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Sep 212010

The latest “If I Can Dream” episode has been released! “Naked Ambition”… hmm, what ever could it be about?!

In this episode…
Alex Lambert and the Lights overcome all (fictitious) obstacles to perform a tight set to a small audience at the Roxy (this was the second show they played at the Roxy — not the Sunset Strip Music Festival show, which had a much bigger crowd).

Ben Elliot signs with Nous Model Managment — but has to get a painful facial to clear up his skin.

We finally almost get to see Gig really naked when she is offered a shoot with photographer Brian Bowen Smith, for Marc Jacob’s “Protect the Skin You’re In” campaign (to raise awareness about skin cancer). Tune in next week to see her really really get naked. Really.

Gig and Kara go shopping at “Heavenly Couture”, get a mani-pedi, then hit the town. Kara is portrayed as liking one of these three things a little too much… guess which!

In the next installement of “Everyone Hates Gig”, Gig blasts her techno music during the wee hours of the night, forcing Kara (or wait — is that Jordyn?) to sleep in the Fiesta.

Next week, Alex gets a tattoo… No, really? How about some music-related stuff? Yeah, I know, I know, we’re greedy. But that’s just the way it is. We want more Alex Lambert singing, performing, recording — whatever you’ve got! Please and thank you.

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  1. P.S. How could I forget to say…absolutely solid performance of Butterflies. The best ever in my opinion. I really hope the band stays together. I’m telling you with the talent and looks of those guys, the sky’s the limit.

  2. Alex was throwing down some pretty good dance moves in front of the mirror,I thought.He can dance if he wants to try.All we need is for his Avila Bros. co-writers to get their pal Janet Jackson to give A. a few dance lessons.PLEASE JANET-we’ll promote your forthcoming album a bunch if ya do :biggrin:

  3. So didnt Alex say on his twitter session, he is recording Old Fashioned Girl Tomorrow?

  4. OMG are you guys watching this?? amazing!!! Alex sing gravity and my babe in the PBR for Ben with his mic..sounds sooo good!!

  5. Man, when I hear Alex sing Twist and Shout, I so lament that he didn’t stay on Idol long enough to cover that song! He would have knocked everyone’s socks off.

  6. Ok if you guys missed that you really need to request it at DU, that was amazing!!! Started around 8 ish until abt 8.30 ish He sang sooo many songs! Oh and another Alex word: “chillaxin” how funny!

  7. I think Fox should be sad too @Diane; their ratings would have gone way up instead of tanking,if Alex had blown people away with a performance like that…

  8. Great, I missed Alex singing! :( But Benny boy is doing a pretty good job entertaining me. That boy’s goals are misguided. He really has a better shot in modelling or even music! Heh.

    Thanks for the new videos of Alex! Did anybody notice the guns on that boy? Lol. I also saw his without his shirt recently… and that boy has beefed up and toned up! :blink: He’s all grown up… :wub:

  9. Alex was doing a lot of singing with his new microphone today. Ben joined him later in the pbr and was enjoying listening like the rest of us. He’s gone out now to hang with his homies he said – but not the Melons.

    That song I mentioned earlier that I liked that Alex was singing today is called “Put the blame on me” and its by Akon. (I googled the lyrics after he sang it twice) Alex sang it with more melodic ballad vibe though, and it really fits his voice, and I’m not surprised — I’ve said since Idol that Alex’s voice has that interesting and unique vibe like Akon’s.

    Also, he was playing same reggae song a couple times and I really liked it – I thought maybe its Ky-Mani Marley whose reggae song “Many More Roads” I love, but when I looked on youtube after checking the lyrics of the song its “Hey baby” by Stephen Marley featuring Mos Def. I like that song and the beat is actually more techno/reggae vibe which makes it stand out. I was thinking Alex’s voice will fit that song too as he played it. Bob Marley has 4 boys that are singers and they sound similar. Alex has his new song “That girl is trouble” with that reggae/calypso beat too and it is a good song.

    Alex and Ben were talking about Boxing – he was telling Ben not to just rush into fighting in the ring or something cause it takes time. Not surprised Alex took boxing. With that tough ass attitude guys will wanna fight him (I hope he doesnt get into fights out there) I don’t understand why Ben is taking Boxing lessons at a time he just signed with a modeling agency though – does he wanna get his nose broken or something – that’s not gonna get him jobs.

    Thanks for posting the link to his “sunday morning” Lauren. They only showed “butterflies” in the episode as if that’s all he did at pepsi refresh. the kids and others there were dancing and enjoying it.

    • What!!! I don’t believe it!!! Missed him singing again!?!? Sometimes I hate being in a different time zone!!!!
      I hope DU posts a lot of it!!

      • Oh, and regarding the prank tweet about hemorrhoids from Purple Melon – I hate to say I told you so… actually, wait a minute, I LOVE saying that! Hahah. So, I TOLD YOU SO!!! :P

        Also, I’ve requested the latest mini-concert from DU. Hoping they’ll fill the request completely. I really like the discussion some of you are having over there, about bluesy style vs. bubblegum pop!

  10. Because Alex is worth impersonating. ;)

  11. I feel like a dirty old lady looking at this pic but HELLOOO ALEX!

  12. Snuffles!!!! you dirty, dirty girl!
    LOL…. was that today? uhm that’s kinda hot. Oops, sorry :blush:

    he’s giving Ben a run for his money… I guess eating in n out and sleeping for 12 hours is the regimen. I should try it out! :tongue:

  13. Oh ladies – I thought it was just me! :cool:

    BTW – I think he told somebody (Jordyn?) in the kitchen one day last week that he hadn’t had In n’out for about a week. He was trying to eat healthier! I think he was making himself something with peanut butter! :heart:

  14. Kassandra,
    That is understandable. Like I said I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t had anytime to check in on anything so I wasn’t aware of the request. But I definitely know now and it makes perfect sense. Thanks for letting me know. :)

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