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Sep 232010

Your wish is granted!

09-22-2010 Alex Mini Concert
Uploaded by DreamUpdates.

Alex Lambert is jamming to a bit of “Gravity” (John Mayer), “My Babe” (Conway Twitty), “Heartbreak Hotel” (Elvis Presley), “I Got a Woman/Golddigger” (Ray Charles/Kanye West), “Trouble” (Ray La Montagne), “A Change is Gonna Come” (Sam Cooke), “Imperfectly Perfect” (original), “La Bamba” (Ritchie Valens), and “Twist and Shout” (The Beatles).

NEW! Download an abridged MP3 of the mini concert!

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  1. I got up early to check in on Gig’s party,and Kara headed back to the Fiesta AGAIN as soon as the guests got there :lol: .Alex socialized for a bit,and 2 guys seemed to be admirers of his,and happy to meet him outside his bedroom.There was a funny fat gay guy who was complaining about there being no orange juice in the DH,to mix with his booze,and you get the general idea.Alex was very tired,and said earlier he sang his ass off in the recording session earlier… :sleeping:

    • So I read on DU that after Alex sang Sebastian “Old Fashioned Girl”, Sebastian said it had a lot of flat notes. When Alex disagreed, he amended that to piano black key notes. Alex still disagreed. But I know exactly what Sebastian was talking about – I was thinking the same thing myself… NOT that it’s off key, but that it’s got… OK based on dim memories of my musical education, a lot of minor notes… is that what they’re called? Like E-flat, B-flat, etc. Those are minor notes, right? (God, I can’t believe I’ve forgotten this stuff!!!) So that means Sebastian was right and they are “flat”… right? Which is maybe why the song is so awesome!!!!! Cause minor notes give songs a melancholy and distinct kinda feel, don’t they?

      Seriously, lack of musical knowledge aside, I haven’t listened to it more than 4 times, but for the past two days it keeps popping into my head and sticking… I think for me it’s got more sticking power than any of his other songs. I hope they do a good job with it!!! (Gotta go listen to it again now… :) )

      P.S. how great is the mini concert?!?! I can’t decide which song I like to hear him singing best.

  2. Yeah I checked the party too couple times during the night, what a flop, right, and the cameras were wacky. I never did see Alex, said he was in his room, but all it showed was his dark patio. You are right about OFG, Kass it does have kinda of melancholy feel to it, but not in a depressed way. Now the camera isnt working at all and says Alex is out of the house??? Oh well, gotta go get ready for work. :biggrin:

    • Yeah it’s sweetly melancholy… kind of sounds like how you feel when you’re nostalgic about something… which is fitting given the lyrics! Or the feeling you get when fall first arrives… Haha ok I’ve listened to it 3 times in a row now, and I just love every bit of it!!!

  3. Kass I have no musical knowledge. My authority just walked out the door, so I’ll agree with everything you’ve just written. Good points. Since it was Alex’s intention to go “old school” with this one, Shrindhar set the tone of the melody accordingly. He’s a good musician and singer. I’ve listened to OFG numerous times and so at this point the melody is stuck in my head and I like it. OFG has a maturity to it and seems to be a song that could withstand time, like you pointed out. As I watched the songwriting session, I realized that all three of these guys seem to be on the same page, which is a good thing! It was a humorous one also with some of the lyrics being thrown around. When they were brainstorming about things associated with old fashioned love, I thought to myself that Kara should have been involved in that session as she was the perfect resource.
    Two comments about his mini-concert…Alex is amazing and I LOVE his “Trouble”.

  4. Ainow just posted Alex’s mini concert on their website. :biggrin:

  5. Kassandra, I don’t think there is such a thing as a minor note. Only minor keys and scales. But you’re right (kinda). Minor keys do tend to make songs sound melancholic. But this is not necessarily the result, just as songs in major keys aren’t always uplifting, such as Ben Folds’ Brick.

    How do I know all this? Enough music theory, and Google. Heheh… :happy: It’s quite fascinating, how songs are written. I think the more Alex learns about how music is made, the better a songwriter he will be. :heart:

  6. I can’t recall if the “mini concert” includes Alex singing a bit in his made-up language (husband is home and I can’t replay it right now), but really, when he sings in that lower tone sounding all “latin-y”…that’s where the sexxxxxyyyyyy sounds really come to the forefront. I could listen to him sing like that all day long. :wub:

    Reading the live update at DU about the so-called “after party”. One of the guests commenting on the lame party: “it’s not the guests, it’s the *hosts*” Amen to that! Why do they insist on having these parties? Gig is not capable of hosting a party, she acts like a guest in her own house.

  7. “The people hosting”was the problem-NO-the person Gig was the only host-Alex was in the recording studio for like 10 hrs,so he was waaay too tired to help Gig out.It was all on Gig and Pizza Hut,and and Pepsico’s ad placements all over the party that were the only “Hosts”…

  8. How many people were at the party?

    Is the house down for everybody, or is it just me?
    I can’t access any cameras :pinch:

  9. @Diane – yes he did use his made-up language during a Spanish-y “song” and also during some rapping, if I’m remembering correctly!

    Oh, and as far as my favorite from the mini-concert . . . though I do love “Trouble”, I think I’ll pick “Twist & Shout”. He sounded good throughout, but I thought he sounded superb there! I think even Ben was saying “Oh, MG!” in his head a few times (about Alex’s voice)!

  10. Although I loved it all, A Change is Gonna Come is my favorite of the group. Hubby liked it, too. Talk about a breakthrough with hubby.

    Debbie – It must have been that wild party last night.(NOT) I have been getting an “updating the site” message for about an hour now.

    • Diane, yes it includes the made up language! And, so you can listen away from the computer, I’ve uploaded an mp3 of the concert — I cut out all the talking and stuff, so it’s just 13 minutes of the good bits! Heaven!! Are we picking favorite songs though? I don’t know if I can… I guess it’s probably a tie between “Change is Gonna Come” and “Twist and Shout”. His version of Twist and Shout always does nice things to my brain :) But I’d also like to hear him sing more of Gravity one day… he does Mayer soo well (that little clip of “Daughters” in the “Medley” is amazing as well. Imagine he’d sung that on Idol instead of Casey? People would’ve flipped out!)

      Reyne, ooohhh right! Only minor keys and scales… my mother will be pleased to learn the 8 years of violin lessons she forced me to take made absolutely no impression at all LOL!!!! So what are the notes played by the black keys on the piano called? Are they just sharps and flats? Am I right in thinking then that OFG has a lot of flats? Ugh… confusing :S

  11. Kassandra: you crack me up! My music theory knowledge is also buried deep within the nether regions of my brain. But, I do remember that the black keys on a piano are the sharps and flats. And, OFG does have that melancholy feel which does happen when you use minor melodic scales — sometimes. Whoever said it is right — the more music theory Alex learns, the more interesting arrangements he’ll be able to execute. Personally, I think he’s awesome right now. Just imagine the potential!

  12. Thanks Kass. We are all so fortunate that you are proficient with the Adobe audio software. I am enjoying the mini-concert on my Ipod right now. I think my favorite may be “Chasin’ the Cherry Dream.” Ha ha. The mp3 sounds great and again I’ll comment that no one can sing as good as Alex. The boy is one of a kind!!! Sadly, I miss the dedication of “Imperfectly Perfect”, just kidding;) I hope that he continues to perform for his fans on his new mic. :smile:

  13. I tried to edit my improper English but couldn’t, so….no one can sing as WELL as Alex. :dizzy:

  14. Looks like Janet’s steak gifts are going to be consumed finally, thanks to Sebastian :cheerful:

  15. Thank God for Sebastian. He just thawed them in the microwave for 10 minutes. First he had out two and then Alex asked about steak for Trenton. (Apparently, Trenton is in town) Sebastian just stuck two more in the microwave. It’s just that easy. See there, Caitlyn. 4 filet mignon, just like that.

    Kass – Love this .mp3 you made. I’ve listened to it over and over. Thanks very much.

  16. I know! Alex is finally going to eat those steaks. It’s great that Sebastian can cook, but I don’t know if I like lemon on my filet mignon. To me, a good steak doesn’t need much. But, it’ll probably be good. Alex doesn’t care. He wants to get out of there and eat out. LOL!

    Did you hear Alex say he’s thinking of slicking his hair back? I know he’s going through a hair dilemma right now, but I’m not sure about the slicked back look. I hope he tries it out after a shower so we can see it. I think, and who cares what I think, but I think he just needs to start cutting the back to blend in with the sides and keep it layered to enhance his natural curl. It’s an easy style and would suit his face — kind of like Owen’s haircut, but with a little wave.

    Looking forward to Trenton coming over, but I hope I’m not asleep by the time he gets there.

  17. Yeah Sebastian was just mixing every spice he can find in the cupboard. Hope he knows what he’s doing!
    Oh so it’s trenton who’s flying in?? right, they just turned 18 so it’s ok to hang in the DH now… so did Sebastian and ALex went to HS together? ALso was ALex in the same grade as the twins in HS? if so, that woulda been an absolute riot

    • Well I can answer one of the questions – yes, Alex was in the same grade as the twins (I think as of grade 5 or 6). Riot? Haha well… I wonder if that’s how their teachers would describe it ;)
      No idea about Sebastian. I actually haven’t watched the livestream in aaages so this is the first time I’ve seen him. I think he said he’ll be here till Thursday? And I think they should make sure whoever they bring into the dream house next can cook! It’s nice to see someone who knows how to handle themselves in the kitchen!

      Ooops beat me too it Cathy! :)

  18. haha Cathy! Yeah, I was a little miffed that day when Caitlyn wouldn’t cook a steak for Alex when he asked because it was “frozen.” What kind of chef is she?

    Yves: I’d like to know the answers to your questions too. Let’s see who responds. Somebody here knows — for sure.

  19. Janet – Alex did say that he couldn’t wear his hair slicked back until he was able to grow some sideburns. He said he looked like a girl with his hair up. So funny.

    I don’t know about the steaks. Filet mignon just needs salt, pepper and a super hot grill. Yum. But I think it means that Alex, Trenton and Sebastian will be eating dinner in tonight. Great for us.

  20. Glad Trenton’s coming over sssss Hot.But the cameras are really screwed up so….Alex said they would likely go out most of the night though,prolly after they eat the steaks,I guess. Sebastian thought Trevor looked better than Trenton-hmm-think most would disagree with ya on that one Seb… :lol:

  21. Yves – I don’t know if Sebastian went to the same school, But Alex was in the same grade as the twins. Alex was held back in 5th grade.

  22. thanks guys! I remember Sebastian form Alex’s FB since he posts all the time adn yeah I havent really watche dthe live feed til now and he seems like a nice kid. Anyhow, I always wonder that when Alex gets famous that one of us here on his fansite would write his unauthorized biography… we all know too much

    You know those dreamers might hate it now but decades from now they’ll look back and be amazed at how 6 or so months of their youth was documented in detail, day in and day out. it’s kinda amazing actually… If I were them, when the show is over I’ll go to DU and print out every single day of updates that I was there and keep it somewhere and then read it years and years and years later.

    SO now I wanna eat steak too. OOOHHH and I just wanna chime in my recipe for marinating steak. Salt, pepper lightly rub some A1 sauce and VINEGAR, then throw it on the grill…delish!

  23. How big was the grade school Alex went to I wonder? Can you imagine all three of those boys at that age in the same class? :devil: :devil: :devil:

    Cathy, I heard Alex talking about his sideburns, but I couldn’t hear it clearly enough to understand what he was saying. Whew! Glad he’s not going with the slicked back look — yet anyway. Alex is really taking it way back to old school with his choices lately. I like it a lot actually. You just never know what you’re going to get with him. Amazing.

    I nominate Kass as the official biographer. She probably wants to kill me right now. LOL! But, you’re right Yves. This is a super amazing time in their lives. They need to keep all of this stuff so that later, when they’re older, they’ll have all of this to look back on and enjoy. Let’s make sure we keep this “scrapbook” together for Alex. If we need to pay dues for hosting, etc., I’m sure we’re all willing to kick in. None of this stuff should ever be lost.

    I’ll check back later to see if they come home tonight to eat. I doubt it and, even if they do, I’ll probably be asleep by then. I’m working on a big project right now and getting up at 6 a.m., so I can’t stay up all night anymore — for awhile anyway! :sad:

    • Funny that you guys should bring up a bio now! Lauren’s just finished a FANTASTIC one! It should be ready and up sometime early next week :) (So I’m off the hook Janet haha…)

  24. I definitely agree that the dreamers will look back on this some day. I’m concerned that they may look back on it as nightmare though. LOL. It’ll be miracle if one of the doesn’t end up in the looney bin.

    Anyway, I definitely think that this should all be saved somewhere. Kass, get started on that unauthorized biography soon while the memories are still fresh. Let us know if we can fill in any blanks. j/k. I truly believe that Alex will be an iconic star some day. Someone will pay big bucks for the DU printouts and all of the commentary on this site. So I hope it is all kept in a safe place.

    EDIT: Thanks Lauren for putting that bio together. I can’t wait to read it.

  25. Lauren you are definitely an angel. Can’t wait to read it! And, Cathy is right about this stuff being potentially very valuable. Let’s consider this the Alex Lambert vault and fansite. He’s going to need this stuff for his museum some day. :cool:

  26. Hey…where’s GollyMolly? Is she taking a well-deserved break?

  27. Alex was saying earlier that the producers he works with called Whitney Houston -the One-Take Wonder,and was about the only one,in modern times who could do that in the studio.To be fair though,Alex is just starting out,and Whitney’s blue-eyed vocal style is a different animal.Alex’s voice is trickier,more complex,so more takes would be understandable-but still,Alex said it was his goal to be a one-take singer,eventually.Whitney was one of,if not the best singers,since 1980,but,she had a relatively short career due to screwing her voice up with possibly drugs,and other factors.So it was a shame,cuz her recording career was def.a lot shorter than it should have been,not as short as the Pop-Princess Tiffany’s,and many other flashes -in the pan,but pretty darn short,considering…

  28. So I am glad Trenton is coming to visit. I wonder if he is staying at the DH, and where hes gonna sleep. Kara’s seems to have set up camp in Justins room and Sebastian has the guest room. Hmmm wonder if he would be opposed to sleeping with Giggy. lol. Kara may just have to sleep in her own bed for a few days.

  29. @Cathy and @Janet you will be pleased to know that Kass is the editor in chief. She’ll make it sound so much more professional. Some of you who are Alex’s FB friends could do some digging for us. It appears as though in 2008 Alex played on Richland’s 7 on 7 (summer)football team. The team won state, but I noticed (after I sent the bio) that the team won nationals. Did he participate at national level? I only saw the picture of him at state. Thanks for any input, especially if something doesn’t look correct as you read it. I did my best and remember it’s a bio and just stating the facts.
    @Kass you are being especially nice to say it’s fantasic.
    @janet so glad that they’re finally eating your steaks:)
    As far as Alex and Sebastian being in school together….Sebastian and Kara are the same age. Is she 22? He is older than Alex but they probably had mutual friends and chilled (Alex terminology) together.

  30. Hmm-wonder how long those steaks for Alex,Trenton,and Seb. for “tonight” will sit in the fridge?-hrs,days,weeks…
    But-Alex was saying what some feel,that singing is not that prized anymore-they just take someone who looks good,and throw a bunch of autotune on them.I think that’s true at least half the time,but Susan Boyle is the biggest seller of albums worldwide,lately,and she’s a very good singer,and as ugly as a mud fence,as Grammy would say.Luckily-with Alex though,the public can have a real singer and someone who looks good,too.. :cool: :biggrin:

  31. Hey everyone, still here just taking care of some personal business. But, I’m still trying to keep up with you guys and Alex …don’t worry I’ll be back shortly. :wink:

  32. Live stream been acting up lately. They need to get it fixed cause it makes me just wanna give up on it. Just make sure it works when I’m watching Alex atleast. Alex’s brother Trenton is visiting (I couldnt hear properly what Alex told Ben he’s there to do the other day) Some may confuse Trenton for Alex cause they have similar built and walk the same. He’s cute too – but seems quiet today – maybe just tired from traveling. They finally ate the steak Janet sent Alex. Actually, I was surprised its been there that long – but then again Alex isn’t much of a cook like Sebastian. You can tell Alex acts more relaxed and more like he would act when he was in Texas when around Sebastian. From their interactions and singing you can tell they must have hung out quite a bit there.

    Good thing they have that pool table – Alex gets to entertain himself and the viewers with it. I saw Alex singing his mini concert the other day in the pbr – and I liked when he was singing “Trouble” – he sounds good with that song, but its weird how the brain remembers the emotions of sadness of Alex being eliminated though – but its not as bad as when it first happened. Yeah, thanks Kass will check it out too.

  33. I disagee with Alex’s statement that great singers aren’t that prized anymore. I think we’ve just become so accustomed to all this auto-tuning that can take a mediocre singer sound pretty darn good that we’re being fooled into thinking they are better than they actually are. Real music lovers know the real from the fake and real talent will always win out. Alex’s unique tone, style, and songwriting abilities will help him shine above the rest of the “pop star” pack. Even though I’m really excited about Alex’s band, he’s great even when it’s just him and his guitar. That’s the mark of a true talent, no band, no backup, no studio, no special effects — just a soulful, bluesy, R&B, pop (is that enough descriptions — sheesh) sound.

    And, I’m off…busy day today. Darn it!

  34. P.S. (Edit button wouldn’t work). Shadow, I agree with you. I LOVE Alex’s version of Trouble. I like it even better than Ray LaMontagne’s (sp). It’s one of my favorites.

  35. Yep-Janet & Shadow – I put Trouble right there with his version of Everybody Knows! (I know Katherine agrees with me on that one!) “I’ve been saaaaaaaaaved by a woman. . .!” :heart:

    • Hi guys I just tested out the edit function cause a couple of ppl have said now that it’s not working… works fine for me now. Anyone else having problems? Let us know. Thanks.

  36. Hi Kass, I don’t know if it’s just my monitor, but the white space (ie background) is a bit shrunk from my POV. Got a screenshot here: (see it doesn’t fully cover the emoticons).

    Might just be my monitor though.

    • Oh wow HD… that looks like crap! Anyone else see what HD does? Or any other problems? You can e-mail us using the contact page at the top, to avoid clogging up the thread. Screenshots are good (I have no idea how to fix that one though HD… sorry… but will see if I can figure anything out. What’s your browser/os/screen rez?) Your help is appreciated!

  37. I wonder what Idol will be like this year? I love talent shows so much. Love Susan Boyle and have her music. Love that she is so “kind” to everyone. She looks very pretty now that she had a little make over. Is there anyone on here who also liked other American Idol singers? Wondering about that. Not all the Idol’s that won did as well as some who did not win Idol. For example Clay Aiken did very well and had mega fans I heard. Some of the posts here remind me a lot of the Clay fan posts from yrs. ago on Idol, etc. and blogs. I would see the Clay blogs when I was checking out the other Idols and their blogs. He sold more music in his first week of sales than anyone had in the past 10 years world wide the news said. No wonder I would always come upon his fan posts, ie they were all over the fan sites. Very loyal Clay fans just like very loyal Alex fans now.

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