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Sep 142010

Well the new “If I Can Dream” episode is here featuring Alex Lambert & the Lights!!! Wow, first 30 seconds and already so much drama!

They included the weird and totally obvious edited/scripted band rehearsal thing which you live stream viewers already knew was coming. And I don’t wanna spoil the episode, but WTF is with the fake performance editing? IICD is so lame and transparent sometimes.  :getlost:

P.S. Alex Treharne you will forever be a “light” (even though those evil IICD editors cut you out of the episode). When you’re done with school come back to America ASAP!!! We love you!!! :wub:

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  1. Thinking about all these producers-it feels like Alex has like a billion.But the eventual record co-label will love it as it gives them sooo many tracks to choose from…I read a Lee Dewyze thread today,and laughed when someone remarked that Lee’s not very attractive with his shirt off-DUH-and he’s gained weight the last couple months.There should be a poll with pics of Alex with his shirt off,then Lee. Hmmm tough choice for the gals between a trim ,tanned,and defined upper body VS.a Fred Flintstone one :lol:

  2. I’ve been watching the song writing session. I logged on about an hour before they went to lunch. At first the song was just ok and they seemed stuck on just one melody “old fashion girl” and it had a vibe like a pop-rock ballad – but when Alex started singing it with a melodic soulful delivery the song sounded better, and that’s where the song changed direction for the better and those guys knew what fits Alex and the song. And when they came back from lunch break they really figured it out, and the song started flowing better melodicaly. I think when that guy who Alex say looks like Eric of melons came up with the melody for “when things are moving fast” that’s where the melody of the song really improved. That and Alex infusing his soulful melodic delivery is to be credited for improving this song. once the song changed to his vibe Alex could contribute more too. They are still writing it though and coming up with new melodies but there is only so many direction they can take the melody of a song.

    Also, I don’t know why they prefer to just make up the lyrics and melody as a they go along. I thought it’d be easier and less frustrating if they come up with a rough draft of the lyrics first – then start trying different melodies on it. Or at least know the beginning, the middle and end of the story before you start. In a design for example you draw the rough sketch at least, and then you try on colors, details and embellishments to finish it – which I equate with melody of a song. There are some writers who prefer to write lyrics first I’m sure – and it will probably take them half as long to finish a song. But then again I’m not a song writer – but if I could have another talent I would like to be able to write melodies.

    Anyway, its good to see a song writing session again. But they likely wont bring the top song writers to the house, and they will try and protect the best songs from being on live feed. And they are right to protect the songs. Also, I bet none of these guys are into old fashion girl take it slow that they are writing about – its partly why they were stumped for lyrics a few times.

    By the way, Alex seems to like pointing out who people look like. He keeps trying to figure out who these guys look like. And one of them said Alex looks a bit like Rob Thomas. And he said he’s heard that too. (he does look a bit like young version – especialy when he had his signature hairstyle) And Alex told Jordyn she looked like a white version of Rihanna the singer. Then another time he and Jordyn were watching video of Lauren Hill of the fugees and Jordyn said she’s pretty, and Alex said Jordyn looks like her too. And both are pretty black girls with prominent foreheads. And Jordyn’s forehead is big too – Alex must think she looks like attractive black girls with big prominent foreheads. I kind of see the resemblance. And Lauren Hill wears strong make-ups like Jordyn.

  3. I don’t know but this is hilarious. We could have a least 20 quotes of the day from this session. Love these guys. They even said that they were getting nervous with all the cameras. At least he’s recording tomorrow, not sure about the other stuff. The song is perfect for Alex’s voice. I believe the production will be something that everyone will love. I wasn’t counting on this. I spent hours watching but loved every minute. “Old Fashioned Girl”
    I’ll comment more tomorrow.

  4. @ Lauren, yea I agree! Honestly at first, I wasn’t sure what the song was gonna sound like, but as I kept watching and they were really getting into it, I really started to like it. Very catchy and I love the lyrics. It’s already stuck in my head too. Did you guys see that they were reading our tweets to Alex about the song? The writers wanted to know how they can tell if people are watching them on the live stream and Alex showed them the tweets, it was funny. Ok gotta go, waaaaay past my bedtime!

    • Ahhh! What!!!?!?!? I missed a songwriting session??? Noooo!!!!!

      • Hahahaha who just saw Alex jump off the top of the steps and give Jordyn and the songwriters a heart attack?!? (He was trying to stay off camera – but he totally was on lol).

  5. Hahaha he’s a little :ninja:

    • Alex was at Cisco Adler’s house last night, cause Cisco invited him to a small party.
      Socializing with the big guys ;)

  6. Shadow_ia wrote: “Also, I bet none of these guys are into old fashion girl take it slow that they are writing about – its partly why they were stumped for lyrics a few times.”

    I was thinking the same thing, shadow. :lol: :lol: :whistle:

  7. So he wrote with Cisco Adler again yesterday. Then went to some party at his house last night aaannnd…my stream froze. :pinch: Sounds like it was going to be a good story.

    I saw the jump. Has he been drinking his Amp drinks tonight?? :biggrin:

    ETA: Guess I should have refreshed the screen first. I’m a bit slow tonight.

    • Alex (to Jordyn in the Fiesta): “All my dreams have been coming true so much”.
      Awww :)

      • Alex: “I had a meetin with— uh… I’ll tell you when we get to the spot”.
        Aw c’mon!! Who???

        • Haha Alex says that honestly, if he likes a girl he likes to take it slow – but gives up trying to convince Jordyn it’s true LOL.
          So there to everyone who said none of the guys writing believed in the “old fashioned girl” concept.

  8. I see Jordyn decided to leave the house without long pants on. She really needs to understand that it is never balmy at night in Coastal California. She’s going to freeeeeeeze.

    God, Alex is so funny! Talking about Gig’s terrible driving. “She thinks she’s so beautiful, that things should just get out of her way. See these lips, deer, get out of my way!!” Oh my God, he just nailed her with that comment. So astute!!

    Akkkk! He almost spilled some dirt about a meeting he had. Damn, he’s too discrete.

    ETA: I read on DU that Jordyn put on leggings. Smart move. Aw, I didn’t hear him talk about his dreams coming true. How sweet.

  9. I liked the two writers Alex wrote with today. They were very entertaining and funny. I saw the jump too. :lol: :ninja:

  10. Wow I’m slow…. I really need to refresh my screen more
    often. :pinch:
    I wish I could get the fiesta cam stream, but I can’t.

  11. So are the cisco writing sessions set up by IICD or he really just likes Alex a lot? Also it woulda been cool for them to nclude in the episodes that cisco upgraded his gig to the roxy. I think that’s a cool fact. Anyhow it’s cute that Alex is still kinda in awe of things happening to him. He’s a joy to watch because of his wide eyed fascination. When he’s up there with the big guys he’ll lose that sense of awe but for now, I’ll enjoy watching him be the little kid with big dreams.

  12. @Diane – Hahaha, what Alex said about Gig was so funny and so true. :lol:

    That was so fun watching the writing session. I’m really liking the song now. Loved the writers. I’ve missed that.

    Ugh, the fiesta cams stopped working. And they kept freezing when it seemed like Alex was about to say something good.

  13. Alex was saying how much he likes Enrique Iglesias new song “I like it” that its the best song on the radio now. (he probably likes it more cause it features rap in it by Pitbull) And Jordyn said Enrique is cute, but she doesnt know who he is. Alex was surprised and so was I. She seems to play different type of music, so I’m shocked any girl doesnt know Enrique even if you dont listen to his songs. He’s one of the biggest cross over spanish singers and a big star. Anyway, Alex likes his new song, but I think its alright – he had better songs on his previous CD “Insomniac” – I never bought an Enrique CD until that one after I heard single “Tired of being sorry” (Amigo Vulnerable spanish version,) and I checked out couple more on you tube and liked them, so I got the CD and couldnt stop playing it first week straight. And it has other cool songs like “Ring my bells”, “Do you know -ping pong song” (Dimelo spanish version), “Miss you”, “wish I was your lover” and “Push” featuring Lil Wayne” – And Alex likes Lil Wayne. I will try see what he has in this latest CD and see if worth getting.

    Diane: Yeah, at first I was like they better change the title and direction of the song cause it doesnt seem like they know much about the old fashion girl and taking it slow. LOL. I’m not the only one thinking that’s not the type of girl they usually go for apparently.

    I missed the drama with Gig and Alex and camera woman. I stayed in the pbr with the song writers. I usually follow Alex around but knew he’d be back to finish the song – I was wondering what took so long.

    I don’t think they gonna have the other writer Harvay Mason Jr write with Alex on live feed. They will probably wanna protect the song. I was surprised when they showed this writing session today.

    Edited to add; Oh did they show Alex and Jordyn in fiesta? I knew he was taking her to the spot, but didnt think it was shown on fiesta camera when they left.

  14. Alex needs to stop climbing the rails and jumping down from the balcony before he hurts himself. He’s done it before.

    Edited to add: kassandra, Alex is full of it and Jordyn knows that too. He doesnt do the take it slow old fashion girl. When Alex showed her the Iheartradio video of “I didnt know” where Alex said at the begining ” heart hip-hop” “I heart soul” — Jordyn added and ” I heart girls” – and Alex didnt say anything.

    • “When Alex showed her the Iheartradio video of “I didnt know” where Alex said at the begining ” heart hip-hop” “I heart soul” — Jordyn added and ” I heart girls” – and Alex didnt say anything.”

      Well Shadow, what can I say. You got me. That is clearly undisputable evidence that Alex was lying about liking to take it slow. He DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING?!! Wow.

      ETA: He said he’s like that when he really likes a girl.
      Though I couldn’t care less whether he’s a playah or Romeo, so long as he keeps writing lovely songs ;)

  15. Kass: He didnt say anything when Jordyn was mocking him with the “I heart girls” comment. He just looked to the side sheepishly. I laughed at the way she said it with a knowing tone in the short time she’s known Alex – she knows how much he likes girls. Like most 19 yr olds he’s a hormonal boy.(its understandable) But he has been in a long term relationship before though. But Alex doesnt seem like the take it slow kind of guy. He’s got game.

  16. I know Alex’s dreams are coming true,and fast,but I know the high-end of the recording industry is a very demanding business,and a lot of extreme characters,and situations will materialize…A lot of changes are coming his way,but he has a lot of love,and support… :smile:

  17. Old Fashioned Girl session has been uploaded on DU. You guys are right. I’m loving the song. It’s not a usual Alex song though, is it?

    • I love it too!! Don’t know if it’s “usual Alex” – or even what usual Alex is LOL. But it is really catchy and I think will bring out the sweet spots in his voice.
      However, I hope they do a good job if/when they demo it… it could very easily end up sounding like a cheesy love ballad if they take it in the wrong direction.

  18. @Cathy, in answer to your question i like it personally.
    All this drama helps Alex L out. All publicity is good publicity eh?

    I don’t suppose somebody could send me the files of the footage from when i played with Alex at the Roxy? it would be appreciated.

    You can find me on facebook (Alex Treharne)
    [EDIT: e-mail removed. Contact admin to send files.]

    Thanks guys xx

  19. GollyMolly: I’m guessing that you have already taken care of sending Alex T the footage from the Roxy? I can’t believe he hasn’t seen it. I’m probably a dime short and day late (as usual). In this case, though, it would be good that I’m late and Alex T already has the footage. He definitely needs to see what we have instead of the crappy edited episode. I :heart: Alex T!

  20. Never mind. I found the page and sent it to Alex T. Yay!

  21. Good work, Janet!

    AlexT, hope you enjoy it. Thanks for your insight.

  22. Uh-oh did he seriously just put his personal email on here??? Alex T. get ready for a wave of fangirl emails! LOL

  23. Ooh, Yves, I didn’t even think about that. Don’t worry about me Alex T. I won’t bother you with unwanted emails — ever. If the admins edit out your email address, and Molly probably will, I already sent you the link, so it’s all good. But, since about 1,000 people may be reading this right now, uh-oh — as Yves said, you may get an avalanche of emails! Yikes. Just look for the one from Janet with “Footage from The Roxy” in the subject line.

    • Alright, alright, Alex I’ve removed your e-mail address so you don’t get swamped by fangirl e-mails (unless you want to get swamped? In which case I’ll put it back :P ).
      I assume Alex T. wants the actual mp4 files, as opposed to the embedded videos. Snuffles, Felicia and Vowelstar, that’s you. To send them to him, contact us using the contact form at top, and we’ll make it happen ;)

  24. Thanks a lot guys haha as flattering as it is i don’t think i’d get swamped, i’m only the one time guitarist.


    • Alex T, don’t underestimate the power of a great sense of humor, a British accent and some sick guitar skills!! I’m sure you’d have fangirls galore emailing you if we left it up ;)

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