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Aug 032010

The episode is up early! But not much Alex in it this time :cwy:

Since people are complaining the episode is boring, here’s something more interesting to watch! A clip from yesterday’s interview. It begins with Alex tuning his guitar and the dreammates discussing their most embarrassing moments at the Dream House. Then Alex starts playing “Butterflies” about 6 minutes in. His reaction to learning that Ellen resigned from American Idol (approx. 9:30) is also priceless!

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  1. Wow, I want those 20 minutes of my life back! The Hulu Episode was pretty lame–and all that good Melon material virtually wasted! Really disappointing.
    Hardly any Alex face-time, so don’t expect much. Next week’s episode might have a bit of the band audition footage, so there’s that.

    Anyway, funniest thing…Alex is wearing his Lil Wayne shirt on inside out in the Hulu interview segments. You can see the shoulder seams and stuff, heh. I saw him the other day at the DH with that shirt on inside-out and thought, “huh? is that on purpose or by accident?” Obviously, nobody told him to change it, so who knows? :blink:

  2. That was waaaaay boring. They should have given the Melons an entire episode to themselves. So much good footage ended up being cut!! And what happened to Alex’s meeting with Iain? Hopefully next week we’ll get an Alex-centric episode. Haha and ooooh the “Brandt” episode. Kara’s first dramatic role! :biggrin: I love her.

    Can’t wait to see Alex’s band auditions!!! Correct me if I’m wrong, but the people in the clip kinda looked like the Melons. They prolly surprised him on stage since he did say they showed up! :ninja:

  3. Yes, it was kinda boring. The Purple Melon were funny. Gig was icky. I’m always bored when there’s no Alex. The Purple Melons made it a little better, though. Looking forward to next week. I do think that guy at the band audition with the mop for hair was a Melon. It should be funny. Next week, more Alex!!!

  4. Well, that was a lousy episode! Not enough Alex and sweet Melon. I do however love the way they edited Kara falling out of the tent after one of the Melons suggested tantric meditation (naked!). :lol: Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ben so visibly upset. :sad: Can’t wait for the auditions next week though. Alex as a judge… I wonder if he called anybody a fruit! Also, Krandt FTW! :lol:

  5. @Molly & Cathy – I think it was already mentioned that the Melons were at Alex’s band audition, wasn’t it?

    And – I posted this on yesterday’s thread – why is Alex’s video nowhere to be found today on the myspace charts?? (At least I stopped scrolling down after 40-something). How would it drop so fast or have they pulled it??

  6. Ok episode…not enuf Alex, those HULU people wont know what to do with themselves, I guess they can always bitch about the way he answered the door. lol.

    Marianne, I am still showing his video at #7 ??? hmmm…

  7. Wait a minute?? I dont know whats going on with my myspace, but if I click on: major hes #5,- unsigned, hes #1 and over, all hes #2????? does anyone else see this???

  8. weird, now if I dont sign into my myspace and just go directly to the video charts, it only has him as #1 for unsigned artist (which is fine but…..WTF :blink: I really think this one is correct………….someone else try it without signing in and go to charts, video and unsigned………….


    i have him number one unsigned
    and number seven overall
    he was number five last night
    does anyone know how the counts are done – to get your hit counted again

  10. Thanks Rafter, I thought I was going crazy!

  11. I was wondering the same thing about the votes…I had 2-4 four windows open yesterday playing it almost all day I wonder if all those plays counted, or did I waste my time??? :unsure:

  12. IICD changed his MySpace details for some reason so he’s now listed as unsigned. He’s #1 unsigned now. :cool:

    • Ha ha they probably realized their mistake once we all started pestering them about whether he is signed or not. So either he is and they just don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet, or they had him in “Major label” by accident. I’d lean towards option 1!!

      I HOPE each view counts cause I’ve been doing the same as you Linda. If not the views are going up at a spectacular rate on their own. Last night it was about 20/3 min!

      • Plus, I was gonna say for once they didn’t use a title with sexual innuendo – and then I remembered what Purple Melons are supposed to mean LOL!

  13. Yeah, I noticed the act behind him has only 13,000 + plays and alex has 17,000 + so thats good. Kass, I dont know whats worse, them having the sexual title right there in black and white or making us have to use a visual to figure it out ..ewww ha ha!!

  14. Okay, so that’s 30 minutes of my life I’ll never get back (make it 25 for the 5 minutes or so they gave to the Melons whom I love!). BORING. I loved when Eric said, “What’s wrong with the people in this house? They’re so boring.” Without Alex, they ARE boring.

    It does look like next week’s episode will be better — more Alex!

    Felt a little bad for Ben. He wanted that campaign so bad. Just the name of the game, way more rejection than wins, so…Can’t feel bad for Gig. She went in hungover and not really caring. No surprise there.

    That’s it. Not much to say, but bleh. :sleeping:

  15. Totally boring episode. They did painted Gig in her glories all drunk and naked. :blink:
    Why did they leave out some of the highlights with the Melons like jamming in the PBR and cooking and what happened with Gig saying they are noisy and messy from the preview.
    I’m glad we get some Alex :smile: next week but not looking forward to the creepy Brandt :sick:

  16. That episode felt like an hour long or something… boooring

    If that photographer didnt like Gig before she aint gonna like her now after she insinuated that she’s preying over Ben like a cougar that she is. Melons were funny! I missed the live feed of them hangin out but they saved this episode for me. No Alex? boring….

    Is it bad of me that I laughed out Loud during the preview of Brandt weeping? never saw it live so watching it in HD was quite hilarious…
    I kinda feel bad for him but still… it was really funny

  17. Yves, I often wondered if Brandt is an actor playing a role or is he for real. :sick: Whatever he is, he totally creeps me out and I always feel like I need a shower after watching him in the house. :sick:

  18. So boring episode, the only good thing was the advance of next week!! LOL

    so what’s with the Brandt drama? he was crying that was so heartbreaking I can’t believe I missed that…anyone watched it?? :w00t:

  19. I know it’s mean but I hope the IICD editor call out Brandt for the totally obsessed creepy weirdo that he is.

    As far as this episode, not enough Alex but I LOVED all of the Purple Melon stuff!! And let’s be honest, Alex has hardly been around enough to warrant much footage this week.

    And I think one of those band auditioners is a Purple Melon.

  20. Technical question: Is there a live stream camera in the PBR covering Alex’s piano lesson? I see the camera lady in there, but I don’t see any way to watch the live feed. All I see are the regular fixed cameras covering the action. Just curious…

    I sound somewhat jaded, but I’m wondering if the Rock and Republic people realized they could get some free air time by auditioning Gig and Ben for this campaign, when really the whole thing wasn’t going to fly from the get go. Kind of like the movie producers from Kara’s audition. It’s terrible to use the Dreamers as pawns in their schemes for some free publicity. I mean, it was almost like this latest episode was one long commercial for Rock and Republic (or whatever the hell name the clothing line is!)

    • There is a live stream camera Diane – I don’t know the icon just shows up for me (whichever room I’m in). But it’s pretty choppy as usual, and keeps cutting out.

      As for Rock and Republic – I’m wondering if there ever was a campaign to begin with! I find it suspicious that Deborah Anderson, who is somehow permanently involved with IICD “happened” to be shooting it. I’m wondering if they just hired her to set the whole thing up – get access to some Rock and Republic warehouse to make it look legit… more conspiracy theories LOL!!

  21. A bit random- I watched a performance of former A.I.7 Josiah Lemming on a Fox Affil. yesterday,and he is a brilliant songwriter,but his vocals were horrifying(I think his voice changed ’cause I used to like his voice);he was out promoting his new album from Warner Records(they used to be a really good label when Madonna was Queen Bee there,but now-not so much),and I was wishing he could write/co-write a song for Alex.But, I remembered that Simon Fuller Did Not like him(I had heard),so I doubt he would ever let Josiah collaborate with His Prize… :sad:

  22. Alleycat, I’ve actually had the same thought about Josiah and Alex writing together. Josiah’s voice can be pretty off-putting and has its ups and downs (although when he’s on, his voice is so powerful). He is by far the best songwriter and musician who’s ever been on Idol (and by “best” I mean, he writes music that I’m not embarrassed to listen to when other people are around, lol)

  23. Thanks, Kass. I realized I had to go to “all cameras”; then the live stream camera icon shows up. What a treat to see Alex close up. He’s such a doll! And what a ham for the camera! lol

    Had another thought. In addition to the myspace video, I would definitely suggest going to the iheartradio link from Alex’s tweet and watch the video from their website. I mean, he is on rotation on their front page, which is HUGE!!! The page “clicks” that Clear Channel gets for Alex is super important and might help gauge interest in putting the song on their Clear Channel radio websites and future radio adds and such.

    • Who is Ariel Fuchs skyping with Alex now?? She’s awesome!! She asked him about the overproduction, and Alex answered something like he’d rather have his music more raw and more soul, and less pop, but cause he came off Idol he has to go with what the big guys want, and later when he does what he wants we’ll love it even more! Go Ariel!!!

      Oh! And he said he finished that inspired-by-James-Morrison song in a session! Yay!

  24. I just did that Diane,and their sound quality is by far the best I’ve had in playing this of any of the postings.I do wish though that after you clicked to watch now,it would have a bigger banner than just that small one at top right of their IICD page.Also,after this front page ad goes away,eventually,WE really need to strongly hit up iheartradio’s youtube posting-Very important!!!

  25. I like getting to see Alex inteview with zap2it. its good he was around for it too.

    We don’t wanna know about restroom – but he can show us when he’s in the shower though. :wink: There is a vlog of him like that before.

    I read what Alex said when they asked Ellen. Funny when he said he’s a ripe banana now. Her banana jokes and comparisons to Alex were amusing. Alex has rippen a lot on IICD with more experience.

    Alex tweeted he likes Mexican food most. I like chinease and mexican food most. He better remember to work out and keep his shape, cause those food can give him a few pounds before he knows it. He said he wants to watch his weight, but he hasnt been around much to use the pool and punching bag, and he’s been busy too.

    Getting my computer fixed. Hope get it back in couple days so can catch up with Alex stuff

  26. Why don’t these skypers have any questions for Alex??? Aarrrgghhhh…

  27. I knooow – but Alex is a trooper :wub:
    I’ve fallen off my chair like 5 times laughing already!

  28. Arg! I guess its the mother in me, but I wish I cold tell Alex he needs to go get changed for that interview….they will be there any minute and he is in a T shirt and sport shorts, at least go put some pants on sweetie….

    • Hahaha the interviewer just asked how people feel they’re perceived, and everyone just turned and looked at Gig!! ROFL!!

  29. Simon Fuller and 19E just struck a deal with Universal Music Group

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Alex is the first Idol to get signed to this new agreement.

    “With ‘Idol’ celebrating our 10th season I wanted to inject some new power and weight behind our brand,” Fuller said in a statement. “We have been quietly delivering hits relentlessly for 9 seasons and Lucian Grainge and Jimmy Iovine’s (Chairman, Interscope Geffen A&M) ambition, commitment, and determination to push the boundaries and go even further with Idol was very compelling. It is exciting to have the world’s biggest show partnered with the world’s biggest music company.”

  30. I want Alex signed to INTERSCOPE so bad!

  31. I was just thinking that if Alex is the first “Idol” to get signed to the Universal deal, it will get him a TON of press! And all eyes will be on him to see how this new business relationship would work out.

  32. So snuffles, let’s keep our fingers crossed on this one. We know he will hit it out of the park. I think 19E knows that, too. So hopefully, it is all part of the plan.

  33. ha ha ha I am watching and Alex sure knows how to cause a ruckus!! He just have ordered food but on no one can find him to pay……Kara and some of the garage guys have been yelling for him for 5 minutes straight….Geez just pay for it I am sure he will pay you back! Poor delivery guy….

  34. Funny, Linda. I walked away for like 5 minutes to start dinner and missed it.

    Did you hear the convo he just had with Kristin on the phone? Apparently he’s singing 3 songs for some sick kids on Thursday. Also they want to do a segment in an episode about writing a song. Alex says he’s writing tomorrow with Busby and he’ll tell Kristin all about it afterward.

  35. This new deal between 19 & Universal could be great for Alex. He and Casey James are currently not signed or under contract. So, 19 is going to want to make a splash quickly in the music scene and Alex is in a prime position to do that.

  36. The news about 19E making a deal with Universal is great! And I agree, a deal with Interscope for Alex would be so AWESOME!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that too!

  37. Here’s a list of all the labels under Universal Music Group

    and their roster of artists

  38. Alex is Simon Fuller’s boy so Universal/Interscope/19 is VERY likely.Casey,may or may not-he was in the Top 12 of season 9,which,acc. to the article may give Sony first right of refusal-plus he’s more of a fit for Sony-Nashville,not sure what would happen there.

  39. Alex told someone the interviewer,just now-“it felt like I had an orgasm when I was singing one time,no actually lots of times.” He said that yesterday,too.Well he speaks the truth!!!And thats refreshing!!! :biggrin:

  40. @alleycatfan: LoL, I wish I had heard it… He’s so funny. :cheerful:

  41. @alleycatfan – I started watching that Josiah Lemming video – it was Fox Detroit and he was playing in Pontiac (about 1/2 hour from me). I had never seen/heard him before – just his name and a bit of his idol story. It wasn’t his voice that bothered me but how he moved playing the piano. I know that’s probably weird or shallow of me – but it was hard to get past it.

  42. Alex had dropped from # 7 to 42# overall – still number one on the unsigned list
    this is for Myspace

  43. Man, what a busy afternoon! (that I missed :sad: ) Great news about the UMG deal. I hope, hope, hope, that Sony doesn’t have first right of refusal on the top 24 Idols–but then again, I’d love to see a bidding war break out over Alex. Would make for some great press.

    Oh dear, sounds like Alex is getting really pissed off about the car situation again!! He must have to go somewhere, and Gig has the car. I thought for a minute there he was going to punch the wall. I feel so sorry for him–this transportation issue is ridiculous. As he stated, “this (car business) is getting between him and his career!!” He’s so frustrated. I can feel it through the laptop!

  44. @Diane,acc. to the article posted earlier above us,Sony only has first right of refusal on the Idol top 12.But a bidding war would be awesome between any 2,or hell we’ll take 4,and 5 bidders-PRESS!!!!

  45. @Diane Alex is at band practice now so I guess someone gave him a ride. Stupid Gig…although I blame Kristen too cause she seems to be the one behind all this confusion.

  46. Well with Gig going away for a week, Alex will not have to fight with her for the car. I don’t think we will even notice she is gone.

    It just seems to me that the car situation is really silly. Alex is doing really well. Even Gig is booking things. Don’t they want them to be able to get to work now that they have work to go to. Like Alex said, this is getting in the way of his career. So after all the hard work getting Alex to this point are they going to jeopardize his success over a car? Ridiculous!!! How is the bus situation in LA. Can Alex take a bus. I know they won’t let him get his own car, right? So what is he suppose to do?

  47. lol at Alex. Love listening to Butterflies.

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