day.
New roommate moves in around 6PM.

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  1. He’s singing!!! But I can’t see him. I’m at the kitchen… :blink:

    edit: Oh he’s at a corner. Uh oh he’s shouting again lol.

  2. He’s singing- You Are The Reason in the kitchen-muy bien!!! :heart:

  3. Oh goody. That was “You Are The Reason”…niiiiice! It almost has a “renaissance fair” vibe to it; can’t really describe the style. His voice is awesome, though, as usual.

    Falling asleep listening to the kitchen jam. Don’t want to miss anything.

  4. I’m liking her voice. This song she’s singing sounds really nice and love Alex playing along.

    Still wish Andy could have moved in too.

  5. Alex is making J’s song really pretty with his guitar… :wub:

  6. While he was singing it,tho,he kept movin’ quickly from room to room while the JW cams were on Jordyn in the GR,SO,WILEY ALEX WAS VERY HARD TO TRACK WHILE HE WAS SINGING IT. :ninja: :lol:

  7. Errr Alex just called Jordyn short. And then he said that *he’s* short. And that he wasn’t saying that she’s a midget. Alex sure has strange ideas of small talk and breaking the ice. :silly:

  8. And… :ninja: out!

    Gotta say, kinda continuing the subject raised by Ray, what Alex says is very confusing. On the one hand, he says he hates the live feed cause people can watch every little thing, and cause it spoils things for the show, and also that everything he does in the house is fake (this last possibly taken out of context – posted by unreliable updater, and I don’t remember what it was about).

    Then, on the other, he says “he’s far from perfect, but he doesn’t care because he wants the fans of the show to see him how he really is, he doesn’t want to pretend like something he’s not.” (from DU).

    Well… which is it?

  9. No, the way I understood it, he meant that he doesn’t like that live stream is there because it spoils the episodes because people can watch it all week and know everything that’s going to happen and when they act out scenes. Alex says he wants his fans to see him be real, but the show makes him act out fake drama (i.e. band rehearsal drama) to create a better show. Alex HATES faking scenes just for the drama and faking the way he acts on camera just because the production team tells him to. But, Alex said he realizes he’s on a reality show so he does it because they give him such good opportunities.

    A word of cautionary advice to everyone is NEVER trust Dream Updates as 100% fact because when people update they put their own spin on it based on how they hear it and how they feel about what is being said and who is saying it.

    • Ah OK thanks for clarifying Molly ;)
      I was listening with half an ear and going by DU later…. but even while listening I was getting confused…

      Cause still… if he hates faking scenes for drama, you’d think he’d like that the live stream is there so that people watching the episodes know what is faked? It’s still kinda contradictory. But it’s a complicated subject so I wouldn’t be surprised if he himself has mixed feelings on it….

      ETA: I also suspect that he’s been coached to say or not say certain things by the producers, and has to play along to avoid getting into trouble. So who knows really.

  10. He LIKES the live stream because of the reasons you’ve mentioned, but he thinks it’s stupid to have it if they’re just going to fake everything and people can see them do all the little acting things. In his eyes it’s just as contradictory which is probably why he has a hard time explaining it.

    • Oh OK!! Now I got it. Yes, that makes sense of all the bits and pieces…
      Molly our fountain of wisdom :tongue:

    • Awww poor Ben: “Thanks for anyone who watched the episode. Just wanna let you know I have no problem with LBGT. I didnt go to bingo cuz family was in town” (tweet).

  11. And that’s the power of editing and production influence over the storyline. Kind of interesting to watch the show progress into “reality TV.” I don’t like it…but it’s interesting.

  12. @Molly, thanks for explaining.

    But I guess it’s difficult for me to understand since I’m not in Alex’s situation. Like with the band thing, sometimes I’m like why would you go along with this? And the Ben thing, if they told him to say what he said about Ben why would he go along with that?

    I guess they have them all in an awkward situation where they feel like they have to do what production says or get kicked off of the show. I hate that about the show. It’s not like they’re asking them to do anything awful but still… I don’t know. I have no idea what I’d do if I was in their situation. It’s just confusing and contradictory for me. I’m sure it is for Alex and the rest of them too.

  13. That’s unfortunately the catch-22. Do you fake it in exchange for really good opportunities for your career, but still have some control in your storyline? Or do you not appease the producers and get kicked off the show and lose the opportunities and be at the producers disposal for whatever storyline they want to make up for you? No wonder Alex spends so much time out of the house…he’s trying to avoid the system as much as possible. It must be really hard to live there and I give him mad respect for dealing with it as well as he does. Especially when you have people commenting on everything and taking things out of context based on editing and stuff. I personally would go nuts.

    • Yeah they really don’t have much of a choice but to play along… But god I HATE it.

      OK it’s one thing if it’s something harmless. But they’ve done some really shitty stuff so far… like:

      – making Alex look like a cocky jerk, and then like an idiot for taking hours to learn the words to the national anthem.
      – making the Purple Melons look like jerks, so they lost the poll about whether people wanted them back.
      – making Ben look like a homophobe.
      – making the rest of Alex’s band look unreliable.

      These are not things to be taken lightly — they could ruin reputations! If someone was spreading these rumors, they’d probably be sued for slander. I mean, Ben’s in real trouble with this episode, and Sam and the twins could potentially lose out on future gigs if the people hiring them have seen the episode and think they can’t be trusted…

      It’s a pretty steep price they have to pay… but I guess in the end it’s worth it?

  14. Yeah, and that’s why even though it would stink to have your life streamed 24/7, I hope they don’t stop the livestream. We get to see some of the manipulation.

    Yeah, I don’t blame Alex for wanting to be out of the house. It’s a relief for him.

  15. When the show likely moves to TV,it is what it is.Reality shows are the majority programming,now.Had it been in the 70’s,Alex would likely be starring in a straightforward TV show about musicians,like The Partridge Family.But he has to do what’s needed for his career…

  16. Oh trust me, as you already know I complain often about the manipulation of story lines and think it’s stupid and some of it can be highly damaging. I’ve expressed that opinion multiple times, but it’s kind of like they have you by the balls…what else can you do? It’s a tough situation and I’m glad I’m not in it. I don’t know…too tricky for me.

    • Yeah agreed Molly… very tricky.
      The good thing is in the long run I think it’ll definitely be worth it for Alex… for one thing they’ve come to their senses and stopped portraying him badly, and for another he really is getting great opportunities out of it.

      I don’t know about Kara and Ben… besides free acting classes with Kirby and photoshoots/headshots, it seems the only “opportunities” they are given are ones that will stir up drama. Not much real has been thrown their way.

      Gig, on the other hand, has been given a ton of great opportunities, but just hasn’t run with it. And they don’t really have to manipulate the editing much to make her look like a bitch – she just plays into their hands and gives it up so easily lol.

  17. Wow, that was an interesting evening…. kinda fun. :smile:
    Learned a lot. Now, I must go to bed. :sleeping:
    Sooooo exausted, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. :lol: :wink:
    Gotta love Alex, most confusing man I have ever seen. :silly: :lol:

  18. So, I finally get done working, tune in and they’re all eating Pizza and talking. Great! Then, they all start to leave, Alex says he’s tired and taking a shower, so I tune out. I’m tired myself. Now, I can’t sleep and find out that I missed quite a bit actually! BTW: DU has Alex and Jordyn crushing on each other already.

    I read Ben’s tweet. I didn’t think he had a problem with gays (whatever initials he used). I just thought he should have taken the part given that he doesn’t have anything else right now. But, maybe it’s true that the script really sucked and the director was bogus. I still think he should have done it. Interesting that the dreamers feel they have to explain themselves after an episode is aired.

    But, here’s where I’m confused. They have Jordyn as “Guest.” So, is this just another two-week spot like they did with Veronica? I thought they were seriously moving someone else in and that she was chosen. Of course, I also thought Andy won the contest. So, obviously, I haven’t been watching enough lately. DU comments also said she can really sing. I watched some of her youtube vids. She’s too country for my taste. That doesn’t mean she isn’t any good. It’s just not my taste in music. I’ll be looking forward to hearing her live in the house to form a better opinion.

    And, Alex is such a smart ass. I love it! People don’t know how to take him at all. I still think he’s funny as hell. You’ve just got to realize that he says things sometimes just to get a reaction from people. I do that too. It’s fun.

  19. Janet, Jordyn can indeed sing. She sings better live than in her recordings. Her voice is quite powerful, in a country way, and she transits very well into her falsetto. But like you, I also think she’s way too country for me. She cites Faith Hill as her hero, if I heard correctly. I fall asleep to Faith Hill, and not in a good way. lol. I also don’t think she listens to mainstream music even though she said she likes hip hop. (I don’t believe her hahahaha).

  20. Reyne: LOL! Yeah, I heard that part when Alex asked her if she liked Hip Hop and who her favorite hip hop artist was. She couldn’t name one. So, nah, I don’t believe her either. Poor kid. She was probably just trying to fit in. Kara seemed to be going out of her way to befriend her. But, as it turns out — big surprise — Alex ends up being the one she connects with. That boy is just a magnetic force.

  21. I didn’t know where to post this but Michael Slezak from Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Allison Iraheta has indeed parted ways (dropped by) Jive records but will remain with 19. Hopefully she will get signed by Universal.

    It’s all about the dollars folks. No matter how good the music may be. In the end her album probably cost more than Kris Allen’s since she had some top notch writers on her album and Kris wrote the majority of the songs on his himself. Writing your own songs can be the key to survival these days which is great for Alex.

  22. I fell asleep last night while Alex was in the kitchen and Jordyn was singing. I thought Alex was already falling asleep and will stay home since it was getting late, then I went and read updates and saw his new girl apparently called to pick him up even though he wanted to stay at IICD house at first, but he went with her.

    I saw that Alex was saying Jordyn looks like a white Rihanna and she likes it. I think he must see the similarity because of her big forehead. Rihanna is known for having a huge forehead too. Also, she told Alex she’s 5 feet tall, and he said she should go to a midget convention so she can feel taller. Funny. I can see why her forehead that looks out of proportion with her face make her look like she has characteristics of dwarfs cause they tend to have oversized forehead and heads. She’s like an inch away from being classified as one the ‘little people.” She’s probably 4’11”

    Kass: Regarding Alex coming across contradictory sometimes. Yeah, he can be, and its confusing unless you can piece other things he said before together to get an idea of how he really feels like gollymolly did. I think what Gollymolly said is pretty much what he’s trying to say. Alex doesnt always express himself well. And the show does make him say things now, but Alex himself can also be a wishy-washy teenage boy, so I dont take what he says at face value sometimes. One thing I know he’s always consistent on is how much he likes John Legend and appreciates the talent of the revered soul singers of the 60’s like Sam Cooke and Otis Redding and wants to sing like them and be as good.

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