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Aug 102010

Finally!!! Weird title…LOTS OF ALEX!!! :wub:

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  1. Who said this-“I’m a white artist doing R&B music,getting played on Pop stations.”Answer-Madonna,in a very long interview that she did years ago,and this was indeed the case,when you look at her first 3-5 years of her recording career.Also,she said people thought she was a black artist,before they ever saw her first video.Alex is attempting the exact same approach,except for the “black artist before they ever saw me”part .They are very similar-Madonna was,as driven early on as Alex is now…Also by coincidence-Mary Lambert was Madonna’s favorite video director…Also,they are both very very blunt,and funny…

  2. Awww, that’s a shame that he’ll miss the Idol concert. He was so looking forward to it. Good opportunity to hang backstage, and see how the show worked. Oh well…

    It would be funny if the Melons still showed up this weekend, given the recent poll. I think the IICD producers were surprised with those results. Maybe that’s why they took the pool party off the calendar.

    Trevor came in Alex’s room and said, “oooohh, that’s moldy dude! Your juice is moldy.” Ick!

  3. I was reading the dream updates regarding Brandt
    I am truly worried about Kara
    you ladies are fantastic at getting things done – pls help

  4. If Kara isn’t careful, Brandt is gonna go all THIS:

    On her ass – except in a Donnie Darko bunny suit.

  5. Thanks for the spiderman story. I have to admit I was wondering why he’s been wearing a child’s shiny vinyl Spidey backpack. But, as you said, Alex is Alex and has his own style. Doesn’t give a rat’s ass what anyone else thinks and I LOVE that about him.

    Now, Brandt is a whole other story. I know that I said I wouldn’t go to DU, but I did. Had some nice convos about what a creep Brandt is. It goes beyond creepy as we all know. He’s a con man, a criminal, and I don’t trust him for a second. Of course, he’s cunning and wouldn’t do anything to hurt Kara on camera. But, God, I wish I had her phone #. That girl needs to have some sense shaken into her. The world isn’t filled with lollipops and cotton candy. There are predators out there and you’ve invited one into your life! Where the hell is her mother on this? I know she talks to her all the time, so what’s up with that? My father would have been out there in a flash and Brandt would never be seen or heard from again. Why is she so clueless?

    Alex and Ben are both on to him. He better not push Alex too far. I don’t think Ben’s a fighter and, although I’m sure Alex would prefer to be a lover, he’s not going to let Brandt go too far. If he has to open up some whoop ass on him to get him out of the house, he’ll do it. I’d LOVE to see it. Alex could take him out with one punch. I’m not a proponent of violence, but if Kara is going to continually invite him over, the boys are going to have to get rid of him — for good. Perhaps, we need to send a letter to Michael that he’s losing his fan base because people do NOT want to watch the Kara and Brandt show, etc.

    Re: The jacket. I tweeted Gig when it first happened. Of course, no response. Keep tweeting everyone — just on principle if nothing else. She definitely won’t read my tweets after all the nasty things I’ve said to her, so…please tweet away angels.

    Who mentioned that Alex didn’t seem entirely thrilled to see his brother? I noticed that too. Maybe he was just tired. He did seem pretty exhausted. Fell asleep right on the couch with his phone in his hand. Poor baby. Or…maybe he had other plans. :heart: Whatever…we’ll see what happens today.

    Final thought: I was really bummed that 61% voted no to another visit by the Melons. Actually, I was surprised. Wow. I enjoyed them more than anyone else who’s ever visited.

  6. Har har har, snuffles, I never realized what a creepy video that was until now….ewww.

    I loved how Ben was looking at Brandt this morning in the kitchen, like…”what the f*** are you still doing here dood??” Yeah I worry about Kara too. He knows just how to get to her, bringing over crayons, fart in a can, and a home made soap kit??? Really, really??? And the biggest puzzle of all is Why??? what does she see in him other than the faith thing?? Hes not in the least bit attractive, hes got the personality of a cotton ball….what is it Kara, I love you, but I am starting to lose respect for you, hon. There is so much more you could be doing with your time. Surround yourself with engaging, interesting, real people, not some fake butt hole!!! Arg! :blink:

  7. @Snuffles–thanks, that sent me down the rabbit hole of Justin Timberlake videos! Forgot about the creepy nature of that Cry Me A River video. It’s a really good video, though. Apparently, there are groups of people who go around all day in animal costumes…it’s their hobby, like golfing. Yeah, sure.

    I’m home sick with a UT infection, which has knocked me on my ass. Guess I’ll be forced to watch this week’s episode again! :dizzy:

    I had predicted Alex would sleep til noon today (based on him being awake until 3am last night), but he’s really putting in a session today! Oh, maybe he’s finally starting to wiggle…or maybe not. That kid can SLEEP!

  8. Have any of you asked Alex if you could visit the house? I wonder if that’s possible? That would certainly liven things up!

  9. Just wanted to say: I love Trevor! He’s funny and not the least bit camera shy. What a goofball.

    In response to Rafter64: Yes, I agree. Something needs to be done to protect Kara from Brandt. She’s completely naive and, for the life of me, I can’t imagine why she would even want him as a friend. That being said, if she won’t do it, somebody else has to. I’m starting a petition and hope that everyone will sign it. It’s going to Michael Herwick. Brandt’s got to go. The problem is that I don’t think Michael/19E have much interest in the show anymore. It’s all going downhill in a hurry. Thank God, they still have big interest in Alex (he is their money tree after all), so he’s good. But, all in all, Kara is showing no progress with her career anyway and having this monster in their midst isn’t good in any way, shape or form. I’ll get the petition started as soon as I finish some work. It might not do any good, but at least we’ll have tried.

  10. Janet – I noticed today that Kara asked for permission to spend the day out with Brandt. Kristen said yes, then a few minutes later called right back and said they couldn’t leave until a cameraman came over. And now apparently a cameraman is going with them on their “day out”. I’d like to think they did it to make sure Brandt isn’t alone with Kara. But they probably did it just to capture more of the “crazy”. :blink:

  11. ths Alex fans for your suggestions
    I feel the cameraman is there to capture more “crazy” –
    last night Brandt told his life history which including being accused of pushing down the stairs, a girl with leukemia – as he told his journey of late, there was so many red flags that said Kara you need to run NOW – yet she just does not see how she is being used and manipulated
    how is she every going to make it in the film industry with this naivety
    has anyone seen contacts (facebook, tweets) from her parents

  12. Rafter – I thought that was a different girl. Is this the same one where her parents told him not to come to her funeral? The one who he claimed “tripped” and fell down the stairs during an argument? Jesus, did she die soon after “tripping”?

    I swear IICD needs to get the police records on Brandt and show them to Kara.

  13. Wake up, Alex! The sun is shining! :cheerful:

  14. You all know I’m here for Alex. That goes without saying. But, I feel the need to push this Brandt issue. I tend to believe that they sent the cameraman for Kara’s protection as much as to capture any “crazy.”

    There is a poll on DU right now about whether or not you think Brandt is a con man and should be banned from the show. You know what to do:

    Bet we won’t see much of Alex today. By the time he wakes up, he’ll have to leave.

  15. Ha ha did you guys watch gigs Vlog??? It looks like at the beginning Brandt drove up and she asked him how he liked the episode and he told her how they edited it to LOOK like he drank Karas tears, (which personally, I wouldn’t have put it past him), but he said he was more upset being called a conman by Alex and said “I thought Alex was my friend”, but heres the shocker….Gig didnt say anything mean about Alex when Brandt said that, she just said “Well, we are on a show and we have to keep it entertaining? And then smarty pants Brandt said, “Well im off to make Kara cry, Im thirsty”….doofus.

  16. Janet – You’re right about that. I really try not to comment on his personal life, but, gesh, it’s almost 3pm. I was hoping to see him practicing some of his Elvis songs for this weekend, but I guess that’s not happening anytime soon. I’ll have to check back later.

  17. I think Alex is one of those kids that makes up for lost sleep all in one session. Like, this is a week’s worth of “make-up” sleep; which is going on over 11 hours now. Man, he’s gonna have to take an Austin Powers’ sized pee when he wakes up! :biggrin:

  18. Well he better get up now, Sam Larsen just tweeted him abt an hr ago saying he was coming over.

  19. @alleycatfan – Just a little tidbit for you, since you seem to be a fan of Madonna. . .she went to my high school! Rochester-Adams High School in Rochester, Michigan. She is 2 years younger than me so, needless to say, we did not hang out! But I certainly remember her. She was very artsy, and “different”, but also a cheerleader and performed in school plays. She was gorgeous – very striking looking. She lived in the same neighborhood as my best friend! One of her brothers, Tony, was in my grade. I didn’t really hang with him either. I was, ahem. . . a “flower-child” with very good grades!! :happy: , and I remember Tony as a leather-jacket, kind of “hood” type kid. But none of us were too tough – we were in a pretty mild, suburban area. I live a little bit north of Rochester now. Just thought you might be interested. :silly:

  20. @Diane FYI he did make it to pee about 4 hours ago, lol. Apparently he is slap worn out or could be coming down with something. I’m just glad that he got this opportunity to catch up on the zzzzs. Watching Alex sleep this much reminded me of one the golden ticket interview questions on Idol (something like this): What is something that people don’t know about you? Response: I don’t eat breakfast.
    I see why. Today he could add that he doesn’t eat lunch either.
    @Janet I voted!

  21. How did I miss that, Lauren! I hate to admit that I’ve spent way too much time glued to my laptop today. Hey, I’m sick y’all. :sick: I should be doing what he’s doing, but no, I’m watching him instead.

    I was thinking that he might be getting sick, actually. That Sam Larsen dude is like a jinx. Watch him come over and Alex never leave his bed! I wonder why he’s heading to the Dream House–not sure about that guy–get a Brandt-like vibe from him. I voted too, Janet!

  22. :cool: @areyouin,Yea Alex ,and Madonna are my 2 faves-I had to do a lot of archival research to study her early career more,and was surprised she visited Japan for TV gigs,early on.I honestly think she would see a lot of herself in Alex.I saw her cut off, in a cool way,James Brown,and John Oates,in an early panel of recording artists,and she told them off,and they did not like that,but she was right.She always seemed to just Know,even if you did not,and Alex has that presence,too… :biggrin:

  23. I don’t know why Sam is coming or when he’ll get there. Maybe there will be some good conversation that we can eavesdrop on. Or, fingers crossed, some jamming. But Alex said he has to go out this afternoon, right? Hum, have to wait and see.

    Janet – I voted. Hope it works. I’m afraid that because Brandt generates so much drama, the producers are intentionally keeping him around. Ugh! God forbid.

  24. @areyouin, forgot to say what a cool tidbit about you and your Madonna connection. Thanks for sharing. I never thought of Madonna as being a mid-westerner, but I know I’ve read that a million times. She always seemed like a New Yorker (like GagGag) or a Jersey girl. I guess that was part of her image. I know she moved to NYC in her teens. Is Rochester a Detroit suburb? I’m too lazy to get out my atlas to check. lol

    Shirley Temple’s kids went to my high school for a while until they transferred to a private school. My older sister hung out with her very good-looking son for a bit. Does that count for anything?? :silly:

  25. @Diane – yes Rochester is about 40 minutes north of Detroit. And most of us within an hour of Detroit, consider ourselves Detroiters! You are right, Madonna did take off for New York either immediately after she graduated high school, or did I even hear that she went before graduating? Ha, ha – you, too lazy to get out your atlas, me too lazy to look up that bit of her bio! I think back in the Madonna craze my niece swiped my yearbooks that had Madonna photos. I didn’t really care at the time. Who knows where they are now!

  26. I put this comment on Purple Melons Facebook page:

    I’ve been watching some of your youtube videos – LOVE THEM! By the way, I watched this weeks episode of IICD where Alex auditioned people for his band. I suspect “Ray Liotta” was Owen in a wig. And those cheeky British boys Freddie and George bear a STRIKING resemblance to your lead singer Tom Hill – not to mention – they share your sense of humor. Just so you know, Alex fans have dubbed them “Baby Melons”.


    Purple Melon: wow, we will have to wait and see!!


  27. Ben just asked Alex how his “girl” was. Alex said that she is in Ireland for 10 days. He told Ben that he would be seeing him around a lot more while she’s gone. (Then he laughed) Of course, he’ll be in Memphis this weekend.

  28. @Cathy – Ahhhh! Perhaps yesterday’s “She’s Gone :(” tweet was about his “girl” then after all!

  29. I’ve got scoop, scoop y’all! Ben was in the Laundry Room and asked Alex how his friend was. (or girl, not sure–damn, my memory for convo is bad!) Anyway, Alex said “she’s good–she’s in Ireland for 10 days–so you’ll see a lot of more me around the house now!!”

    OK, so that settles that. There is a girl, but she went to Ireland. OK, sleuths, get on this one!!!

    ETA: Too slow! Yeah, I bet the “she’s gone” was a reference to her leaving. How in the world did he fall for someone else so fast after Veronica. Man, he is a serial lover!

    ETAA: Hmmm, sounds like Alex hasn’t firmed up his band after all, and Sam is trying to get his foot in the door.

  30. Well “Ireland Girl” better worry that Alex doesn’t meet another girl while she’s gone. Because he forgot about Veronica REAL quick.

  31. Diane: What’s Alex saying? Just because Sam’s angling, doesn’t mean that things aren’t set right now. I don’t think it would be wise for Alex to switch things up before his big performance. He’s already been practicing with this group for a few weeks now. Why rock the boat?

  32. Diane – He also mentioned a keyboard player (maybe) someone with dred locks (sp). I would like Sam in the band. But I don’t know anything about the other guy.

  33. @Diane: It actually worries me a little bit. I think he rebounded from Raylee with Veronica, and now he’s rebounding off V with this new mysterious Ireland girl. The only difference is that he’s keeping this one off-camera.

  34. Debbie – he’s a horny teenage boy. He’ll be “rebounding” off of many a girl for years to come. :wink:

  35. Alex says he really wants Sam in his band. He also said the keyboard players name is Oliver.

  36. I think he learned his lesson with Veronica. It was way too public, and he won’t do that again. Wearing his heart on his sleeve and all that rot. Luckily, he didn’t get a tattoo with her name on his chest. lol

    I spoke too soon about the Melon twins. Sounds like he’s happy with them, especially likes the twin aspect–and their hair. :cool: I guess the lead guitarist isn’t firmed up, so maybe Sam has a chance. He’s got a great look for a rocker, and good looking, that Sam dude. Alex could take some styling lessons from Sam. Plus he’s from Northern California, so I’ve gotta root for him. But I’m just not sure if he’s an opportunist or a genuine friend to Alex.

  37. I’m out of the loop on Sam. Who is he and where did he come from?

  38. That Fiesta cam is worthless!!!

  39. Reading DU just now, (since I missed them getting into the Fiesta) that Alex thinks Sam has a great look for his band. Kind of ironic, seems like having good hair is a prerequisite for Alex’s band members. I know he wants them to be good musicians, obviously, but he doesn’t realize that his band members won’t be given that much prominence by his future label. They prolly will hire studio musicians for his first album’s tracks, but I guess he wants them to look good in live settings.

    I’ll second that, alleycat. I hope those two don’t think they are divulging big secrets to the viewers–if they only knew you can hear one syllable every five words!

    This has been fun today, but hubby comes home in a few, so I’ll be signing off now. {boohoo}

  40. @Debbie: I believe Sam was an AI contestant and Alex knew him from Hollywood rounds or earlier. Maybe they were roommates at some point.

  41. Debbie – Sam was Alex’s roommate during Hollywood week on AI. He has visited the house before. Seems like a nice guy. You can check him out on YouTube – Samuel Larsen

  42. Thanks Diane & Cathy. :heart: I don’t remember him from AI.
    Was he shown much on camera?

  43. Oh…just backed up and read some more. So, there is a new girl. Who called him a serial lover? It’s so true (and funny!). Alex needs to feel loved. Hmm. It’s good he smartened up and is keeping this romance private. Whoever she is, I’m glad she went to Ireland so we can see more of Alex. Selfish, huh? LOL!

  44. Great.. Brandt is talking about his hemorrhoids….nice. :sick:

  45. I have a question… didn’t they have an IICD poll asking if Veronica should move into to the house? I believe it was an overwhelming yes. If she does move in, how would that work if Alex was still dating “Ireland”? It would be so uncomfortable for Alex and Veronica to be in the same house if she still likes him and he likes someone else. I liked it better when she was there and he liked her because he was around much more and they sang a lot. I know that’s selfish!

  46. Linda, does he actually have hemorrhoids? I thought he was joking last night when he said he couldn’t sit down. Talk about too much information! :wink:

    Sharbear, if Veronica moved back in, chances are it would be a little awkward, but probably not unworkable. I don’t imagine Alex will be in the DH much longer anyway. :ninja:

  47. Alex wont be able to go idol concert because he’s be at Elvis thing performing? Awww. He really wanted to go the concert but he has to do his own thing too in Graceland now. Sometimes Idol has 2 shows in different states in California but probably not this season with poor ticket sales.

    Diane: Alex sure can sleep. He’s the only person I’ve seen who can sleep for 10hrs straight and then take a 2hr nap later. Who needs more than 10hr sleep in a day? Let him get his beauty sleep and rest. It’ll help him keep a youthful look for a long time.

    Wow there is a lot of passionate discussions about Kara and Brandt here. I must be the only person who isn’t that concerned about them. I’d be concerned if its something that has to do with Alex. I mostly focus on Alex when I watch – I don’t know much about Brandt, cause I don’t really pay attention to him and Kara much, so I don’t have strong opinions. You guys must know about it than I do. The way I see it Kara doesn’t care what people think and that’s her business. She goes jogging at night even when fans have showed concern about that. Stubborn people only have themselves to blame when things go wrong. I just think Alex should try not get too involved in Brandt and Kara matter. I figured he’d be hurt by Alex referring to him as a con man, cause Brandt likes to say he loves Alex in his tweeter. But it was some fans who were tweeting Alex that Brandt is a con man and should go away. Btw, the farting noise thing Kara and Brandt do to entertain themselves is stupid, they need to stop that crap.

    Surprised 61% didnt wanna see the melons come back. I didnt read where anyone was against them when they visited. Must have been the editing job done to them in the episode that turned people off.

    This is gonna be the first thread to reach 200 pages. We need to have more thing to discuss about Alex, but he hasnt been home much to practice his singing or interact, and we don’t get much details about his writing sessions anymore – maybe that’s why there is more talk about Brandt in here than Alex. I like discussing the music aspect, and what Alex is up to, and his adorable dimples.

  48. No shadow, “She’s Gone” is the name of the song he wrote with the Avila brothers…the other part was a joke between us.

  49. Gollymolly: I was thinking yesterday too “she’s gone” may be a song title or some girl that’s gone. That’s the new song then. I can see how you guys thought it fits with girl traveling. Alex and his odd ways of tweeting – like a riddle sometimes.

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