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Jun 192010

Have you guys ever noticed how great Saturdays are? It’s always TGIF this and TGIF that, but I think Saturday is my favorite day. 8)

He sure is cute, huh?

Update: So, now that the dreamers are talking about it, I can too. Apparently, Alex is on his way back to the Dream House. Yeah! Told you Saturday was a great day! ;)

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  1. Of course! The only thing good about Friday is the anticipation of stupendous Saturday!!
    T G I SAT !!! :D

  2. I just tuned in to IICD and found Tim Urban in the guest room… how random was that? I had no idea he was staying the whole weekend. Guess they’re trying to get some more viewers, now that Alex isn’t there to entertain people :P Oh well, it worked… I’m watching ;) haha

  3. So, based on the comment last night, “good things are coming…” is it safe to say in Alex-speak: “it’s all good in the hood”?? lol (can’t use the smileys for some reason)

    It sounds like Alex was definitely supposed to return by now, based on the DU live feed comments. I wonder if they decided to grab Tim Urban for the weekend because Alex got delayed? It did seem a bit last minute. Luckily, Tim seems to be a good sport about getting jerked around by the “Powers That Be”.

    I guess we’ll have to hang tight until Tuesday’s new episode to learn of the good news. Although did you notice that the clip is of Alex wearing the green shirt and headphones (when he’s talking to Michael), which is the same clothing (and probably same day) as the day they filmed DWMEO acoustic performance. So this news was hardly sprung on him last week. Of course, the way they edit this stuff, who knows?

    I still think he might go touring or something else that might take him out of the house for a while. That’s why he wants to spend a few weeks of quality time at home. The summer after your senior year in high school is a time to savor. If that Facebook picture posted yesterday is new, then it looks like he’s having fun just being a regular kid.

  4. Oh turban.. I didn’t watch but he’s always been a sweet kid so good for him but just not a good singer at all. This is IICD desperate for viewership… Then again Justin can’t really sing either (lol) so I guess it’s really based on how many Twitter followers one have- except for Alex of course his was due to public outcry! Anyhow have a great weekend! I trust that Alex will be back soon!

  5. @Diane, yes Alex just being a regular kid is one of the things that is so endearing to us all and I was thinking just like you about the photo and the summer after senior year. He really hasn’t had a “normal” life in the last six months, so I view this break as therapeutic in nature. When he returns he will be able to get back on track without regrets. As far as Tuesday’s episode I think that Michael will tell him that they are producing “Dream with Your Eyes Open”, which we all know has been completed, hence the reason for the video of the acoustic version the song. I don’t think that he will go on a tour yet. Right now I am going to call Alex, “Alex Lambert Man of Mystery”. It seems that almost every day lately Ben thinks that he was to have returned for one reason or another.
    I must admit Tim Urban has grown on me also. I was so mad at him initially for having taken Alex’s spot on Idol and having been so much more limited vocally, but I liked how he handled himself with all the criticism that the judges threw at him weekly. He seems like a nice guy. He probably is wondering to himself what he is doing at the house without Alex there, so strange and yes, Alex does bring out the best in the guests.
    I am keeping my fingers crossed for a possible Alex sighting today. Wishful thinking! Initially, Roger wanted Tim to sleep in Alex’s room, but they ended up putting him in the guest room. Maybe Alex will be using his bed? Alright, mystery man will are you going to reveal yourself?

  6. Saturdays are great! Since Alex is away, the past couple days I’ve been catching up on stuff at home since I too have been slacking the past few weeks, glued to my laptop, lol. I’ve missed some things here the past two days and on IICD since I haven’t watched at all since Alex left, but I’m starting to feel more optimistic about him returning soon. Especially after the “good things are coming…” comment. A little excited about that, sure hope so. Whatever happens, I hope Alex is doing well and comes back when he’s good and ready! And when he does, I’m sure he’ll be ready to get down to business and be better than ever :)

  7. Yay!! I hope he had a good time visiting family and seeing his grandmother! Now the house will finally be good :)

  8. It’s all good in the hood, huh? Very funny comment. I didn’t hear it myself, but I’ve been told the dreamers said Alex will be home today. Hallelujah! Re: Tim Urban, read mine and some other posts over at He actually isn’t as bad a singer as portrayed on AI. Even though I’ve been watching since Season 1, we all know that show sucks. Look at what happened with Alex. The first thing they need to do is can all the judges.

    Well, I’ll be patiently stalking the dream house to see what happens today. I’m gonna scream if I miss Alex’s arrival, or God forbid, he doesn’t show up! Tweeters are all expecting him so I’ve got to believe it’s true.

    Okay. Angels. See ya back here later.

  9. On the T-shirt,Alex was also wearing that same t-shirt that Diane referenced when he did the young hollywood Awards interview segment for the episode- Wango,Vampires ,and Perez,which was many weeks back,so he may just use these same color shirts over and over,so who knows really.When I re-watched that episode,and saw him rehearsing the Awards with Gig in front of John Kirby-his Dimples were the hottest I can remember seeing them.I used to think Elijah Wood had the hottest dimples when he was younger -but Alex Lambert = Hottest Dimples of ALL TIME!!!!

  10. Well – I left the house to 1) buy a new dining table/chairs and 2) see Toy Story III with 2 of my sons! I expected, from all the talk and hints, that I would miss Alex’s arrival at the house. I come home and sit down with my salad, pizza and Sangria and find that his avatar still says “Visiting Family”!! What’s up with this!!?? Any news? Anyone? Molly?? Kassandra? Yeah – where’s Kassandra been?? I was all set to see Alex’s smiling, dimpled face – and he’s still not there. I am disappointed :(

  11. I have a feeling Alex will return on a red-eye in the wee hours of the night, so as not to make any sort of entrance at all. Returning in much the same fashion as his departure…

  12. Maybe he’s back in L.A. but at the office in “re-entry” meetings?!

  13. hehehe “re-entry meetings” — sounds like a sci/fi term for reprogramming. Pretty good guess though. That’s entirely possible. Diane’s feeling is a definite possibility too. So, I’m making a necklace and checking in and out. Maybe we’ll see him today and maybe we won’t. Oh, the drama….

  14. Janet – I saw a tweet today that he left Texas this morning.

  15. Just on DU, “Ben was on the kitchen phone with someone and said wish you were here bro,,,, long to get here because he has to take the bus,,,,,, Boy I hope he wasn’t talking Alex.

  16. IMO its most likely that he’s at the dream studio having meetings. I read he flew out of Texan in the am, but ya know he could have flown in and gone to his aunt’s house. Don’t really know why he would do that, but just saying, he does have family in LA.

    I may just go to bed and check back in the morning. I’ll give him another hour or so and then off to bed. I’m not sitting up all night if he’s not even going to show.

  17. Just checked the house and for the moment, there is absolutely no one home. Ben & Gig say out of the house.

  18. This is weird. I just checked the house and, although Gig & Ben’s icons show them there, they’re not to be seen anywhere. Their guests are still there kind of cleaning up after the party. Could it be that Ben & Gig went to get Alex and they’re just keeping us all in suspense?

  19. Never mind. I just saw Ben. I give up. He’ll get there when he gets there. I just wanted to kind of see his homecoming — geez, you’d think he was away for a year. LOL!

  20. aaron kelly and timbo have joined the party! But the STAR AIN’T THERE YET!

  21. I don’t think Aaron could spend the night,too,because of his age,…

  22. They’re doing the tweet session now… Alex isn’t there yet!!! :( I’m going to go to sleep and then miss it. GRR!

  23. @shelby – at this point I’m not too sure you’ll miss it. Maybe manana!?

  24. It’s officially Sunday (on the east coast anyway) and no Alex. The man of mystery has done it to us again. Nighty-night. Grrrr…..

  25. If anyone is watching right now, could you check the laundry room, my computer keeps freezing and the laundry room cam is frozen on black, but I click on the house and I think I can see something in the laundry room that looks like luggage but I am not sure. my dinosaur of a computer keeps freezing on me.

  26. that does it, I am getting a new computer, I can’t get IICD on this computer. I don’t know, I could be wrong about the luggage. Maybe it is wishful thinking. That “laundry room” window on the house is awfully little.

  27. Tracy – I just looked and there is one case there. It almost looks like the case Kara took with her to Kirby’s this morning. But – who knows. It’s a pretty generic looking wheeled, handled black suitcase.

  28. Chipp – Tim only took his back-pack and guitar this morning. In fact, Kara asked him why he wasn’t taking his luggage and he reminded her that he was supposed to spend another night at the house. Tim asked Kara if she needed help while she was thumping that case one step at a time and she said she didn’t. I’m sure it could still be Tim’s – maybe he changed his mind? I’ll see if the guest room looks like his stuff is still there. Kara and Ben always take a lot of stuff/props for their scenes and monologues.

  29. Guest room looks pretty cleared out.

  30. Thank you, Chipp and Areyouin. I wasn’t sure. I can hear voices but don’t have live feed. I think I will go to bed. I just thought I would try this computer to see what was going on.

  31. I saw Kara roll the piece of luggage in the laundry room after Kirby’s session. Looks like I am out, 1:00 my time.

  32. No Alex still? bummer…. did he really leave TX this morning?

  33. I think he did fly into LA on Saturday. He probably had to tape his interview segments for the new episode. However, he’s probably not required to be back at the house to maybe Monday or Tuesday. So maybe he’s staying with his aunt so he can enjoy his last few camera free days. Just a theory. Maybe he’ll show up today (Sunday). Could somebody please tweet if he does. I’m away from the computer all day.

  34. everyone chill…. Alex is still in Texas :(

  35. Sunday morning 10:30 am EST and no Alex. Hmm. Nothing makes sense at this point. I think I better focus on my own life today and try not to think about it. Utterly impossible, but I’ll try.

  36. Thinking about Joy’s comments about Ben talking to someone on the phone about being on a bus, are we really sure that Alex flew instead of taking a bus? Flying is expensive and not everybody flies everywhere. I normally take a Greyhound when I travel because it is cheaper.

    If Alex took a Greyhound or did a flight/bus combo package, it would take Alex a whole day of traveling. If Alex is wanting or concerned about saving money, I could see Alex taking a Greyhound. It is also impossible to sleep on a Greyhound too, so if that it is the case, Alex will need to catch-up on sleep big time and I can see the comments already about that. There are all kind of possible answers of which several are mentioned, but just throwing that out the bus too.

  37. I’m with you there, Janet. Time to worry about my life and all that is going on, for a while anyway. I am tired of all the drama IICD is putting us through. I’ll check back tonight, maybe. Have a good day everyone. The sun is out, let’s enjoy it.

  38. Yep – it’s Father’s Day (hmmm. . maybe Alex is not in L.A., and with his dad today – why not?). I’ve got things to do. I think everybody at the house – and others ;) – have been speculating out loud about Alex’s return so that people will tune in to catch his arrival. Because they know we won’t tune in without him :) That’s, obviously, why they chose this weekend to bring Turban in. What a yawner! I won’t be sucked in again. Have a good day all!!

  39. Alex has said himself that he talks too much, so I think it is wisest if he stays out of the house until some sort of news is released. I think there might even be a press release type story related to Alex that will hit tomorrow. Monday is the first day of the news cycle, so I don’t think they want Alex revealing anything today by accident. He might show up tonight, late. That’s my guess. Alex should definitely tweet something whenever he returns, hopefully with some upcoming news–or even just “great things are happening…stay tuned!!!”

    It could be that the press release is he’s been signed to Jive, or another label in the Sony stable. Even better would be if he’s got the free single on iTunes next week for DWMEO. I see that Mike Posner’s new song, “Cooler Than Me” is the free video this week. He’s signed with J Records, (RCA Music Group), so that label isn’t averse to using iTunes to promote new artists.

    Or…he left TX yesterday, but flew somewhere else, maybe for a writing/recording session? Or, I’m just imagining all this stuff, and nothing at all has happened except he went home to spend quality time with his Meemaw. (Is that a TX expression, btw? Never heard it before…) It is fun to speculate, isn’t it??

  40. I got it!!! It’s all been a dream. We’re going to wake up and none of this ever happened. Isn’t that what a well-used plot line in several different shows? hahaha

  41. I started watching Lost when it first aired….. then it got really weird and the plot really crazy. I couldn’t follow it any more, and gave up watching. Take the hint IICD, you go too far it has the opposite effect. I hope everyone is enjoying Father’s Day. It is so hot here in PA, at least where I am. I will talk to you all later.

  42. Yeah, Tracy, I totally gave up on Lost. They “lost” me completely. Alex is apparently still in Texas although he was supposed to leave yesterday. So, although I think the IICD producers are pretty lame in general, it might not be their fault in this case. Maybe they don’t even know when Alex is returning. They just keep throwing stuff at us to try to hold our attention because, let’s face it, would you really tune in to watch a pool party with a bunch of people who you didn’t know and weren’t interested in? I’d rather have my own party thank you very much. Without Alex, the show is just too dull. It’s his music that attracts us, so…rock on Alex. If you’re good where you’re at, then it’s all good. I just hope nothing bad has happened that’s delayed his return. I hate that I keep saying stuff like that last sentence. I’m just a worrier by nature.

  43. Alex is good and should be returning tonight. Spent the day with his dad and brothers.

  44. Thanks a million whawhawhat. It’s great that he was able to spend Father’s Day with his dad. I think your message has given us all a big sigh of relief. Hip Hip Hooray, Go Alex!!!!!!

  45. I figured if he wasn’t back yet he would spend Father’s Day with his Dad. I’m still not gonna get sucked into watching today to see if he comes back. It’s IICD’s viewership loss – no skin off my nose. I found out here what I need to know – Alex is not back yet.

  46. Thank you whawhawhat for the update. Janet, you are right as usual. I would not even give IICD a second thought if it wasn’t for Alex. I tune in because of him only, and like areyouin, I get almost all my info here on this site (which I love). You guys are so fun to talk to. I too am glad Alex got to spend Father’s Day with his Dad. I bet that was nice for them.
    I was thinking though, I wonder if the producers were using this time, that Alex was away, to see how the IICD show would fair without him…… I think it did not fair very well.
    Just my thoughts.
    I am glad Alex is going to be back… tonight?

  47. What great news after my nap. Isn’t napping on a Sunday afternoon one of the best things in life? I needed that AND I needed the news that Alex really should be back soon and that all is well with him. Whawhawhat — thanks for the update. And just want to add — I love this site too and all the people here. No one in my immediate circle of family and friends cares to discuss Alex all day long. LOL! Thanks for being here!

  48. Oh, and on the pic-he’s sooooo cute…drool.

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