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Sep 282010

In this episode of “If I Can Dream”…

Giglianne Braga really (really) gets naked…for real.
With no acting or modeling jobs on his plate, Ben Elliott decides to beef up his CV…and his workout.
Kara Killmer gets offered a role in a short film…by the same dubious producer who wanted Ben to play a bisexual transvestite hooker.
Alex Lambert learns that models really do work hard…and likes it.

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  1. @shadow I just saw your post that Alex is committed to IICD until February. Now my comments are not valid, ha ha. :cwy:

  2. Lauren-i agree.Lady Gaga and Katy Perry did not need TV shows to make it big.Alex has just as much,or more star quality(sorry Gaga),and def. more than Katy-star-quality.In fact Gaga had to work a deal with the deceased Jim Henson’s Co. to get Kermit The Frog to kiss her before the VMA’s a year ago,on camera.Alex won’t have to resort to such tricks… :cool:

  3. Alright….I’m falling asleep sitting up trying to wait on Alex to come home…lol…but I need yals help…if anyone stays up and watches the live feed, could u plz look at what he’s wearing and c if he has a hat on…i’m just curious if he’s possibly wearing something else i got him…i know yal r alex obsessed just like me, so I knew this would b the first place to ask! Thanks Everyone! :)

  4. We love you Phillip!,and All the clothes look Awesome!!!!! :cool:

  5. Did anyone hear Ellen go on and on (of course) about Greyson Chance being #9 on the Billboard Top 21 under 21?? I swear, Alex better be on it this time next year! Grrrrrr!!

    I’m officially giving up on Alex coming back to the house tonight – so tired! Good night all!

  6. @areyouin-Greyson is on her private record label.So she will promote him at every turn.I’ll go ahead and be honest here.Ellen would have signed Alex in a heartbeat,had he not been under the tight authority of Simon F.,and she was more than well aware of that…in fact,that’s a lot of why she wanted to start her own record label,in the first place.

  7. alleycat – I understand all that about Greyson and Ellen’s new record label, but does all of this prohibit her from ever mentioning Alex or plan on having him back on the show? Many of us have tweeted her (show) asking when she will have him back on. I realize that probably wouldn’t happen until he has a record release, but I fear she will be so focused on her own label group (right now just one) that she may snub other young up-and-comers. It just irritates me a little to see some of the names on that “21” list. And Greyson at #9 – Seriously??! :getlost:

  8. @alleycatfan….hahahah Thank u! I love yal too! haha

  9. If/when someone like Ellen (or other talk show hosts) starts mentioning Alex, it will be because they actually have an album to promote. Or if IICD goes to TV and they decide to promote that. Until then, it’s kind of pointless to talk about him and really a waste of an opportunity.

  10. @snuffles – so you feel confident that someone like Ellen would still promote new young artists not on her label? I hope she would – that’s all I’m really saying. :)

  11. @areyouin – Of COURSE she would! She still has a show to run and ratings to keep up. She may have her favorites but her show runners still have to book a wide variety of artists. These shows negotiate appearances with record labels, TV shows, movie studios, etc… all the time.

    Her viewing audience would turn on her so quick if it became obvious she was ONLY promoting HER artists. Besides, Ellen isn’t that self involved. It’s not like she’s Perez Hilton. And she’s always been and will be a HUGE supporter of American Idol. I’m sure she’ll continue to have a strong relationship with 19.

  12. Billboard’s list only includes artists that are publicly known to be under a record contract,so no way would they consider Alex,his name i.d. isn’t there yet,and they would look foolish listing an unsigned artist.But all the Archie fans are in a turmoil over on Billboard’s comments board,at the failure to list their Boy on the “21 List”. :lol:

  13. Thanks, snuffles!

    @alleycat re the “21 list” – don’t you think Greyson @ #9 is a bit of a stretch??

  14. Maybe Billboard knows some behind the scenes record label moves that we don’t about Greyson. He’s on a MAJOR record label – Interscope (as well as Ellen’s vanity imprint Eleveneleven). I also hear that he’s being managed by Lady Gaga’s manager. Those are some heavy hitters right there.

    And he’s ripe to take over Justin Bieber’s tween throne if they handle him right.

  15. And,co-managed by Madonna’s manager.But they have to strike while the iron’s hot,at that age his choir-boy voice can change,and bye bye Greyson…

  16. @areyouin-it might be a bit of a stretch;we’ll just have to see how the public receives his debut album… :unsure:

  17. Right – alleycat – I guess I just don’t see where he’s done much yet to warrant being in the top-ten of the “21”. :wassat:


    I found a really great interview from 2 years ago with Tommy Lee James. I now understand why he and Alex have a special working relationship; there are several similiarities between the two. @Diane the first song featured is Gary Allen’s “Life Ain’t Always Beautiful”.
    Enjoy and a good weekend to all! :smile:

  19. @Lauren – That was really interesting about TLJ!! Thanks for posting it! This part was particularly interesting to me since I have recently revisited a ‘best of’ Jackson Browne CD I own, and have become a little obsessed with the song “Sky Blue and Black”. Makes me wonder if TLJ might have been talking about this song (but there are so many it could be!).

    “Well, when you’re a little bit older – as I am – you don’t have to be going through something to feel it again. You can remember what you were feeling. I remember in college I had this girl break my heart, and I remember listening to a Jackson Browne record, and I remember my roommate’s going, “God, man, that must really be depressing you.” But there’s something about that kind of song, when you’re feeling like that, that heals.”

    Here’s a link to Sky Blue and Black. If you’ve never heard it before (or even if you have). This has some interview audio at the beginning, but is my favorite version. Some of the versions are shorter (leaving out a favorite verse) or not good (live) quality.

    Edit: J. Browne was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2007 (I think?) the same year as John Legend!! ;)

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