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Oct 052010

In this last episode of the first season of “If I Can Dream” (it can’t quite be called a season finale)…

Alex Lambert gets a tattoo… and it looks painful.
Giglianne Braga has a photoshoot with a sexy male model… while his girlfriend sends murderous looks in her direction.
Kara Killmer preps for her first role in a short film… in which she plays a pregnant bank robber.
Ben Elliott… is more or less MIA.

And that’s all folks! Out with more of a whimper than a bang.

Will the show be back for season two in 2011, as promised at the end of the episode and on the “If I Can Dream” website? Will it pick up where it left off, or will some or all of the cast have been replaced? Will the live stream continue, or will just the traditional TV reality show aspect remain? These are all questions we’ll have to wait to learn the answers to… it’s likely that at this point, not even Simon Fuller knows for sure.

In the meantime, get your last fix of the show below!

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  1. Haha, Alex always seems to have the most interesting commentary in the episodes. That Mark guy sounds pretty cool…his voice is very soothing and serene. :cool:

    Also, poor Jordyn (the dreamer that never was).

    She got royally screwed, IMO…not even a lousy mention? :getlost:

  2. Talk about cliffhangers!!! GRRRR!!!

    My thoughts about the episode:

    Alex’s tattoo: Did anybody else started biting their fists like Alex? I did! Hahahahaha… I thought his convo with Ben was cute. ‘It’s a girl’s tattoo…’ or something like that. Lol. Ben’s tattoo idea is epic-ly lame but hilarious.

    Gig’s Spanish soap opera was awesome! Alejandro is FREAKIN’ good-looking (I kinda paused and rewound the clip to watch him heehee), and seeing him fawning over Gig is kinda hilarious (though slightly mean to his girlfriend). But girl, if you ain’t confident, you shouldn’t be going out with a man as hot as Alejandro. Just sayin’!

    I teared up a bit listening to Carla. What an amazing story and am awed by her strength to turn around.

    Urgh 2011 is a long wait! :(

  3. Wow, so there WON’T be at least 1 more episode to wrap things up. They seriously just pulled the plug on everything. Cold turkey.

    This is the first time I noticed Alex’s name in the credits listed him as the writer of the theme song. Cool! I guess it was always there but I never read the credits.

  4. What a lame cliffhanger. Poor Kara doesn’t even get her scene. Alex was adorable as always. Didn’t watch the other parts. I just fast forwarded through. I really don’t care about the show at all. Except when it shows Alex. Bu Bye, IICD.

  5. I guess on the bright side – if they were holding up Alex’s potential record deal for the shows purposes, they won’t be holding him up anymore.

    Maybe Season 2 will be IF I CAN DREAM: Alex Lambert – Birth of a Pop Star.

  6. By the way, I see people over at DU are upset about how this went down. Crying that it’s “unprofessional”. But that’s just the way stuff often goes down in Hollywood. Abrupt, little to no warning, “get the fuck out”. At least the Dreamers have almost 2 weeks to pack and plan for their next steps. That’s more than most casts get.

    And I think they were all warned about 2 months ago that this was a possibility. For the longest time Kara was planning for this exact scenario. And honestly, I don’t think she intends on staying for Season 2 if there is one. She’s been wanting to “cycle out” for a while.

  7. Hey did Alex say where he would be staying? I’m starting to think it wasn’t really a coincidence that Justin finally made an appearance just before the plug was pulled.

    Snuffles, yeah Season 2 might be the Alex Lambert show. Oh wait. It has always been so for a while now. Lol.

    Still gonna miss the rest of the crazy kids though. At least I know Alex will continue to be in the public eye. But the rest… I don’t know. :cwy:

  8. Good episode, but why a cliff hanger??? They should have taken Bens modeling contract, Karas short film Gigs…whatever, and Alex’s success, and ended it that way. I certainly wont be holding my breath for a “to be continued.”..storyline. I think that is why people are moaning about unprofessionalism, because if they said, ok, its over an done with, then fine, but to put up a facade of another season, with no notice (at lease not an official one), then yes that’s pretty unprofessional in my opinion. Am i going to lose sleep over it, no way. Because in the long run I am only really interested in Alex and have become a fan of Kara as well, and to be honest I think Alex :heart: , Kara and Ben will make it…even gig will make it, although she will need to continue to scratch and claw to get what she wants… :devil:

  9. @LindaW – honestly, that’s just the way it goes sometimes. Many shows just get yanked and there’s no opportunity to neatly wrap things up.

    I think the two people that got the most of the show are Alex and Gig. Alex for all the reasons we’ve seen already. Gig got a LOT of great photoshoot opportunities and a chance to work with some great photographers. She got a Marc Jacobs campaign and a feature in a major fashion magazine. Plus oodles of pictures and tear sheets for her look book. Not to mention landing 3 music videos in which she was/will be heavily featured.

    Ben should thank his lucky stars that he landed the modeling contract when he did. That should give him steady income. But I doubt he’ll be able to afford to continue seeing John Kirby or maybe even continue going to his other acting classes.

    If Kara was able to save up $40,000 then she’s good to go for at least a year. I think her acting agent will keep her and send her out for auditions. And she’ll probably get a regular job too.

    I think they’ll all land of their feet.

  10. That wasn’t really a true cliff hanger was it? It was just an another episode. The producers had to put something at the end to explain why the project had abruptly shut down. They were just saving face in putting something about Season 2. If there wasn’t enough money to produce a proper ending to the first season, then there isn’t enough money to begin the next.
    ETA snuffles I had the same thoughts as you about the episode. You just beat me to it.

  11. Oh, man, I’m gonna miss that freakin’ kid! He was so good in this episode. Confession time — I fast forwarded through the rest of them. I forget that tat guy’s name (Mark?), but he’s so cool — old school cool. I can tell Alex really liked him and he liked Alex. He even told Alex he was proud to have tatted him before he starts selling those platinum albums!!! Hell, yeah! One thing I truly believe, Alex will be a huge star and the rest of them won’t. Sorry, if that bothers anyone.

    So…we wait.

  12. Can I just say how much I LOVE tattoo guy (Mark Mahoney, I think)??
    That guy is official!! lol And also I really do think that Gig and Alex are the best actors in the house, way better than Ben and Kara, hahaha, sorry guys, but it’s true. Their fake scene turned out great didn’t it?

  13. Ha, ha – Katherine, I totally agree! And, their fake scene was perfection, wasn’t it? Just don’t bring it up on DU!! :wink:

    When it was posted before, did you see the video bit about Mahoney?? It was really interesting. I love his place there – used to be Bing Crosby’s offices!

  14. Cool! Thanks Marianne! haha, I totally was gonna bring it up on DU, but not worth it, right? :lol:

  15. I just want to ask, did anyone notice Gig look at the camera person during the tattoo scene? I thought it was pretty ironic considering the uproar over Alex looking at the camera.

  16. OMG – no, I didn’t notice Cathy! That is so ironic. I’d like to rub that one into a few “faces” over there. Geez, how I hated that discussion – got my blood boiling!!

    @Katherine – thanks goes to admin. for tacking that link onto my post! Thanks Molly (Kassandra’s probably asleep)!

  17. So speaking of the episode, did anyone find it offensive that they made Kara pop open her Pepsi can and display it proudly in her Hulu jacket while listening to that poor lady’s story. That’s just a shame they couldn’t hold off on the product placement. :angry:

  18. OMG I noticed that too Molly! How inappropriate!! and kinda rude :getlost:

  19. No wonder Kara seemed almost “manic” last night at the house. The burden of shilling for the sponsors was finally lifted off her. No more singing about Pizza Hut, planning the Pepsi Refresh Project, driving around town in the Ford Fiesta, etc. Those kids might have well have worn sandwich boards with the names of the sponsors on them for what they forced them to do in the name of IICD.

  20. I noticed that too Molly.

  21. Last episode of the season – kind of sad to watch cause gonna miss seeing Alex on the show . We got to see him get his tattoo but no Jordyn. I thought they went together? Maybe they are waiting for season 2 to show her or something. Oh well she got something out of being on the show.

    Alex and his Texas tattoo. The man was suggesting putting a flag in the middle and make it more creative and complex, but Alex just wanted the outline of the map. It will be easy to remove if he ever chooses to. I like that the star is actually the area he comes from. That was the right person to tattoo Alex cause of his gangsta vibe. He loved hearing that story of Biggie being tattooed 2 days before he died. Now Alex can say he was tattooed by same person who tattooed his most favorite rapper Biggie. I like Biggie’s style of rapping too – he’s a great melodic rapper. Alex was saying he wants more tattoos on his arm though. I don’t think he should be having too many tattoos. Not surprised Alex saying he watches a lot of gangsta movies – but it was amusing hearing him talk about being familiar with tattoos from watching jail tattoos — jail tattoos are so tacky. But Alex is a punk ass boy and you expect him to like such movies. He should go see Ben Affleck’s bank heist movie “The Town” – he’d like it and the action scenes.

    Not much of Ben in this. He was making fun of Alex being girly for wanting the tattoo on his ribs – but Ben said he wants one on top of his penis. I was shocked when he said it. That’s just crass.

    Gig being her typical bitchy self and lusting after Alejandro the male model. The guy is attractive, but has a bad nose job that’s shaped too narrow in the middle and unrealistic and takes away from his looks. And why did she feel the need to be shoving her flirtation in the face of Alejandro’s girlfriend. The girl was actually waving goodbye at Gig as they left while she mocked her. If Gig is truly secure in here beauty she wont feel like always being catty with girls and saying they are jealous of her beauty. She does have a long chin issue for a model.

    Kara was the last we saw running and getting to do some acting finally. I’m not sure she has enough range and can do roles that’s not close to who she is. This seemed out of her comfort zone when she was rehearsing with the guy and she wasn’t good or believable. That guy nailed right off the bat, and he looked the part. Kara will be comfortable playing a nun or some innocent girl from 1950’s movies or something.

    They wrote stay tuned for exciting season 2 in 2011 at the end. If it happens I hope it opens with the process of Alex recording his CD. And if its on TV it should focus mostly on musician and follows idol if on fox if they wanna get more viewers.

    There are a few of the early episodes I haven’t seen – I will check out the ones with Alex that I may have missed. I’ve seen all Alex’s vlogs I’m sure. I’ve only seen 1 or 2 vlogs from other cast mates and I’m not planning to watch them now. I watched a vlog of Gig’s for the first time last week and it happened to be one where she was annoying with her stuck up attitude and complaining about Alex and the car.

  22. Not the greatest episode and after watching this, I feel like the entire show was thrown off guard by getting shut down…I just dont see a show of any magnitude, ending a season this way…I mean, there was no Ben what so ever besides the opening scenes talking to Alex, and the only one who kind of had some closure was Kara…who kind of had a “feel good” moment as she was finally getting to do what she had been so dedicated to for 7 months…Really random finale episode, but I have read places “to check back for new episodes” so maybe theres some hope for some sort of season finale in weeks to come…but who knows…and i have just a side question I’ve wondered about since I saw the Fiestas, but why do they have Michigan license plates on them!? That really confuses me…I was thinking that maybe Ford’s headquarters r there, but IDK if that’s even right or not!? does anyone have an explaination!?

  23. @phillip this episode wasn’t supposed to be a “finale” really. It was just kind of a hodgepodge wrap up on the fly. Regarding the cars, you are correct. The Fiestas were made and received in Detroit aka “Motor City” so that’s why they have Michigan plates.

  24. Thanks for the quick response…I just felt like the way the actual episode ended w/ the odd pop up to tune in, in 2011 was saying this was the end of season 1…idk…i confuse myself everytime I try to figure out wth is going on…lol…i’m just gonna keep my mouth shut…and about the cars…that’s what I thought…it’s just odd that they all reside in Cali now but still have Michigan tags on them…which might I add r ugly…haha…I’m an Ohio State fan…lol

  25. lol they don’t have enough money to keep the show afloat they can’t waste anything on buying new license plates! :tongue:

    I wonder if they will ever release an official statement or if they’re just gonna stay mum on the whole thing? What do you guys think?

  26. @GollyMolly…Haha…i laughed out loud at that one…lol…I needed something to laugh at…lol

    I feel like everyone is asleep so it might just be u and I, Molly…lol…but personally I think if they plan on coming back for a Season 2 like they say, they’ll have to make an official statement, b/c if not, it could hurt their viewership in the future…but if like everyone else is saying (the show is cancelled for good) they’ll probably stay mum, b/c they already got what they wanted from all of us loyal fans. Why would they need to make an informed statement letting US all know whats going on!? (SARCASTIC VOICE) The professional thing to do though would be to make a statement to the general audience!

  27. Agreed, they should have made a statement, um, yesterday!!! lol

    P.S. We’re never alone…there’s a lot of people online right now. :ninja:

  28. They pulled the plug and I think that’s it for good. There’s no obligation for them to wrap it up nicely at all since they aint coming back. What I dont understand is why Alex keeps saying that he’s staying at the house for a while but the otehrs keep saying that they need to be out by the end of the week. Maybe Alex wasnt referring to the DH and just referring to LA in general. I dunno, itd be weird if he’s the only one living in that big mansion.

    with that I’m signing off for the night. Gnight all! Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel a little less sad :(

  29. @yves I think it’s for good too, but IICD could at least release a written statement or a tweet or something. I think the fans deserve at least that much, right? It’s obvious to me the kids are under a gag order of some sort for now.

    Anywho, how awesome for Alex would it be if they let him live in the mansion all by himself?!?! haha PARTY AT ALEX’S HOUSE!!! :cool:

    Cheer up guys! Alex’s train is leaving the station and we don’t wanna miss it!! I’m gonna ride all the way, first class baby! Hope you all can join me! :wink:

    All aboard the Record Deal Express!!! CHOO CHOO! :tongue:

    • Morning guys!

      No developments I see…
      I imagine we’ll get a statement when THEY know what’s going on… they’re probably assessing their options now, and trying to figure out what went wrong and if they can salvage it in some shape or form.
      In the meantime, where’s my ticket for that train?!?

  30. @GollyMolly…Im coming too!! haha and w/ that Good Night All!
    I’ll leave yal with a muah muah…MAHALO!!;)

  31. GollyMolly: YESSSSSSS CHOOOO CHOOOOOOO! Chugachugachuga! Hahahaha!!!

    Good night Phillip!!! Mahalo!

    (Yes, I’m a bit high. On life.)

  32. @molly hahaha the RD Express better be on its way! i’ve been waiting at Frustration Station for TOO long.

    about this iicd craziness, wow, i just didn’t know.

    I mean…
    I saw the clues.
    (ooh ooh ooh ooh)
    but I never thought it’d end this soooooon
    They tried so hard, to gently ween us off, but they pulled the plug too soon!
    I’ll miss his face
    (ooh ooh ooh ooh)
    It belongs in a trophy case
    I’m not impolite, but I hate that “susan” was right, we should’ve known!

    I didn’t notice, until Wednesday they were gone!
    Ben didn’t know, cuz he bought fresh groceries
    Kara didn’t know, kitchen cameras were still on
    Cait. didn’t know, cuz she bought an LA house
    I didn’t know, that they kept liquor in the house?!

    But thanks for letting Alex goooo!
    (Record deal in tow…?)

    (singin’ na-na na-na nanana nah)

    • lola I died laughing reading/singing this!!!
      I hope you don’t mind – I included it in today’s post. It deserves to get full attention!!!

  33. Ok lola that was seriously funny!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Grrr and that Susan keeps trying to rub it in thankfully everyone is just ignoring her.

    Ha ha ha Frustration Station!!

  34. @lola, good job on the poem! Yes, his face *does* belong in a trophy case (that sounds kinda creepy now that I write that!) Poor Caitlin bought a house? Oh noes!!

    I never posted over on DU, but I always thought that Susan was unfairly slammed over there for having a differing opinion. You never want someone to be in a position to gloat or say “I told you so” when it turns out their comments were accurate. Obviously, she had some inside information that the general public wasn’t aware of.

  35. Diane, I think she has some kinda stock or shares in the company….she was just always so snide and snarky about it her posts. I think It just rubbed people the wrong way and thats why people reacted to her like that, plus she always had something smart-alecky to say about Alex, and you know that doesn’t fly :angry: lol!!! But…. it turned out she knew what she was talking about regarding the show itself…unfortunately. :whistle:

  36. Thank you Lola for the comic relief. You are quite a clever girl!
    I wonder if they are behind closed doors right now. :ninja:

  37. Nice, lola!

    About Susan – yes, Linda that was it! I really didn’t care so much about what she was saying, but the fact that she is totally tactless. Her style of writing made it seem she was shouting or ranting. And – well, when she had anything bad to say directly about our boy, there’s no forgiving that!! :wink:

  38. Kara just tweeted that they were all trying to pack while they were deconstructing the house and they were trying to find a place to live…..god sounds so pitiful!!!

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