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Jun 222010

No, Mr. IICD producer, Alex will NOT be getting nude and he will NOT be going home! Thanks anyways! :cool: This was a GREAT episode. Go Alex!!!!

Episode Recap:
The episode starts with an old Alex VLOG of him showering in his boxers (shot by Raylee, from when she visited). We’re then taken right into the PETA visit. The dreamers are shown a video about fur trading, and look shocked and horrified. Ben and Kara express concerns about being naked for the proposed anti-fur campaign. Ben said he has to ask his mom, and so Gig calls him a momma’s boy.

Justin and his friend Garret drive to Vegas in what is essentially an extended Ford Fiesta ad. They are shown doing… pretty much nothing.

Alex is called into the dream studio to talk with Michael, who says Simon Fuller is really impressed with the work Alex has been doing, and wants to go into full production on ‘Dream With My Eyes Open’. If he thinks it’s good, he’ll put it out there and get it on the radio. Alex is excited.

The Pepsi Refresh ambassador visits the house to present the dreamers with the check for ten grand for their project. They’ll be working with an organization called ‘A Place Called Home’.

Ben and Kara drive to their lesson with Kirby, where they’ll be performing the scene where they’re supposed to kiss. Kara looks nauseous during the ride, and chickens out when it comes time for the kiss. Kirby is disappointed. They go home and practice the scene. Ben kisses Kara out of nowhere to get over the awkwardness, then they perform the scene properly.

Alex goes to the DEEKAY recording studio to lay down the new vocal track for ‘Dream With My Eyes Open’. Lars tells him that going from the demo stage to full production means they’re going to add strings, live bass, and backing vocals, and wants to see if there’s more they can pull out of Alex, to get the best vocals possible. Alex wants to make some improvements to the way he sang the song in the demo. Lars has some very complimentary things to say about Alex, including that he’s a world class vocal. Alex’s vocals sound do sound amazing – and he has made huge improvements to his falsetto.

The morning of the PETA shoot, Ben is still indecisive. Justin and Gig leave while Ben remains behind, calling his mom. We’re shown the conversation between Alex and Ben (that took place after the shoot) where Alex says he chose not to do the shoot because he doesn’t want his fans and family to see him that way, in part because he looks like a 17-year-old kid. Kara also decides not to do the shoot. Kristen calls and tells Ben off for being unprofessional in not letting the PETA people know whether he’ll be doing the shoot or not. Gig enthusiastically explains her reasons for wanting to do the shoot, and trash talks Ben for not jumping at the opportunity. The photographer is pissed at Ben for not showing up – his plan for the shoot will have to be changed. Justin and Gig get naked, with the important bits covered. Ben finally shows up and gets naked too. The shoot gets under way. Everyone seems surprisingly non-awkward.

Next week, Gig cries – again. We’re shown old footage from the meeting held before Amanda moved out, and Michael in voice over says someone will be moving BACK into the house (we’re shown a blurred out blonde girl). Justin gets some good news from American Idol winner Kris Allen.

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  1. Alex at the recording studio… how precious was that?!!! He was so excited when he did his falsetto. :wub:

  2. Finally IICD is starting to get it right with the editing. Loved this episode for Alex. Loved the fact that Alex worked so hard to get the best finished product possible. He always does. Loved the way Lars was complimenting him and said that he has high hopes for him. It’s the way the rest of us feel about him. IICD could have edited the whole PETA shoot differently for him, but chose not to. Thank goodness. Check out the conversation at the dining room table with Ben about Alex’s decision not to pose.. one moment a magazine is on the table and the other moment it disappears. What’s up with that? and why am I starting to distrust Gig and her intentions lately. Something doesn’t feel quite right anymore about her. Alex stay clear of her and stick with Kara.

    Through the events that have unfolded in the past week I have gained more respect for Alex and his decision not to compromise his integrity. I watched some of the conversation between him and Caitlyn yesterday afternoon, but the live stream switched over to Ben’s room, so I didn’t catch it all. Basically, he freaked out because it wasn’t about the music anymore. Before that statement he mentioned that he had gone from Idol to going immediately on IICD and hadn’t had time to digest anything that was happening to him…everything was happening too fast and he didn’t know much about contracts? I am starting to think that he could use an agent about now.
    I can’t wait to hear the full production of “Dream” and I love that he wants to make some of the vocals sexier… Yes Alex, you know what we all want and you must always trust your instinct because I think that yours is killer.

  3. One last thing, I get teary eyed everytime I watch him in the recording studio, so passionate :biggrin:

  4. Do you want us to keep posting to the Who are you Wednesday post from last week? Sorry I did not post last week. I have been checking out this website by my mobile phone, and it is hard to add comments by phone. I work for a small city government as the homeless specialist. Yes, I really do work with the homeless, but I work mostly at the agencies and systems level.

    Tomorrow, one of the local social service agencies is launching a mentoring program called Circles and the nationwide founder Scott Miller will in my city to launch our local version. The gazillion Pepsi refresh project commercials have gotten to me, and I have some ideas about mixing IICD and Circles. It was only time that my real life work and IICD would merge together in my head. I plan to talk to Miller in person tomorrow about my reality television habits.:cool:

    I was wondering if Miller was even interested in reality television. In a weird turn of events, I received an e-mail from Miller who is backing the reality television bid for a professional acquaintance of his, so he is ok with reality television. In a totally unrelated project to his agency, Miller is backing Mindy Audlin who is from Fort Worth Texas. My first thought was that is the metropolitan area where Alex is from. (I may need to join the Alex Anonymous meetings). Ok, all you people from the Forth Worth area. What do you know about Mindy Audlin. I had never heard of her until last week. Would she be OK for me to suggest to IICD?

    Audlin has managed to earn a wildcard slot for an audition for a reality show on the Oprah network. Her show would be People Helping People. However I think her ideas would work with the community portion of IICD and it fits in with what Kara and Gig have said they wanted to do. I think it fits the cast. But there is also another component. They don’t have any life skills mentors for the dream mates and it seems like confidence is more of an issue than talent in terms of holding them back. Audlin is such a positive uppity person that she makes me feel like a cynical snark in direct comparison, but I think she could really help the dream mates. Alex mentioned stage fright holding him back on American Idol, and Alex has everything going for him in terms of loads of talent and desire, so negative doubts may be his biggest hurdle. It looks like Audlin could help with positivity outcomes. I want Alex to succeed and be happy.

    So before I go pitching someone I barely know anything about, any thoughts on Mindy Audlin from Fort Worth. Do you all feel like it would OK to suggest Audlin to IICD? Her motto is instead of what if it goes wrong, what if it goes right. Here is a link to the concept behind her What If Up Club on the web.

  5. I enjoyed this episode too! Don’t you love the way Alex transitioned soooo smoothly into his falsetto when recording the full production for DWMEO? That’s been a struggle for him, but he nailed it. He’s just a genius. He works hard, don’t get me wrong, but he has such a gift. I truly believe that boy can do anything he sets his mind too.

    Lauren, I’ve worried about Alex and his having representation too. I’ve been assured that he has all of that, but I wonder, especially since he said himself that he didn’t know anything about contracts. These kids signed on for this program, and even AI, with iron-clad contracts. Well, in reality, no contract is iron-clad. But, all the more reason why I think he needs really good representation. I hope he didn’t sign anything with CAA yesterday, even if it’s good, without an experienced entertainment lawyer at least looking it over. But, Alex does have good instincts, so I’ll just hope for wonderful news there.

    I will not turn this into a Gig bashing session. I’ll just say “I told you so.” LOL! There is something decidly off about her. She’s too shy to show emotion for the camera, but she’s totally okay with getting naked for PETA, and she said she enjoyed being naked on camera. I just don’t get her at all. Well, actually I do, but if I said what I think, I’d piss people off again, so I just won’t go there. I totally respect and admire Alex and Kara for NOT doing it. I’m not a prude. But, what Kara said is definitely true — do you really want your first big public exposure to be in the nude? (pun intended) Alex wasn’t comfortable with it either. Good instincts on their part. Ben struggled with the decision, but ultimately went for it. I really wonder if he would have if Kristin hadn’t called and bitched him out. Frankly, I don’t like the poses. I don’t like the whole campaign or the organization anyway, so…

    Now, for the final shot: “Guess who’s moving back into the dream house?” :sick: Tell me it isn’t Amanda. Please, someone, tell me that. Why not move Veronica Ballestrini in? Very talented, nice girl, they all get along well. Actually, I’d like to see a dancer move in. #1) I’m a former dancer and love dance, so that’s just my selfish reason; #2) Alex could use a little help with his moves. It would add another dynamic instead of just another actor, especially THAT one.

    Soapbox, I have no problem with your idea re: the Pepsi Refresh project. The housemates have already decided on their particular project though, so I’m confused. Are you talking about her helping them with that or entering the contest for her own program?

  6. @lauren – I, too, worry about Gig a bit. I don’t care for how snarky she was about Ben wanting to check with his mom! That was bratty! As far as holding up the shoot — for cripes sake – they had a very short amount of time to check into things and think about it! I can’t imagine Ben will care for this segment – IF he watches it. I’m wondering if Gig (and Roger?) didn’t have some nasty comments about Alex’s decision. Ben did tell Alex (at the table scene) that Roger was pissed at him. If they did – they decided to not use it/edit it out – which was proactive of the producers. IMO I don’t think they want Alex taking another hiatus :) I don’t either!

    I liked the episode a lot. I have to imagine that Justin and Garrett did more than what was shown in Las Vegas – not to say they did anything raunchy. LOVED Alex’s Deekay recording session! I tweeted out some of the words of praise Lars had for Alex and working with Alex! If he loves Alex – then I love him :)

    @soapbox – You may want to clear up where you called Mindy “uppity”?? Did you mean to say upbeat?? That’s how I interpreted your description – but “uppity”, to me, means snobbish. Just sayin’!

  7. @Janet – I forgot about the guess-who’s-moving-BACK-into-the-house preview. If Veronica had stayed at the house for the weekend, rather than at a hotel, I could see how it might be her. But. . . not so sure. Maybe Amanda is moving back in short-term for something?? Just cuz they said moving back in doesn’t mean for good – right? Whatever. . .on that one. As long as she’s nice to Alex – I don’t care one way or another.

  8. Ok I have to say I LOOOOVED this episode! :wub: They are really working good with the editing and they are making Alex look as himself and as the Alex we all love. The recording of DWMYO was amazing! I really loved the interview with the producer, I think they haven’t done this before right? He made Alex look SOOO GOOD I just loved him for that! :heart: I’m glad they didn’t use the footage of Alex not doing the PETA photoshoot, but I do feel bad for Ben it wasn’t necessary to show all the drama I think, he did it anyways.

    I also have a bad feeling about Gig since I started watching the show, I just don’t like her personality and she has always something bad to say about the others but when someone says something about her she just starts crying? come on! GROW UP!! :sideways:

    And about who is moving back to the house it is definitely Veronica for sure!! they just want to make it look like if it is Amanda to give it some more drama :whistle: I think we are gonna enjoy it more with her in the house, she is good influence for Alex music since they really connected “musically” I can see lots of jam session with her and Alex comming :biggrin: and also she will give more drama to the house with Ben so they are definitely bringing her back! everybody loved her (specially Ben ha! :tongue:) so I am looking forward for her moving!! :wink:

  9. Oops my bad, I did mean upbeat. I don’t know where uppity even came from.:shocked: I think I accidently combined words in my head while typing and that is what came out. Audlin strikes me as the opposite of a snob.

    I was not thinking about the pepsi refresh project that we have been recently voting on. More along the lines that I have been inspired by the gazillion pepsi refresh project commericials that I have watched on IICD. I was thinking more like having community people visit the dreamhouse or dream mates could visit a local project with the cameras along. Or just have awareness on the IICD site. It also could fit with the hot topic sessions that I quit watching a while back. The save the land of the Hollywood sign was more of a fundraiser, but something more along those lines would work. Technically PETA is community awareness, but I ain’t even gonna touch that subject. :ninja:

  10. Well, that episode was a bit disappointing. I was hoping for bigger news for Alex–but it seems they are taking baby steps with his accomplishments. And I guess I should get used to the fact that the episodes won’t be revealing anything we don’t already know. Congrats to those of you who guessed that the big “news” would be DWMEO full production.

    After listening to all the Alex “sound bites” yesterday, I changed my mind about what happened leading up to his departure to Texas. I had hoped it was because he got some stupendous news that was going to change his life forever, or something like that. It does seem now, in hindsight, that the PETA shoot was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m sure he thought “what the hell does posing nude have to do with my music career?” He told Ben yesterday that the trip to Texas was very beneficial because he was close to “losing it.” Yes, he was losing sight of his music and his artistry with all this stupid stuff that the IICD keep throwing at them.

    I really think he could have gone home with the idea that he was “done” with the show. There might have actually been cajoling and pleading by Michael and staff to get him to come back to the Dream House. And, contrary to what his haters might say, it wasn’t calculated to get him special treatment upon his return; he was just fed up.

    OK, now can someone tell me where he goes with Gig for these late evening outings? According to DU, they didn’t return until maybe 2:00am. Seems this is a pattern when he and Raylee are fighting–Gig always gets in the middle somehow. :blink:

  11. I suppose sometimes when you hear him say some things on live feed it gives you a different impression…like he’s out there winging it. Don’t worry I won’t mention it again.

  12. Yuck! I really wish Alex had a better friend out there than Gig. I didn’t realize they were out together last night. Maybe he’s just trying to make Raylee jealous? Sounds silly, but…who knows?

  13. Hey everybody…please sign the petition (go to Ben’s site) for him to be in a soap opera! Thanks!

  14. Regarding the Raylee issue – it seems to me, from inference and from what Alex said to Kara, that Alex and Raylee did not spend too much time together while he was home. That, alone, may have not made Raylee too happy. Also, it sounds as if Alex spent some of his time in Texas “producing” the new song. That probably took a lot of time away that may, otherwise, have been spent with Raylee. I really like Raylee and she seems to be a good influence on Alex, so I would be disappointed to see that relationship falter. As for being out late last night with Gig – Alex sure didn’t sound very good this morning ;) I hope he feels better soon!

    Does anyone know what the meeting is at the Hulu offices that Ben, Alex and Kara are going to?? Thanks, in advance!

  15. I still wonder if it’s true that he has all of that representation. It certainly doesn’t seem so. A good agent wouldn’t even allow him to walk into that meeting yesterday alone. No way. And, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Alex IS the show. He’s the money machine 19E is banking on. I’m not naive enough to believe that they have his best interests at heart. Money is their only objective. So, all we can do is wait and see.

  16. I see now that the meeting BenAlexKara are at is a KSS (?) interview.

  17. another positive episode??? really??? oh they’re spoiling us :) Now I’m really believing that Alex had a “talk” with Michael and put his foot down regarding the character assassination they are doing. I was getting nervous about Ben and Alex convo about PETA coz they might just cut to the part where he is too tired and totally skip about his point regarding not doing it. Good for Alex for speaking up. I’m really proud of him for really putting a brave front and not showing dissatisfaction on cameras making IICD look bad. They probably intended to botch the Dogers episode making him look like he choked and that’s not cool with Alex coz thats the whole point for him, showing people his talent. I think IICD realized that Alex has the most potential to be a huge star making this show legitimate and making him look like a dufus is really just bad for them too.

    Luv, luv luv watching him do music, he’s so giddy you gotta love him and respect his passion. Lars enjoy being with him, he’s a music man and he appreciates a newbie totally just passionate and learning as much as he can. “No I can do it better dude” haha! High praises too for Alex, wow! I’m sure all the music people feel the same way. I really think they’ll sign him eventually… otherwise their loss really, Alex has a winning lottery ticket in his throat! BTW, i love love love his voice when it flutters at the end of each line… tickles my ears!

    Regarding representation, I do think he has lawyers I’m sure they got lawyers before he did Idol and IICD. If he has a PR person then he/she should be fired. An agent? i dunno he seems like he doesnt but what do I know.

    Giglianne, I think she has an emotional guard and a bit of bitchiness too. I dont care, as long as she doesnt mess with Alex I could care less.

  18. Helloooo guys! Just watched the episode. Pretty happy with it. Ha ha intentional or not, it looks like the editors have realized they’d better show Alex in a good light or else. :cool: ABOUT TIME!

    @areyouin Maybe they mean KIIS FM – the radio station? Alex and Justin did an interview there ages ago (, and I think the whole cast did too before the show got started…

  19. Hi Kassandra! Missed you! Yes – I mis-typed on KISS :) The Ben/Kara/Alex mix seems odd- doesn’t it?

    Did anybody see the improv group visit last night? That was fun – though hard to watch with the stupid cameras/live stream. Loved how later Kara told Alex he was “brilliant”. Once again – he was kinda out-shining some of the others IMO. :whistle:

  20. Brigette, summary has been posted – check the post.

  21. hey everone, I recently made an Alex Lambert podcast, and is now available for download on itunes! As of now it’s just the video where he explains his dream, but please download and spread the word :)

  22. Thank you sooo much! Now I can’t wait to see it!

  23. Darn it! The one week my computer is broken and I can’t go on IICD so I have to use my phone to go on DU and get my IICD daily fix (lol), there’s a super good episode. Would anyone mind giving me a summary of what happened? That’d mean a lot! :)

  24. It’s Kris Allen with a K. Kris seems to be able to bring out the best in people so I hope good wishes for Justin.

    The more I hear about what happened with Alex, the more impressed I am that he stood up for himself. I do think he just needed a break and I am super glad that Alex is back. I do feel really strongly that right now the dream house is the best place for him, but they need to treat them like people.

    Kristin is so unprofessional herself that it is totally hypocritical for her to tell some one else off for being unprofessional. Unbelievable.

  25. Hey guys, if you go on iTunes to the podcast On-Air with Ryan Seacrest and go all the way down to episode #194 there’s an interview with Alex. It’s free too. I haven’t been able to listen it though ’cause for some reason it will not play when I download it, but hopefully it works for everyone else! :)

  26. I could finally get to watch the episode, and I have to tell you this thought that I have. Obviously, I enjoyed very much how Alex was portrayed this time and noticed that they seemed to have learned a lesson about how the editing can turn against them sometimes.
    But, on the other hand, I have also learned to be suspicious about what they want us to think. It’s just their fault.
    For instance, on this episode, the bullets were aimed towards Ben, very clearly, at least to me, even though he’s improving a lot and doesn’t deserve it. And, with an invaluable collaboration from Gig!, or maybe she’s a good actress after all :cwy:
    She seemed to be happy doing it, like having a revenge from that past episode where she got pissed at Ben for a long while.
    I wouldn’t turn my back if Gig’s around; just in case. :unsure:

    Diane: I share exactly the same idea that you have about Alex’s break. I really hope IICD realize once and for all that he’s a golden mine as a musician, and don’t mess with his image any more.

  27. I haven’t had time in several days to post on the board, so now I have catching up to do.

    It’s great to see Alex back in the house, taking care of business.

    All the gifts that were sent to Alex were great and imaginative.

    I didn’t understand why Alex would meet with CAA, why not Ben and Kara. Was it just a ploy to get us excited about a new possibility for Alex? Is there going to be more to this down the road?

    I also watched the latest episode of IICD tonight. Once again Alex was shown in a positive light. I would love to have been a fly on the wall, when Alex spoke to Michael the Saturday before he left. Alex is wide open, one of the things I like about him. I would bet he didn’t, hold back any punches when he spoke to Michael. I think between Alex’s conversation with Michael and the way the fans have reacted to IICD negative editing of Alex, IICD has stopped with portraying him in such a negative light. Unfortunately Ben has now become the target of negative editing, which he doesn’t deserve. I really loved seeing Alex working on the production version of DWMEWO. Lars is right on the money in the way he talks about Alex. They are a good team and I hope Alex will have more opportunities to work with Lars.

    As far as Gig, she blows with the wind. Whatever works for her at the time, she goes with. She obviously very insecure and feels the need to put others down to make herself feel better. The sad truth is it doesn’t work.

  28. Ok, I finally got to see the new episode, after trying 6 times to get it to play. Some problem, I don’t know. Anyway, I loved the parts with Alex in them, of course. I really enjoyed how excited he was while singing. He can really kick it up when he wants to.
    As for Ben, I think he shouldn’t have left them push him into doing the PETA shoot. I think that Kristin should take her own advice, and be more “professional” herself. People can make their own choices. Poor Ben, I guess he is going to be the next “jerk” in the house. He better nip this in the bud, real fast. He doesn’t deserve that label, GIG does.
    I don’t want to make anyone mad, but Gig came off in a bad light on this episode. I think everyone needs to watch their back around her (looking for the knife). :whistle:
    Of course, I never pretended to like her. I hope if Alex watches the episode, he sees Gig for the person she is, and stays away from her. I wonder if he knows how she talks about him sometimes.
    *(Sorry guys, I really try not to be so mean to Gig, But I can’t help it sometimes.) :unsure:
    Also, I think that Amanda is moving back in, :shocked: WHY? It was nice without her. Ok, I’m done.

  29. @ Tracy – I don’t really care if it’s Amanda as long as she’s nice to Alex! If it is Amanda my guess is that it might be short-term. Michael said somebody’s moving back into the house, but doesn’t say for how long. It could just be a few weeks.

    Did anyone watch REALLY late and see Alex come back last night? I read DU and there’s nothing about him arriving back at the house. Just an entry that he was in his bed (or room?). I’m just curious what he would have had to do so late when he is feeling so sick. I sure hope it was important! Do you think, with how sick he is, that he would have been practicing an acoustic set for The Mint tonight?? I wouldn’t think he would be able to do it- do you? I remember him telling one/some of the improv people about his appearance there. Oh well. . .I sure hope he feels better soon!

  30. Well I am back from Nashville, hmm wait 8 months to see my kid and end up with food poisoning :sick: ….go figure, BUT…. great episode!!! Alex looks good in it, as he should. Missed lots of stuff….to sick to go back through it all maybe tomorrow. Have a great night everyone!

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