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Aug 242010

It’s here!!!

  178 Responses to “Super Tuesday: From Hollywood to Graceland, Part 1”

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  1. @lindaw the first time she had dyed hair on DH cameras was the night she brought over her friends and Alex entertained them on the patio.

  2. This must be a trip for Sam-playing at one of the most prestigious venues in Cali… :cool:

  3. This is kind of random, I dunno if anyone on here has ever read the Blond Blogette blogs about If I Can Dream, but she does a recap each week of the episodes. When Alex first started in the Dream house, she was not a fan and in her latest blog about this week, she wrote: “That’s right, the conversion is complete. I’m now an Alex Lambert fan, guys.” I just thought that was cool, b/c I’ve been seeing that a lot lately, former haters who have been won over by our boy! You just can’t deny that talent and that voice! We told them so, haha… :wub:

  4. Katherine, I read it at first, but got turned off by her negativity towards Alex and never went back…..well good I am glad she has crossed over to the other side. Ha ha.
    Molly, ok thats when I was gone, well she looks good.

  5. I’m pretty sure I can figure out how to skype. I’m going to be super busy tomorrow. But, in the next few days, I’m going to set it up and ask one of you guys to skype with me as a trial run. Is that okay? Hmmm. Can more than two people skye at once? I’ll check it all out and hope that someone here is willing to give it a go with me. Wouldn’t it be great if a few of us got on his next session? Let’s start thinking up our questions.

    I tried being polite with beebee-gun, but, man, is she like a dog with a bone or what? She just wants to argue. I haven’t checked in at DU since early today just because it’s such a pia.

    I missed the stuff about Ben being offered that role. It would be a stretch that’s for sure! Sheesh. You guys are probably right. It might just be a set up for drama/failure. I hope not.

    Last note. Samuel is a cutie pie and I love that he loves to tweet! Ninja boy :ninja: likes to keep us in the dark. Just kidding. I can tell he doesn’t do it purposely. I think things just slip his mind outside of making his music, which is as it should be really.

  6. Idk if anyone knows, but there is a clip of Alex singing Heartbreak Hotel at Sirius radio on the Hulu IICD page, with just him singing the whole song and no talking while he’s singing. Now I don’t have to watch the whole episode just to see it, lol.

  7. I sure don’t know how to embed the video but here’s the link! Thanks for the heads-up, Katherine!!

    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  8. Thanks Katherine!!! that is the part i wanted my husband to see, because he said he didn’t think Alex had much range (doofus). He has changed his mind. Ha! :smile:

  9. You’re welcome guys! I’m off from work and just bored at home, so I’ve been pretty much watching every video of Alex singing that I can find in cyberspace, lol. Glad you were able to change your husband’s mind!

  10. Thanks Katherine. I just got my Alex/Elvis fix for the day!! God, I love his rendition of that song!

    LindaW: Yay! It’s really hard converting the husband’s ’cause, let’s face it, they’re jealous! LOL! Kudos to your hubby for realizing Alex’s talent! I think Ed (my husband) does respect Alex’s talent, but he’s “just a jealous guy.” haha. Who cares? Let me see if I can get him to watch the clip.

  11. I know, i wish i could show you the screen saver I have on my computer (I dont remember where I got it, I think I stole it off someone else’s twitter, candid, shirtless, black and white with a Boston redsocks hat on looking very serious with his guitar) he wants me to take it off, but i wont!!! ha ha ha! Never!!!! :w00t:

  12. LOL @Linda! :lol: My screen saver is a picture of Alex too, from when he first moved into the dream house!

  13. Alas, none of my guys will listen! :( Hurry up CD – so I can force the issue in the car!!

  14. Katherine; Its nice to hear the blonde blogger who review IICD is now an Alex fan. I think part of it is cause they are portraying him in better light than before in episodes, so its harder for them to see something to hate on him at Hulu. They actually showing him going to perform at kids hospital, Elvis event, or doing something interesting like surfing instead of fighting with Gig or Amanda. I like that the producers are planning things like that for him and others to do and show in episodes, even if it makes it look set up for Ben to go shopping with stylist, or Gig at Ibiza or Alex at kids hospital – it makes the episodes look more interesting and organize to watch. Anyway, its nice if they show interesting things and less fights.(at least not fights involving Alex) Alex is an adorable punk-ass boy glad more are finding something to like about him.

    Saw Alex skyping earlier. He was tired but he got into it pretty quickly. I’m glad he got to talk to that 12yr old girl. I’ve posted here before how she was bugging IICD to schedule Alex’s skype session cause she’s a big fan in love with Alex. And she opened a twitter account just cause of Alex. It was cute how she made a t-shirt with Alex on it and showed him. It means a lot to Alex’s young fans when they can communicate with him. He didnt really get to talk to many people, but I think its better that way, than to have long awkward session where people dont have things to say. Looks like Kass here talked to him too – I know she said she moved to Greece so I figured its her.

    I saw Alex and Sam drive off to pick up the other guys to go practice. I think its nice how Alex has these guys to back him up at this gigs. It will make him less nervous, and he will gain more confidence when he has to perform solo for his CD. He said he wore out his voice at practice though. He needs to not push too hard at rehearsals, and save his voice for the real show at Roxy. I read that Sam said Alex has great fans and acted jealous when he got gifts from fans. He was kidding with Alex. He asked if people send him naked pics too. Alex said he wishes. Well, I doubt he’s gonna get one from this fansite.

    I’ve only read a couple posts in that thread at DU that you guys said BeeBee and others who are against Alex all along are posting how his voice isnt special and he’ll only sell CD cause of idol and fuller. Its the same old haters that we’ve argued enough with. They are just resentful that things are looking good for Alex and he’s recording and likely will release CD. I mean, how can someone like Beebee who adores Justin and likes his mediocre voice have credibility about her opinion of Alex’s voice. You have to be deaf to not see Alex has interesting very good voice. She’s just bitter Justin is off the show. She would have become more hateful if Alex moved in Justin’s room.

    Ok so they may move 2 girls in next month. I like that they’re focusing on musicians, but those two dont impress me much musically. I haven’t seen much of Andy Allo other than when she was in Pbr when Sam was jamming at last party. I liked Sam performance but Andy’s style didnt fit the songs Superstition and Timberlakes “what goes around” when she tried to sing along. She has a nice voice but her music style in her audition tape is kind of boring to me like that Erica Badu and that jazzy Corine Bailey Ray girl. I think Andy is very pretty girl with a cool hairstyle and will be great on commercials and can model too. They will probably move both girls move in. I think they need people who have potential to sell marketable music and can do well though. I’d have liked Katie Stevens from idol to join the show too.

  15. Oh I posted a link yesterday in this tread about Tori Kelly that I also liked who was in Hollywood rounds of Idol with Alex, but didnt make top 24, even though she did very well. See that’s just even more crazy to me after seeing more of her singing she posted on youtube. No wonder idol is losing viewers if they gonna cut people who have great potential like that, and can sell mainstream music. I was looking at songs she posted on youtube and that girl can be a star for sure. Great voice similar to Beyonce, and very pretty girl – so good for her age even though she is 17, she looks older. I hope she auditioned again this season and they better put her in top 24. She can be another star that has voice and looks like Carry Underwood. She should be on idol, and will be good for IICD too. I wonder if Alex knew Tori during idol. She is a pretty girl so I’m sure he noticed her – she fits Alex, and his music style too. Here are some of her songs I saw. One with her singing Beyonce “Halo” live and she sang it great like Beyonce herself in a concert DVD I have.

    Here she is singing “Halo”

    She sang “fireflies” too

    Here she is performing at age 12. If she’s this good at 12 someone should give her a contract now and make her a star.

    here is where she post all her songs.

  16. Finally getting a chance to watch the Skype session with Kass. What a lovely smile you have, Kass!! (You are probably still smiling in your sleep!!) Alex was quite the chatterbox today wasn’t he? And I love it when he talks in his whispery voice…

    So it sounds like he’s letting them release the tracks that he doesn’t care too much about, like Untouchable. Too bad that they autotuned that song to death–it really had potential. Sorry to hear that he has to go with the Pop flow and suppress his desire to make good, quality, soulful music. That makes me sad. But, as he says, at least his voice will be heard. When he’s famous, his label will “allow” him to make one artistic record, I hope.

    Or, maybe he’ll end up in England, where they appreciate soulful, white guys, like James Morrison–and become the hot American export, like Kings of Leon.

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