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Sep 122010

Love the video Shelby! Thanks to you and everyone involved!

And here’s a video made by fan Cecily showing Alex’s remarkable journey! Nice job ladies!

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  1. Those are such sweet fan videos. Good job guys! Alex is lucky to have great support.

  2. I saw shelby’s video in another thread.

    Shelby: I liked your fan video of Alex. You opened and ended it appropriately – him saying mahalo to close. Haha. I never saw that vlog of Alex acting like he’s in the rain forest before that you opened with. I liked the “all about the vibe” on the cover too. And I like “imperfectly perfect” playing. You are busy with school but you still think of Alex. He should like that video. Nicely done.

    Cecil’s video is nice too. She has every picture of Alex under the sun apparently. I havent seen half of them before.

  3. Nice job girls!!

    Shelby – he is Imperfectly Perfect, isn’t he?!! :heart:

    • Aww so sweet Shelby! Good work!

      I can’t see the second one, cause it contains music from Sony, which is “blocked in my country”. :( But I’m sure it’s great too!

  4. Very nice! Great job girls!! :heart:

  5. Oh, man, thank you ladies! Just last night, I was thinking, “I’m going to go back and look at Alex’s old vlogs from when he was just starting out.” He’s really come so far and it would be nice to revisit some of that stuff. And, here I am today and you did it all for me and so much more! What a great job both Shelby and Cecily. I love them both.

    Just wondering — we don’t ever lose this stuff, right? It’s archived and we can find it again if we ever want to, right? Or, am I wrong? I hope that all of the great stuff that’s been posted here will remain here forever as a tribute and sort of ongoing scrapbook of Alex Lambert!

    And, I’m going to say it, when he smiles, like in that Dodger’s photo, where you can really see his dimples…well, I smile too!

  6. Totally agree Janet, that picture of him at the Dodger’s game is my favorite!<3

  7. Bahaha, Alex is totally dissing me in this Twitter session :P But that’s alright, I still love you Alex! :lol:

  8. Was that you…that he said sorry–he is half retarded and doesn’t think before he talks and Kara said “he is not exaggerating when he says that”? (lightheartedly, of course) :cheerful:

  9. One can never tell when Alex is BSing or telling the truth. In the twitter session someone asked Alex about playing a gig in NY. From what I got from his stream of BS is that he wants to but doesn’t think it’s going to happen. BUT it sounded like he would be headed to NY in the next month.

  10. Twitter links are too hard for me,but check out a tweet Alex just got under @TrueAlexLambert from a VMA attendee,last night-he’s getting positive buzz from the folks present last night… :w00t:

  11. Was it this one?

    mikeyyyc @TrueAlexLambert yo son, heard some people talkin good things about you when i was at the VMAs lastnight
    15 minutes ago via web in reply to TrueAlexLambert

    Is this that guy that works for Clear Channel that met Alex at the Pepsi Refresh Project thingy?

  12. @snuffles no that’s a different guy…this guy is just a fan of the show methinks.

  13. Thats the tweet,but don’t know the name…

  14. @LindaW – Yeah, that was me! I was just messing with him about my feelings getting hurt, though. I know what he’s like :tongue:

  15. Did you all hear when a tweeter told Alex they love Imperfectly Perfect and he said – really loudly (and kind of cheesy) “Thank you so much!!! I worked REALLY hard on that one! I get the impression he was saying “Just kidding” in his head. Or did I interpret him wrong? :wassat:

  16. I think it is very real that Alex has a very good rep.,among some established recording artists.A lot of known entertainers watch IICD,I have heard.Also,from the evidence Alex has a great rep. among tons of writers ,and producers.When the time comes,I think Alex has a real shot at a New Artist nom. at the VMA’s,and could win.Of ex-idols,thats really rare;I don’t remember if Carrie,or Kelly nods..

  17. Ayyyy….i feel like haven’t posted on here in forever n miss yal…it’s been a crazy weekend of partying for me and i’m just now getting back to the grind…lol…what’s been going on!? have i missed a lot!? p.s….hafta share my excitement…Alex has tweeted me 3 times in the past day!!! Wooty Woot!!! haha

  18. I am sure he just made that 12 year old girl Rhianna’s day, opening her gift and reading her whole letter to him out loud and then answering her questions…I am sure she is thrilled to death.

  19. Phillip, what the heck??? Just kidding, thats great! I think its cool that Alex has some male fans he feels really comfortable interacting with, like you and Aaron. :cheerful:

  20. The pizza hut tweeter session was interesting. I prefer papa johns pizza though cause Pizza hut is oily – but both fattening, so better not to eat pizza too often. They gonna get them all fat if they keep making pizza.

    Alex was saying today that he doesn’t know why there are is no band named the “the lights” cause its a good name for a band or something. Apparently he and his band mates don’t use google. I looked it up couple weeks ago when they named their band and there are 2 bands already with that name – but they are not well known band so I figured who cares Alex is really a solo artist. Als, I thought they would change the name cause it doesnt seem like they put much thought into it, and it sounds like a name for a 50’s band.

    Snuffles: not sure if he was BSing.. It seemed like he’s not certain if there will be a gig in NY – but probably already asked the producers about it and there is a possibility. He kept changing his mind back and forth so who knows.

    Alex likes BSing. He was saying in front of Ben and Jordyn who was talking about staying in the house that Veronica is a player who made moves on him and Ben. When he knows the Ben thing was planned by the show and Veronica sincerely was interested in Alex and and he was into her too and she falling for him when she left – and even Ben said he could tell Alex and Veronica liked each other, and were falling for each other. Alex is the real player who was taking phone number from the other girl while sweet talking Veronica. And the poor girl wanted the relationship to work and was hurt by him and wrote a song “temporary fix about it” – Alex needs to watch what he says about Veronica and not hurt her feelings anymore – girls are more emotional about love issue.

    Also, Alex was telling Jordyn today that the show told him they will set up a date between them on the 16th or something. And he was saying or she can do it with Ben too. (I thought he already told Kirsten the producer that he and Veronica’s thing was real and he and Jordyn hanging out is more friends and didnt want them make it like a date.) Anyway, then he went in his room and she came there telling him to clean it. And Alex started telling her that he already slept on her bed in the guest room naked. And she told him to stop saying that. Alex is the player. And he keeps singing this blues song over and over for 2 days now – the lyrics goes “my baby she don’t stand no cheating my baby. She dont stand no midnite creeping my baby” – and everyone just listens quietly probably thinking what’s going on in his head or he already got a warning. He’s amusing.

    Gig wanted that pool table so bad, but the only one interested in playing it most is Alex. He seems to love playing pool. Its good they have it in the house. He was just working out by the swimming pool too. Its good cause he looks like he’s put on a little weight with all the eating out he does. His hair has grown out a bit too, and makes him look like Bruce Lee sometimes. I think Bruce Lee was a cute man, but Alex needs a trim. Oh and he told Caitilin he’s gonna get a tattoo. I think he said its gonna be on his butt. (is he really gonna put it there) And Caitlin said is it gonna be a girl’s name. And he said no way he’s 19.

  21. Shelby actually made the video a whle ago but her computer wasn’t wanting to upload it. Glad she was finally able to do it! It turned out great! Wish more fans would’ve contributed. She tweeted about but only the ones in the video responded. Maybe she’ll do another one since she did such a great job with this one. I’ll contribute again… It was fun!

  22. Congrats Phil. Unfortunately Alex has some very nice young female fans who would love for him to reply to them. One is Shelby(@BrokenStrings86). All she would like to know is if he has watched the fan video that she made him. Yes or No? The other young lady is Katrina (@kuh_tree_nuh). She just wanted to know if he liked the hat she sent him because she never got to see him open the package and he has never worn it. Yes or No? These two adore him. What does it take to get a reply from him? A pair of them! No hard feelings Phil, okay.

  23. @Shadow_ia-Cher has a tattoo on her Butt,I heard…hmmm.But I don’t know if Alex is serious there,ya never know.Hopefully he won’t hang around Cher though,as she’s notorious for being into younger guys :lol:

  24. @Lauren: That was sweet of you to comment about Shelby & myself. Thanks… Phil knows how I feel about it. He gets a DM from me everytime I see that Alex has tweeted him. I think he’s grown use that, lol. Phil is kind of my twitter bff, not sure if he knows that or not. If he didn’t, he does now. haha.

    Check out this video I made, it’s kind of funny…. haha.
    I don’t get why Alex is only tweeting a bunch of guys. Would love to know what it takes to get noticed by him. I guess sending him gifts isn’t enough? Or making a fan tribute video?

    Phil, what’s the secret? Sports?

  25. @Katrina you should start a new twitter account with a male’s name and pretend to be a guy. Would be an interesting experiment! See if it makes a difference.
    Oh my gosh that video is adorable:)

  26. @Katrina…i know we’re defintely Twitter BFF’s lol…that was obvious to me…lol…i’m gonna tell him to holler @ yal in my next tweet to him n since he obviously sees my tweets in some way other than yals i’m gonna tell him to get on it and start responding to all u fine ladies out there in the twitter world! Idk if it’s even sports now..i just told him thanks for responding to me and he wrote back again…he’s gotta spread the wealth even tho I enjoy being tweeted @…lol

  27. This is mainly directed towards a few certain people but if guys don’t realize let me remind you again that you are not the only people who read these comments. So please stop being so critical over everything Alex says in the house when half the time he is joking. He is not getting a tattoo on his ass, he is not going on a set up date, he and Veronica are still good friends, he is not your child or video game character and I’m sure it’s annoying when people keep telling him to cut his hair, lose weight, etc. Just leave the dang kid alone. This is an Alex Lambert fan site NOT a let’s criticize his every move site. Let the boy breathe, jeesh. Sorry if that comes off mean (cause I really like everyone here), but seriously. Tone it down a little. There’s been almost over 1,000 unique visitors to this site today and it kills me to think that some people might come here and read something and think it’s serious. Just chill out that’s all I ask. :biggrin:

    P.S. That was really preachy, but I mean it all in the nicest way possible. I’m not mad, just frustrated.

  28. @katrina you and @shelby should let me know if you want to make a BIGGER fan video and we could post something on the site? :cool:

  29. @GollyMolly That would be cool… I haven’t said anything to shelby about it but i am sure she’d be down.

  30. Gollymolly: I’m only going by what Alex said himself that he’s getting a tattoo on his butt and he sounded serious. He didnt say just kidding like he usually does so I assumed its true. And he did tell Jordyn they told him there will be a date and sounded genuine – they have done it before. I’m only saying what I heard. And please dont think I’m critical just for nothing. If I point out that he’s working out its cause I know its a good thing cause he’s in showbiz and image is important. He himself said he wants to stay in shape. And please don’t assume just because I may say something different from you that means I dont like Alex – I’ve supported him since Hollywood round. Some things are said in jest and some are to be constructive. I love Alex and I want the best for him. Oh and Alex did say he likes people to be real with him.

  31. @katrina we can set it up and tell people to send messages or videos to you directly like you can make a specific email account for it where everyone sends stuff and we can make it like a big project or something. Just lemme know if you want to you can DM me on Twitter.

    @shadow_ia that’s not what I’m saying at all. I just mean that some of the stuff you say makes it sound like he’s being extremely serious when he’s not and other people who read this site, but don’t watch the show can’t make that judgment and just take everything at face value. Constructive criticism is GREAT and I welcome you to do that, but some things in text come off a little extreme to the casual reader. Just be mindful of your comments is all I ask. I’m not mad or questioning your fandom just saying…there’s A LOT of big name people from big name organizations/companies/etc. that read this site. It’s not apparent to you guys because you’re only used to the people who comment, but it’s really a disservice to Alex sometimes even though the criticism is meant with the best intentions. The scope of this site is far greater than it appears. :wink:

  32. gollymolly: We tend to talk amongst ourselves here but there others reading like you said. (thats a lot of people who read who dont post) Somethings I just find amusing about him so I write about it cause he amuses me. And sometimes I point out things that can be helpful for him. I really thought he was serious about tattoo and others stuff. I was gonna say I cant imagine him with a tattoo cause I like his body and how its clean. But I know what you mean.

  33. @shadow_ia it’s cool. Like I said I’m not mad at you or anyone else for that matter. I didn’t mean it to come off that way if that’s how it sounded. There’s definitely a lot of things Alex can improve on, but in my opinion he’s doing a damn good job with the situation he’s in. Just put yourself in his shoes as a 19 year old living 24/7 on cam and being quoted and criticized for stuff that really isn’t important in the grand scheme of things. Put any other celeb in Alex’s position and you’d probably be amazed how they handle it…it’s gotta be hard. I know that’s the nature of the show and it’s easy to comment on things that are happening as Alex lives his personal life, but like I said A LOT of people read this site and don’t watch IICD so they interpret what you say differently.

    Regarding the Twitter/vlog thing…Alex can definitely step up his game, but if he doesn’t respond to you specifically it doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate everything you do for him. He definitely does.

  34. Totally get what you’re saying Molly! I love the Alex love on this site and I know everyone has the best of intentions, however I do agree that sometimes some comments get a little deep for a fan site, just sayin’. And I think it must be strange for people who come here for the first time or just read and don’t post, or “lurk” to read some stuff. They might think we’re a little crazy, lol, so I get why you want us to take it down a notch, or two for some of us, just kidding, lol…I gotcha Molly :wink:

  35. Gollymolly: Its ok. I try to point out things that can be helpful to him. I’m usually thinking about his best interest really – being older you wanna help someone you like or support avoid mistakes you’ve seen happen before. (and I’ve watched Idol since season 1 too) Sometimes I think we all gonna spoil him with too much adoration so I try to be straight sometimes. But he’s so cute that its hard to wanna admonish him or be mad him for long. And I’ve attacked others on his behalf many times too so I understand. I think he has made a lot of growth since being on IICD and I’m impressed, and shocked at his growth sometimes. As for that twitter and vlog thing. Honestly I only say that on behalf of those who cares, and because I want him to come across well. I don’t tweet myself and I don’t expect one back. But it looks like he’s tweeting a bit now. He seemed to enjoy doing vlog before – may he’ll get in the groove again and do one a week. I care more about watching live feed and seeing him.

  36. @shadow_ia I actually think it’s beneficial to point out things to improve, cause it can only help…but sometimes people can get a little extreme and needy. And I totally understand the frustration some fans may be feeling because they don’t get a personal response. But, that doesn’t mean Alex doesn’t appreciate. I just hope they realize that Alex does care a lot for them. I just like to support Alex because he’s a great kid and he makes great music…not because I’m expecting anything in return, ya know? Alex has expressed many times how much his fans mean to him. I just hope people realize that. For instance, he stood in front of the camera today and answered every single question that he received in a letter from 12 year old Rhianna and thanked her profusely for the letter. I’d hate for that appreciation to go unnoticed.

  37. Thanks Molly! :cheerful:

  38. Gollymolly; yeah, I know he cant possibly reply to everyone on twitter. That’s why I think just reply to a few a week and people can’t say he didn’t try. I think he appreciates everything. I’m more interested in discussing music aspect, supporting and watching him and not expecting much back really.

  39. Haha no problem Linda! :tongue: I wish I could turn off the timer thing for you guys, but I don’t know how.

  40. Well, I guess Alex does need to do an East Coast show after looking at that map! That reminds me, I haven’t heard back from the Bitter End. I’m going to stop by there in person. Sundays are singer/songwriter night and I have a friend who plays there often. I’m harder to ignore live and in your face — I’m charming. Really. LOL! Seriously, though, I was thinking that it could be an issue with the whole show and management stuff. Obviously, Alex can’t make the decision to do a show in NY himself — which really sucks for us east coasters.

    GollyMolly, I totally understand what you’re saying about being somewhat careful of what we say here. But, for the most part, it’s mostly an outpouring of love so I’m not too worried about it. Frankly, I can’t be bothered to dissect every single thing that Alex says and does. He’s a goofball and I’ve decided that he’s rarely serious with anything he says. And, sadly, although I have never had a tweet from Alex, I did get a lot of thanks on the live stream from the gifts that I’ve sent him. So, I know that Alex appreciates us. My only gripe is the lack of vlogs. It’s purely selfish ’cause I miss him.

    Hey, who said Alex better be careful of Cher ’cause she’s notorious for going after younger guys? What’s wrong with that? LOL!

    BTW: I haven’t seen Gig play pool yet? Is she any good? I’ve only watched Alex and Ben play.

    And, why oh why, can I never see Alex when he’s in the Fiesta? I’ve tried everything everyone suggested to no avail. Darn frustrating.

  41. @janet let us know of any developments that’d be sweet to hook it up! Gig is actually alright at pool, she’s got some skill. And the Fiesta cams aren’t on so it’s not you.

    P.S. Did anyone watch the VMAs yesterday? Cher was there and she was wearing her black fish net thing she used to wear. She looked damn good in it too. Rock on Cher!

  42. Just to put what I was saying into perspective. Here’s the visitor map of recent visitors (within an hour or so time period), it refreshes every so often so it’s hard to capture the exact number of people who are on at once, but it’s a lot more people than you think if you just judge by those who comment.

    P.S. Alex definitely needs to do an East Coast show! :tongue:

  43. @Molly-LOVED Cher last night.She looks GR8 for her age.And Gaga was teary -eyed as she stood before an Icon…I remarked yesterday,under a diff. thread,that One of my Hopes is that Alex will stand before another Icon(Madonna,anyone?),accepting the biggest Award of the night,too,in time… :cool:

  44. BAM I made the journey one:) Thank’s for putting it up y’all!

  45. yeah that’d be cool to make it bigger;)

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