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Jun 152010

Here it is folks. Think you’ll all like this one :) It was GREAT. I think with all the success Alex is going to have just snowballing, we should see tons more showing him in a good light – the way it’s SUPPOSED to be.

Also, how cute are Ben and Veronica? Precious! And judging from next week’s scenes – I am still SO glad Alex didn’t do Peta. Whew! That’s a good thing.

Poll Results:

  1. 44% chose Alex as the most talented aspiring artist.
  2. 78% think Alex sleeps too much.

P.S. Everyone the 2nd meeting of Alex’s Angels was a huge success. We had 22 chatters!! We’ll definitely do it again sometime. Keep checking back for the next secret invitation!! :)

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  1. @areyouin I PMed you on Dream Updates.

  2. I loved the episode. The best one so far. The SSB was better than I even imagined! Can’t wait for Alex to get back. I don’t watch when he isn’t there. I hope the good news in the preview is something we don’t already know. I also hope it has something to do with why he went home. Maybe that’s why it’s all such a big secret.
    I love the way Alex was so polite and outgoing to all the people at the Dodgers stadium. He is such a sweet kid.

  3. What a great episode!!! Alex, you have done fantastic job!!!! :D

    That’s quite obvious Alex is the most talented artist in a Dream House!!!:D

    I don’t think he sleeps too much.

  4. My fave episode by far!! IICD finally showed the real Alex, WE have come to know and love and if they know what’s good for them, they’ll continue to do so, hehe. I was so nervous right before Alex sang the SSB, I had butterflies in my stomach! Then after I was so proud and happy for him! His performance was amazing with that beautiful soulful voice of his. And even in front of all those people, he didn’t look nervous at all. He’s come so far already and will go even farther, the sky really is the limit for him. I’m excited for the good news next week, but I’m pretty sure it’s what we already know, probably that they are producing DWMEO, which is great, but I’d rather a record deal announcement, lol. I think the thing about him covering his face when Veronica was singing was just that he was surprised at how good she was, nothing more. I don’t think IICD really played up any “romance” or anything between them, it’s obvious that it wasn’t like that. In all, they showed a lot more Alex and positive things. They BETTER keep that up! As for the PETA shoot, I think it’s kinda weird & awkward for Ben, Gig, and Justin to be all naked together, ew! Anywho, IICD is super boring without Alex, I haven’t even been watching. Alex we miss your voice and hope all is well in Texas! :)

  5. @Tracy I’m not exactly sure, but check out dream updates cause that’s where i saw it, said that he’s doing tour with kris allen. :D

  6. I agree Katherine. I think Alex was just hiding his shock and surprise at good Veronica was. But it was soo cute. lol

  7. tracy, it’s in my opinion :)

  8. there was a chat???? how come it wasnt posted here? oh well its’ west coast too early anyway. Darn I enjoyed it last night… *playing star spangled banner by Alex as though its my new favorite pop song, lol*
    Oh the idiots on Hulu are now saying he was autotuned too, unpatriotic coz he doesnt know the words, he was yelling at people on his vlog… wonder what they’ll come up with next??? I’d have to say, A LOT of glowing reviews too! HOw come the producers just figured out now that making Alex look like an A-hole is not beneficial for the show??? Now people are happy with the episode coz it’s positive… The more they stop sabotaging their own dreamers the better this show will get.

  9. Loved this episode!! I MISSED Alex! I hope he’ll come back sooner!!( soo boring w/o him on IICD. he did a great a wonderful job on the National Anthem!! One of a Kind!

  10. @char – chat was from 3 – 5pm Pacific (so my time in Mich. was 6-8pm). I guess you just gotta check in here every so often and see if the link is posted at the top of the page. That’s where it was. I’m guessing there may be another tomorrow. Maybe Molly will give a hint as to the time so peeps can be sure to check?

  11. Yea, I read a message to Alex on Facebook, from a guy who always posted mean comments to Alex. He said this new episode really changed his opinion of Alex and he now likes Alex and said that Alex’s SSB was one of the best he ever heard. He said that Alex was tied with Byounce (sp) for #1 spot (being the best). YAY!

  12. I just read so more positive comments to Alex on facebook. I think some of the haters on there are actually turning around. One stated, “… you are not cocky….you sang like a pro… like an angel…..”. I am happy that some of them realize it now.

  13. hey guys! i just sort of found out about this site.
    i would just like to ask for some help.
    anybody here wants to be my friend and update me with Alex?
    you see, i’m from another country. we don’t have cable tv so i can’t see IICD. i only stay updated through their twitter and facebook page.

    i would like to know how many songs have alex recorded already? do you have a link or a copy where i could listen to it? pretty pretty pretty please! :D

  14. i heard “Dream With My Eyes Wide Open” though but there’s a conversation right at the beginning, middle and end… :/ i hope there’s a clearer, cleaner copy of that.

  15. I totally agree with you Char, what took the stupid producers so long to figure that out! Not smart at all!

  16. Well since I am also a Kris Allen fan, this means that I am still stuck with Justin LOL

  17. haha, tracy – i just found out that IMO and IMHO meant “in my opinion” and “in my humble opinion.” i had no idea til i asked my bf last week. and i thought i kept up with the lingo these days!

    omg – ben is playing “i didn’t know” right now! he must miss alex. we do, too! i am really starting to love ben now, haha. Just adorable. i hope kara is okay … i heard she may have had an allergic reaction to the shellfish at dinner … ?

    @char – i watched the SSB again, and i can see why people think it’s autotuned. even if it was, it’s not alex’s fault. i think they may do that to everyone (they autotuned billy joel when he sang the SSB) but it wasn’t noticeable at all, to me at least. I think it might just be how the echo sounds in that big stadium. good thing he had those ear plugs in! it must be hard to sing if you hear your own echo back at you.

    sorry i missed the chat! i was at class – 6-9pm EST :) you guys are the best, good night!

  18. Thanks Kristi and Trish. I really need to brush up on my abbreviated lingo. lol
    I don’t think that Alex’s SSB was autotuned, it sounded like his regular, beautiful voice to me.

  19. Hi everyone! First post on the new and improved site–how exciting!

    I TOLD you guys not to worry about good footage of the SSB performance turning up. But I certainly couldn’t have predicted the episode featuring his entire rendition. He did GOOD!! Wonderful episode for Alex and improving his image.

    So Jason is moving to Nashville? Mentioned in a casual conversation around the kitchen island. Where’s the drama folks? The IICD producers really do a piss poor job of getting important information out to the viewers. Sheesh–such amateurs!

    And here we thought Valerie might replace Alex…she just might replace Justin instead!

  20. @Diane – I was going to joke with you and say — Justin is so boring, Diane doesn’t even remember his name :)

    Ahem . . . . and I’m thinking you might mean Veronica? ;)

  21. Bwah! I work with someone named Valerie, so I got the names mixed up. Oops!

    To whomever selected that new Alex picture in the banner…thank you!!!! My favorite pic from the Dodgers game. He is simply adorable and positively glowing. Love, love, love it!

  22. I love, love. love the new header for this site. That picture is soo cute. :P

  23. LOL @ areyouin and Diane! You guys are funny! And I didn’t hear any autotuning in Alex’s performance either. I don’t think there was. Some alleged music producer guy on Hulu comments said he works in a recording studio everyday and he said he was sure there was no autotuning in his SSB performance to all the peeps on Hulu who thought there was, so I guess he would know if he really is a producer anyway, so Idk. He also said he thinks Alex is very musically talented. Definitely nice to see more positive comments over there and I sprinkled my 2 cents here and there as well.

  24. MJ sucks!…..its like they only people that are allowed to post there are haters, no one is allowed to to defend anyone, only bash em. Nice Blog Spot douche (that seems to be the word of choice over there).

  25. Haters will be haters! MJ’s Big Blog is reporting the Justin thing and there are some VERY mean things said about him, so it’s not confined to just Alex. Alex could do everything perfectly and the Hulu people would complain cause his shoes weren’t tied or something. They have no life…which is why they’re bashing people they don’t know on Hulu…just think about how sad that sounds. We should all pray for them.

  26. I like MJs. I usually agree with her comments. I feel bad for Kris Allen. I thought his album had a lot of good songs, but a good opening act would have helped him too. I don’t think Justin adds to the ticket. I wish it were Alex opening for him in a few venues (or whatever the deal is). That would be a fun concert with a lot of buzz.

  27. @carey – I like Kris’ CD also. I keep waiting to hear The Truth here on Detroit radio, but have yet to hear it. Though not my favorite, I thought All Right With Me would have been a good summer tune to release for his 2nd. I agree, Justin will be a little ho-hum as an opening act. Kris will be in my area in Aug. opening for BNL. I’m a little neutral on BNL, but may go just to see Kris. From what I read and hear Kris’ live shows are really good! Cute too ;)

  28. Right and I think the first mean comment is her own – just like with Alex. Even though she does say she likes Alex’s singing, she always seems to have something snarky & mean to say. I was almost going to make a comment and stopped and said to myself – why bother? My opinion of MJ has really gone down. Seems like MJ is the kind of person I used to have to explain to my boys. . . I always told them that kids (at school or in the neighborhood) who are always mean and say cutting things to them are probably not very happy with themselves, so they should just ignore them and maybe even feel a little sorry for them that they are miserable people — just like all the haters!!

  29. I like MJ & her blog too. She’s really quite even-handed in her coverage of American Idol, very comprehensive, and she deals wonderfully with lots of fan-bashing. Plus she seems to really like Alex’s voice (complimented the I Didn’t Know demo), but not so much IICD and other recent drama. That’s understandable.

  30. @ ilovealexyeah: IICD is an internet show, not a tv show :)

  31. just watched the episode and was totally blown away by Alex’s rendition of National Anthem. He just nailed it with heart and soul. Micheal seemed really satisfied. I like it much better than his God Bless America. And no drama for Alex in this episode, great.

  32. I don’t get why everyone indicates that the episode kind of hints towards ooOOOOoo a love triangle? I didnt’ get that impression at all. Alex makes it clear she is beautiful and talented, basically “the whole package.” … but he clearly states he has a GF.. soooooo I guess I don’t get why people think the episode hinted towards that possibility, because I didn’t pick up on it at all.

  33. Krista. It was the preview that hinted about that. And then the actual episode didn’t show anything like that, other than Alex commenting on her talent and that was was pretty.

  34. Sorry, meant to type KRISTI………. :(

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