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Aug 172010

  117 Responses to “Super Tuesday: Life’s A Beach!”

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  1. Shadow – but no one saw the Melons anywhere near Alex’s room the whole day on Sunday. But Brandt was spotted going into Alex’s bathroom and no one else was.

    I don’t think that was the Melons sense of humor either.

  2. snuffles; it was chaotic that day and cameras didn’t always show everything going on. it’d be stupid of Brandt to do that on camera and knowing how kara would feel, and how much fans hate him. He told Gig he was taking the high road about what Alex said too. We’ll see if they look into it. i’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now cause its a house full of cameras and he wants to keep coming back there to see Kara.

  3. Shadow – There are no camera’s in Alex’s BATHROOM so, no, no one saw what anyone actually did. But he was the only one spotted going into Alex’s ROOM – and people heard noises that were like he was pouring something.

    And, personally, I don’t believe one word that comes out of Brandt’s mouth. I think he’s full of shit.

  4. I do not want to think the Melons did anything to ruin anything in the Dream House. They are thankful just being invited there. They like Alex also. The house was full of people so who knows what happened. A lot of times the people who smile at you are different behind your back. Did Kara go to visit her friend Brandt?

  5. Snuffles; Brandt will deserve what comes to him if he did it. They can ask him. The way the show is now who knows if the producers can put someone up to it. or maybe its that person in rabbit costume. LOL. Sometimes I wonder if Brandt is acting the way he was crying over Kara and all this trashing and hate isn’t keeping him away. I do think he’s in love with her though. Anyway, I’m sure they can investigate. And Alex can ask the Melons too. I know that rich kids, rockstars, punks, and young people are known to trash a house after having parties in England though. I didnt think the Melons would do it to be malicious – its just like in some rockstar British humor to someone like Alex who they play around with at their house. Anyway, I hope they fixed Alex’s toilet. I saw he went to use guest room bathroom yesterday but didnt know why until I read updates.

    I saw Alex woke up. He didnt cut his hair as planned yesterday. His hair has grown too long now, maybe he’ll do it sometime this week.

  6. I just don’t think the Melons are crude and rude enough to destroy property. These are the same guys that not only cooked 2 full coarse meals for the Dreamers but also took the time to clean up after themselves. They even washed Kara’s bed sheets after sleeping in her bed.

    Does that sound like people who would clog up a toilet for shits and giggles?

  7. Alex is such a sweetheart. He brought gifts from Memphis for all his housemates. He just gave Ben a shot glass. He also has stuff for Kara and Gig.

  8. Snuffles: Well enough crude stuff comes out of their mouths and even the twins were talking about their private parts at the audition, and the melons kept saying awkward sexual innuendo stuff to Kara like they have no filter. Hey even Alex was saying may be its them who did it according to those who heard him. i’m just saying they are rockstars with British humor and it wont shock me if its them. Or maybe its Brandt. Btw, I like the Melons cause they are fun and their lead singer has a great voice, even if their humor is awkward to me sometimes. Anyway, I’m tired of talking about Brandt or hearing about him every where.

    Alex has left with his guitar. may be going practicing and hanging out. May not be home till late again. He put his clothes in laundry too.

  9. Awww Alex brought them something from Memphis how cute. Told Ben he feels like Graceland changed him. I’m glad his mom and bro got to go too. He also said the DJ from the Elvis radio gave him a lot of props for his performance and mae it seem that its better than it is, lol. I love Ben and Alex together theyre so sweet to each other :)

  10. Did Alex get a new guitar? I think he was talking about it with Ben, but I’m not sure. Anyone got any scoop on that? He certainly needed one. He seems like he has a lot of trouble with his Gibson.

  11. Cathy and Yves: Thats sweet of Alex to bring them gifts. I missed that when I was busy I guess. I saw him go in and shower, then he dressed up, threw clothes in washer and left. I was thinking he didnt even get to interact with them before the thing said he’s in the fiesta and out of the house – it seemed like live stream was abrupt and didnt flow right too.

  12. That is so nice of Alex to get them gifts. He really cares for them, I think. I wonder what he got the girls?
    I am going to put my two cents in too on Brandt, I think he did the toilet prank. That’s all I am going to say about that subject.

  13. Ok they updated his avatar that he’s at a writing session. Now we dont have to wonder why he’s out of the house, just who he’s writing a song with.

    Yves: Oh he told Ben he felt Graceland changed him? I wonder how exactly. He’s probably just inspired by Elvis’s accomplishments. Alex tends to look at the greats in music to be inspired by – he’s young and eager to learn. You can tell from his tweets he was enjoying himself at that whole Elvis event.

  14. I love that Alex brought home gifts for his roomies. Is that sweet or what? Sigh…it’s just sad for us that he’s never home anymore. I guess we got spoiled in the beginning when he didn’t have that much to do outside of the house. Vlogs, Alex, Vlogs! He promised!

  15. Speaking of co-writers,they were commenting on DU,on how they only show Alex performing B-flies on the Hulu Eps..,because they’ll have to shell out royalties to the co-writers,if they show other songs.I hope they will pony up at least once when they show part of Alex’s Sunset-Strip gig -cough up the cash-so we can hear his best show-stopper in that venue! :angry:

  16. They might be holding back on the songs until closer to the album release. I think it’s more than just royalties – they need to go through the legal channels to register and copyright protect the songs before they expose them to the public.

    Even so, you would think they could show him performing things like “Untouchable”, “Dream With My Eyes Open”, “Imperfectly Perfect” and “I Didn’t Know” – since they’ve already shared those with us on the web site AND on the show.

  17. Been checking out some music vids.,by Universal artists-hint hint,and the production is beyond Amazing-Gaga,and many more.Alex does have the performance,and acting ability(as evidenced by IDK vid)to Really Kick Ass in these type of High-end videos,down the road… :biggrin:

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