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Aug 312010

This week, Alex’s visit to Memphis continues…

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  1. I’m pretty sure it’s the twin’s house. Probably just being cautious.

  2. LMAO @ Gollymolly, I do and I’m just reading this stuff, cuz like I said I have no patience for watching the live stream. You crack me up! :lol:

  3. Oh just noticed Alex tweeted about Roxy show tomorrow. I hope people know they pay only $12 this time cause some were tweeting him saying $60 was a bit much last time even though they wanted to go. I think Gollymolly said he said first 50 people there tomorrow get in free? Are they serious? They must know its a short notice or something. If people know its $12, more they will show up.

  4. @shadow_ia the tweet you’re referring to also says the first 50 people get in free.

  5. haha @Katherine I think it’s just because we’re all so excited that they put a cam in the car so it’s like a new toy for us. Still feel creepy though. :ninja:

  6. @snuffles & Diane – I thought I heard her say that she decided to be celibate after talking to Sam??

    Also – about the safe neighborhood — I think someone asked whether Alex should put the windows up and I thought Alex said “It’s all right, it’s a safe neighborhood”.

  7. It doesn’t matter if it’s Beverly Hills, they still need to roll their windows up and lock the door.

    @areyouin – Maybe Sam was hitting on her and she decided to tell him she was celibate. Whatever, she’s young, it won’t last long. It’s not like she’s Kara. :wink:

  8. I hope he sends out another tweet, because the new one is kinda confusing–like it starts in the middle of a sentence. Hope he wasn’t texting and driving! :blink: :biggrin: Not sure if fans will understand that *Alex* is playing again tomorrow night.

    Molly, guess I misunderstood about the gf–they must have been discussing picking up this Stephanie chick. She’s a cutiepie, btw. She and George would make a cute couple. Both with the hair. :tongue: Sorry, I said “cute” 2x in this paragraph. But I guess it’s OK, because it wasn’t about Alex.

    ETA: Oh, so sounds like George and Steph are just friends, if Sam was hittin’ on her. I think Sam is a horny young dude. heh

  9. LOL, Oh Molly you’re a riot! And the ninja emoticon always cracks me up! Yea you’re right though and maybe cuz it’s rare to see him in the house now and we’re always listening out for some juicy info :ninja: We wouldn’t have to be so creepy if they would just tell us already that Alex is signed and when his album is due out, geez! Alright I gotta go, I have no business being on here, I have some work to finish up and it’s way late already here. :tongue:

  10. Gollymolly: Maybe it felt like stalking to you cause we were watching them getting in, and out of the car while we wait for them to come back. Its different watching them in the house than in the car, where we follow Alex around. I usually dont watch them in fiesta. Also, I wanted to hear Alex and the band members talk, so once they picked up that girl, I felt like I didnt wanna hear some random girl I dont know talk, and I felt like taking off my headphones. Well am not sure where they are now. I havent heard a sound in 5mins. They must have gone inside.

  11. @katherine I wish that everyday…just tell us!! :biggrin:

    @diane cute cute cute adorable adorable :wink:

    @shadow_ia I know I’m just not used to this comment section being like Dream Updates, lol. :ninja:

  12. And with that I think we’ve gotten everything out of the Fiesta cam for the night. Glad most of you got it to work. Thanks for everyone who provided updates for those who couldn’t get it. Adios for now!

  13. Me too Molly!!! Omg, I can’t stop! This Alex Lambert fansite is like crack! My work productivity has taken such a nosedive, aaaaahhh! Ok now I really gotta go… :dizzy:

  14. What’d I miss? what’d I miss?????

    Everything, as usual… Funny how i rarely ever actually watch the live feed. If i read that Alex is singing then thats the only time I ever feel like enduring those pepsi commercials on the site. It’s great to come here and get all the details! DU is flippin boring now and those damn Alex trolls piss me off all the time. This site is good for my blood pressure… Anyhow, for purely selfish reasons I’d really like for Alex to come home and sing all those secret hits he’s been hiding from us. Then i want him to spill the beans on his record deal then log on this site and start chatting with us! haha, this.will.never.happen :blink:

  15. Just an FYI to u ladies…i say go for all the “Cute” “Adorable” and all the other gooey crap u all say…lol…honestly doesn’t bother me…as long as u keep the Alex material coming, say whatever u all want…lol and yes @Katherine, I hear ya on the “This Alex Lambert fansite is like crack” lol…I start back to Nursing school this coming tuesday, and I’m afraid that i’m gonna b more interested in IICD and this site more than I am my dang school work and studying…lol..i’m gonna hafta finda happy medium, cuz I’m almost done w/school, but I gotta have my fix on here! lol

  16. Oh that Stephanie looked like Andy Allo? I was mostly listening and not looking cause it was dark in there, and I was reading other things. At first I thought she sounded like Gig so I looked in the car to see why they picked Gig up, then I realized it was a friend from what was said, but didnt see her.

    Connie D: Sam tweeted he has a headache? Awww, I think it was caused by the boring soccer he had to play, and small talk he had to endure with Gig while waiting for Alex and the band to get to IICD.

    Phillip: Its good ‘adorable’ and ‘cute’ doesnt bother you. I dont think I can stop referring to him like that. that’s how I tend to see him, and sometimes he’s a punk ass boy too.

  17. Reading Sam’s tweets it looks like Alex left him stranded at the twins’ house. I wonder what happened to Sam’s car? Poor Sam.

  18. He didn’t leave him there, he was with George. Alex and Sam are driving back to the house right now. If anyone is up tune in, the cameras are pretty decent.

    Edit: The cameras WERE pretty decent. :tongue:

  19. Alex is driving with Sam at 1:22A.M. Pacific time…Wonder what the next stop is?

  20. ETA-they are headed back to the DH :biggrin:

  21. Alex and Sam are home if any others are still awake and bored.

  22. Drats. They’re in bed… Alex is doing something on his laptop. And WOW, his bedroom DOES look like it’s been hit by a tornado! To be fair, so does mine. And instead of clearing it up, I’m listening to some Alex tracks, and typing this rather senseless comment. Lol. :pinch:

  23. Alex was trying different outfits for the show again.He seemed really pleased with the white Memphis trip dress shirt this time and kept it on for like 8 minutes,and later put a dark T under his chin to see how that might match,underneath.Then he pulled the tag off of a new plaid short- sleeved dress shirt ,and looked at it,but did not dress.The plaid was at a bad angle, but it looked pretty good.And thats all he tried on ,so we’ll see… :wink:

  24. Thanks for all the updates guys, woke up to alot of activity from last night, sorry I missed it, but I probably would have gotten frustrated with that car cam, this is much less stressful LOL. So Alex has to get up early again, wonder why??

  25. @LindaW Possibly it is only his hulu interview? Not sure

  26. @Lauren Thats true, they usually do happen on Wednesday dont they?

  27. Thanks everyone for the updates. I gave up when the car cam get freezing up on me.

    I don’t feel like a stalker watching Alex in the car — well, if I was ABLE to watch! He’s out in public. I just never watch any of them sleeping — that’s creepy. I might peek in and see that he’s home and in bed, but I don’t watch.

    Thanks guys for not getting fed up with the cute and adorable comments! You’re too funny.

    Yeah. We’re all addicted. I cannot believe how much my work productivity has slowed down since this show started. I’ve really got to start pulling myself away. Ugh! It’s too hard! :pinch:

  28. I know how you feel Janet, I get absolutely NOTHING done Arg! I know everyone doesn’t watch the live feed as much, but where they have you is, even when there is nothing going on… are afraid something is gonna go on… you watch to see if something gonna go on…….. :blink: Even though you can probably read about it or request the video over at DU, but its so much funner if you see it in person. Damn those diabolical minds over at IICD, they are turning my brain to mush, just like the HULU commercial said!!! LOL!

  29. I’m with you Janet and LindaW. I am addicted, but since he spends so much time out of the house now I am starting to incorporate activities back into my life. I would say that it’s about time. I quit watching TV altogether after Alex joined the show. IICD would probably love that information. I went to lunch with a friend last week. I am very empathetic to her son’s World of Warcraft addiction. I get it. We discussed her son and then she asked me, “so how’s Alex?”.
    LindaW. I too like to watch the live feed (if Alex is home) mostly so I don’t him singing. Alex has us under his spell; it started the first time we heard him sing. IT’S NOT OUR FAULT! :whistle:

  30. LOL @ Linda! That’s exactly what’s happening! :dizzy:

  31. Yep….I know its funny, my hubby TRIES to make an effort and asks me every once in a while “so hows your boy doing today” but as soon as I start talking, his eyes glaze over… its really nice to be able to come here and discuss it…. :heart:

  32. I’ve decreased my hours at work, for one reason, and one reason only–keeping tabs on Alex is my new part-time job! So yes, like the definition of an addiction, it is interfering with my work, my social interaction with friends, and time I should be spending with my poor hubby. And yes, I also stopped watching TV (which isn’t such a bad thing!)

    But I sure do enjoy reading and conversing (so to speak) with everyone on this board! :wub:

  33. Janet, Linda, Lauren & Katherine – Like you all I am addicted. I have learned how to incorporate the REST of my life into my addition. I know that Alex doesn’t get up before noon (3pm EST) most days. I try to get everything done that I need to before 3:00 pm. My husband is very understanding if dinner is sometimes late. That doesn’t happen too much anymore because, as you all know, Alex isn’t home much.

    In the evening I have pretty much given up TV. I find TV so flat and boring anymore. Alex has ruined me for single dimensional fictional characters. I only watch the stream if Alex is home, so when he’s not home, I come here to see who’s chattin’. I’m on the East Coast and I just can’t stay up too late most nights, so I usually read the updates here in the morning before I get started with my day.

    I’m not TOO addicted, am I?

    Anyway, I’m pretty much only interested in Alex. I don’t care too much about the other housemates, but I do wish them well. However, I have also become interested in the process. I think it’s fascinating to watch how Alex’s career is being handled by 19E. I also think it’s interesting to see how they handle this show. There have been a lot of conspiracy theories flying around and I, of course, have a few of my own. It will be interesting to watch it all unfold. I think we will be witness to a lot in the next month, both with Alex and the show. That is primarily why I’m watching a little more lately. Whatever happens, I don’t what to miss it.

  34. Oh and Diane, I love talking to everyone on this board. I really feel like I’ve made a lot of new friends. It has been an eye opening experience and I believe that I have learned a lot. It has really been fun. I also believe that if the show went away tomorrow we would still be here deciphering cryptic tweets and promoting Alex. At least I hope so.

  35. Cathy, I also have become very interested in the process, too. This morning I woke up thinking “how many more episodes will there be until Season 1 ends?” Will there be a cliff-hanger about Alex? See, I *should* be thinking about dinner, or something to do with MY life, but no, it’s about Alex… :blush:

    Now I’m a little gun shy. Alex’s avatar says he’s in the Fiesta, but the Fiesta cam just shows them sitting in the driveway. Am I missing something??

  36. Not funny, but yes funny. My husband asked if they sold such a thing as an Alex Lambert mask. Poor guy. He also said he was going to come onto this site one day, so beware of someone named Suzanne. I have really enjoyed chatting and reading everyone’s input. What a great group! For sure we will have that weekend together.
    @Diane I saw him walk past the 2 fiestas to another car. Someone picked him up.
    P.S. Molly I should have told you last night I got a chuckle out of your fiesta cam gibberish.
    Back to Alex- he has gone to do an interview. He will be back for Sam about 12. He wants to rehearse some more, do some harmonies. Sam didn’t sound too interested in practicing and Alex is pushing to go because the (IICD) has already paid for the space. Alex packed a plaid white shirt (no dingy white t). Is everyone happy?

  37. DIANE – he left a while ago. He had his meeting at the Studio at 10:15. Also, he’s doing something with the band at the rehearsal space at around 12:00. I heard him talking to Sam about i before he left. So unless he comes home to get Sam, we probably won’t see him for a while. There you go, now you have time to get your dinner organized and I can get my kids school paperwork in order for the start of school. SWEET!

  38. The process is very interesting to me I have found that I have learned alot from the show, and YOU guys, some of you really know your stuff….Har Har Har :lol: !!! OH, that was funny Lauren!!!! An Alex Mask…I will have to tell my husband about that one, so he wont feel so alone!!!!

  39. Wow, Lauren, I should have read your post before I typed mine. Thanks.

  40. Guys my husband has given up. He patiently listens as I go on and on about Alex and my theories about the show. He only recently found out about the guitar I sent and, surprisingly, he’s OK with it. Apparently, he saw an email from Musician’s Friend that referred to the baby Martin. Funny thing, he thought it was a surprise for him. He plays guitar and had a birthday in July. He waited and waited and when he didn’t get it, he checked the email and saw that it went to Cali. Don’t feel too sorry for him he got an iPod for his birthday instead. He has rung up a very impressive bill on MY itunes account. Poor, sweet man. I think I owe him some attention.

  41. I’m thrilled that they are not trying to replicate the Saturday show, because then for continuity, Alex would have to wear “the shirt”! Good to hear!

    Just a tip: sometimes when I take forever to compose a post, I hit refresh just to see if there are new comments that have appeared in the interim. At least with my firefox browser, it doesn’t lose my reply, just updates the comments. Sometimes the conversation moves so fast, that my post gets out of sync, so I can modify it or delete it, before I hit “submit”.

  42. You guys are so funny. I agree with everything you all are saying, addiction, don’t watch TV anymore, neglecting work, neglecting family, etc. I have it all, I’m in the same boat as all of you. The only difference is I don’t DARE try to talk to my husband (or sons) about Alex or the show. Think if I tried shit would hit the fan, so to speak. :dizzy: My husband is not as understanding. The boys call Alex “Adam” to piss me off. My daughter loves Alex and I talk to her sometimes. But I have to watch what I say, she tells her Dad sometimes. :getlost:
    I am so grateful for this site, I can come here and talk freely and enjoy everything “Alex” and you all. :happy:

  43. I found out that Alex did in fact receive my gift which was a navy blue Boston hat… There is nothing about him receiving it in the dream updates so if anyone has any idea of when he opened it please let me know. I would love to request the video.

    Just message me on twitter… @kuh_tree_nuh


  44. Haha they fixed that article.

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