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Nov 252011

It’s almost that special time of the year again. No, not Christmas… we’re talking about Alex’s birthday!!

This December 10th (just a week after the Boston show) Alex Lambert will be turning the big 21… and our fansite prez, Cecily, is ready to mark the occasion by putting together another birthday video – only bigger and better than ever!

In case you didn’t notice, the keyword here is BIG!!! But we need you to make it happen!

Here’s how you can participate:

  • record a video wishing Alex a happy birthday, along with an optional short message
  • all standard video formats are OK, but the file size should not exceed 10 MB
  • send it to by December 8th
  • if you can’t make a video, send a written birthday message or artwork instead
  • get all the other snaf you know to send a video or message as well!!

Questions? Need help sending your video? Hit us up in the comments or contact us here.

Let’s make this BIG!!!

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  1. please everyone.. do this! it’s his 21st– it’s gotta be special:)

  2. :heart: :heart:

  3. The song titled Cool To Be A Fan was written for Alex’s 21st birthday flow and is inspired by Alex and his snaf. I hope Alex gets to straight chill for his birthday with family and friends.

    I would at least like to share the lyrics with Alex and the snaf.

    I am getting my butt kicked trying to learn Music Creator in order to get this song recorded, so I may need more time than I got available this week. However, I am feeling hopeful. I was at work this morning and I was thinking that if I am ever going to have a chance of getting this song recorded, I need to find a way to make more time this week. The next thing I knew, I was getting off work six hours early because a main water line broke and my workplace was getting shut down. I am already back home chillin now. Whoo Hoo! I like to think this is a sign from God that I need get this song done. I swear this song has a life of it’s own.

    I also have about a 20 second dorky video birthday greeting in mind, I will try to get that to Cecily soon. I wanted to record it outside and it had been raining downpour nonstop for days. So much work in being a snaf. :lol:

    I noticed that Alex really likes to use the words chill, chillin, straight chillin, cool, with a few mentions of flow in there too. Alex also loves his fans aka snaf. So playing around with some of his tweets and stuff he said, plus playing around with some of the stuff written about Alex like snaf are blown away when they hear Alex sing, etc., then merging the different meanings of fan (both physical fan and fanatics) and merging words associated with fans. I also really enjoy that Alex is such a big fan himself, whether it be music legends, Red Bull, Texas Rangers, etc. I feel like a fan of Alex being a fan. So with all that, I finally came up with this song. However, without Alex and the snaf, without the birthday project for Alex from last year, the idea for this song would have never gotten started, and would not exist without Alex and the snaf.

    I hesitate to write this because I honestly have no expectations of anything, I honestly am not angling for anything, but I would like to offer to Alex that if he wants to consider Cool To Be A Fan a draft and do his own thing with it, put it in his own flow, mash it with another song draft, maybe he has already written something similar, etc., basically Alex can have this song, I really would turn it over to Alex for complete creative control if he wants it, the only thing I would ask is that I would like to keep some sort of a songwriting credit. That said, I really have no expectations that Alex would have any interest, Alex has plenty of his own songs, but I just wanted to let Alex and the snaf know that I make the offer.

    Cool To Be A Fan

    Written By Gayl Killough (c)2011
    Inspired by Alex Lambert and his snaf

    VERSE 1
    My head is spinning round and round
    Blown away when I hear that sound
    The fan within me takes control
    Stirs so deeply within my soul

    Next favorite moment of mine
    Got chills shivering down my spine

    It’s cool to be a fan
    Chillin with family and friends
    Timeless no matter what trends
    It’s cool to be a fan

    VERSE 2
    Legends first started out as fans
    Found their own flows while being fans
    Vibes keep chillin from fans before
    Chosen by fans forevermore

    Fans straight chillin with their chosen
    Staying cool like time is frozen


    Go with the flow
    Chill in the zone
    Fan as I grow
    Flow of my own


  4. Gayl! How absolutely great are you??!! :wub: Love the song, you have really taken great care to get it just right. I think Alex is gonna love it! And ya know what… IT IS “cool to be a fan” of Alex Lambert! Wow… Im really impressed!! :w00t:

  5. Chill song! Are you going to record it for his birthday video? Great job!

  6. I saw a REAL cute Alex Bday vid posted by “somegreatname” on Youtube – its by a couple of his Minnesota fans, and they’re sporting moustaches.Also, saw Nsynchfan’s – it was really well done: ..So, some early vids comin’ are GR8:biggrin:

  7. There is finally a recording available on youtube of the Cool To Be A Fan song that was inspired by Alex Lambert and his snaf as described above. Lyrics are in the above post too. It all started right here. Hope you enjoy.

    Gayl Killough aka Soapbox0916

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